Having a Wife Watch Him Suck

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What makes a straight man want to suck a cock? For Bill it was just a happenstance of him standing at a bus stop in the middle of the night. He’d come from a party but left because he didn’t like being around large groups. He didn’t like talking to other people. Especially women.

To understand Bill you had to know he was a combat veteran just recently returned from Vietnam. While he and his friends were the same age, Bill could no longer relate. He had too many demons making him feel way older than his friends and he didn’t care to talk about those demons.

So there he was on a busy corner waiting for a bus to take him home. He knew he was too fucked up to drive. So, he left his car at the home of the party host. Acting responsible.

Bill grew up in a neighborhood that was totally homophobic. Guys in neighborhood made sport of going to the big park where faggots were to beat them up. Bill never understood the reasoning around that but he also never understood why men would have sex with one another.

He got his answer when he was picked up by a guy offering him a ride. Since it was late at night and buses were only running once an hour, he accepted the offer. It only took a few minutes before the older man driving reached over to place his hand on Bill’s lap directly over his cock. Bill was surprised and about to tell the guy to stop the car. But the guy asked him if he wanted to have some fun back at his home.

Bill was stoned as hell and horny as hell. It was hard to work up the energy to talk with the women at the party. They’d ask him about Vietnam and if he killed somebody. He’d mumble something and tell them he needed another drink. Telling them about his bloody time in war wasn’t likely going to get him laid.

So, in his stoned condition, Bill inexplicably agreed to go home with the guy. The older man kept his hand on Bill’s lap and stroked his cock through his pants. Bill’s thick 7.5 inch cock started to rise. Bill was getting very excited. And he couldn’t understand why.

Turned out Bill let the man suck him to an explosive orgasm and Bill reciprocated by sucking the man’s smaller cock until a hot stream of cum filled his mouth. Bill not only didn’t mind sucking cock or swallowing cum, it was the hottest sexual encounter of his life.

But Bill knew being a homo in his part of town wouldn’t work. He knew his family would disown him. And Bill still loved pussy.

It took Bill twenty years before he sucked another cock. He’d never forgotten the one and only experience. How could he forget the most erotic time of his life. He married and had kids but his wife never brought him that degree of sexual arousal. She was hot. Nice body. But, she was conservative and couldn’t bring herself to be sexually adventurous. Bill was generally satisfied until his wife seemed too busy for more than one or two sexual encounters a month.

Bill was much more sexually driven. He had read erotic literature and porn since he was a teenager. He had many fantasies. A lot of them involved him being submissive. His one dream of many years was him being submissive to a group of women who had undressed him and made him service them. One of his favorite books was MEN IN LOVE by Nancy Friday. It appealed to his fantasies. Especially sections of men swallowing cum deposited in their wife’s pussy. And from men’s cocks.

So, early in his forties Bill arranged a meeting with a man to suck him through a local newspaper found in the adult book stores. Bill returned to sucking and learned to worship cock in a way he never thought possible. He ended up in a group of men and one woman having several sex parties where the men fucked the woman and sucked each other. Bill was a happy participant. He became submissive and was made to eat the creampies the men left inside the woman’s cunt.

As Bill grew older his wife seldom wanted sex. Most often it came from oral sex. His wife would give him head infrequently and really didn’t seem to enjoy it. But, in her mind, at least he was no longer fucking her.

So, it became clear how Bill became a cocksucker and how he ended up worshipping cock. Part of it was by chance, part was his memory and fantasy, part was a decline in his wife’s interest. But he couldn’t blame the wife. He enjoyed cock in a way he would have never thought possible.

Other men came to cock later in life. Married guys who saw their marriages go stale drifted into going to adult book stores and strip clubs. They came to realize chasing women just to get rejected was a fool’s errand. And sex was sex. If a guy wanted to suck them it was fine. It was enjoyable. And some came to suck cock themselves and found out how much they enjoyed that.

Some men would deny wanting to suck cock but had wives who would fuck other men for them as they watched. And then they’d suck the cum out of their wife’s pussy before they’d fuck her. An indirect form of sucking cock except the cock was removed. Only the cum came into play.

Who really knows all Ümraniye Escort the reasons married men turn to cock. Must be thousands of reasons. But the reality in the U.S. is men like sucking cock in much larger numbers than one would expect. And men gave up their asses to cocks more often than most would expect. Sex is sex. With women there seemed to most often be some emotional part of sex men failed to understand. Or most men. And those who did understand also just want to have no strings sex without the emotional aspect. Without overthinking things.

Bill had become one of the guys that just enjoyed sex for sex’s sake. He found several long term relationships where he could be a man’s submissive cocksucker. But they ended for many reasons. Moving out of the area. A guy wanting someone else instead of the same old thing. Men had poor attention spans and often wanted to see what else was available.

So, Bill began to write erotic stories about his sucking cock, his submission and all the ways he found to satisfy his sexual hunger. His writing became very good. Many men would comment they had similar experiences, they enjoyed his descriptive writing or their desire to do what he had done.

Bill started to correspond with one of the men who was about his age. A retired fireman. A guy who wanted to feel the experience of sucking cock until the man exploded in his mouth. They kept an ongoing dialogue of email about Ken, the fireman, sucking cock for the first time.

Ken told Bill he and his wife had a friend fuck her and then Ken would eat the creampies left in her pussy. After eating the other guy’s cum for a bit Ken would take sloppy seconds by fucking his wife. He described how excited he was to eat the cum and then fuck the wife with some of the guy’s cum still in her pussy.

Unfortunately Bill and Ken lived in different states. But it came to pass Bill would be visiting Ken’s area for work and they arranged a meeting. Ken assured Bill his wife would be a participant in their play. And she was truly excited about Ken being willing to suck Bill in front of her. She also wanted Bill to suck Ken and both men to eat her. Hopefully with one being able to deposit cum in her.

Bill was very excited to finally be able to meet Ken. And his wife. Ken told Bill his wife was still pretty damn hot. She had small breasts but was very firm with a nice ass. He described her as “natural”. Meaning she didn’t shave her pussy.

Bill liked that Erica had a bush. He had never come to like adult women having no pubic hair. Just seemed to take away from the allure of a mature woman. Bill thought of it as infantilizing a man or woman to shave their pubes. He knew the rationale many had but it never caught on with him.

Bill arrived at Ken’s door early in the morning on a dark, grey day in the East. He was met at the door by Erica. She was dressed in a see through robe revealing her small tits and very long nipples and her natural bush of dark hair.

Erica reached up to kiss Bill fully on the lips. ” Bill, so nice you could come to visit. Ken will be right out. He was just getting out of the shower. Can I get you some coffee or something else to drink?”

“Nah, I already had coffee, but water possibly?”

“And I gotta say Erica. Ken was right about how nice you look. I think he might have understated, in fact.”

“Well, he sees me almost every day so closeness makes us overlook things.” she laughed. “So, before Ken gets out here let’s set some ground rules. Rule one, I’m in charge. You going to be alright with that?”

“Sure. I was hoping that would be the case.” Bill replies.

“Good. Rule two, if there’s going to be two men playing, I want you both sucking each other’s cock. And I want you to fuck me so Ken can lick your cum out of me. And, later, maybe tomorrow, I want him to leave a load for you to eat. And you’ll both be eating my pussy to get me off whenever I tell you it’s time. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am. I am in total agreement with all you want.”

Ken enters the room just as Bill’s answering Erica’s last question. He’s wearing just a pair of boxer briefs. He’s in his mid sixties and in good shape. No belly like many his age have. He’s tall like Bill. Over six foot. Brown short cut hair. Green eyes. He’s a good looking man.

“Hey Bill! Glad you made it. I’ve been really excited about meeting you. Guess Erica has told you her rules from the sound of it. She’s great to have in control, trust me. Aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes I am ya little bitch.” she laughs. “Now, I think it’s time for Bill to get serious and drop those clothes on the floor. I want both of you nude and on your knees before me.”

Erica’s tone changed from greeting Bill to a woman dominant to both men. And both men quickly obeyed her order to get naked and drop to their knees before her.

Both men’s cock were becoming engorged.

“Good boys. Ok Ken here’s your chance to suck cock. Looks like Bill has a big Ümraniye Escort Bayan thick cock that’s at least seven inches. I want to see that big cock down your throat. And you will swallow but not before I see his cum in your mouth.

So, stand up Bill. Let Kenny boy suck your cock. And I want to see you fuck his face. Just like he used to do me. Grab his head and fuck his mouth like it’s a pussy.

You boys understand?”

Both Ken and Bill replied they understood. Ken crawled over on his knees the foot or so where Bill was standing with his hard 7.5 inch cock. It was big in girth with a very large mushroom head when hard. And Bill was very hard knowing Erica would be watching the whole thing.

Ken got to the cock and began licking the precum leaking from its tip. Bill’s cock jumped a little in response. Bill pushed forward slowly penetrating Ken’s lips and entering his mouth. The look on Ken’s face was both excited and a bit fearful. He’d never saw himself sucking a cock until talking online with Bill.

“Good Bill, don’t let him dick around too much. I want it in his mouth asap. Got it Kenny boy?” Erica barked at the two men.

Erica had taken all her little bit of clothing off and was standing almost on top of the men. Her small tits were still firm and she had incredibly long nipples standing erect in excitement. She had a trimmed black bush with a few scattered gray hairs. Her pussy lips were big enough to be seen in the trimmed bush. Her clit was big and it looked erect. Erica had her right hand massaging her left breast with short trips to her nipples where she pulled them away from her body.

Erica had an ass that was exquisite in Bill’s mind. Heart shaped with shapely cheeks that fit the rest of her body. And her legs were long and shapely fitting her body well.

Bill wondered what Ken was doing sucking cock with such a sensual and downright hot wife! But, he knew from his own experience that closeness did indeed sometimes breed contempt or at the very least apathy. He thought of his own wife who he loved. And she was hot. Not Erica hot but still very sensual. Too bad her childhood Catholicism had poisoned her sexual life to the point she didn’t want to do different things.

Bill took his instructions from Erica and pushed his shaft deep into Ken’s mouth, entering his throat. Ken gagged as Bill hit his chin with his balls. He had the full cock in his mouth with his cheeks expanded, his eyes watering and face reddened. And Ken relished the entire experience.

Ken was in love with cock as soon as Bill’s velvet head passed his lips, The taste of pre-cum was sweet and exotic to Ken. As Bill pushed his shaft down Ken’s throat, he marveled at the hardness but also the velvet feel of it.

Unlike Erica’s dildo which he tried sucking to practice the art of cock sucking, the feel of a real cock was entirely different. The flesh was smooth and he could feel the ridges created by the vessels feeding the cock’s erection. Also the flesh of Bill’s cock made Ken feel a sense of fullness he couldn’t quite describe but he certainly felt it. It was thrilling to have his mouth and throat filled with this living organ that could deliver a rush of sticky seed at any moment if he did things right.

And Ken wanted very much to do things right for Bill, for Erica and for himself. Sucking cock was as exciting as licking Erica’s pussy, feeling her growing passion and excitement.

Ken could hear Bill grunting in pleasure and the frequent gasping from the blow job he was giving. And it spurred Ken on to lick the head each time Bill pulled back before the next thrust into his throat. Ken kept his lips in a tight seal around the shaft. His gagging had subsided as he adjusted and started breathing through his nose. His tongue swirled constantly along the shaft and head.

Ken could feel Bill’s cock swell even harder. He could feel the head start to flare open where the cum would be delivered. He started to feel the veins spasm and the bottom of the shaft pumping. And then the base of Bill’s cock quivered and a strong spasm sent cum blasting into Ken’s mouth, down his throat. Ken pulled back so he could gather the sticky sensation of this man’s seed into his mouth and on his tongue to have his gustatory senses enjoy each blast and be washed completely in the thick cream.

His mouth filled with the sperm and Ken knew he was to wait for Erica’s approval before he swallowed.

Bill was in the throes of an orgasm making him gasp out in pleasure. He’d experienced many blow jobs and this was in the top echelon. He thought it was probably the knowledge Ken was getting face fucked for the first time while his incredibly hot wife looked on and encouraged both men to give her a show as she played with her pussy. Bill had only had one other woman watch him like this but it was him giving the blow job. And Bill knew the submissive role to Erica’s dom role was a great factor in his enjoyment.

As Anadolu Yakası Escort the final oozing of cum from Bill’s cock ended and the erection receded, Bill pulled out of Ken’s mouth and rubbed his cock on his cheeks and across his forehead. Erica gave him praise for his actions.

All throughout the blowjob by Ken, Erica called out her encouragement of Bill’s aggressive use of his cock.

“Yeah, Bill, face fuck that little pussy. Use his mouth like it’s my pussy. Let him feel how a man’s cock is being pushed down his throat. Whatta ya say Ken? You cocksucker. I knew the minute that cock passed your lips you’d be my cock sucking husband”

Erica was elated when Bill finally started pumping cum into her husband’s mouth. And she gave him strict instructions not to swallow.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Shoot that cum in there Bill. Let him taste the nectar of hot cum. And don’t you fucking swallow any of that seed mister cocksucker. I want to see it in your mouth when I ask you to open up.

It’s about time you get to know how it feels to be a bitch with their mouth full of cock and cum isn’t it little pussy mouth?”

As Erica encouraged and belittled, she was active with two fingers shoved inside her pussy and a finger slick with her juices playing with her enlarged clit. She rubbed and flicked the sensitive button sometimes pushing hard against it and circling her finger.

Erica had a tumultuous orgasm right before Bill shot his load into Ken’s mouth. As she gasped and shouted out as the beginning of Bill’s cum started blasting into Ken. Erica found it erotic and sensual to see these two men sexually submissive to her. And she wanted to further strengthen her dominance by the vocal instructions emphasizing she controlled things.

“Good boys. Get on your knees Bill! Ken, crawl your cock sucking ass over here before me. I want to see that cum load you got in that slutty mouth of yours. And Bill I want you to stay on your knees for Ken’s cock. He’s got a huge boner there from sucking you off that needs relief. And you need to take his cum and save it for me.

Ok, Ken, open up. Let’s see that jizz filled mouth of yours. Nice. Wait. Swirl it around some. Get a good taste of it. That’s it. Now swallow cocksucker. Good boy.

Take your cock over to Bill’s mouth and fuck it. Don’t hold back. I want him to be face fucked like he’s never been. You think you and your hard seven inch cock can do that?”

“Oh yeah.” Ken replied in excited voice.

“What did you say bitch? You answer me with ‘yes mistress’ when I ask you a question. Got it bitch?”

“Yes mistress.” Ken meekly replied as he walked over to Bill waiting on his knees.

Once Ken arrived at Bill’s mouth he pushed his hardened cock into the waiting mouth. Bill was ready to accept Erica’s demand of being face fucked. Ken immediately pushed deep into Bill’s mouth with a hard thrust. Bill wrapped his lips around the thick shaft and was ready for the deep throat thrust. But he still gagged from the power of Ken’s thrust.

“Take his head in both hands. Ken and hold it still so you can really fuck that mouth.” Erica demanded.

Ken grabbed each side of Bill’s head and started a steady thrusting of his hips causing his cock to push back and forth in his mouth. The mushroom head came almost out but rammed right back down Bill’s throat. Bill was slobbering all over the cock and the thick saliva drooled onto his chin and down on his chest. It ran down onto his cock.

Bill was making noises of a “gawking” sound as the cock kept going back and forth into his oral cavity. Bill was actually elated at having his face fucked. It was a penultimate act of submission which only escalated his arousal. After minutes of his mouth being abused, Bill’s cock sprang back to an almost full erection.

Bill could start to feel the first signs of an eruption of cum from Ken’s cock. The shaft got even more rigid. His balls seemed to draw up and the head’s opening flared wider. And suddenly the cock started pumping at the base and the underside pulsed. The first blast of thick cum hit the back of Bill’s throat. He knew he had to have cum for Erica to see, so he pulled back so the next three blasts hit the top of his tongue and splayed out into his mouth. The ejaculate burst were powerful as Ken had been overly stimulated earlier when he sucked his first cock.

After the powerful burst of semen ended, the still hard cock oozed a small but steady stream of cum. It wasn’t near as thick but it was still very gooey. Bill swirled the cum around tasting the semen’s saltiness and a bitter sweetness. At first it was like having a thin pudding in his mouth. It adhered to the sides of his mouth and on his tongue. Bill’s saliva began to slightly dilute it.

Ken’s cock quickly receded in size and slipped from Bill’s lips. Bill took the head and cleaned it with the broad side of his tongue while still containing the cum in his mouth.

“Good job Ken. You had his eyes watering from that fucking you gave him.”

Erica had watched the men with great excitement. She continued to insert fingers in her pussy and played with her clit alternating with pinching her long nipples. She was ready to have an orgasm of epic proportions and she saw Bill’s big thick cock had regained an erection. It would soon be entering her wet pussy.

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