Hellie Dreams Pt. 02

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Hellie had been having recurring dreams of her landlord, Bryant, for months.

She’d lived in his house a little over a year, since she’d started school. Another room was rented to another college student, Trevor, and the three of them got along well. She’d been attracted to Bryant since the beginning, but the dreams had started one night after the two of them drank whiskey together in the kitchen.

If Hellie was honest with herself, she would probably want to fuck Trevor, too, but he was gay. Bryant was older, Black, muscled, and had the calmly clever air of a well-learned man (he was a retired college professor). His voice was always warm and reassuring, even when he was teasing her. She also knew, from experience, that he could pick her up, and this didn’t help when she thought of all the things that could potentially happen between them. Sometimes, on days off, she would let her long, coppery-brown hair hang down her back, wear only a tank top and shorts, and find various reasons to wander around the house and yard so that Bryant would see her exposed, freckled skin, and her well-curved body, with very little left to the imagination.

Her dreams always started the same way, and tonight was no exception: she went downstairs and found Bryant in the kitchen.

“Hi,” she said, shy this time. She was suddenly wearing a small, plain white nightgown. It was short and clingy, making her feel almost naked. Underneath, Hellie was bare. The tightness of it and the fact that she was already aroused made her breasts feel bigger somehow, almost swollen. She could feel the light material strain around her ass and the tops of her thighs.

“Fancy meeting you here,” he said with a smile. “Back in my dreams again.”

Hellie frowned. “This is my dream.”

Bryant nodded. “You’re right- I knew where I was going.”

“You always say things like that.”

“Sit down. Please, join me.” Bryant’s smile was warm and sexy.

Hellie sat down in the hard wooden chair. “It’s funny. My dreams with you are always the same.”

“Oh really?” Bryant didn’t look surprised, though his tone was inquisitive.

Hellie nodded. “Like you’re inside my mind, like you came here. I guess it must be how I see you.”

“How do you see me?”

“As someone who has…preternatural control of everything he does.”

“Preternatural. Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in some time.” Bryant sipped his whiskey. “You like being controlled, don’t you baby?”

Hellie smiled wistfully. “I really do.” She looked into his eyes. His gaze was magnetic to her, like she could fall into him, completely enthralled.

Lovely, dark, and deep, she thought.

“We should just fuck, right?” Hellie said. “It’s what I want and it’s my dream.”

Bryant nodded to her drink. “Take a sip, baby. Slow down.” He held her gaze. “Trust me, Helena. We have time.”


“But I want you to touch me,” Hellie whispered.

“I’m already holding you,” he said softly. “I’m just holding your mind first.”

Hellie bit her lip. “Why does that turn me on?”

“Because that’s what you want,” said Bryant. “You want to be spread open completely. Opened up, made vulnerable, reached deep inside and pushed to your limit. Don’t you? You want me to get all the way into you, in every single way I can. And I’m a big believer in getting inside a woman’s mind before I get inside her pussy. Or even her mouth.”

Hellie swallowed.

“Or her tight little ass.”

Hellie’s lips parted. “Oh, fuck.”

“You like that huh? You like it in every hole. You like it everywhere. Don’t you, baby?”

Hellie pressed her lips together. Her mouth was watering. “Yes. Yes. Yes D–” She stopped.

Bryant leaned closed to her. “What, baby? What was that?”

“Bryant. Yes, Bryant.”

“That’s not what you were going to say, is it?”

“No,” Hellie whispered.

“Tell me what you want to call me, Helena.”

“Daddy,” Hellie whimpered. “I want to call you Daddy.”

Bryant nodded.

“Is that terrible?” Hellie whispered. She was used to depraved and uncaring men, men who’d take her any way they could get her, men who had no limit to the filth that might be said or done between them. But Bryant was the person whose roof was over her head, who asked about her life and her classes, who talked to her about the news. She didn’t know how much he’d gleaned about her life, or her job, as a slut. She didn’t know what he’d think.

Then she remembered. She was dreaming.

Still, she continued. “I shouldn’t. It’s weird, it’s gross. It’s wrong.” She swallowed, looked down. “And I’ve called a lot of men Daddy.”

“Cut that out, baby.” Bryant stood, came to her and crouched in front of her. “Does it make you wet?”

“What?” Hellie asked.

“Does it make you wet to call me Daddy?”

Hellie nodded. “Yes.”

“Then that’s what I want you to call me, baby.” He came closer, his mouth inches from hers. “Do you want Daddy to take care of that little pussy, baby?”

Hellie took in a quivering breath. “Yes. Yes, Daddy.”

“It’s empty, isn’t it baby?”

Hellie’s breath caught. “Yes Anadolu Yakası Escort Daddy.”

Bryant moved his mouth, asking each of his questions against her face, her neck, her ear, her collarbone.

“You want Daddy to make it full?”

“Please. Please fill me up, Daddy. Fill me up everywhere.”

“Daddy’s filling up your mind right now.”


“You want Daddy to come find you in your bed, baby?”


“Touch your body under the sheets?”


“You want Daddy to touch those little holes?”

“Yes. Please, yes.”

“You want Daddy to fill those holes up, baby?”

“Oh god, please Daddy, yes. Please, my mouth. My pussy. My ass…I want you to touch me there.”

“You want to show Daddy everything, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes Daddy.”

Bryant kissed her then, pushing his lips soft and firm into hers.

“I want that too, baby. But I need to know you want it outside of our dreams.”

“I do,” Hellie moaned. “I do.”

Bryant nodded.

“I wish I could tell you,” she said. “I wish this were real.”

“It is, baby.” He held her chin gently. “I’ll show you.” He kissed her again. “When you wake up? I’ll knock on your door. I’ll give you some bullshit reason. When I knock? Don’t open the door. Just rub that pussy, and talk back to me.” He smiled at her pleading expression. “And then at breakfast? I’ll ask you about your dream.” He stood. “You’ll see. You’ll see.”

“Please,” she said. “Please, stay. Don’t leave, I want you so badly.”

“I have to go, baby. You have to wake up.”

“Please,” she begged him again.

When Hellie woke up under the blankets in her dark bedroom, she could remember how Bryant’s lips had felt against hers. She reached down between her legs, rubbed her clit, felt that her pussy was hot and damp.

“God, please,” she whispered. She pinched her clit gently, drew a finger up along her wet pussy lips and twirled it around her clit. She opened her thighs, imagining that she was opening up for Bryant.

She smiled to herself. Wouldn’t it be something if he really did knock? What would she do? What would she really do, if he really knocked?

Maybe she would get up out of bed, completely naked, answer the door, and say “What took you so long?” Or she’d kiss him immediately.

Or maybe she’d kneel down.

She imagined his cock, imagined it bare inside her. Fucking Bryant wouldn’t be like fucking the strangers who came in her every day. This was someone she knew and trusted on a different level than most. She wanted him to touch her, her breasts in his hands, her nipples between his fingertips, her pussy on his palm and her ass under it.

She fingered her pussy with three fingers she she imagined Bryant touching her, fucking her. Slowly, sinking into pleasure and still drowsy, she began to drift back to sleep, her hand slowing, fingers coated in her own juice.

There was suddenly a sound.

Hellie blinked awake, having fallen too far back into sleep to know what had re-awakened her.

Then it came again. A knock at her door.

Hellie froze. What the fuck? A burglar? Trevor? She gripped her covers.

Then she blinked again, remembering. Bryant?

“Yes?” She croaked. “Yes? Hello??”

“Hellie,” came Bryant’s voice. “You okay?”


“Okay. Okay, I’m sorry about that, I just heard something. But nothing’s amiss downstairs so I thought it might’ve been you.”


Just rub that pussy, and talk back to me.

Hellie reached a hand back down and touched herself.

“Mm,” she breathed.

“You good?” Bryant asked through the door.

“Um, yes.”



“Okay. Sorry to wake you.”

“I-it’s okay.”

“Does it feel good?”

Hellie froze again, this time for a completely different reason. “What?”

“Said are you sure you’re good?”

Hellie swallowed.

Should she ask him to come in?

No. It was a dream, he was her landlord, and how fucking weird would that be? He’d say no. He’d kick her out.

“I’m good,” she said. “Bryant?”

“Yes Hellie?”

“Thanks for checking on me.”

“You’re precious cargo, Hellie,” Bryant said. “Don’t let anybody make you forget that.”

Okay yeah, he definitely didn’t want to fuck. Sweet man, though.

“Thank you Bryant,” she said again.

“Get some sleep!”

Hellie smiled to herself and drifted off again.

* * *

The next morning, Hellie pulled on some sweats and slowly walked herself down to the kitchen for coffee.

Bryant was at the kitchen table as usual, freshly showered after his morning run and reading the newspaper.

“Good morning,” Hellie said, yawning. “Did you figure out what the noise was?”

Bryant folded the paper. “Morning Hellie. The noise…oh, the noise last night?”

“Yeah.” Hellie stared at him.

Bryant shook his head. “Must have been a dream. Maybe something outside.”

Hellie poured herself a cup of coffee. “As long as it’s not a murderer, it doesn’t bother me.”

“I started thinking you had a nightmare and fell out of bed.”

Hellie Avrupa Yakası Escort laughed. “I don’t fall out of bed!”

“I don’t know- you have vivid dreams, don’t you?”

Hellie paused, then lowered herself into a chair.

“Oh and Trevor made some breakfast rolls if you’re hungry. They’re in the oven so they don’t cool too fast.”

“Oh,” said Hellie. “Where is Trevor?”

“He left. Said he’d be gone all day.”

Hellie nodded, sipped her coffee. “Um, how’d you know I have vivid dreams?”

“You’ve mentioned it before. Didn’t you say you had a dream about me one time?”

I’ll ask you about your dream.

“Yeah,” said Hellie. “Actually I dreamed about you last night,” she said.

“Really,” he said. “What was I doing?”

“We were sitting right here.”

He smiled. “Were we.”

“Drinking whiskey.”

Bryant chuckled. “Sounds about right.”

She smiled weakly.

God she wished those dreams were real.

“So it was a good dream?” he asked.

Hellie nodded. “It was nice.”

“What was nice about it?”

“I guess I just felt…comfortable,” said Hellie. “And safe.”

“You felt safe drinking with an old man?”

“You’re 52, that’s not old.”

“That’s 30 years older than you are, baby. I’m old enough to be your Daddy.”

Hellie blinked. “My…” She felt a twinge in her pussy. She looked at him, eyes searching.

Bryant’s voice lowered then. “You like that word?”

Hellie nodded.

“You want me to play Daddy, baby?”

Hellie bit her lip, confused and horny. “Yes.”

Bryant got up, set his paper down. Rinsed his coffee cup.

And then he was in front of her, crouched by her seat. For real.

Hellie’s breath caught. “What’s happening?” she whispered.

Bryant touched her chin. “What do you want to happen, baby?”

“Is this real?” she asked helplessly.

Bryant nodded.

“You…were you…You were in my dream?”

Bryant smiled. “I was. And I have been, baby.”

Hellie sniffed, wriggled in her chair, pinched the skin of her arm. Yup, she was pretty sure that she was awake.

“How?” she asked him,

“Just something I’ve always been able to do.”

Hellie nodded. She was unable to fully grasp what he’d said, but too wet to question it.

He touched her lower lip. “You felt safe last night, baby?”

“Yes.” Hellie swallowed. “And it…it was real? So…you know,” she whispered.

He smiled. “What do I know?”

“That I want…that I want…”

“You want Daddy to take care of you, baby? You want Daddy to care for that pretty pussy?”

Hellie whimpered. “Yes.”

His finger traced her mouth, just between her lips.

“Daddy,” she whispered.

“You want Daddy to kiss you on that pretty pussy and make it feel better?”

“Fuck. Yes Daddy, please. Please.”

Bryant stood. He extended his hand, and Hellie took it.

She followed him to the staircase, up the stairs, and into his bedroom. She’d never seen it before. There was a huge bed, a cozy-looking blanket which Bryant removed.

“Can you take your clothes off for me, baby?”

Their eyes met. Hellie took in a deep breath, feeling her nipples tighten.

Bryant came close. “You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you baby?”

Hellie nodded, almost panting.

“You know we can always stop, don’t you? Daddy won’t ever make you do something you don’t want to do.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“You don’t have to thank Daddy for that, baby.”

“Bryant, I didn’t think…I would’ve said something.”

“I had to be sure you wanted it baby. We want all kinds of things in dreams that we don’t want for real.”

Hellie wanted to cry. “I did want it, Daddy. For weeks, months.”

He leaned down and kissed her. His lips were soft but firm, kissing her with control as he slipped his tongue teasingly between her lips.

“Is your mouth watering, baby?”


“You want Daddy to fuck these pretty lips?”

Hellie whined. “Yes Daddy, yes.”

He pulled his lips back, touched her mouth, slid just his fingertip inside for her to suck. “We can see about that, baby. Daddy’s going to take care of your other holes first.”

Hellie moaned as he slid his finger deeper into her mouth. “Please,” she whimpered.

“What a good girl you are for me, baby.”

She moaned again as she sucked, closing her eyes to take in the feeling of his hand. God, she wanted his cock. More than she wanted any other cock, she thought.

Slowly, Bryant slid his finger out. He kissed her again. “Will you take your clothes off for Daddy, baby?”

Hellie nodded, returning the kiss hungrily. “Yes Daddy.”

He still hadn’t touched her body. Her hand, yes; her face, yes. But he had yet to touch her waist, her legs, her breasts. He hadn’t reached down to squeeze her ass as they kissed.

Her body was hungry.

Slowly, keeping her balance, Hellie took off her sweatpants, her sweatshirt. Underneath, she wore nothing.

“Oh goddam,” Bryant whispered. “Hellie.”

Hellie swallowed. “Yes Daddy?”

“Damn. You’re so İstanbul Escort beautiful.”

“You’ve seen my body before,” Hellie said slowly.

“It’s never been like this, baby. It’s never been for me. All this, for me.”

Hellie giggled. “You make me sound like a Christmas present.”

“You are, baby girl. It’s been a long time, baby.”


Bryant nodded. “I’m not interested in fucking someone without a connection. The way I fuck? It takes time, it takes energy.” He stroked Hellie’s hair, trailed his hand over her cheek, her jaw, her neck, and finally, he let a fingertip brush her nipple. “It takes focus. had to get inside your mind first.”

Hellie’s body shuddered in pleasure as he touched her body with teasing little strokes and taps, on her nipples, her ribs, her hips.

“Now look at this.” He swept a finger down her belly. “So beautiful, so soft. We never would’ve been able to get this right in a dream, would we baby?” He gripped one of her hips. “You’re so good to grab.”

Hellie giggled. “Thank you Daddy.”

He moved closer again, kissed her neck, gently pinched a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it.

“Daddy,” Hellie breathed.

“Daddy’s going to spread you open on those sheets, baby. Daddy’s going to eat you just like I said I would, like you were my dinner.”

“I want that,” Hellie whispered.

“What do you want?” He kissed her ear lobe, pinched her nipple harder and made her squeak.

“I want to be devoured,” she said.

“I know you do.” He kissed her again, hard. In a movement that Hellie didn’t fully register, he lifted her naked body and lay her on the bed, her head on the pillows. He got on top of her, still clothed, and kissed her. He kisses were gentle, loving, but insistent. Hellie shook and moaned at the feeling of his lips and tongue, his tongue pushing deeper into her mouth. She moaned as one of his hands came to her throat, but didn’t squeeze.

“Oh,” she whimpered.

“You want that, don’t you baby?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“You want Daddy to play rough?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Mm. We’ll see baby. Daddy has to get his fill first.”

Hellie whined. “Yes Daddy.”

He looked down at her thoughtfully. “I know you’d look so pretty tied to my bed, baby. Or with my belt around your neck. Maybe some little marks and bruises on those beautiful titties?”

Hellie made a desperate, pleading sound.

Daddy smiled. And finally, he reached down and almost effortlessly slid a finger into her pussy, which was absolutely soaked, drenched, dripping.

Hellie yelped, her hips rising and her thighs spreading to welcome the penetration. “Please,” she whimpered. “Please. Oh my god.”

“That’s my good girl. I knew you’d be nice and wet for Daddy.”

“Oh my god Daddy,” she moaned as he slowly fingered her. “Daddy please.”

“You like when Daddy fingerfucks your pussy?”

“Yes Daddy, please!”

“Please what, baby?”

Hellie whimpered. “Hold me down and fuck me, Bryant. Please? I want it so bad. I need it.”

His finger moving steadily in her, Bryant leaned down to bring his face to Hellie’s. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Right now?”

“Oh God, yes please.”

“Before I do anything else to you? You just want this dick?”

“Oh fuck, please Daddy. Please?”

Bryant slowly slid his finger from her wet hole and she whined in protest. Quickly, he stuck his finger in her mouth.

“How’s that pussy taste, girl?” he purred. He kissed the side of her jaw as she sucked at his finger desperately. “Let me tell you something, baby. You can always tell Daddy what you want. But Daddy is going to do what he wants. That’s why I’m Daddy. Because I know best, baby. And if you want me to fuck you, you need to understand that. This pussy belongs to Daddy now.” He looked into her eyes. “Do you understand that, baby?”

Still sucking, almost crying from desire, Hellie nodded. Understanding that she wouldn’t be getting what she wanted almost made her wetter. “Yes Daddy,” she said, his finger still in her mouth.

“That’s very good, baby.” He took his finger out and ignored Hellie’s moan.

“Please Daddy. My holes are so empty.”

“What was that, baby?”

“My holes are so empty, Daddy.”

“Your holes, baby?” He held her gaze. “Thought you said you understood me baby.” He put a finger on her lips, and she kept them closed though she wanted to suck. “These are Daddy’s holes.” He removed his finger. “Daddy’s holes.” He palmed her pussy and she squeaked. “Whose wet little pussy is this, girl?” He leaned down close to her face. “Who does this wet, sopping little cunt belong to?”

Hellie was nearly sobbing now. “You, Daddy. It belongs to you.”

“That’s right baby. So what do you want Daddy to do?”

Hellie swallowed. “Take your holes, Daddy. Take your holes and fill them up.”

Bryant took both of his hands and grabbed her breasts firmly, thumbing her nipples as he examined the heft of her tits. Hellie jerked upward and shuddered in pleasure. As he felt and squeezed and groped her naked breasts, he looked down at her. “Daddy’s going to take his time playing with his holes, baby girl.” His smile widened. “Daddy is a very patient man.”

Hellie felt her pussy gush. She whimpered again.

“What do you say, baby?”

Hellie stifled a moan as he pulled on one nipple. “Thank you Daddy.”

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