Her Desires

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“So what are you thinking about?” he asked her. “Nothing. Just enjoying the soft music and the beautiful view.” They (Sherry and Derrick) were relaxing in comfort, looking out of his apartment’s window at the magnificent sunset over the city. “I didn’t know you liked sunsets that much.”

“I was talking about you, silly,” she replied. He kissed her softly. “You are so beautiful.” She blushed a little, “Thank you.”

Sherry and Derrick had had their romantic moments; but hadn’t taken that final step into making love. Sherry was 20 and still a virgin. She wasn’t necessarily waiting for marriage. But she had yet to find the one who she was willing to have her first time with. Derrick was fairly older than Sherry, 28. He has lost his virginity at 16. But he knew that he had to be patient with his girlfriend of six months.

“Tell me something,” he said. “What have you fantasized you first time to be like?”

“Why?” she asked. “Because, I want to know what your erotic desires and fantasies are,” he replied with a grin. “Derrick, you know I’m not comfortable talking about things like that.”

“You don’t have to be nervous around me babe. Just lie back, and tell me what you think the perfect “first-time” should be like.” Next, he gave her a sensual kiss.

She relaxed with her head on the pillow. Her blouse was unbuttoned from the heavy petting that had been going on earlier. He propped his head on one hand while gently caressing her stomach. “Well, I guess I’ve always wanted it to be someplace romantic. Either on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace, or in a candlelit room. Or maybe even in a bubblebath. “Sounds good so far,” he said with a smile. “Out of the three, which is your top choice?”

“The candlelit room. It has the most romantic, and erotic, image,” she replied. “Ok, keep going.”

She wasn’t really looking directly at anything while she told her thoughts, “Well, I guess I would start with me coming back from a dinner date with my boyfriend. We’d get to the car in the parking lot and would be standing at the door. He’d lean back on his car and just look at me for a few seconds. I’d say ‘What?’ blushing a little. He would say ‘Nothing. I just love looking at your eyes.’ Then he would whisper in my ear, ‘Your sexy bedroom eyes.’

Knowing me, that would get me really blushing. He would say, ‘I know we’ve been seeing each other for awhile, and I’m not trying to rush you or anything, but…’ ‘But, what?’ (even though I would have had a pretty good idea of what he was talking about). ‘Well, I think about you a lot…and…I was wondering if you would like to come back to my place with me tonight.’ I get nervous, but still keep a smile on my face, ‘I don’t know about that. I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to. I’m just not sure if I’m ready yet.’ He would grin at me, cup my face in his hands and kiss my forehead, ‘We don’t have to go all the way. Just come with me. Spend a little time with me and we’ll see what happens, ok?’ Before I would answer, he would give me a deep kiss. With our arms around each other, I tell him, “Ok.” He would smile at me and kiss me again, softer this time. We would get into his car and head back to his place.”

Derrick was listening with full attention, still caressing her stomach.

“On our drive back to his place, he would take my hand in his and kiss it while taking a quick look at me. The drive wouldn’t be too long, but I’d probably be nervous the whole way. We get back to his place and are heading towards the front door of the building. He would take my hand in his while we walk to the elevator. Since he would be living in an apartment fairly high up,” (the same as Derrick), “when we get into the elevator, he would step behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. bahis firmaları

“‘Not too nervous are you?’ he would ask with a quick kiss to my cheek. He would hold me the entire ride up. The smell of his cologne would get me thinking about what all we would end up doing (it would be a cologne scent that I loved). We’d get to his floor, the elevator door would open and he’d say, ‘Here we are.’ He steps out from behind me, takes my hand, and walks with me to his door.

“My pulse would be racing, but I still would want to stay with him. ‘Ladies first,’ and he’d let me walk in. I would have never had been in his apartment before, so I don’t go too far past the door once I step in. ‘It’s ok, I don’t have any pets that’ll jump out at you,’ he would say, joking, with a smile. ‘Let me take your jacket.’ He would take my jacket, and his, and hang them up in his closet. I would have already walked into the living room, looking around. ‘So, how do you like it? I know it has a lot or artsy stuff in it…’ ‘It looks great. Most men wouldn’t take the time to decorate their apartments this much.’ He would give me a kiss and say, ‘Thank you.’

“He’d kiss me again, longer this time and put his hands on my hips.’ When he would start pulling me closer, I would pull back and say, ‘I think we better slow down.’ I can tell that he wants to do more than just kiss, but he would say, ‘Ok,’ with another sexy smile. The telephone would ring and I’d be relieved for the interruption. While he goes to answer the phone, I head over to the couch. I sit there for awhile before he finally comes back. His shirt is halfway open, which looks pretty sexy to me. ‘I have a more comfortable place that we can go.’ He takes my hand and leads me back to his bedroom. When he opens the door, I can’t believe it. The whole room is lit up with nothing but candlelight. Of course he did all of this when he went to go answer the phone. ‘I thought it would be a nice surprise.’

“We would walk into the room, him right behind me. We would stop at the foot of his bed and he would put his arms around me again, kissing my neck. I’d turn around and say, ‘Are you sure we’re not taking this too fast?’ In between kisses, he would tell me, ‘If it’s too uncomfortable, we’ll stop. We can stop whenever you want.’ We would start the whole passionate kissing again, like you see in the movies. Then, he would unzip my dress at the back. He would slide the straps off of my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at me feet. He would have never seen me with just lingerie on, but when he looks at me, he would say softly, ‘You are so beautiful.’

“I get nervous, covering myself up a little. He would say, ‘No, don’t hide yourself from me.’ In between kisses he would say, ‘You have such a sexy body.’ While kissing deeply again, he would unbutton his shirt, letting it slide off of his shoulders, down to the floor. He would place my hands on his chest. All while we’re still kissing, he unbuttons and unzips his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He steps out of his pants and would lift me out of my dress, kneeling on the bed with me still in his arms.

“He would lie me back on the bed, kissing me again. With our legs tangled up together, we would just lay there kissing for awhile. Then I would feel his hand start to caress my breast over my bra. He would start kissing my neck, then slip my bra strap over my shoulder. Once my breast would be fully showing, he would cup it in his hand, while still kissing my neck. I would hear him whisper, ‘You are so soft,’ into my ear. I’ve made out before, but not with the intention of going as far as he planned to. My breathing would start to get a little hard.

“He would move his kisses from my neck, down my chest, to my breast. I take kaçak iddaa a short breath when I feel him slide me into his mouth. My hands would move to his head. It would seem like he knew exactly how to use his tongue on my breast to get me the most excited. While still kissing one, he would slide the other bra strap over my shoulder, and cup my other breast in his hand. Before he stopped kissing and sucking on my breast to move on to the other, my breathing would have gotten faster. The feeling would start again after he would have placed kisses across my chest moving to kiss my other breast. I would have a bra that snapped in the front (conveniently). While still kissing my breast, he would unsnap my bra taking it fully off. My hands would be holding his shoulders tightly. I would have wanted that feeling to go on forever.

“Eventually he would stop, and come back to kissing my lips. While kissing me, he would us his leg in between mine, to spread them further apart. His hand would caress my body, from my face to my neck, to my chest, over my breast, down my stomach…and would stop right before he got to my panties. He would slowly stop kissing me. ‘Do you want me to? I won’t hurt you.’ I’d say ‘Yes,’ softly. He would first take my leg, under the knee, and pull it up so that my knee was bent, and my legs further apart. He would slide his hand down my inner thigh until he reached the ‘special place’, sliding it into my panties. He would be looking into my eyes the whole time. I would draw in a sharp breath when I would feel his hand touching me, caressing me.

“His sensuous kisses would start again as he stop using his hand and start to use one finger. It would be feeling wonderful, until I would start to feel him trying to slide one inside me. I would hold his arm at the wrist. He would just keep kissing my face and my neck telling me, ‘It’s ok.’ I would finally let his wrist go. He would slowly slip it in. I would draw in a long breath as he did. He would be sliding it in and out, getting me more and more excited. I would start to feel my panties getting wetter. The whole time he would be kissing and sucking on my neck. My eyes closed, the last image being the candles around the bed, when he would slide his finger deeper inside me. I would let out a really soft moan. He would take his finger out, but leave his hand on my thigh.

“Looking at me again, he would say softly, ‘I want to taste you,’ while kissing me more. I would know what he meant, but I’ve never let a guy do that before. It wouldn’t matter since he wouldn’t let me respond. His kisses would move down my chest, stopping to suck on each breast. They would continue moving lower, stopping right below my belly button. He would be off the bed and on his knees in front of me. At first, he would be kissing me very softly on my inner thigh. Then I would feel his tongue replace his lips. He moved his hands over my hips and waist to slide my panties off.

“When I would try to help him, he would take my hands and hold them down on the bed, still kissing my thigh. He would go back to sliding my panties off letting me raise my hips a little. After slipping them off and onto the floor, I would feel his lips and tongue on my thighs again moving lower and lower. I wouldn’t know what to think. All I would know was that the sensation I would feel when his lips kissed me down there would be wonderful. The same as with my breast, he would know exactly how to use his lips and tongue to get me the most excited. My back would arch when he would slide his tongue inside me. Holding my legs close to his head, he would make love to me with his tongue. My hands would be holding his head, tighter every time he slipped it in. He wouldn’t stop until I almost screamed. When he would, I would be kaçak bahis lying back, eyes closed still enjoying the feeling.

“My eyes would open to him lying on top of me, positioning himself in between my legs. He would have already gotten fully naked and put ‘it’ on while I was lying there with my eyes closed. He would say, ‘You are so beautiful,’ again to me. I would be looking at him, my eyes half closed. I would still be nervous, but definitely wouldn’t want to stop. My legs would be bent at the knee with him in between them. He would take one leg and wrap it around his waist. I would look at him above me, propped up on his hands. My eyes would close as he would push the tip of it in. While looking down at my breasts, he would push a little harder to get in further. That would make me draw in a sharp breath. My hands would be squeezing his waist as he pulled out and pushed back in, a little deeper, causing a little pain. He would pull out, but not all the way, and thrust in again, deeper. He would continue to pull out and slide back in, deeper with each thrust until he slid all the way into me. A soft moan would come of out me when I would feel him fully inside. He would stop, and start kissing me again, while still inside me. ‘It’s not hurting you too much is it?’ he would whisper. I would say, ‘No,’ right before his kissed me again. He would grind his hips slowly, moving around inside me. My breathing would get harder and faster. He would raise himself back on is hands, slide all the way out, and slip all the way back in with one long thrust. His eyes would close. I would hear him let out a low moan. My back would arch when I would feel him that deep inside me. He would continue to slide out and thrust back in, slowly. We would both be breathing fast and getting hot as his strokes would get harder and faster. He would take one of my legs and put it on his shoulder and keep the other wrapped around his waist. Thrusting hard, he would go in even deeper. I would be calling out his name every time he would push inside. His thrusts would get even faster, making my moans louder. In between heavy breathing, and moaning of his own, he would say, ‘Are you about to come?’ into my ear. I wouldn’t know if I was almost there or not. My only response would be more heavy breathing and moaning.

“He would stop and put both legs on his shoulders. His thrusting would slow down, but it would be harder and deeper. My hands would be holding the headboard, my back arched. Our bodies would slap together every time he would push it in. I would loudly call out his name when I came. But, he wouldn’t stop. His deep thrusts would keep going, harder. I, still moaning, would come again. After a few more thrusts deeper inside me, he would grab the sheets and let out a moan, ‘Oh god, yes’ when he would come.

“He would slide off his hands, down to his elbows, letting my legs slide off his shoulders. He would slip out of me sliding down lower to lay his head on my chest. Our arms would be around each other, but we wouldn’t say anything for awhile. Eventually, he would look up at me, sleepily, kiss me and say, ‘How did you like your first time?’ I, looking sleepy too, would say, ‘Better than wonderful.’ He would smile at me, kiss me deeply, then we would fall asleep in each others arms…the candles still lighting up the room.

“So, what do you think? Doesn’t sound too mushy-guhsy romantic does it?” she asked Derrick.

He smiled at her, “No, that was better than a porn movie.”

They both laughed. “Would you like it if I made that dream come true?” he asked her. “We don’t have to if you don’t want, but I would like our first time, your first time, to be as close to your fantasies as possible. And I have candles here.” He kissed her.

After the kiss, Sherry said, “Ok.” He began kissing her neck, moving down to her breasts, kissing them just as she described in her fantasy. After some heavy petting, he got up and filled the room with candles. Then her dream began.

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