Hard Day’s Night

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Macy heard the front door slam from upstairs in her room. She quickly turned off her radio and jumped up to make sure her clothes were straightened and she looked neat. She heard her father storming up the stairs and she hastily sat down at her desk and threw open her English textbook.
Jim, her father, pounded on the door. “Yes, Dad?” she called.
He opened her door. “What are you doing?”
“Just my English homework,” she replied, glancing down at her book.
“Oh… well, good.” Jim slammed the door closed and quickly walked down the hall to his and his wife’s room. He didn’t expect Rachel to be home… She never was. His wife was a lawyer and a successful one at that. He saw her for a total of 5 hours a week because she was almost always gone before he woke up and home after he had gone to bed, if she came home at all. Rachel may even be cheating on him for all he knew. He didn’t even care anymore.
They had sex once a week and if he didn’t think about porn, of which he had a collection he was quite proud, he probably wouldn’t get off. Hell, he probably wouldn’t get hard in the first place. His wife wasn’t unattractive but they had the same, 15 minute sex, each week, on Saturday morning, with him on top. Rachel would moan the same way but last week he saw her check her watch… He didn’t even know why they pretended anymore.

Jim loosened his tie and pulled off his pants. He sat down on the bed and sighed, placing his head between his hands. He heard a timid knock on the door and looked up. Macy was standing there with a half terrified look on his face. He immediately felt terrible. Macy was really all he had left in his life that was good. She truly was the perfect daughter. Smart, driven, and beautiful. She bit her lower lip and looked at him. “Is there anything I can do for you, Daddy?”
“Princess, I’m so sorry,” he said, crossing the room to her. “It was just a long day.”
“That’s okay, Dad, I understand,” Macy replied, with a look that clearly showed she didn’t. She distractedly pulled her long, strawberry blonde hair into a loose ponytail.
“Look,” Jim told her, taking her shoulders in his hands. “Why don’t you go put on something nice and I’ll take you out to a fancy dinner?”
Macy’s eyes widened in surprise and her dark blue eyes sparkled the littlest bit the way they did when she was happy. “Really? Just you and me?”
“Just you and me, kitten. Go get ready, we’ll leave in about 45 minutes.”
Macy ran down the hall and opened her closet. She was really pleased that her and her dad were going out alone together. They rarely did anything special together anymore because usually when Jim got home from work, he was in such a bad mood; he didn’t do anything but drink beer in front of the TV.
As Macy looked at her clothes, she thought about the one thing she’d never admit to anyone. She hated her mom. She had for a long time now. Macy couldn’t stand the way Rachel didn’t see her family as a priority and how much she hurt her dad and didn’t even notice. Macy didn’t think at 16 years old she should hate her mom so much. In fact, at this point she was glad she didn’t see her mom much at all anymore.

Jim was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Macy to come down. “Mace, you almost ready?” he called up the stairs.
“Coming, Daddy!” he heard her come out of her room at the top of the stairs. Macy walked carefully down the stairs in her heels while putting her last earring on. Jim glanced over at her and then did a double take. She looked breath-taking in her short black dress with her hair twisted up in a clip. Her dark eyeliner made her eyes even more striking than normal. “Ready” she said, smiling at him.
Startled with his own reaction to his daughter’s beauty, he felt his cock stiffen. What in the hell? he thought. Sure he had thought of his daughter şişli bayan escort as pretty for years, but he never had such a strong urge to have sex with her as he did right now. He’d thought about it before but knew how inappropriate it was.
As conservative as Macy seemed, she thought about how attractive her father was often, especially in the rare occasions she saw him in a suit. Some nights she would take her vibrator out of her drawer and would wonder what would happen if she walked down the hall and climbed into bed with her dad. She smiled to herself at the thought of it and walked to her dad. “Let’s go,” she said, leading him outside by the hand.

A few hours later, Macy was tipsy. Her dad had ordered her them some wine at the restaurant and she had had several glasses. He had joined her because they had a driver and didn’t have to worry about driving home. They were joking around and talking about everything that had been happening in their lives. The only time that was uncomfortable was the brief period they spoke of Rachel, basically Jim voicing his similar feelings that Macy had about her mother. They stumbled out to the car where Macy downed a couple more drinks on their way home. Jim started to sober up a bit on the ride, but enjoyed watching Macy giggling and chattering away.
When they got home, Jim helped Macy out of the car and into the house. She was still giggling and having a tough time climbing the stairs into the house. “I think I’m going to go up and shower, Daddy,” Macy said.
“All right, sweetie. Did you have fun?”
“So much!” she giggled again, and turned to the stairs to go up to her bathroom. Jim went to the couch and sat down to catch the late news. As he did, his cell phone started to buzz in his pocket. “Big surprise,” he muttered, seeing Rachel’s office number. She would be doing her normal “sorry I can’t come home” spiel. Why did she even bother calling anymore? He wondered. “Hello?” he said into the phone.
“Jim, I won’t be home tonight, maybe not even until Monday. The firm has a huge case and we’re all going to be working hard on it,” proclaimed Rachel without taking a breath.
“That‘s fine… I’ll see you when I see you.” It had become easier not to see his wife.
Just then, Jim faintly heard the upstairs bathroom door open. “Daddy?” Macy called down. “Can you help me?” He had heard the water running for awhile, but Macy was notorious for letting it heat up forever before actually getting in.
“I have to go, Rachel. Macy needs me for something. Bye,” he hung up before she had a chance to respond and knew that she would forget in about 2 minutes. He threw his phone down on the couch and climbed the stairs to see what Macy needed.

He rapped on the door. “What’s up, Mace?”
She opened it with a little difficulty. “I can’t get this zipper.” She had her dress half unzipped in the steamy bathroom. Her shoes were kicked across the floor and her long hair was down around her shoulders. Jim stepped over to her and easily unzipped the rest. The top of the zipper grazed what he could see to be a black lace thong. He felt his cock get hard again and he quickly looked up. She turned around and smiled at him. “Thanks, Daddy.”
Just then, she let her dress drop, revealing her matching bra and perfect, flat, white stomach. “Whoa, jeez, Mace,” he said, turning away quickly.
Macy grabbed his arm and pulled a little. “Don’t you think I’m pretty, Daddy?”
He half turned back to her. “Of course I do, baby, but you’re my little girl. This isn’t right.”
“I thought you wanted this… I feel so silly now,” she pouted.
Jim’s erection was uncontrollable now, looking at his half naked daughter. “No, honey… I just… I don’t know what to do about this.”
She bit her lip and smiled again. “I won’t tell if you won’t.”
That’s all he could şişli escort take. Jim pushed Macy back against the sink and kissed her. She put her tongue in his mouth and kissed him back hard. She tasted of wine and vanilla. He ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed her more. Macy clumsily undid Jim’s belt and pulled his pants down. He pushed her back a little, surprised. “Have you done this before?” he asked her.
“Just a few times, Daddy, I’m sorry. But now I’m all yours,” she breathed. They started kissing again. This time it was Macy that broke them apart. “Come with me,” she grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall to his room.

The thought of possibly having sex with his beautiful daughter on the same bed he had monotonous, 15 minute sex with his wife on was almost too much for him to take. His cock swelled even more to the point he thought it couldn’t get any larger. Jim picked Macy up and tossed her down on the bed. She laughed as he climbed on top of her and she pulled his tie to get him closer to her. He was amazed as she was acting well beyond her 16 years. She was so damn sexy.
Macy unbuttoned her dad’s shirt as quickly as she could and ran her hands over his hard stomach. He kissed down her chest and the top of her breasts. Macy felt her pussy getting very wet. “More, please, Daddy,” she gasped. Jim reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her beautiful, white B-cups came out to meet him and he ran his tongue over them. She groaned and pulled his boxers down, showing his extremely hard and quite large cock. Macy began stroking it, lightly at first and then with a little more force. It felt so good; Jim probably could have cum right then from pure excitement.
Jim kissed down Macy’s flat stomach and pulled her thong down, throwing it aside. He backed off a little bit to admire her beautiful shaved pussy. Then he bent down over her and licked her little cunt. She gasped again and clenched her thighs around his head lightly. She squirmed underneath him, running her fingers through his hair.

After about a minute, she picked her head up a little. “Daddy, fuck me. Please, please fuck me.”
“Get me wet, baby,” he panted, as he moved up the bed and startled her by putting his cock to her lips. She backed up a bit and took the head of his huge cock in her tiny mouth. She looked up at him and smiled as much as she could. “Oh, God!” he yelled, throwing his head back. He let her suck on him for a little while, as she bobbed her head back and forth on him. She coughed only a little when he forced most of himself in her mouth greedily, feeling his cock slide down her throat. He took it out, moved back down the bed and between her legs.
Macy spread her legs apart and said again, “Fuck me, Daddy,” as she looked him right in the eyes. Jim slid his cock into her and both of them moaned. He rocked in and out of her and she matched his pace. “Oh yeah, Daddy, give me that big cock!” she exclaimed. He began to rock faster into his little girl.
A few minutes later, while father and daughter clawed at each other’s backs, kissing madly, Macy pleaded, “Can I climb on top, Daddy? Please let me ride you?”
“Oh, definitely you can, baby. You make Daddy very happy.” They switched positions so Macy could mount his big cock. She quickly put it inside her and started bobbing up and down, pretty quickly. “Cum for Daddy, sweetie. Use Daddy’s cock to cum,” he encouraged her. Soon she was riding him hard, rubbing her clit on him. She started to rock faster and faster and he was holding tits as she cried out. “Thank you, Daddy! Holy shit, that was so good. I want you to cum now!”
He gently pushed her off and asked her to turn around. She did so, with her little ass sticking up in the air a little bit. He slapped it and she squealed. “Oh, Daddy, I want you to cum. I want you mecidiyeköy escort to fill up your little girl’s pussy and fuck me like Mom doesn’t let you.”
That was all Jim needed to shove his cock back in his daughter and start thrusting. “Come on, Daddy, fill me with cum! I want to feel your hot cum in me.” A few seconds later, Jim exploded inside Macy while he held onto her ass.

Both panting, they fell backward on the bed. “Do you want to sleep in here with me tonight, angel?” In response, Macy just crawled under the covers, patting the empty spot next to her. He slid right in and held his baby girl until he fell asleep.

The next morning, Jim woke up to the faint sound of water from the bathroom down the hall. Then he realized he was spooning his naked daughter and his hard cock was pressed firmly against her ass. He panicked. What if it had just been the alcohol? How could he have been so stupid? She already only had one parent around, why had he let himself get carried away? He tried to slide out of bed as to not to wake Macy.
Sleepily, she rolled over and caught him before he got out of bed. “Where are you going, Daddy?” she asked.
“Honey, I am so…” Before he got the sorry out, she had pressed her naked body up against his again, his cock ready for more action. She started kissing him and then moved under the blanket and started giving him head. “I guess she’s ok with this after all” he thought. He groaned and slid his cock in and out of her wonderful mouth. She flicked her tongue over him and he shuddered. Then he pulled her up and flipped her around.
Grabbing her tits, he forced his cock into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and rocked back against him. “You know what I would really love, baby?”
“What’s that, Daddy? I’d do anything for you.”
“I’d really love to fuck your ass.” Seeing her hesitation, he pressed on. “You know, if you want to do something your mom would never let me do…”
That seemed to do the trick. Macy wanted to pleasure her dad in ways her mom never did. “Okay, Daddy… Just be gentle?”
“I’ll do my best, sweetie.” He stuck his finger in his mouth and then gently put it in her little hole while he continued to fuck her pussy. Then he stuck two fingers in. Macy resisted a little, but she didn’t pull away. “Okay, Princess, I’m going to stick it in now. Do your best not to move and push back against me the best you can.”
“All right, Daddy,” Macy said nervously. She held her breath.

Jim chuckled a little. “Breathe, baby, it’s okay. You’re going to make me so happy.” He slid the head of his cock in her little bum and she whimpered. She didn’t pull away and her slight resistance made Jim even harder. He slid a little more in.
“Oh, God, Daddy,” Macy whispered. “It hurts a bit. I think it’s because my ass is so tight.”
That just drove Jim even crazier. He buried his cock right in her ass. Macy cried out but did as she was told and didn’t move away. He thrust slowly at first and then a little more quickly.
“Okay, okay,” Macy said, more to herself than to Jim. She seemed to be able to rock against him a little. “Cum in my tight asshole, Daddy, give me your cum. I’ll be your little girl forever; I’ll do anything to keep you happy. Fill my little ass.”
With a couple more thrust, Jim came hard into his daughter’s ass, so hard that cum started to trickle out of her asshole. He slowly pulled out. “Oh God, baby, that was amazing.” He slowly got up to head to the bathroom.
He turned on the water and shook his head. He couldn’t believe last night and now this morning. Rachel would have never let him do that, and here his 16 year old daughter was taking him up her perfect ass. As the water steamed up the mirror, he saw Macy’s hazy reflection of her gorgeous, naked body.
“Good thing Mom is gone so much isn’t it, Daddy?”
“Yes it is, peanut. Now come take a shower with Daddy.”
She smiled and stepped into the hot water. “You can use me as your fuck toy anytime.”

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