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A quick story…

I knew what I wanted from the moment she walked into the kitchen.

She was the first piece of ass that I’d ever welcomed into my home and into my young life on a regular basis. I didn’t love her, but I discovered that I loved having her around. Loved fucking her hard a few times on a Saturday night and slowly all morning long on a Sunday. I didn’t care what my buddies in the Corps said, I wasn’t settling down. I was just fulfilling a basic need, and more regularly than they were.

Her clothes hugged her body tightly, emphasizing all of her generous curves. Her long, slender neckline plunged into the fabric of a blouse that struggled to contain the swell of her huge, round breasts. But it was her ass that captured my imagination. And all the things I could do with it, and to it. I knew intimately what was under her skirt. The softness of her flesh, the rose petals of her primary treasure, and the tightness of her asshole.

I wanted her then. Real bad.

And I could see from the look in her hazel eyes that she wanted me too. Wanted what I had to offer. Like a bitch in heat. I could smell the need on her.

Sweat rolled down into my eyes, as I casually wiped the back of my hand across my forehead, and then running it back over the precise haircut that marked me as one of the few, the proud.

Her eyes hungrily followed the movement of my hand, watching the sweat drip down onto the tile floor, as her eyes traced the defined lines of my powerful forearms and stopped hovering where the meaty flesh of my biceps curled into powerful round guns, swelling with eighteen inches of power. But she didn’t stop there. My baby loved my powerful arms, but she also loved my strong chest, broad with muscle where it hung against a six pack so defined that you could scrub your clothes on it. And I’d just gotten back from the long, satisfying run that had followed my early morning session in the gym. My bronzed skin glowed in the early morning light of the kitchen under the slick dampness of raw, male sweat.

I saw her give an involuntary shudder and knew that she was mine as sure as I knew my own name. Mine for as long as I wanted her.

“You look fucking hot today, darlin.”

She flushed with pleasure. She couldn’t help herself.

“I’m going to be late for work,” she reminded me. She grabbed a piece of toast that was sitting on the counter.

“I don’t know why you can’t get up when I do,” I suggested to her.

I walked up to where she was standing. Her eyes near the level of my shoulders. She enjoyed my muscles immensely, but not as much as my dick.

“Maybe if you hadn’t wanted to fuck me that third time last night,” she offered suggestively, “I might have had a bit more stamina this morning.”

She took another bite of the toast and offered me what was left.

“There is that,” I agreed happily. “But you’ve got the most amazing ass. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

I took an enthusiastic bite of the toast, relishing the taste of the butter as it hit my tongue, and I grabbed her bottom with my other hand and gave her a very pleasant squeeze.

My dick had begun to stiffen when I had first set eyes on her a few minutes ago. My mind had taken a pleasant wander down memories from last night. Memories of a Sunday we’d spent making love on the couch, and later in the evening in bed. Filling her up that night not once, not twice, but three times until my cum leaked out of her pussy and down my balls with each thrust.

She may have felt tired this morning, even I felt a little tired after my run, but her proximity to my body was giving me new energy.

Her short black skirt got me even more horny than my already overactive male hormones normally required of me to be a man. My dick was now raging against the tight lycra confines of my running shorts.

“Is Harvey still giving you trouble at work?” I wondered with my mouth full of the last piece of toast, my fingers still groping her ass, full of her warm flesh as all good manners flew out the window.

I gave her a powerful squeeze to encourage her answer.

Her face was dangerously close to my chest and she breathed in my musky odor before she responded.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” she said.

Oh, fuck! She was hot. So very hot. She’d been mine from the time we met in a bar one night five long months ago. But at the time she’d been Harv’s woman. Now she belonged to me.

“You want me to speak to him?”

“No,” she told me quickly. “Besides I know what you mean by that. He doesn’t need a visit by some ataşehir escort angry jarhead. Or his fellow Marines. No matter how much he may or may not deserve it.”

Damn she was cute. And sassy. I liked them sassy.

“Who’s the better lover?” I asked her. “Me or Harv?” I pulled her tight against me.

“You are,” she replied, looking up at me with those big dark eyes. “You know you are.”

“Tell me.”

“You are bigger, better and harder,” she breathed. “Everywhere it counts.”

“Do you need to be reminded?”

“As if anyone needed to be reminded after last night.”

I reached down behind her and under her skirt, my index finger rubbing against her pussy through the silky material of her panties.

“I think you do need reminding,” I said firmly.

“Marc,” she pleaded, “I’m going to be late!”

“And I want you to let Harv know,” I told her.

“Know what?” Her eyes were curious.

“How good it was.”

My finger pushed aside the fabric and slipped into the hole. I heard the moan escape from her lips.

“So good,” she breathed.

Yeah! Hook, line and sinker. She was mine. I felt the dampness around my finger as fluid leaked copiously from that tight hole that I’d grown to love so much.

“Oh, you definitely fucking need to be reminded,” I stated gruffly. “And so does Harv.”

He response as I started finger fucking her was deep and guttural, something growling and purring.

“The next time that sonuvabitch lays his hands on my woman. I will break both his arms.”

The threat of violence against her former lover really revved up her engine. And she melted into me. Her silken blouse pressed against the dampness of my chest, her breasts crushed there. My woman was old fashioned, and she liked having a man big enough and strong enough to protect her. I wasn’t going to let her leave my house without marking her pussy as mine. She wasn’t going to work unless it was carrying a load of my cum insider her. He arms snaked around my broad back, grasping onto whatever muscles she could get a hold of.

I lifted her up by her waist to meet my mouth. At just over one hundred pounds she was less than half my weight and felt light as a feather to me with the power of my upper body. I was used to doing dozens of weighted pull-ups and my arms had that very morning curled a lot more than this little lady weighed.

In response to my aggression her mouth eagerly met mine. Tongue questing into my kiss, surprising me slightly at how eager she was to have me.

She was in my arms, but I set her down on the edge of the sturdy kitchen table. Her skirt hiked up around her thighs, and I spread her legs apart kneeling down between them.

I pulled aside the thin fabric and exposed that tight little shaven cunt. Dark and dusky. An inheritance I supposed from her Spanish mother. It was flushed and agitated from the earlier round with my fingers. She used her hand to spread the pussy lips apart for me and give me a better view of the delicate cunt. I noticed all the perfect folds of her tight tunnel and couldn’t help the overwhelming wave of desire that I felt flood through my dick and up to my head. I could smell her fresh, clean aroma mixed with something sensual and musky and pushed my nose against her hole to breath it in.

Her hand came up behind my head and pushed me forward, cradling me gently and encouraging me at the same time. I adjusted the angle of my head and pulled back enough to let my tongue slither along the cavity. The taste of her juice flooded my tongue like an elixir and I dove back in with increased power. First short full strokes and then longer, lapping at her like a dog. Finally after much enjoyment on both our parts, bringing my whole mouth to bear on her flesh, sucking on her with abandon. She enjoyed this best of all, and I knew it would make her cum. She loved my long tongue pushing inside her where my cock had been, and would be again very shortly.

“Fuck!” she moaned. “Eat my pussy baby. Eat it! Eat it!”

I didn’t need to be told twice as she stoked my thick corded neck and shoulders, occasionally running a hand down the length of my stubbled cheek. And all the while pushing me against her flesh if I wasn’t doing my job hard enough.

My hands caressed her smooth thighs as I kept her stationary on the table.

“Oh, darlin,” I said pulling away momentarily. “That’s a damn fine pussy. You make me so hard, you make me want to fuck you.”

But it wasn’t good enough. She needed to cum. I needed her to cum.

“Cum for me baby,” kadıköy escort bayan I said as I went back to work with renewed intent.

I knelt worshipping at the hole of this goddess. My bitch was hot. She had perfect, round hips and the most sensual ass. Her heavenly bottom was mirrored by the curves of her full, round breasts, each sporting a large dusky nipple. Too bad that it was all hidden beneath her work clothes, but I’d spent enough time exploring her body to be well acquainted with all its best features.

My tongue ran circles in her hole, and her flingers strummed their way back and forth across her clit as I attacked her hole. She was a squirter, and as she arched her back the crescendo of her orgasm smacked into her like a brick wall, and she moaned long and deep as her fluid poured out of her pussy and onto my face.

It was warm and wet. Like getting splashed with a cup of warm water.

“You cum like you’re taking a piss, darlin,” I remarked as I stood up.

My finger probed her sensitive hole, prolonging her pleasure, as my other hand pushed my shorts down and pulled my dick out. She was too far gone to make a reply. And really it had been a rhetorical remark.

I didn’t think I could wait long before I needed to be inside her.

When I fucked other girls, I always did so with a condom. But with this hot piece of ass, since we were living together and she was on the pill, I liked her to feel me in all my naked glory. Just like she told me she used to do with Harv. She was fond of telling me how he was only of average length and thickness. And how I’d stolen her heart the first night I fucked her when she left the bar with me and not her date.

“I gotta have some of that pussy right now.”

She moaned in anticipation and I pulled her to the end of the table. She spread her legs wider.

“Nuh, uh, darling,” I said gruffly. “Not like that. No. I’m gonna take you like the bitch you are. My bitch. One hundred ten percent.”

Her face wore an expression of shock, but her cheeks glowed red with lust.

“Who’s my bitch?” I demanded harshly, stepping away from her.

“I am.”

“And how do good little bitches get fucked?”

My tone was rude, and condescending and I couldn’t keep the leer that I wore on my face out of my voice.

“Like a dog?” she suggested.

I nodded and smiled at her lasciviously.

“That was Harv’s favorite position,” she reminded me. “But I don’t even remember what it was like with him.”

“I’ll remind you how a real man fucks.”

“Are you gonna stick that big gun up my pussy soldier?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Show me how bad you want it.”

She hopped off the end of the table and turned around shaking her beautiful ass at me. Her skirt was still pulled up and I had a marvelous view of her panties. She bent over the table preparing for me, waiting with pleasure.

I came up behind her.

“Shit darlin’ you got me hard enough to hammer nails.”

She giggled, but she wasn’t going to do that long. I bent my knees so that I could feel the top of my nearly ten inch dick against the heat of her cunt. Her panties pulled aside, I used my dick to slap her clit a couple times and she hollered with each slap like a whore. It really made my balls tingle in expectation and I crudely wedged the head of my cock into the folds of her pussy, watching those lips pull apart as my massive head passed inside.

I could feel her flesh grip me, oily and damp from her recent orgasm. Women I fucked always felt tight, but my woman took it to a whole new level entirely. Her pussy was like rapture. And with a powerful thrust of my ass muscles, I buried myself halfway in that moist tunnel. The length of a normal man.

“You’ve got the tightest pussy.”

She responded with another massive squirt of juice around my dick and onto my balls. She came so much that drops of liquid were falling off my swaying balls and onto the floor.

“Fuck yeah!” I groaned. “Natural lube.”

Her juices helped and I began to thrust inside of her. She was a nice, smooth ride and I felt my big balls churning with cum as they rocked under her ass with each forceful thrust.

“That feels good,” she breathed.

It amazed me how tiny she always felt to me. It felt as if my cock was piercing deep into her body. I began to slide my dick in and out of her faster, my hands caressing her body, gliding over the silky fabric of her blouse to cup her tits. Her breasts were so soft, and I wished that I had time to go further. escort maltepe To massage the warm nipples in the palms of my hands. I squeezed and massaged her tits as I plunged my raw, aching manhood into her fiery depths over and over.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she began to moan rhythmically as I poked at the back of her cunt. I could feel every inch of my shaft sliding along the walls of her tunnel. Her face was bent so far below my tall frame that I wasn’t able to reach her mouth to kiss as I wanted to do, so instead I grabbed onto her waist and began to thrust harder, smacking against her ass with my groin.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” her moans were a lot louder now.

That gorgeous ass of hers was shaking each time I smacked against it. I fucked her doggie style over and over against the kitchen table, slapping against her ass repeatedly. I wasn’t nice it about it either. I fucked her hard. Very hard. Her flesh was shaking violently non-stop as I pistoned my manhood in and out of her small body.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I was hitting her ass so hard the slaps could be heard throughout the house. Good thing the neighbors had left for work. But fuck them! This was my girl, and I could do with her damn well how I pleased.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she hollered. I could feel an orgasm rising inside her. The walls of her pussy tingled, gripping me tighter. Underneath her my big, swaying balls were slapping against her clit, further stimulating those feelings.

She came, silently, as the orgasm exploded within her. Her vagina was pulsating, grabbing at my pistoning cock as she came. Another round of juice exploded onto my dick, flooding her pussy and the floor. I heard it fall as hit, pouring out of her. Her ass rammed back against my oncoming thrusts, eager to meet me.

Fuck this was an erotic scene. I remember the night me and my buddies, all fellow Marines from the base, had gone to a little bar on the other side of town to drink some beer and pick up some chicks. My girl had been playing pool with her boyfriend Harv. Clearly a local. She was the hottest chick in the place and I just had to have her. It was obvious she was his girl, I don’t mind getting a bit on the side, even when the girl was married, but I hadn’t expected her to come on to me so fast. Or that we would fuck that night not once, but twice in the storage room of the bar. Sneaking off when Harv went to take a piss. Less than twenty-four hours later we would be fucking in our bed. Ours because I had crazily invited her to live with me in my apartment near the base. At least while I was stationed there. I didn’t know he was a local, or that they worked together. It had taken at least two serious ass kickings from me before he got it into his thick head that I was his girl’s new man. And even now I knew he was giving her a hard time at work. Maybe she’d go back to him after I left town in a few months time.

But right now, she didn’t even remember he existed.

I was still half remembering out first time months before as I looked down at her, watching her pink lips wrap around my boner as I moved in and out of her. Her ass rippling each time I slapped against it. The position made my cock seem bigger than it was as I felt the back of her pussy. I was so huge! Her cunt was convulsing all around me as I thrust into it violently.

There was no way I could make this last longer, although I wanted to. She needed to get to work. And my balls were gonna explode I was so excited to be in her.

I was so hard, and my strong hands were squeezing her ass tightly as her slick cunt glided up and down my rod. My balls went into overdrive.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned.

I was right on the edge. I just needed a couple more strokes to get there. Then my dick jerked violently within the tight confines of her tight hole, unleashing a thick load of hot cum and firing it deep inside her tiny body.

My dick expanded and contracted again, and a rope of my jizz rocketed off the back of her hungry pussy.

I pulled out of her reluctantly. She was shuddering, trying to reign in her feelings.

A pearly white drop of semen oozed out of her freshly fucked pussy.

She moved to clean herself up, but I grabbed her hand before it could reach the towel lying nearby.

“No,” I told her firmly. “You’re gonna go to work with my load up your pussy.”

* * *

Copyright © 2009 by Eagle1. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed in this story are meant to be over the legal age to consent to sexual activity. Any similarity to characters or situations, real or imagined, is purely coincidental. Unless you happened to be there of course. May be reprinted without permission of author in materials distributed free of charge or on websites where there is no fee charged for access, provided this copyright notice is attached.

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