Happy Coercion Ch. 02

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The dinner was exquisite from the appetizer to the desert salad. The wine was the best Marilyn had ever tasted and she knew she was feeling and looking sensational. She was with Jack, he was pleased with her, the day’s events and their conversation, and that made her feel perfectly wonderful.

As she finished her coffee, two men approached the table. Jack introduced them as two of the bankers for the next day’s meetings – Ralph and Morgan Harris.

“Marilyn, these gentlemen are going to join us for an after dinner drink upstairs. Would you escort them to the suite and see to their needs while I settle the bill and arrange for tomorrow’s schedule with the concierge.”

Marilyn stood and the two brothers ogled her. The semi-transparent green dress Jack had picked for her left nothing to their imagination. Her nipples immediately swelled and stood proudly forward making the two men stare harder. As they looked her up and down, they saw the lines of her body clearly displayed. As she led the way, both of them could not help but stare at her cheeks as they swayed, purposely exaggerated, while she walked. She smiled to herself knowing the effect she was having.

As they entered the elevator and the two men stood very, very close to her sides, she remembered her conversation with Jack before dinner, the one in which she had lied about her prior sexual experience:

“Before this trip is over, you will have done all of those things because I wish it.” “I cannot refuse you anything Jack. I am totally yours to command.” “And so you shall . That and more.”

Although not in the least bit nervous or anxious, she wondered if this was some sort of a test of her commitment by Jack ” to see to their needs” or whatever she would have to do to, for, or with them. As the elevator rose, she could feel their hands on her ass, stroking her cheeks gently. She turned and smiled at each of them and reached out and touched their thighs. She was rewarded with a short hiss of breath intake. casino şirketleri She was now positive this evening would involve sex and was confident she would make them both happy because Jack wanted it and, God knows, she loved it so.

Somehow, in her mind and apparently Jack’s, it made sense – it was right. For her, it was perfect and her husband Greg was not even in the equation. She mused, very briefly, that although still married to him, he didn’t own her body. It belonged only to her and she would use it to please herself with whomever she wished. Greg would have to cope.

She was startled back to the present when the bell rang and the elevator doors opened. The two men guided her down the hallway to her room and she gave one of them the key. He opened the door and the three entered, the door closing softly behind them on its own. There was soft music playing, the lights were low and housekeeping had already turned down the bed. There were after dinner drinks set out on the suite’s table. The door to Jack’s room was still wide open,

Ralph came around in front of her and, taking her in his arms, pulled her to him. They swayed there to the music as he stroked her back and fondled her ass. She returned the favor by pushing tighter against his crotch which, she could feel, had a very significant dick that was growing to its full size from her efforts.

She heard the door to Jack’s room open and saw him standing in the connecting doorway smiling.

“She is yours for the evening. Do with her and to her as you wish. She will not refuse you anything – isn’t that true dear.”

“As you wish, Jack” and she pulled the neck string of her green dress and it fell to the floor leaving her totally naked except for her sandals. She felt herself anticipating what was to be. She couldn’t wait for the outcome.

Ralph took her in his arms again and they continued to dance to the soft music. Marilyn noticed that Morgan had taken of his suit jacket and was removing casino firmaları his shirt, tie and pants, shoes and socks as well. When he dropped his shorts she saw a perfectly beautiful and well proportioned dick hanging there. She inwardly smiled about the pleasure she would get from it.

To her disappointment the song ended and Ralph released her. As a new song began, Morgan, now completely naked, took her in his arms and pulled her to him. His thick thigh was planted between her legs and their movement aroused her and, based on the hardness of his cock pressed to her thigh, Morgan as well. She noticed that, just as Morgan had done, Ralph was undressing and carefully folding his clothes on the chair next to the bed. She noticed his dick as well. She wondered if they were really twins.

The song ended and Morgan, pushing her slightly away for better advantage, began to kiss her. His passion and tongue enveloped her. He broke the kiss and started down her neck and quickly worked down to her nipples where he lingered. Her nipples hardened under his lips and he sucked them gently. Ralph came up behind her and started kissing her neck and shoulder. As Morgan slipped lower, finally kissing and licking her enlarged labia and clit, Ralph reached around and massaged her breasts gently pulling on her very extended nipples. Her entire body shivered from her excitement. This is what it was supposed to be like she thought – slow, deliberate, increasingly arousing until you couldn’t take any more, and then you did more. She gave in to it – trusting them to do it right.

They alternated arousing her for what seemed like hours. First one then the other would kiss, touch, massage or minister to her sinfulness. She would respond with her own strokes and kisses. They played her like a virtuoso plays a violin and she loved every minute of it. Clearly they had done this together many times before. When she took them in her mouth, her pussy or her ass it was because she could not help güvenilir casino herself – not because she needed it but because she wanted it for herself and for them. She lost count of how many times they made her climax. They had started as a series of little ones and gradually became bigger and bigger. The three were working up to a thunderous conclusion and she was playing her part with equal passion. At the culmination of their “symphony”, when they both took her at the same time, the brothers timed it so they all climaxed simultaneously. She could not help herself – she cried from the sheer magnitude of the pleasure of it.

Ralph and Morgan had not disappointed her nor disgraced her trust in them. They were ardent and skillful in arousing her to new heights and she had given them her all in return.

After four hours, they left, having both loved all of her three openings at least twice. She was filled with cum and she needed a bath. As she slipped into the soapy hot tub, mentally and physically totally satiated, she couldn’t help but appreciate what Jack had done for her – the release he offered her to be herself by giving up control over some normally personal things. She smiled as she realized that they had not made use of any of the libation set out for them. Then she heard the connecting door open. She had left open the bathroom door and she saw Jack coming toward her dressed only in his robe. ` “So, my dear, did you have fun?” He was obviously pleased – he was smiling at her.

“Oh yes Jack, I did. Thank you for those two – they were wonderful and gentle lovers and I am pretty sure they left happy.”

“Oh they did. Morgan called from home to tell me how much he enjoyed you and would look forward to another time. He said Ralph did nothing but talk about you the entire way home. You have pleased me immensely!” he said and smiled at her some more.

She felt herself glow from his acceptance and compliment.

“When you finish, come to my bed.” He turned and left.

After she dried off, she padded to his room. He was already in bed and under the coverlet dozing. She slipped in and curled up next to him. He reached over her, cupping her breast, and kissed her gently on the back of her head. She was quickly asleep.

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