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I hadn’t thought there was very much to running a movie projector until my housemate Kyle got a job at the local theater. He worked in a brand-new complex with 18 screens and stadium seating. The building wasn’t even completed on opening day, and when the first rains of fall pattered on the unfinished roof, Kyle said he spent his time positioning buckets to catch all the water.

I went with Kyle to work one day and sat with him in the projection booth, where we spied silent, flickering screens from behind soundproof glass. Each film arrived at the theater in about five or seven reels, and it was Kyle’s job to piece those sections together into the solid, seamless movie that entertained the viewers.

“How long does that usually take?” I asked.

“A good projectionist can do it in about an hour and a half,” he said, “but since I’m still learning, it takes me about two hours.”

With no sound, Kyle said he usually flicks on the theater’s closed radio station that the ushers use to communicate. I heard it gargling out gibberish in the corner, but Kyle must have understood it.

He sat up and scooted his chair over to the glass overlooking one of the theaters.

“Check it out, Sean,” he said, pointing. “That couple down there is making out.”

I could barely see anything in the dark, but I did see the faint silhouette of two figures locked together at their mouths. They seemed to be going at it, too, their shapes merging together and then separating as they came up for air. I wished I could hear them, or at least the people near them scoffing at their actions.

“I wonder if they’re good looking,” Kyle said.

Finally, two ushers arrived and basted the couple in pale, yellow streaks coming from their flashlights. Kyle and I were expecting two teenagers, maybe a cheerleader and her football player boyfriend wrapped in his letter jacket.

But the light instead shined on two men in their early 20s, the same age as Kyle and me. One had short, tousled hair that curled in a mat upon his head, the other had a sharp crew cut, and both had their hands up each other’s shirts.

Kyle’s first reaction was to laugh.

“That’s pretty hot,” he said.

I had shared similar moments of making out with Kyle back home, in each of our beds. We had gone a lot further, too, and the thought that Kyle might be turned on by these two young men our age kissing in the theater made my cock twitch.

“The one on the right is cute, but I probably wouldn’t fuck the one on the left,” I said.

Kyle laughed again, harder this time. He belted out an airy guffaw, which seemed to echo within the room. I tried to shush him, but he kept at it.

“It’s soundproof glass, they can’t hear anything,” he said, collecting himself. “And besides, you’d fuck any guy, anywhere, Sean.”

I was about to protest, but I nodded instead.

“Maybe you’re right,” I said. “I’d fuck someone in a theater, if I could get away with it.”

“I bet you’d even fuck me right here, in this booth,” he said.

“Don’t wish for something you don’t want,” I joked.

He didn’t answer right away. Instead he kept a soft smirk plastered across his face, his full lips glowing red in the torbalı escort dull light of the flickering film. His smooth face looked almost ghostly white in the gray shine from the screen, and his usually blue eyes shimmered cloudy silver, like an overcast sky.

The light from the film caught his body along with his face. It highlighted the lean muscles rippling under his taut uniform. His red polo shirt dipped between his pectoral muscles and the short-sleeve cuffs cupped his biceps above elbow. My eyes followed the shirt between his shoulder blades down his back muscles to his waist where a belt cinched his torso into a V before allowing his lean ass to jut out and taper into strong thighs.

His hand reached up and played with his short brown hair, twirling the straight strands with his fingers. I watched as the veins in his forearm pulsed with each contraction of his muscle.

Suddenly, he turned to me.

“Maybe I do wish for it,” he said.

I stood up from my chair and let him take a look at me. My t-shirt was a bit loose, covering my smooth chest and stomach. My jeans, however, squeezed my hips and held tight between my legs, outlining my hardening package.

I stepped forward and pressed my lips down to Kyle’s. He reached up and cupped my clean-shaven face with his hands. I closed my deep, blue eyes and let his other hand run through my dirty blond hair. My dick was straining against my fly, and I moaned slightly into Kyle’s mouth.

He took that a signal, and he let my tongue inside to explore his teeth and the insides of his cheeks. He returned the favor and gave me a taste of his warm tongue smearing the inside of my mouth.

My hands felt his chest through his polo shirt. I sensed where his nipples poked out and I squeezed them before slowly trailing a finger across the ridges of his defined abs. I reached his belt and felt him suck in his stomach.

We broke our kiss for a moment as I pulled open the buckle and unbuttoned his fly.

“You’re sure no one can hear or see us?” I asked.

“Of course,” Kyle said. “And even if they could, would you stop?”

“No way.”

I bent down and we kissed again as my hand slid into his black slacks. My fingers brushed against the soft silk of his boxers. His cock was already hard and I traced its length from its tip pointing toward his navel to its base just above his heavy balls. I let my fingers tickle his shaft for a bit, his throat vibrating with a soft moan.

Finally, we broke the kiss and he stood up.

We removed our shirts at the same time. He tossed his on the chair and mine followed. I could see his clean, smooth chest punctuated by round, brown nipples. The only hair on his body other than on his head trailed down from his navel to a short, soft patch just visible above the waistline of his boxers.

Kyle let his slacks fall to the floor, and I could see the tip of his dick poking out from the top of his underwear. The large head, coated with pre-cum, glistened in the light from the movie.

He watched as I unbuckled my own belt and kicked off my jeans. My cock was pointing at an angle from the fly of my plaid boxer shorts. Its circumcised head urla escort aimed right at Kyle’s mouth.

Kyle’s eyes took my in beginning with my feet and moving up my legs. He stopped at my chest, which was smooth and flat, clearly without the definition of Kyle’s sculpted physique.

“You’re so sexy, Sean,” Kyle said.

“You’re fucking hot,” I said.

Kyle stripped off his boxers and let his dick bounce free. It was slightly larger than mine, probably measuring in at just over six inches. His cock and balls were just as smooth as the rest of his body, and I swore my already hard dick got even harder when he rubbed his hand down his shaft.

He nodded at me to take off mine, and I did, letting my boxer shorts land on the floor.

Kyle instantly dropped to his knees, his mouth within inches of my dick. His hot breath poured over my cockhead, steaming onto the pre-cum seeping from my slit. His tongue flicked out and soaked it up, and Kyle moaned as he tasted me.

“You have such a nice cock,” he told me.

“Then what are you waiting for?” I said.

In answer, he took my dick into his mouth. He first sucked in the tip, his warm saliva smothering my cockhead. He kept leaning forward, gobbling up more and more of my shaft until his nose poked into my soft, light brown pubic hair. He pulled back until just the tip rested between his lips, and then he swallowed me whole again.

I groaned each time he deep-throated me. His tongue swirled over my shaft, coating my entire dick with my own pre-cum and Kyle’s saliva.

He reached one hand up to my balls and rolled them together. The other crawled around to my ass were he ran his finger up and down my crack. Just as I felt his smooth finger put pressure on my sphincter, I stopped him.

“Wait, stop,” I said, pulling my cock out of his mouth.

Kyle didn’t let go of my balls.

“What is it, Sean?”

“I want to suck you, too.”

He smiled and tugged at my balls, telling me to get down on the floor. I sat down, my legs spread apart with Kyle kneeling before my cock. He shoved me back so I was laying face up, watching in the shadows dance on the ceiling.

Kyle turned around so he could straddle my face. His cock poked at my lips, smearing them with his pre-cum. I felt his mouth again inhale my dick, so I took his into my mouth.

His salty taste filled my mouth and his masculine scent filtered through my nostrils. I lifted my head up, deep-throating him and letting his balls bounce off my nose. I felt him moan on my cock, sending shivers through my body.

One of my hands took hold of his smooth balls, tugging lightly on them as he thrust his hips toward my face. My other hand cupped his ass cheeks and my finger taunted his hole.

He moaned even harder on my cock. He let me slide out of his mouth so he could gasp as I passed the tip of my finger into his hole.

“That’s it, Sean,” he said. “Finger-fuck me.”

I pulled out my finger out and let my tongue coat it with saliva for lube. I shoved it hard into Kyle this time. He body shook for a moment and he almost cried out.

“Yes, Sean,” he panted. “Finger-fuck my ass.”

With my head bobbing buca escort on his cock, I dug my finger into his ass. After a few good thrusts, I added a second finger, and Kyle practically howled. He paused to give my dick a few sucks before calling out again as I added a third finger.

His as stretched to accommodate my digits, and he was in ecstasy. I felt his cock throb in my mouth, so I began to suck harder. I let my tongue slip all over his cockhead and probe down to the base, where I could even taste some his fine pubic hair.

To stifle his moans, he shoved my own dick into his mouth. I felt his throat vibrate around the tip of my cock as he tried to call out, and I could feel myself pulsing in his mouth.

I began moaning onto his shaft, and suddenly he thrust his length deep into my mouth. His cock spasmed and I felt his warm seed flood my throat. I shoved my fingers deeper into his ass and I was rewarded with even more cum, some of it dribbling out of the corner of my mouth to collect on my chin.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I let loose in Kyle’s mouth, my hot semen blasting against the roof of his mouth. He pulled his mouth off my tip and pumped out the rest of my cum onto his face. Wave after wave of jizz splashed onto his cheeks and lips. Some even landed in his hair.

I made sure to suck him dry before letting him pop out of mouth. Kyle turned around and lay down next to me, his face and hair sticky with my cum.

“That was amazing,” I said.

Kyle just smiled.

“We’re not done yet.”

He reached across the room and grabbed his pants. He pulled a condom out of one of the pockets and handed it to me.

“I said I wanted you fuck me, didn’t I?” Kyle said.

I smiled back and tore open the wrapper as my dick began to re-inflate. He sat up and slipped the condom over my shaft for me.

Kyle straddled my hips and let the tip of my cock poke at his stretched-out hole. He lowed himself onto my dick, and I felt his warmth grip my pole through the thin latex.

He let out a sigh as I filled his asshole, his cock growing with each inch he sank onto me.

“That’s it, Sean,” Kyle said. “It’s time to go for a ride.”

He began to bounce on me, letting my length come almost entirely out of his ass before plunging back down on top of me.

I reached forward and took his fully hard cock in my hand. I pumped his shaft as he rode my dick, both of us moaning and gasping.

I felt his sweaty hands grip my chest as he rode me harder and faster. My hand rubbed his dick just as fast as I was fucking him.

His moaning grew louder and I felt his ass cheeks clench together. I knew he was getting close. I gripped his cock harder and jerked him as fast I could. My hand flew from the base of his dick to the tip and back so fast that I only saw my fist as a blur.

My balls tightened and finally, I shot into the condom, my second hot load heating up my cockhead as Kyle drove himself down onto my shaft.

I continued to jerk Kyle off until his dick gave way and his boiling semen shot all over my chest, some of it running down my side to soak into the carpet.

Kyle collapsed on top of my, smearing the cum into my torso. My dick stayed inside him for a while as we waited for the films to finish playing.

“I thought you said work was boring,” I said to Kyle.

“It was,” he said. “But that’s why I decided to bring you along, so you could liven it up.”

“Anytime,” I said, smiling.

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