Him and I

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Him and IHim and I.So as a few of you know, I have a special man in my life. I’m divorced and he’s engaged, so just to clear everything up, here’s the story Him and I….. and how we became FWB’S…..James and I met in school when I was 15, and he a year younger than me 14. He’d also flirt with me and pay me a number of compliments that always kept my heart warm. He was a sweet guy, but at that time in my life he wasn’t what I was after. He was a bit shorter than me and still is, brown hair and at that stage average Male body. As years went by James and my friendship grew stronger and stronger to eventually reaching a point where him and I would share almost every story together. We went through a number or relationship and even went to the point where I fell pregnant, got married and gave birth where he was my closest friend. Then came the time where he got engaged but our friendship remained the same even to the stage where my husband and I got divorced. James was as well by my side during the custody battles for my c***d, and I soon named him from myside to be my sons godparents. James was a maintenance operation manager for a group of financial institutions and it was one Saturday afternoon after he got called out to go look at a fault that he came to visit me on his way back. That was when it all started…. My son was with his dad for the weekend and I was home alone chilling watching series when he phoned asking what I was doing and if I would mind if he comes and says hi. I didn’t mind at all and told him that he us welcome to visit. James soon arrived and after letting him in, he followed me to the kitchen, and while we were walking he paid me a compliment, ” your ass looks hot in those short Jeans you have on.” casino siteleri I looked back and smiled at him who too was smiling and then offered him something to drink. We both drank whiskey and that was what he asked for and I poured us both a whiskey and water before sitting down opposite him at the kitchen table. We chatted for a while him asking me how I been and how my son was, I asking how his fiancè was and the wedding plans. He had 3 quick drinks and as I finished my second he said he better get going, before it gets too late in the afternoon. As I walked in front of him to the front door he paid me another compliment, again about my ass, ” your ass really looks sexy in those short jeans,” smiling again back at him and say thanks handsome as we I reached and opened the door. As I was pulling the door open, James gave me a soft spank on my ass, like million times before but on this occasion it trigger my sexual barrier and as I turned to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye, I first asked, ” you really love spanking and touching my ass don’t you?” My hand around his neck, his on my hips as we looked into each other’s eyes as he answered,” I indeed do, and wish that I could put my hands on your ass under your pants.” As our faces moved nearer, ” bet that would feel nice”, I said. James hands lowered onto my ass, my eyes shut and as his lips touched mine my mouth opened and James kissed me passionately as he pulled me into him. His left hand off my ass it went as it pushed the door closed and he then picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist and he carried me to the lounge. Putting me down his lips moved to kissing my neck, and sucking on my ear lobe, before removing my top. At this stage canlı casino my pussy was drench as I was extremely horny. I lifted off his shirt as he undid my bra and for the first time he got to see my breast, with my large hard nipples. I dropped down to my knees in front of James, undid his belt and pants, and simultaneously pulled them down with his underwear, exposing his hard cock to me for the first time. His cock was average sized but exactly what I needed and wanted as it was over 6 months since I last had any physical contact with a man. I immediately took his cock into my mouth and sucked it for a short while before stopping and standing up. I undid the button on my jeans, as I went to kneel on the couch. James came up behind me, he ran his hand over my chest and breast, down my belly and to my, at that time, unshaven wet horny pussy. He slipped his fingers between the hair, and rubbed up and down my pussy lips, stimulating my clit and with in moments I was weak as I reached climax and orgasmed as James pleasured me. After I finished orgasming, James pulled down my pants, ” fuck your ass is sexy,” he complimented me and then too his hard cock and gentle drove it into my wet soaking pussy from behind. He grabbed onto my hips and fucked me hard and rough in doggy style position, spanking my ass occasionally, making me moan from the pleasure of having his cock inside me. He then suddenly stopped and asked where can I come? after thinking about it for a moment I moved forward and his hard cock exited my wet pussy. “Are you near to cumming,” I asked and he answered very near. As he stood with his hard cock in front of me, I sat on the couch legs spread. I took his cock once again into my mouth and sucked kaçak casino back and forth on it. Seconds later, ” yes oh God yes, I heard come out James mouth and then I felt his thick hot cum hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag as I finished him off by sucking his dick. Once he finished cumming, I swallowed his cum, he then sat down next to me on the couch. As we cooled off I realized what just actually happened, my best guy friend just cheated on his fiancè with me, and I immediately felt bad as I knew the pain I felt when I found out my husband cheated on me. “Shit what have we done,” I said. James immediately asked what? And I said you just cheated on your fiance with me. Oh shit he replied and then said, ” it was definitely worth every second and if I had to I’d cheat on her with you again”. We chatted and debated for a while before he said to me. “Jessica what happened now was worth every second and I really hope it can happen again. It will be our little secret for life as I really love you as a friend and to make you happy and if I can make you orgasm from time to time that will be an added bonus. Why dont we just extend our friendship to the next level and become even closer?” I thought about it for a moment or so then I moved and sat ontop of James. I looked into his eyes as I smiled and said this is so wrong of us. But guess we now are gonna be friends that fuck. He smiled as he grabbed my ass and replied saying, I look forward to every minute of, thank you for being an awesome friend. We kissed again before getting up and dressed. Then walking to the door, James said,” I cant wait to see this ass naked again.” And I smiled as I replied next time my pussy will be clean shaven for you and I cant wait to sit on you cute naughty face.” We smiled at each other and then gave a kiss goodbye. And that was the start of my FWB friendship with James.I look forward to hearing your comments as well as answering your questions once you’ve read the story.

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