High Rise Exhibitionist

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As I signed the lease and handed the agent, Stephanie Peters a check for two grand to cover the security deposit and first months rent I found it hard to believe I’d actually left my wife and agreed to lease apartment number 1215 in Kurtz House for the next year. I had next to nothing to put in this $1,000.00 a month apartment with the exception of a couple suit cases full of clothes, my portable stereo and a laptop. I could have easily found a less expensive place, and been happy, but now that I was unencumbered by the bitch I’d been married to for 15 years I wanted to be close to the night life of center city.

“So Allen, are you going to remodel before you move your furniture in?” Ms. Peters asked.

“Furniture? You’re looking at my furniture Steph.” I replied.

“Oh really Allen, well I guess it’ll be sometime before I get an invitation to your house warming party.” She said.

“Could be Steph.” I said as I shook her hand and showed her out the door.

I walked across the wide empty living room and slid the patio door open, and stepped out onto the narrow balcony. I was lucky to get a unit on the east side of the building. While my balcony was in the shade from the late afternoon sun, the building across the street was bathed in bright sunshine. I looked over the railing and down the twelve stories to the busy street below. From this height the movement of people on the sidewalk and street took on the appearance of tiny ants moving about. I could only faintly hear the sounds of vehicle horns from my twelfth story perch. Opening the small storage closet at the end of my balcony I discovered a single plastic patio chair, forgotten or abandoned by the prior tenant.

Well at least you’ll have someplace to sit tonight. I thought to myself. I expected to enjoy evenings on my tiny patio Steph had told me the breeze way up here was very nice.

I set up my portable stereo on the kitchen counter until I could get some furniture for the living room. It took me only a minute or two to unpack my things and hang them neatly in the bedroom closet. “Well Allen,” I said out loud to myself, “now what?”

I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to get acquainted with my new surroundings. Five minutes later I stepped out onto the busy street 12 floors below my sanctuary. The early evening happy hour crowd was busy scurrying to their favorite free buffet and low priced drinks. I took a leisurely stroll around the block my high rise was in, making mental notes of where the pharmacy was, the video rental shop, and a wine and spirits shop was located. After circling my block I did the same for the block across the street from my building.

Like most downtowns in America today, I found a second hand shop that had some very interesting furniture displayed in their window, and a sign that offered free delivery. I was in need of cheap furniture to start since the lawyers had just began fighting over how much of my income the ex would be taking so I entered the store to check out what they had to offer.

As the door swung open it struck a small bell announcing my entry. I stood just inside the door waiting for someone to greet me. Several minutes passed before a very attractive woman in her late forties or early fifties came around the corner from the back room. Her long flowing skirt hid her legs completely with the exception of her shoes which looked to be more for comfort than style. While her skirt hid her legs from view completely her form fitting sweater did little to hide the shape of her bust. She had to be at least a 36 C and her tits appeared to be firm, but that could be a result of her bra. Her shoulder length red hair was cut in kind of a shag style with different lengths and fairly straight. As she came to a stop directly in front of me I noticed she was covered in sexy little freckles telling me her red hair was natural. Her eyes were a pale blue gray, and sparkled in the bright lights of the shop.

“Evening can I help you?” She asked politely.

“Yes, I’m looking for some furniture.” I replied.

“Great, what kind of furniture did you have in mind?” She said.

“Cheap!” I said.

She smiled and said, “You’re in the wrong store sir, we don’t have any cheap furniture here, we only carry less expensive items.”

“There’s a difference?” I questioned her.

“Most certainly is!” She said, adding, “Furniture made of particle board is cheap and goes in the dumpster out back. All our stock is one hundred percent wood, and of high quality, but less expensive because it is second hand. There may be a few flaws in some pieces, but not an ounce of particle board.”

“I see.” I replied.

“But when I asked you what kind I really meant what room are you looking to furnish?” She remarked.

“Oh, all of them.” I replied with a smile. “I just signed a lease over at Kurtz House for a year and don’t have a single piece of furniture for the place yet, unless an old plastic patio chair counts?” I added.

Her smile grew wider when she realized she had a potential whole apartment ısparta escort full of furniture customer on her hands.

“Living room first it can double for a bed room for a while.” She suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea.” I said, “I put myself in your obviously capable hands.” I added with an equally wide smile.

She extended her hand, a delicate looking freckle covered hand, with perfectly manicured nails finished in a sexy French manicure.

“I’m Katherine, but you can call me Kay if you like.” She offered.

I took that delicate hand and shook it slowly as I said, “Hi Kay, I’m Allen.”

“Is there a misses, Allen?” She asked. “They usually want to be involved with furniture decisions.”

“There is a misses but not for much longer.” I replied.

“Okay so it’s a bachelor pad we’re looking to furnish.” Kay suggested.

I said, “Yes I suppose it is.”

As we approached several displays of living room furniture Kay directed me to an L shaped sectional. It was tan and appeared to be in perfect condition. “This one has recliners built into each end Allen.” She said. It comes with two end tables and a matching coffee table. I’ll throw in a pair of table lamps and can let you have it for six fifty.

Kay was obviously a keen marketing person and used the living room set as a loss leader. The price tag on the set was $725.00, but she knew a good price on the first buy would have me back for the other rooms I needed to furnish.

I sat down on one end and flipped the recliner bar along side. My body settled into the most comfortable position bringing a quick smile to my face. “You got yourself a deal Kay!” I said.

“Great Allen!” she replied, “Let me grab an order form and we’ll write it up.”

As Kay walked away from me I watched her move. Her hips swayed very nicely and the skirt couldn’t hide the fact that she has a very nice ass. I’d have to find a way to ask her if there was a mister in her life.

I occupied myself looking at kitchen sets while I waited for her to return.

“Okay Allen, lets do the paper work.” Kay said as she approached me from her small office.

“Full name?” She asked. “Allen Goodman” I replied.

“Kurtz House apartment number?” Kay asked.

“1215.” I answered.

“Phone number?” she asked.

“I’ll give you my cell Kay.” I said. “702-555-5901” I added.

“Good Allen, I’ll keep that confidential.” Kay promised.

“Age” Kay asked matter-of-factly.

I looked at her with a rather inquisitive expression causing her to grin.

“Forty one, in three weeks, Kay.” I replied.

“Very good.” Kay said.

“Pick up or delivery?” She asked.

“You deliver?” I said.

“Sure do Allen. In fact we can deliver your living room tomorrow morning.” Kay said.

“Great, then yes delivery.” I said.

“Would you like to pay with check, cash or a card Allen?” She asked.

I answered, “I can give you a check now Kay or if you’d rather I can give you cash tomorrow.” Knowing businesses like Kay’s liked to deal in cash.

“Cash tomorrow would be great Allen.” Kay replied with a grin on her lips.

“How’s nine o’clock for delivery?” Kay suggested.

“Nine is fine with me Kay.” I replied.

“Great Allen, I’ll stop by about nine thirty to make sure everything is okay and to pick up your payment.” Kay said.

“Sounds good, I’ll make coffee. Do you like cream and sugar?” I asked

“Oh just extra cream.” She replied with a rather suggestive grin on her face.

As we walked toward the front of Kay’s shop she became even friendlier, touching my arm with her soft fingers.

“You know Allen I live in Cambridge Arms across the street from you. My apartment is on the tenth floor. We’re almost neighbors.” Kay offered with a wide smile and a quick squeeze of my arm.

This was my chance to find out if there is a mister Kay involved.

“Is it you and your significant other Kay?” I asked rather boldly.

She smiled even wider and said, “If you consider a twelve year old cocker spaniel named Dusty a significant other Allen. My husband passed away two years ago.” She added.

I apologized for bringing it up, but Kay’s wide smile let me know she’d already recovered from her loss.

Just before I got to the door I spotted an old telescope over in the corner. I remembered having one of those as I boy and played with it all the time. It was while I had that telescope that I discovered girls, and often spied on my neighbor who had developed tits that same summer.

I stopped and walked over to check it out. Kay stood by the door and asked, “Do you like watching the stars?”

“I had one of these as a boy Kay, I seem to recall enjoying looking at all the heavenly bodies with my telescope.” My wide grin letting her know some of those heavenly bodies were earth bound.

“How much do you want for it?” I asked.

Kay put her hand to her chin like she was calculating a price in her head.

“Is fifteen dollars too istanbul escort much, Allen?” She asked.

“Fifteen is a bargain Kay!” I’ll take it with me I said picking up the old telescope and folding the legs closed.

“I’ll have six sixty five for you tomorrow Kay.” I said.

“Okay Allen, I guess I can trust you for fifteen till then.” She said with a seductive looking smile coming across her full pouty lips.

I smiled back at her and said, “I’ll see you in the morning then Kay.”

Continuing my short walk back to Kurtz House I came across a chinese take out. Since I hadn’t yet stocked my frig I went inside and ordered my diner. Nothing better than chinese eaten with chop sticks. Carrying my new toy, diner and a better knowledge of the neighbor hood I made my way back up to my new apartment.

The light of a setting sun did little to illuminate my apartment and since I didn’t have any lamps yet I turned on the bathroom light and left the door open. I’d be sleeping tonight in my sleeping bag on the carpeted floor so I spread it out while I could still see fairly well.

Grabbing my diner I made my way outside on the balcony and sat down to enjoy a first meal in my new place. As I ate the sunlight dimmed even more and I started seeing lights come on in the apartments across the street in Cambridge Arms. I could imagine those apartments were rather warm having the blazing sun shining in the balcony doors all afternoon. More then a few occupants were enjoying the late evening breeze on their balconies.

The nice thing about chinese take out is there are always leftovers for lunch the next day. I closed the boxes and carried them to the frig. Returning to my plastic balcony chair I discovered another bonus of having my apartment facing east. A beautiful full moon slowly peaked above the horizon. I was just about to go back inside to get my new, old telescope when my cell phone rang.

Flipping it open, the caller ID showed as private number. I hesitated answering it wondering who could be calling me. My ex surely wouldn’t be calling since our attorney’s had told us there would be no further direct contact between us. And few other people actually had my number.

I pressed the accept button and lifted the phone to my ear, saying “Hello.”

A vaguely familiar voice responded, “Allen?”

“Yes this is Allen.” I answered, “Who’s this.”

“It’s Kay, from the furniture store. Did I catch you at a bad time?” Kay asked.

“Not at all Kay, I just finished my diner. I’m enjoying the view from my balcony.” I replied.

“I’m sitting on my balcony too Allen.” Kay said, adding, “Can you see me Allen?”

I stood up and moved to the railing. Scanning the building across the street I located her. Kay’s apartment was slightly below and a little to the left of mine, but I had a clear view of her standing at the railing of her balcony.

I waved as I said, “I see you Kay.”

She waved back at me confirming we were actually looking at the right places.

“Allen I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you. Forgive me for being so rude.” Kay said.

“Kay its okay, we’re neighbors, heck if we were in the suburbs we’d probably be chatting over the fence.” I offered, wanting her to stay on the line.

My eyes strained to see how she was dressed. Even though we were perhaps 60 feet apart I still couldn’t make out how this intriguing woman dressed when she was relaxing.

“Thanks Allen. Isn’t it a beautiful evening, the breeze feels so good.” Kay remarked.

“Yes, it sure does, and from my side I can see a full moon rising.” I said.

“That sounds very romantic Allen. I miss the romance.” Kay admitted.

Kay had turned and was leaning back against the railing of her balcony. She spoke almost in a whisper as she said, “I get very lonely Allen.”

“I miss the touch of a man, I miss having a man look at my body, Allen.” Kay whispered.

I didn’t reply, waiting to see where this mature widow wanted this conversation to go.

“Would you like to look at my body Allen?” Kay asked.

“I’d like that very much.” I answered.

“I’m going inside for a few minutes Allen, set up your telescope and watch for me.” Kay said.

“Okay Kay I’ll do that. Do you want me to call you back then?” I asked.

“Later Allen, for now I just want you to watch me.” She said.

“Bye for now Kay.” I said.

“Bye-bye hun.” She replied.

As I closed my cell to disconnect I watched her move toward the balcony doors. This was a most interesting development. I’d just met this woman a few hours earlier and while we seemed to have a mutual attraction to one another I never imagined this would be the result of our chance meeting.

I quickly set up the telescope with the lens between two railing posts and focused on her balcony. I could sit on my patio chair and watch her discreetly. I hadn’t spied on a woman for many years, but the same excited feeling I’d felt as a young boy was returning.

Just as Kay had said she returned izmir escort in a couple minutes. She was wearing the same thing as before, but through my telescope I could not tell it was some kind of long robe. She had it tied loosely at the waist and partly open from the belt up exposing her ample cleavage. I focused my telescope finely to bring the image into sharp view.

Kay leaned against the railing and looked in my direction. From where I was seated I doubted that she could tell if I was actually watching her or not. I thought about standing so she would know, but before I could she turned again and leaned back against the railing. I decided to remain a discreet voyeur. I was certain Kay knew I was spying on her as she moved away from the railing without looking toward me again.

She moved to a chase lounge and slowly lay down. I re-focused perfectly on her face and torso, her legs partly hidden by the posts of her balcony railing. As she reclined and laid her head back against the cushion her hand slid beneath the fabric of her robe. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as her hand explored the naked flesh of her ample breast.

My cock began to swell as the excitement of allowing my voyeuristic fetish to surface after so many years built. I couldn’t wait for Kay to expose her breasts to me. Her hand didn’t move and I was certain she was rolling a taut nipple between two fingers as I stared intently at her through the lens.

She turned her head slightly away, but my intense focus was on the deep vee of her robe waiting for this mature exhibitionist to expose more of her lovely body to my lustful gaze.

Kay slipped her hand from beneath the robe and moved her other hand beneath the robe to caress her other breast as she had the first. Her free hand slid down to loosen the belt of her robe. As the belt fell to the sides of her chase lounge she opened the front and exposed her naked breasts to my view.

Kay’s breasts are full and very firm for a woman her age. They are tipped with perfectly circled areola and equally perfect and very taut nipples. My earlier assessment that she was a C cup was immediately revised. Her very sexy chest was at least a full D cup. Just above her pink areola twin tan lines ran across her breasts, the creamy white skin below contrasting incredibly with the tanned flesh above. Very fuckable tits indeed, and my cock responded by growing even harder at the sight of such beautiful tits and the though of my erection sliding between her sexy orbs.

Her hands moved to cup both tits and she slowly pressed the together showing me that she was imagining a hard cock sliding between also. Her thumbs and index fingers pinched, rolled and pulled at both taut pink nipples in unison. Her head turned back toward me and I could see that she was looking directly at my telescope’s lens as I read her lips.

“Fuck me Allen.” A wide smile coming to her lips after she mouthed the words.

My cock leapt to complete erection straining to be released from the confines of my jeans and jockey shorts. I slid one hand between my thighs and massaged it slowly as I continued to stare at the high rise exhibitionist across the street.

The top rail of her balcony railing hid my view of her waist, but through the thin metal posts below I could see her long shapely legs extending toward the bottom of her chase lounge. I imagined moving between those shapely legs and impaling her with the erect cock she apparently wanted so much.

Kay’s hands released her heaving breasts and I let my gaze linger at their loveliness for a moment before I watched her fingers move along twin tanned thighs. Once they reached her knees she slid them between and slowly spread her thighs. My cock twitched at the sight of a perfect tri-angle of curly red hair covering her pubic mound, and began throbbing as her immaculately manicured fingers slid along the length of the pink slit just below.

One fingertip began moving in a circular pattern at the height of her pink womanhood and I knew she was massaging her throbbing clit. Her free hand slid down through the curly red hair and along side that throbbing flesh just as her first finger dipped between swollen pink lips and into the moist folds of her pussy.

Kay withdrew that finger and lifted it to her lips. She licked at it once before sliding it between and across her moist tongue. Opening her mouth wide she withdrew her finger across her extended tongue. My eyes strained to again read her lips.

“Oh god Allen, please fuck me!” Her moist fingertip circled her lips after she spoke.

I was bursting inside, this incredible exhibitionist had me so completely aroused that I lost all control and quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled my raging erection from its confines.

Kay’s hand slowly slid down over one heaving breast and through that perfect patch of red pubic hair to her glistening pussy lips. Two fingers dove between the swollen flesh and she began fingering herself lifting her hips to grind her pussy against those twin fingers of lust.

Her head began moving side to side. The gorgeous red locks flying back and forth covering her face slightly. She was intensely masturbating and sharing the experience with a very willing voyeur who was now stroking his cock feverishly as he enjoyed her balcony show.

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