Hard Times

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John first saw her in the supermarket. She was standing on the other end of an otherwise empty aisle with her ample behind facing him. A tall heavy set woman of at least middle age. She carried herself in a slow dignified manner. John noticed a slight limp in her walk and mentally noted he would probably be able to relieve her of a lot of that pain she must be feeling. He had never seen anything quite like what she was wearing. It looked like a big soft sweater made from a material he had never touched before. She clutched a purse in one hand and basket in the other. She left behind her a wisp of something musky and secret.

He had to face facts. This was his type: an elderly mother-figure. He had always been attracted to the taboo of dating or living with a very old woman. He didn’t really know why. Ever since he could remember, he loved looking at pictures of ripe old women. But he never saw someone like this before. He wondered if she had ever fantasized about romance with a guy half her age.

He had to admit to himself that he was in love. This was his dream girl. He didn’t notice that he hadn’t actually seen her face yet. That is how the madam won him over before she had even been seen.

He cleared his mind and continued to shop but they moved together through the store inadvertently and found themselves again standing near each other in an otherwise empty aisle. Even though they were complete strangers, the silence felt awkward.

The lady could have simply moved on but she lingered in his vicinity. John felt very naked. In a way, he sort of was. On his thin build, he was wearing a clinging tee-shirt with an exaggerated mesh v-neck that exposed his smooth shaved chest. He wore jeans that were skintight and accented the shape of his calves, thighs, and strong ass. He felt bound up in his pants and his bulge felt obscenely big though he dared not look down at himself. He felt every inch of his butt cradled and displayed in the special jeans. Her body shape was hidden, of course, by the large sweater that looked so soft and inviting.

Girls generally looked at John. Glared at him if he looked at them first. But if he ignored them, they watched his ass shamelessly as long as they wanted. He never got accustomed to the sensation of being ogled. He was always trying to figure out how to walk so that he could be invisible somehow. It felt like the attention on his ass and small waist was because of how he moved or how he carried himself. This made him self continuous and kept him pulling down the tee-shirt he was wearing to make sure his behind and front were covered simultaneously.

The woman just stood there for a few minutes looking at produce. John’s heart drummed in his chest. He was trying to find the courage to approach her. He wanted her to at least know he had been looking at her. The gentlemanly thing to do would be to at least strike up some small talk with her and break the ice. But to her, a guy like John was just eye candy. Completely out of her league and about twenty years younger. She quickly looked down when their eyes met.

Her deep eyes seemed to sparkle and match her green fuzzy sweater for a moment. She had the cutest little round face he had ever seen. She seemed like a magical being with such thick eye lashes and rosy cheeks. He hadn’t felt anything like this for many years. She looked away so quickly, though, he couldn’t quite tell if she felt anything towards him other then the embarrassment of being caught looking at the young man. He stood a little closer to her but couldn’t think of anything to say. His mind was blank and suddenly his mouth felt dry.

Finally, they ended up checking out together. The store was closing. Fate was bringing them together. She still held out, turning her back to him. John knew she was not being rude but merely embarrassed about her body and face. He wanted desperately to reached out and cuddle her and tell her he finds her super attractive because it is her and no one else. He was so nervous but forced himself to make a remark about the cover of a food themed magazine. They made some strange attempts at small talk which stalled. Their eyes met again and he held her gaze for just a second or two, telling her with his eyes how he felt. He looked deep into her with longing and loneliness.

Times were hard. There were no opportunities. With the economy bad, the rich old women found they had a lot more public freedom. They could do what they wanted. Consequently, all mature Küçükköy escort bayan and older women acquired much social power. Women like Abigail being in charge had become more socially acceptable and thus more perceived by society as attractive. Television shows constantly ran stories about very kinky old gals taking the boy next door sexually, for example. It was not so taboo for the young boy to pursue a diva older then his mother, either. Not anymore.

He caught up with her outside.

He just went for it and said, “I can help your back pain with a foot massage.” She laughed in a restrained way. They exchanged contact information in the lot.

“Abigail, what a beautiful name”, he said.

She had slight laugh lines around her mouth and a twinkling in her eye. She waved at him and her smile melted his heart once again.

That night, he was reciting the story to his partner and roommate who gave him some tips on how to treat an elderly matron who is being seen in public with a younger friend.

“Not like a suave toyboy but a worshiper of a goddess of some devotion or other. Just keep this mind set and focus on it and there will be no awkwardness serving her in public or rubbing her tired feet at a bench. Hang on every word she says. Keep her talking and remember to show her your doleful eyes every now and then”, his roommate concluded.

But even on the first evening, their first date, he sensed something amiss. It was just a little thing and came and went as fast as it occurred to him. A certain glare she threw at him due to his mishandling her coat.

It became clear, his new patron wanted a companion. At first they read to each other and then watched movies. But all this closeness was by the hour at Abigail’s own instance on being fair with his time. He was well paid and his hours increased over time. He had to look up the hours online and they were always different from week to week. Sometimes he was scheduled to work all night. There wasn’t any particular need for this except occasionally to help her pack for a flight to go on vacation early the next morning. Soon he was working seven days a week. He showed up at very different times dressing casual but fashionably and smelling great.

Later, she seemed to trust him more and asked for massages on the neck and hands. But her feet were the most sensitive. It started a little bit but later it was full on foot massages. She liked it when he sat on the floor in front of her as she sat on her favorite high-backed chair. The patroness moaned excessively during these massages which was a little odd but also erotic to John.

So when the sexual fooling around began, it was clear who was in charge. He attempted his normal seductive approaches. But she shied away from petting, touching, and intimate kissing. She became interested when he undressed in front of her and got down on all fours. He looked up at her in that special way he did when their eyes first met months ago at the supermarket.

Please, do this to me, he begged her with his eyes. “

Are you sure about this, honey?” she asked him.

He nodded and lowered his eyes submissively.

She brought out a trunk filled with bondage equipment and kept apologizing for it. Though very embarrassed about it and shy, she showed him the adult play things she owned. The majority of it made no sense to him and were just pieces of leather binds and wooden boards or other such paraphernalia. Slowly, John got her to talk about the things in the trunk.

She confessed to being able to practice bondage in only one way. She had definite ideas as how sessions would proceed. Her approach was strict bondage and she was not new at it, either. He reassured her that though new, he was quite okay with this lifestyle and he was even intrigued with all of this.

Thus began a new phase of their odd one-sided relationship. Abigail enjoyed the wonderful feeling of domination she had over his mind and body. By this point, he had grown completely dependent on her in every way. So, no matter what she did to him, he was completely obedient to her and her alone.

Knowing this, her endless sexual rounds of service, punishment and worship were harsh and merciless. She would keep him in a three foot tall cage for his shift. At the end of which, she liked to take him and beat him with whatever she had handy and send him home to his closet to tremble in pain there. She humiliated him as long as she wanted Escort Mecidiyeköy to with torment until he whimpered without control or being continuous he was making any noise at all. She had him perform all manner of kinky fetishes drawn from the pile of her favorite toys. She ravished him over the course of the next few months in every position and in every way.

John was so traumatized by this almost from the first day that he only associated love, obedience, horrific pain and sensual and sexual pleasure with his czarina.

Once, unknown to him, she had more martinis and drugs then usual, and pounded him from behind with the strap on until he passed out. She really tore him up that night and if it wasn’t for the gag in his mouth, he would have been screaming for pain and mercy. This happened only once but was so horrible, the mere mention of it by her would send him into a submissive panic of obedience. It took him a while to recover and afterwards it always felt like his anus was wider and had a funny extra ridge to it. He was quick to volunteer his mouth from then on and eagerly used it on whatever he was prompted to just in case she might decide to enter him anally again. She still ravaged him whenever she wanted but not very often and sometimes even in a pleasurable manner. She would ravish him the way a man would rape a woman and talk quietly to him the whole time.

“Look at me,” she would say while going in and out of him. “Go ahead and stroke yourself.” A few pumps of his own hand finished the job.

She liked to control him to such an extent that she kept a butt-plug in him all the time. Only she was allowed to touch the plug. It felt huge in his ass and she took it out twice a day. He hated the sensation of it going in or out. The pain was overwhelming but she would punish him if he wasn’t completely quiet and still during the procedure.

The punishments consisted of being whipped like a horse among other things. From the collection of parts, Abigail put together a pillory. The slave got very well acquainted with this device. When he saw it now, being cold and naked as usual and wanting to please, he lay down on and put his hands, feet and head in the slots without being encouraged to do so. She padlocked him in position without so much as a whine or whimper in protest. Total helpless for the slave until she chose to release him.

She lifted his head up by the hair. “We are having a party tonight!”

She danced around him in her bathrobe. Even as she lifted his head to her eye level, he focused his gaze below her eyes. Looking into her eyes would just bring more punishment, he knew.

True to her word, strangers came and went and all had various reactions to her display. A few very attractive old woman were horrified to find him there and knelt down beside him to try and free him and give him some relief. Abigail and John explained to these old friends that John wanted Abby to do this to him.

“This was all his idea,” she laughed nervously.

John grunted something reassuring to the half dozen or so party goers.

Some pet him like a dog, others were terrified. Others couldn’t handle being in a room with someone nude and kept bringing this up. Minutes passed like hours from both the awkward position and the constant and public humiliation. Boots from outside stomped around his helpless body. This is all he could see. He knew to keep his eyes on the ground. He learned how completely Abigail owned him then and how she truly could do whatever she wanted to him. The old matron still paid him but her control now went beyond money.

He wiggled in pain all night. Towards the end, the pain was almost intolerable but he could hear her voice laughing and entertaining. Later, after everyone left, she still didn’t release him. Instead, she just talked to him lovingly and stroked his wet hair.

She assured him that all the other matrons and mistresses were of a similar mind and he had no choice but to believe her. She placed him in chastity which had an effect on every part of his life. He had to stop having sex with his long time partner. His lover became his roommate and their sex life was dead anyway by this point. He was too humiliated to show her his chastity device that kept him loyal to his new owner.

I am lower then an animal, John thought bitterly, Property of Abigail is what I am now.

When Abigail and him were together, he was usually on the floor and Merter escort naked. Scared and naked was how she kept him but forced stimulus unto him that made him eager nonetheless to serve at her feet. She had to keep him guessing. This kept him afraid. He got beaten just as much for action as for in-action.

He got very good with his tongue. She liked to face sit with her ample behind and crotch thrusting hard against his face.

“Lick! Lick! Lick!” she commanded to the rhythm of her hips.

This made him wiggle his tongue in a certain funny way that she loved. That way, she didn’t orgasm and could stay on top of his face for a long time. Also, she would torture him like this, too, by not allowing him to take any air unless she allowed it and forcing him to work his mouth until he could not anymore.

Later on, he wasn’t always made to be vulnerable and nude around her and on his knees. He wasn’t always trembling and covered in bruises. She seemed to go through a change of heart as to her preference. Their status evened out over time. Of course, John would never be the same. He would always be under Abigail’s spell. She turned him into her own creature with no thoughts other then hers in his head. He behaved normally in public though he was weary of her sinister smiles and occasional dark moods. She was just the same old Abigail he knew who liked to read dull poetry to her lover.

Instinctively, he attended to her every whim trying to anticipate what she might want. He looked as good as possible for her and tried to give her peeks at him at every opportunity as if he was arm candy for a rich old guy. She kept him insanely horny. After all, the chastity device stayed on.

At some point, she requested his presence in her bed at night which was odd. Fearful, nude, he got under the covers. It was very warm and soft here in her bed. She took him in her arms.

He felt a big ridged toy under the sheets coming from his love’s direction and began to panic. Immediately, he disappeared under the covers. In the stuffy darkness, he slobbered as much spit as he could on the shaft without using his hands. Then he opened his mouth as wide as he could and impaled himself with the dildo. He was desperate to sound like he gagged himself on her member to please her and he wasn’t sure if he did. With the plastic monster blocking off his breathing routes, he began to slide his head along the entire length of the shaft as quickly as possible. He grabbed snatches of air when her member wasn’t inside him. She groaned as if she could feel his ministrations. He found that sound reassuring and tried to go even faster.

“What a cock starved slut!” Abigail exclaimed excitedly.

He hated himself while doing this sudden act but he knew he had to do it.

“Look at me,” she said, “I won’t hurt you.”

The strap-on was huge and long and ready for him. There, nervous but warm, they kissed and stroked and explored each others bodies. He was actually starting to enjoy this simple intimacy.

“You know what’s going to happen next, my little bitch,” she scolded him, “just let it happen.”

She proceeded to kiss him and gently make love to him. There was no chance of orgasm for him due to the chastity device. He knew he was supposed to lie back and coo and moan to her satisfaction as her large body mounted him and dominated him.

Such complete domination always made her feel so erotic. Beads of sweat forming on her face dripped on him. He moved and acted how he thought a submissive wife would act when submitting to her husband.

But it was all so painful that he gasped and moaned and even tried to wiggle away. He was close to breaking but right before he felt he could not take another second of this hell, he felt her entire sweaty body start trembling like when it does when she is about to have a huge orgasm.

He wanted the pain to stop so much that he knew this would only happen through her eventual satisfaction. He felt his worthlessness more objectively then ever then.

After all, if she had wanted to, she could have had him still living in a steel cage. The pain turned to pleasure. The pleasure of seeing her get so wet so quick. To his surprise, she whispered in his ear that he could cum if he wanted to. He didn’t think he could due to the painful chastity device. Still, he relaxed his body as she went in deeper and even pushed back a little with his hips. She smiled at him encouragingly when he pushed back.

From within, he felt a glow. It grew brighter and warmer over time until it overtook his mind and body. Then the most satisfying orgasm he had ever had swept over his body. His being twitched as he somehow came anyway despite the device.

He just remembered mumbling, “Thank you, my love” and she let him sleep for a while.

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