Harleys Surprise

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This story follows on from ‘Harley Gets Arrested’, but it can be read as a stand alone story.


Dan and Cameron sat in their parents garden drinking a beer, watching their other families mingling together and chatting over the BBQ.

“So how’s work?” Cameron asked, draining the last of his beer and reaching for another can. Dan shrugged, “Same as usual, you?”

Cameron nodded, “Yeah, it’s quiet at the moment but there’s a big software update coming up which will be a massive headache.”

“How’s Harley?” Dan nodded towards Cam’s wife who was chatting to one of their uncles.

“Good yeah. I’ve been trying to think of something to do for her birthday actually.”

“What are you thinking?” Dan asked as he opened another beer, adding to their collection of empty cans on the floor.

“I dunno mate, but I want it to be unforgettable.” Cameron answered.

“Maybe a night with someone with a bigger dick?” Dan laughed, wiggling his pinky finger at him suggestively.

“Fuck off. I’ve seen yours, it’s nothing special..” he smirked, punching his brother in the arm.

They’d been drinking almost all day and were very drunk. “Did I tell you about Harley’s weird perversion?” Cam chuckled drunkenly. Dan shook his head.

“She’s got a serious twin kink…” he whispered, holding his finger to his lips to tell Dan to keep quiet about it.

“Really?” Dan chuckled, “Sounds fun…”

“Mate, no joke. I can make her cum so hard with a bit of role play, she loves to imagine that you’re there too.”

Dan raised his eyebrows at his brother.

“Please tell me you don’t cum thinking about me?”

Cam laughed, “Ew no! But you should see what it does to her- especially if I tell her you’re in uniform.”

“Well I knew about that!” Dan laughed, swigging from his beer, “That’s not a secret- wanna borrow my kit again for her birthday?”

“Nah, I know she’d like that but we’ve done it before.” Said Cam, his eyes still on his wife.

“So how does it work then, this imaginary threesome?” Dan asked.

“It varies, usually I just describe to her what you might do to her while we’re doing stuff together.” Cam shrugged, both of them watching Harley now.

“Does she know we’ve done it before?” Dan asked quietly.

Cameron took a long drink of his beer. “No, she asked about it once. I told her we’d swapped partners once or twice, but I told her we hadn’t had a threesome.”

“Why did you tell her we hadn’t?” Dan frowned.

“I dunno, I just assumed you wouldn’t want to, now we’re married.”

Dan swirled the beer round in the can, “That would make a great birthday present though I’m sure…”

Cameron looked at him quickly. “It’s been a long time since we’ve done that.”

Dan shrugged, “If she’s as into it as you think she is, I’m sure we’ll work it out.”

“That’s not a bad idea… it would certainly give her a night to remember.” Said Cam.

“What are you two up to?” Harley asked, standing in front of them.

“Planning a certain someone’s birthday of course.” Dan smiled. Harley frowned suspiciously.

“Nothing for you to worry about babe.” Cam smiled.


‘H’s birthday is Saturday, still up for it?’ Cameron texted Dan Wednesday evening.

‘Sure thing. What’s the plan?’

‘Taking her out to dinner, should b home around 10pm.’

‘What time do u want me? I’m working Saturday. Do you want me in uniform?’

Cameron thought about it for a second. ‘Yeah in uniform. What time do I finish?’

‘9pm, but by time I’ve done paperwork etc, b almost 10’

‘Perfect. Come straight over. H loves the idea of you walking in on us and just joining in. I’ll leave door unlocked and make sure she’s ready’

‘Any rules?’

Cam almanbahis yeni giriş paused again, ‘I told her you love giving oral, so feel free. Touch my cock and you die.’

‘Ew! Same. No sexual brotherly contact- same as usual! What about protection?’

‘No need, IUD. You’re clean yeah?’

‘Yep. Regular 6 month check, same as always.”

‘She’s pretty dirty, this should be fun.’

Cameron smiled to himself. He and Dan had done this a number of times when they were younger, but he thought being married would put an end to it. He was surprised how excited he was about double teaming his wife.


Cameron took Harley out for dinner Saturday to a nice steakhouse just out of town. He’d bought her new lingerie for her birthday and had made sure she was wearing it tonight.

Cameron kept Harley’s glass topped up with wine as he stroked her hand across the table.

“I can’t wait to get you home…” he smiled at her suggestively, “I’ve been waiting ages to see you in that new lingerie…”

Harley smiled back, her cheeks flushed from the wine. “Maybe we should skip dessert?” She suggested.

Cameron looked at his watch, it was a bit early to leave now. He wanted to arrive just ahead of Dan.

“No, it’s your birthday. We should make the most of it.” He smiled.

Harley shrugged. Dessert and sex was even better.


Cameron kissed her gently as he opened the front door. He hoped she’d be distracted enough not to notice him leaving it unlocked.

He steered her into the front room and flicked on a lamp.

“We’re not going to bed?” Harley pouted at him.

“I thought we’d start off here and take our time.” He shrugged. She grinned at him and let him pull her onto his lap on the sofa. She kissed him hungrily.

“Turn around and sit on my lap with your back to me…” he whispered into her ear.

Harley turned round unquestioningly and moaned as he reached round to cup her breasts, kissing the side of her neck.

She had worn a short dark dress over her new lingerie, giving Cam easy access to her crotch. He stroked her gently, feeling her growing wet beneath his fingers.

Cameron heard the quiet click of the front door, but Harley was too focussed on his touch to notice, until she heard the click of boots coming into the room.

Harley glanced at Dan and gasped as Cam slipped one finger inside of her.

“Cam wait…” she gasped.

“Relax… he’s supposed to be here. I invited him.”

Harley whimpered as Dan got to his knees in front of her. He carefully slipped his jacket off, staying in his police issued polo shirt.

“Sorry I didn’t have time to go home and change…” he purred as he ran his hands up her thighs.

“Happy birthday babe.” Cameron whispered as he resumed kneading her breasts and trailing kisses across her neck.

Harley gasped as Dan slipped her pants off and pushed her dress up out of his way. She reached behind her, grasping Cam’s head and pulling him into her neck tighter. Dan ran his hands back up her thighs, slowly parting her legs as he leaned in towards her waiting pussy.

Harley ran her other hand through Dan’s hair, pulling him closer to her as he slipped his tongue between her lips.

“Oh my god…” she moaned, as Cameron sucked on her neck hoping to leave her a memento of tonight.

“Is this how you imagined it would be?” Cam whispered. “That Dan would catch us and join in?”

“Yes!” Harley breathed as Dan slipped a finger inside her.

“Is he good?” Cam asked, “Tell me what he’s doing to you.”

Harley moaned again, “He’s got his fingers inside me, stroking me slowly just like you do. My god Cam he’s sucking my clit.”

Dan chuckled quietly against her, making her gasp.

“I almanbahis giriş told you he liked the taste of pussy…” Cam smiled as Harley writhed on top of him. “I’m so hard babe…”

“So am I…” groaned Dan.

Harley whimpered again, as she realised where this was going. Cameron gripped the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head, leaving her in just her bra.

“I’m going to make your wife cum now…” Dan growled from between her legs.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” Harley muttered and Cameron caressed her body from behind, while Dan went back to her aching pussy making her cry out sharply as he pushed her over the edge.

Dan stood up and ran his hands up her thighs towards her breasts. Harley grabbed his top and pulled him towards her, kissing him hard as she tasted herself on his lips. Cameron slipped his hand back between her legs, stroking her softly to keep her on the edge. Harley moaned loudly against Dan’s lips as his tongue danced with hers.

“Now I think we are ready for the bedroom.” Cam said, winking at Dan. Dan nodded and scooped her into his arms, lifting her up off of Cameron. Harley wriggled around and wrapped her arms and legs around him.

“What’s that under my leg?” She murmured.

Dan glanced down at his hip, “My cuffs.”

Harley almost came again as he carried her into the bedroom with Cameron chuckling behind him.

Dan set her carefully on her feet as she looked him over. Without looking down he unclipped his cuffs from his belt and flicked them open.

“Get on the bed…” Cameron said quietly as he pulled his own clothes off.

Dan smiled as she backed up on the bed, her eyes fixed on his handcuffs.

Dan straddled her on the bed, still dressed and nodded at the bars of the headboard behind her.

“Arms up.”

Harley’s stomach flipped with delight. “No.” She whispered.

Dan raised his eyebrows at her.

“Arms up.” He repeated firmly. She glared at him, “Make me…”

Dan looked back at Cameron, “She’s being a bit defiant and needs to be restrained.”

Cameron grinned and took hold of her wrists, forcing them between the bars of the headboard. Dan looked her in the eye as he clicked the cuffs around her wrists, securing her to the headboard.

“Good girl. I’d hate to have to punish you.” Dan smirked.

Harley moaned as he slipped off of her and stood next to his brother. Dan unzipped his stiff trousers and released his cock, stroking it thoughtfully as he looked at her, naked and cuffed to the bed. Cam looked at him, “Top or tail?”

“Top,” Dan answered, “Then we’ll trade?” Cam nodded and climbed onto the bed, softly stroking Harley’s thighs. “Ok?” He whispered, not wanting to cross a line, “Just tell us to stop and we will, anytime, ok?”

Harley licked her lips and nodded.

Cam lined the head of his cock up to her waiting opening and slid inside with a low groan. Dan watched his brother’s first few thrusts before straddling Harley’s chest. He was still dressed as he stroked his cock in her face.

As Cameron worked his thick length in and out of her steadily, Dan braced himself against the headboard and placed the head of his cock into her waiting mouth.

Harley moaned as Dan pushed his full length into her mouth. She gagged a little as he hit the back of her throat, but without the use of her hands she had no choice but to let him take control.

Cameron watched the movement of Dan’s hips, trying to alternate his thrusts with Dan. Harley was moaning loudly and writhing beneath them both as another orgasm built.

Dan moaned, “Take it all princess… Cam, does she like to spit or swallow?”

“Oh she’ll swallow it all mate!” Cam called back, still fucking his wife, “You close?”

Dan grunted almanbahis güvenilirmi in response as he came into Harley’s mouth. She struggled to swallow it all with his cock still in her mouth, but she got as much as she could.

Hearing Harley swallowing loudly, Cameron came hard inside her just as she started to clench around his cock.

Dan climbed off of the bed and dropped his trousers and boxers. He left his polo top on and put his hand on Cam’s shoulder. “Ready?”

Cameron nodded and traded places with Dan, straddling Harley’s chest and stroking his cock back to attention.

“How did he taste?” Cam smirked.

“Surprisingly similar to you…” Harley purred.

Dan grabbed her hips and entered her swiftly and Cameron slipped his re-hardened length into her mouth. Cameron groaned as she moaned around his cock, both of them rocked by Dan’s intense thrusts.

Cam came quickly in her mouth and slid off the bed, watching her face as Dan continued to fuck her. Suddenly Harley cried out in pleasure as Dan grunted, emptying inside her. He pulled out leaving a string of cum on the bed.

“Dude gross…” Cameron mumbled. Dan scoffed, “Some of it’s yours you know.”

Dan walked back towards the headboard, fishing his keys from his trousers on the floor.

He kissed Harley gently on the lips as he unlocked the cuffs. “Happy birthday…”

Harley sat up rubbing her wrists.

“As it’s my birthday, do I get to pick what we do next?” Harley smirked.

“Depends,” Dan shrugged, “Cam and I have an arrangement.”

Harley licked her lips and looked at Cameron, “You know what I want…”

Cameron grinned and leaned into Dan, filling him in on Harley’s deepest wish. Dan raised his eyebrows and looked at Harley, “Shit, you are dirty!”

She shrugged.

Cameron smiled, “What do you want babe?”

Harley looked between them trying to decide. “I want you in my ass,” she said to Cameron, “Feels right letting my husband pop my anal cherry…”

“Damn…” Dan hissed.

“Maybe if there’s time, we can swap afterwards?” She smiled.

Cameron grinned and rummaged in the bedside table for lube.

Harley unbuttoned Dan’s top and pulled it over his head, before he took her place on the bed. Harley straddled his lap and he stroked the back of her thighs as she lowered herself down onto his cock. Carefully she leaned forward, pushing her breasts into Dan’s chest as she raised her ass to Cameron.

Cam stood by the bed and coated his cock in a generous layer of lube, before kneeling behind Harley. Dan moved his hands up to Harley’s back, ensuring he was away from Cam’s cock. Cameron gripped her hips and pressed the tip of his cock against her tight hole.

“Don’t slip,” Dan growled, “Stay out of my hole…”

Cam sniggered as he edged further inside her.

Dan stayed still, letting Cam control the pace as he was on top. He kissed Harley, moaning against her lips as she rode him.

“Fuck.” Cameron gasped above them, “Dude I can feel your dick..”

Dan growled, too turned on to reply.

Harley was in heaven, snuggly in the middle of a twin sandwich and full of cock. She ground her hips against Dan, keen to experience an orgasm through double penetration. He groaned beneath her, enjoying how deep he was inside of her.

“Why haven’t we done anal before?” Cameron groaned as he thrust in her tight hole, “I’m going to cum in your ass babe…”

Harley gasped, and stars burst behind her eyes as both men pulsed inside her. “Oh shit.” She groaned, “I need a minute before we do that again.”

Cam pulled out and flopped onto the bed. Harley slid off of Dan’s lap and rolled into the space between them.

Harley grasped a cock in each hand and stroked them steadily, listening to them both moan softly at her touch. Once they were both hard, she looked at them each in turn, a wicked glint in her eye. She straddled Cameron this time, offering her ass to Dan.

She beamed at Cameron and kissed him as Dan eased into her ass.

Harley sighed, “Best birthday ever…”

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