Heather Pt. 12

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When I emerged from the bathroom, Heather was laying on my bed, wearing a light pink bra and matching panties with the ankle strap heels that I find so sexy. She had a black, lace choker around her neck and her damp hair in a cute bump, clipped over her forehead. Heather was watching our sex tape we had just recorded.

“We should have been more vocal,” Heather said, as I walked in.

“I thought we were VERY vocal,” I replied, laughing.

“Not at first. You were just looking at me.”

“Honey, I’m surprised I was ever able to say anything. It was overwhelming, finally…having you.”

Heather hit the stop button on our video. “Well, we’re going to have to make a new one,” she smiled. “Put your suit back on, so I can undress you.”

“Hmm,” I smiled. “I take it, YOU’RE going to be more vocal too!”

“Of course!”

I went into the closet and put my suit and shoes back on. My cock throbbed awake again, having gone dormant after climaxing earlier. I opened the door, fully dressed to see my little girl on her back, massaging her own breast.

‘Oh my God, Heather. You are so beautiful. I just want to take a picture of how you are RIGHT now.”

Heather giggled and moved her hand off of her breast. I gently placed it back on it and told her, “just like it was. So amazing, Baby.”

“You wanted me to be more vocal,” I quietly reminded her.

“Mmmm yes, I do,” Heather said, sexily.

“Love watching you rub your amazing tits, Baby.”

“Spectacular, Daddy,” Heather corrected me, giggling.

I stepped over to the bed and ran my hand up Heather’s legs, feeling her still moist skin. “Everything about your body is spectacular,” gently parting Heather’s knees.

Heather laid her legs flat on the bed, bending one knee, opening herself for me. “Mmm. I love the way you’re looking at me, Daddy.”

“I love looking at you, Heather. You make me so fucking hard.”

Heather sat up, looked me in the eyes and said, “show me.”

“Well come here,” I gently commanded. Then I took Heather’s legs in hand and pulled her body over to me. She let her legs go down to the floor and sat up on the edge of my bed. Then I took my daughter’s hand and put it on the bulge in front of my pants. “Feel that, Baby? That’s what mariobet güvenilirmi you do to me.”

“Oooh yes. You are so hard!”

“Mmm. Yes I am. Very hard for you,” I moaned. “Take it out. Pull my cock out, Heather.”

Heather unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, letting them fall to my knees. She pulled the waistband of my boxer briefs, freeing my very erect cock.

“Ohhh yes. I love making your cock that hard,” Heather said, gripping it with one hand.

I stepped a little closer and slid a hand inside her bra, feeling Heather’s firm breast, and guiding her face to me with my other hand. “Put it in your mouth, honey. I want to watch you suck Daddy’s dick.”

Heather looked up at me, opening her mouth and taking my cockhead past her lips. Her tongue began licking circles around my cock as she slowly stroked me with her hand.

“That’s it, Baby. Stroke me and suck me with your beautiful mouth,” I said out loud. Mmm. You look so sexy. I just want to fuck your face.”

Heather moaned and increased her tempo of jerking me and sucking down my cock. I held Heather’s head, driving my dick into her throat. I pulled her bra strap down off one shoulder to take a firm grip on her big breast.

“Yes. Oh yes, Heather. Suck me. Suck my fucking cock. Mmmm”

I felt myself on the brink of orgasm, so I slowed it down. I pulled my cock out of Heather’s mouth. I bent down and started kissing her. Heather’s tongue aggressively licked and fucked my mouth as we both panted and moaned.

I reached around Heather’s back and unfastened her bra. Then I broke our kiss and pulled the bra free from my little girl.

“Ohhh, you know what I need.”

Heather’s chest heaved, “Mmm. Yes, I do. You need to fuck my tits.”

My sexy daughter pushed her breasts together and groaned, “Daddy’s big dick belongs right here!”

“Ohh yes. I’m gonna titty-fuck my little girl, right now.” Then I slid my cock in between Heather’s tits and rapidly fucked her chest.

Heather looked up at me, panting. “Oh yes, Daddy. Bang my fucking tits!”

“You feel SO good, Baby. I can’t get enough of you,” I groaned. “But I need to eat my little girl out now.”

I nudged Heather to lay back on the bed. She lifted her bottom, helping mariobet yeni giriş me slide her panties down and off her very sexy legs. I undressed as quickly as I could, then I took my little girl’s legs in my hands and pushed her body completely onto the bed.

“We need to do this right,” I directed. “Get on your knees, Baby.”

Heather positioned herself as I wanted, on her knees, legs spread, head down on the bed.

“Ohhh God, Baby. Your perfect ass. Mmmm,” I moaned, licking up from my daughter’s pussy to her lower back.

“Oh fuck!” Heather groaned. “Yes, Daddy! God yes! Eat my ass!”

With my hands pulling Heather’s cheeks apart, I plunged my tongue into my daughter’s smooth ass, licking inside her as we both moaned.

“You like that, Baby?” I asked, then rimmed my little girl some more.

“Oh God, Daddy,” Heather panted. “Yes. It feels so good.”

“Mmmm. I need to be on the bed with you.”

Heather crawled forward, giving me room to join her. I lay down with my legs towards my daughter’s head, and pulled her on top of me in the 69 position. I immediately felt my daughter’s mouth take in my cock, aggressively sucking me without using her hands.

“Oh, fuck yes, Heather! Mmmm! You know how to suck cock, Baby.”

I pulled my daughter’s legs towards me and lapped at her pussy, hungrily sucking on her clit and pussy lips. I plunged my tongue inside Heather’s beautiful, smooth pussy, then licked my way back to her ass in long wet strokes. Our loud moaning, licking and sucking sounds filled my bedroom. I gave one more hard suck on my little girl’s clit, then I had to stop.

“I can’t wait anymore, Baby. I need to have my cock in your pussy.”

Heather turned to lay on top, facing me. “Mmm. Yes, you do,” she groaned, then kissed me passionately.

We broke our kiss, both of us panting. “You want to be on top?” I asked.

“No, I want to stand up and lean over the bed, so I can watch you fuck me on TV.”

“Mmmm. You are such a good girl.”

Heather moved off the bed, using the camera output on the TV to center herself on camera, for our best viewing angle. She lay her head on her hands, looking directly into the camera lens.

I moved behind my daughter, spreading her mariobet giriş legs wide, sliding two fingers in her pussy, stealing some wetness. I stroked my cock a few times against the inside of Heather’s thighs, then presented my straining, wet cockhead to her pussy.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” Heather groaned, loudly.

I looked into the camera, and slid my cock all the way inside my little girl. “Mmm. Yes, Baby.

“Feels so good, Daddy.”

Slowly fucking my daughter, taking long strokes, and finishing firmly, pulling her thighs back on me.

“You’re so beautiful, Heather,” I moaned. “My dream come true. My little girl is so sexy.”

Heather began rocking her body back, wanting me to fuck her harder. “Love the way you fuck me, Daddy,” she groaned.

I thrusted hard into Heather, driving her body back into the bed. “I’m the luckiest dad in the world, Baby. My daughter is so fucking sexy.”

“Yes. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your daughter’s pussy.”

Hard, fast fucking. Banging Heather from behind. “Mmm. Your pussy feels so good, Heather. I love fucking my hot daughter.”

“Oh, Yes! My daddy’s cock feels so fucking good!”

“You make Daddy’s cock so fucking hard, Baby,” thrusting into Heather. Slapping sounds as I fucked my daughter hard. “I’m gonna cum inside you.”

“Yes, Daddy! Yes! Cum in me! Cum in your own daughter!”

“Oh fuck, Heather! Yes!” I panted. “Daddy’s cumming in you, honey! Cumming in your teenage pussy!”

“Fuck me, Daddy! I’m gonna cum all over my own dad’s cock!”

“Oh God, Heather!” I groaned, loudly, pulling Heather to me and finishing inside her soaked pussy. “I’m filling you with Daddy’s cum, Baby,” I moaned.

Heather’s pussy tightened around my cock as she climaxed with me. She squeezed me and released, over and over, milking me, emptying me inside her.

I gave Heather a few more slow thrusts, both of us panting, looking into the camera. Then I looked down and watched my semi-erect cock slide out of my daughter’s pussy. I rubbed my slick-wet cock from the beautiful folds of Heather’s pussy, up the smooth channel between her perfect ass cheeks.

“Ohhhh, yes,” Heather whispered.

“Mmm. You like that, Baby?”

“You can have that too, if you want it, Daddy,” she said quietly, eyes closed.

“Oh, Honey. I do want it,” I panted, rubbing my cockhead on Heather’s soft, pretty, rosebud.

“You’ll be my first,” Heather admitted, whispering.

“Mmmm. Well that will be our next video, then,” I said, smiling.

End of Part – 12

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