Her Punishment

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The room was dark. The curtains drawn. The sheets rumpled and thrown around. I stood at the door gazing around the room. Clothes thrown everywhere and the smell that comes frm not opening windows for days. At the end of the room across the four poster bed sprawled a man, tan skin dulled from the dark that had saturated this cave for weeks now. Sandy hair touseled across his forehead, he muttered in his sleep, unsettled by whichever nightmare had materalized in his mind this night. I cocked my head, remembering the sunny days and blue eyes, dancing across the sand to the music of his laughter. He stirred and I stepped back silently from the bed waiting for him to settle before I started to explore. None of the photo frames I remembered remained, gone were the memories I had woken up to almost every day. Mum, Dad, Sam. And especially Carl. It’d been five years and Carl had never left his side, ever since that dark and dreary night when the car had rolled off the road and thrown him through the windscreen. Now, not even his photograph remained in its place of pride. I wandered on, seeing the dents in the plaster and the rips in the cloth. Dust lay like a blanket over everything and I felt a twinge of sorrow, knowing I had caused most of this. The once immaculate alcove, protecting us from the rest of the world had been cast away. The door to the ensuite was already ajar and I pushed open peering around the corner. The same shower, a double one of course with the sandy tiles I Güngören escort had begged for to remind us again and again of those days in Santorini, Hawaii and Brazil. And to accomodate our tastes for not showering-well-alone as such. Standing in the middle of the shower in my full clothing I trailed my fingers across the wall, flash backs coming to my mind. Hard arms gripping my waist, breathing caressing my neck, tracing around my ear leaving behind a trail of delicious goosebumps. The gasp and shiver as he nipped my neck, sweet kisses pursuing. Hard muscles lifting my legs around his waist and his cock slowly easing in, filling up my sweet pussy inch by inch, stretching it delicously. My heart skipped a beat as an arm flashed in front of my eyes before latching around my neck, the other around my waist in a vice like grip. I gasped, feeling that oh so familiar warm, hard body pressing against my whole body. I had been caught out in my day dream, so carried away that I had never heard him stir. Even after a year he still smelled and felt the same, of the sun and the wild outdoors, the hard mucles straining against the captive skin. Much like the captive I currently was. Even his breath caused the hair on my skin to rise. I froze, not knowing what his reaction would be. I had been gone forever I had thought, it would have been easier on him to deal with. No need for him to spend the countless hours at the doctors and specalists too, no İnnovia escort bayan point wasting two lives instead of the useless one. And no point in leaving him a daily reminder of what had happened to Carl in seeing her. She had been the lucky one. The car had slipped, rounding a corner and skidded. Normally it would have been controllable but it was one of their games, who could get home first. Then they would’ve collapsed on the bed and fucked each other senseless. But this night I had been ahead which was rare enough. Pressing my foot to the floor, I judged the corner I had made one thousand times wrong and hit the power pole. He had always blamed himself and it had become too much to bear. During recovery she slowly retrived the memories one by one, strengthened the fibres in her leg one by one. Sliently arranged a new treatment facility overseas. And then disappeared. It had been too hard on him, he’d find someone new she thought. But she’d been wrong.***Jesse gripped his arm around the neck of the girl he thought he would never see again in his life. Her skin still felt warm against his and her ashy blonde hair still smelt the same, of coconut and macadamias. He’d felt the pressence of someone else in the room, something he hadn’t felt for over a year and had risen, expecting to find a robber of some sort. But never her. The tight fitting leggings and jersey she wore rubbed against his skin and he felt the sort of primative protectiveness Escort Kağıthane he had always felt for her coming back. His cock started to thicken under his slacks, the obvious lack of use already showing. He made up his mind quickly and pulled her back into the room, throwing her onto his bed and flicking the light switch on. He feasted upon the sight, long slim legs and gorgeous breasts covered by black clothing. Long hair plaited behind her and green eyes slightly cowering, trying to judge his silent reaction. He knew he was intimidating, the muscular frame and 6″2 height had made sure he had almost never been bothered, tanned skin from the sun and piercing blue eyes that saw right through the windows to your soul. They both waited silently, the tension growing between them as the other waited for an explanation. “Jesse, I”… she started”What Zara. You’re sorry? After a year you’re sorry?”Even Jesse was impressed by the calm tone in his voice. He was anything but calm, a slow but definite thickening in his cock was still happening and his impatient boyish brain yearned for action. He stepped up to the bed, unable to resist the urges to touch her, to feel her skin against his once more. To feel her hair gripped in his fist, breasts squeezed under his force. Forcing his cock between her sweet legs to her entrance. Over come with memories, he leaned forewards and gripped her wrists, lifting them above her head. He heard her breath quiver which only made his cock harden even more, feeling her vulnerability in the moment. Remembering, he held her tiny wrists in one hand and pulled out the ropes fro the head of his bed with other, slipped them around her wrists and pulled tight. She looked at him with betrayal and possibily, quite possibly some curiousness too. 

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