Harry and the Grangers 1

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Harry and the Grangers 1Hermione moaned out loud as she felt her mother’s tongue thrust in and out of her wet pussy. She couldn’t believe how good her mother’s tongue felt inside of her and thrusted her hips trying to get more of her mother’s tongue inside of her. She heard her mother moan, which sent vibrations into her pussy making it even wetter. Behind her mother was her best friend, Harry Potter. Harry was thrusting his cock in and out of her mother with vigor.“Does he feel good in you mom, does my best friend feel good inside of you” Hermione pantedEmma Granger couldn’t respond to her daughter as her face was being shoved into her daughter’s wet cunt by Harry’s hard thrusts. The only thing that could come out was moans of approval.“I thoughts so. Pound her Harry, pound her hard” Hermione orderedHarry looked back at his best friend and nodded. He was never one to ignore a suggestion by his sexy best friend.How did this all come about you might wonder. How did this scene of Hermione being eaten out by her mother while her best friend fucked her mother. It all happened the summer after fifth year. Hermione practically k**napped Harry from his relatives and forced him to stay with her. Harry was in no mood to object since he really didn’t want to spend the summer with his relatives at all. Hermione and her mother lived in a modest three-bedroom house. Hermione’s father died in a car crash a year ago.When Hermione brought Harry home Emma was shocked, but agreed with her daughter’s argument. The start of this threesome began when Harry caught Hermione getting out of the shower. Hermione was shocked at being seen by her best friend naked, but then saw the package Harry had. She had to see it right a way. So without preamble and none of her careful planning she ripped Harry’s clothes off and pretty much begged Harry to fuck her. This started Harry and Hermione’s sexual interaction. Emma had been sexually frustrated since the death of her husband and when she heard her daughter and her best friend going at it one night she masturbated heavily bring herself to orgasm.Harry and Hermione heard this through the thin walls and that gave Hermione a very dirt thought. Have Harry fuck her mother while her mother licked her out. Harry was reluctant to this, but with some persuasion from his lover he agreed. The next night the couple snuck into Emma’s room and after they verified that Emma was asleep they got into position. Emma was a deep sleeper and didn’t even notice that her daughter moved her so she was on all fours on the bed with her nightgown off. Hermione then moved her already dripping cunt to her mother’s mouth while Harry with an already hard cock shoved into Emma’s unprepared pussy.Emma’s eyes shot open at the intrusion, but before she could fight back her daughter shoved her face into a very wet and warm opening. It didn’t take long for Emma to realize what was going on. She knew that it was morally wrong, but her hormones dominated any logical reasoning. She began to lick her daughter’s pussy with reckless abandonment. This caused Hermione to moan loudly as she felt her mother’s tongue slid between her folds.Harry loved hearing Hermione moan and this caused him to speed up his rhythm. All three orgasmed at the same time and were left panting afterwards. Once they all caught their breath they had a serious talk about what just happened. Emma was not really comfortable kahramanmaraş escort about the situation, but Hermione was determine to have her way. So she started to tweak her mother’s nipples as she moved her other hand and began to shove three fingers into her mother’s cunt. This made Emma rethink her argument and after she orgasmed she agreed with the arrangement. The arrangement was that it would be a threesome relationship, they all shared one another, but kept it a secret since they knew that this kind of thing was frowned upon.“Come on Harry, cum in her I want to suck your cum out of her pussy” Hermione pantedHarry loved when Hermione talked dirty and blew his load into his best friend’s mother. He slumped back tired.Hermione took this opportunity and with strength that she didn’t know she possessed she grabbed her mother and spun her around until her face was looking at her mother’s pussy. She could see Harry’s cum slowly oozing out and never one to waste a thing dove in like a starving man at an all you can eat buffet.Emma gasped and then moaned loudly as she felt her daughter’s mouth suck out Harry’s seed. She never got tired of this feeling.Harry sat back watching this erotic sight of mother and daughter in a 69. He didn’t think that it could get any better. He felt his cock harden as he watched and knew he was ready for another round, but how proceed was the question.Emma, now having been Harry’s lover for a while now could sense that Harry was ready to go looked up and crook a finger. She watched Harry follow and pointed at her daughter’s wet pussy. Harry got the message quickly and shoved his newly harden member into his best friend’s pussy.Hermione had no idea what was going on as she was totally focused in getting all Harry’s cum out of her mother. She felt her mother’s tongue disappear from her wet pussy and was frowning a bit, but when she felt a hot fleshy rod enter her hard she yelped in pain due to the intrusion, but quickly went back to work on her mother’s wet snatch.Harry was quite happy to back into Hermione’s warm, wet pussy again. It felt like home to him. The way her inner walls gripped him was perfect. Not to mention how tight she still was even after all the fucking they’ve done. Yes, he loved Emma’s pussy too, but Emma’s pussy was not as tight as Hermione’s due to age and having a k**. But that didn’t mean he thought of it any less.Emma grinned as she watched the boy’s cock slid in and out of her daughter’s pussy in amazement. She then began to nibble at her daughter’s clit. This caused Hermione to moan long and loud. Her signal that she was orgasming.Harry kept pounding away on Hermione never slowing for a second. Hermione was in a state constant arousal. She felt Harry still sliding into her and the fact that her mother was still nibbling away at her clit was maddening. Hermione passed out from the sensations.As soon as Harry and Emma felt Hermione go limp they knew she was finished. This was how they fucked. They fucked until they passed out. Harry, not wanting to cum in Hermione since she wasn’t awake to enjoy it slipped out.Emma rolled off of Hermione and spread her legs out showing of her snatch in a wanton fashion.“One more for the road” she said smilingHarry grinned and dove forward. His member seemingly with a mind of its own found its way to Emma’s pussy and slid right in. Emma moaned as she was full once again. Harry rutted her with all of his strength and they passed out just as the orgasmed.

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