Happy Birthday

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My name is Sarra, and today is my 18th birthday. I guess it’s all right as far as birthdays go, nothing too bad has happened to me yet, but then I just rolled out of bed. I still have to go meet my boyfriend at the gym, and then there is school to deal with before I can go out and get my party on. I take a quick look at the clock, and well what do you know, I’m running late..one too many smacks on the snooze button. I go root around in my closet, stopping to look myself over in the mirror. I think I’m a pretty good looking girl; I have shoulder length blonde hair, ice blue eyes, standing about 5’5 and weighing in at 115 lbs. I let my eyes drift lower, taking in my c cup tits, and my neatly trimmed pussy, and let out a little whistle saying to myself, “Damn girl lookin good this morning!”

I get my ass in gear and grab a black sports bra, throwing it on, throw my university sweat shirt over it, and pull on a tight pair of spandex bicycle shorts, lace up my sneakers and run out the door. I head on over to the college gym where I’m supposed to meet Mark to work on my abs. He is a personal trainer there, and he is one fine looking man. He is 6’2 180 lbs with wavy black hair and steel grey eyes, and let me tell you, working out with him is a pleasure.

I walk into the gym, looking for my hunk of an instructor, and when I can’t find him among the machines, I peak my head into the office to ask if anyone had seen him, and there he is, pants around his ankles, ramming his prick into that slut Julie who works at the juice bar. I scream “What the fuck do you think you’re fucking doing you fucking asshole?” and slam the door.

I run out of the gym, tears streaming down my face, ruining my mascara, my young heart shattered to pieces. I make it as far as my car, and I feel a hand grip my arm. Whoever grabbed me quickly spins me around, and I find myself staring into the beautiful eyes of my now very ex boyfriend. As I am looking at him all I can think is damn this boy is hot…I can forgive him can’t I? I mean it’s no big deal, I was underage..and WAIT Sarra..get a grip..he was fucking Julie not two minutes..oh hell I would fuck Julie if I had a chance. I am so pissed that he has the nerve to grab me I look at him and I shout “What the fuck do you want Mark? You want to kiss and make up now that you got your nut?” but before I can finish my sentence he grabs me and kisses me on the mouth hard, forcing his tongue between my lips, shoving his hand up my sweatshirt.

He growls at me “I didn’t put up with your teenaged bullshit for 6 months to not get a piece of this ass; I’m gonna fuck you hard.” I know I should fight back, say no, he is a cheater after all, but I can’t help myself, he’s so hot right now, powerful and totally in control, I reach behind me, opening the door to the backseat and he shoves me in. He crawls on top of me, slamming the door behind him, his rough hands under my shirt, pawing at my tits, I’m breathing heavily, I can’t believe I am about to have my cherry popped in the gym parking lot. He looks at me his eyes glazed over with lust as he yanks my shirt and bra up, my tits hitting the cool air, nipples as hard as two diamonds.

I grab his ass, instinct taking over as I tug his sweats down, freeing the peripheral izle his throbbing member, grasping it in my hand as I stroke it, the fact that it is still covered in Julies slick juices the furthest thing from my mind. He reaches beneath him, tugging my shorts down around my knees, pulling my hand off his stiff cock he lines it up with my virginal opening rubbing his 10 inches of meat over my moist lips. He starts to thrust in; I bite my lip in pain and close my eyes. He grabs my chin with his free hand and snarls “Look at me bitch while I take your cherry!”

My eyes meet his and he thrusts once hard, pushing through my hymen, and I cry out in pain, but he just laughs. He drives his cock deep inside my love tunnel, thrusting hard and deep, and my hips buck in rhythm with him, rising up off the seat to meet him, I feel his balls bouncing off my thighs, and I moan. He pumps and pumps and I reach up my hands on his back, nails digging into his flesh, and then he slows down, his face twisted as he empties his cum deep inside my snatch.

I can feel it oozing out around his slowly softening cock, and then he’s done. He pulls up his pants, opening the car door and climbing out he looks at me, smiles, and says “Don’t bother to call me you whore. When I want more of that pussy I’ll call you” and walks away. I lay there for a moment, coming to my senses and I realize what just happened, I adjust my clothes, climb out of the car and drive home, crying again, I have never felt so used and humiliated my whole life!

I drive home, park in the driveway deciding to skip school today, I’m just not in the fucking mood, and I go inside. All I want to do right now is to take a shower and eat a tub of chunky monkey. Yeah it’s turned into one of those days. I turn on the hot water, strip off my clothes and throw them in a pile, and hop in the water scrubbing the scent of scumbag off of me.

I finish washing up, dry my hair and wrap my towel around my body to walk down to the hall to my room. Normally I would never walk through the house naked, but my roommate Megan went out last night and has yet to come home.

I wander down the hall, wearing nothing but a towel and head into my room, tossing the towel on the bed, not even bothering to shut the door. I bend over to grab a pair of my favorite boy shorts, pulling them on over my legs and up over my ass. As I reach back into my drawer to grab the matching bra, I hear a soft whistle, I hop up covering my tits with the bra I had just grabbed, spinning around to see Megan in my doorway eyeing me up. “Get the fuck out of here Oh my god I’m trying to change are you some kind of dyke checking me out?” I shout as I run over and slam the door.

I finish dressing in a pair of comfortable pajama pants and a low cut tank and I head for the kitchen, going to get my gallon of chunky monkey. It’s my shitty birthday and I can eat whatever the hell I want. I grab my spoon and head for the living room to watch a little Maury, I want to see some people who have lives as fucked up as mine is getting. I plop my ass on the couch and turn on the TV.

Just when its getting good and we’re about to find out who the baby daddy the recruit izle is, Megan comes in the room grabbing the remote and muting the show. She looks at me and says “Ok kid what’s going on, you’re sitting on the couch watching crappy day time TV and shoving ice cream down your throat like you haven’t eaten all month?”

I grab the remote back from her, turn the volume back on and say “It’s Mark and I don’t wanna talk about it k?”

Megan looks at me, and says “Honey you know my history with men…If anyone can help it’s me.”

She’s right I do know her history.

Megan is a little older than me, she’s 27, and her history sucks. She got married at 20, and a year later her Marine husband walked out on her, leaving her high and dry. Seven years later she is just starting to get her shit together and meet some new people. Megan doesn’t have great luck getting laid; she’s not the hottest girl in the world. Far from it she’s a bigger girl. She has this long stringy brown hair and blue eyes. She’s like 5’2 and like 140 150 pounds. Her one redeeming feature is her tits. She has some nice D cups. Anyway, I mute the TV and tell her what happened this morning.

As I am talking she slides closer to me, and begins rubbing my shoulders. It feels really good, I’ve tense as hell since everything went down, and the massage was really helping. I start to cry again, and she wraps her arms around me, cuddling my face against those massive knockers. I know I should be kinda grossed out right now, but I feel really comfortable with her. As I am crying into her boobs, she starts rubbing my back again, and I look up at her “I fucking hate men.” I sob and she just smiles.

She cups my chin, looking me in the eyes and kisses me. I pull back and scream at her for trying to take advantage of me, and she apologizes, never taking her hands off of me. Then the bitch looks at me and kisses me again.

This time I don’t pull away, there is something about her kiss, so soft and gentle, it just feels safe, and pretty soon I am kissing her back. I feel her tongue brush over my lips before retreating back into her mouth, and I chase after it with my own.

I can feel her hands running over my body, her fingertips light on my skin, so different from how rough Mark was with me earlier, and I can feel myself getting really turned on. I grab the back of her head, biting her lower lip, pressing myself into her. She breaks our kiss and looks at me, whispering “Are you sure you want to do this? Are you ready to be with another woman?”

I say nothing and reach down, grabbing the hem of my tank, pulling it over my head, leaning into her, kissing her again hornier than I’ve ever been before. That was all of the answer she needed and she slid her tongue out meeting mine as they danced together, her hands sliding up my back to unclasp my bra sliding it off of my shoulders. She brings her hands around, sliding them softly over my breasts, kneading them as she presses her palms into my nipples.

I moan into her mouth, shyly sliding my hands under her t-shirt, mimicking her movements, hardly able to believe it. Here I am a straight girl and I’m swappin spit with a chick and rubbin the rig izle her tits, and I like it. I slide my hands down her body over the folds of her belly, grabbing her shirt and pulling it up, breaking our kiss again to pull it over her head. As soon as it’s clear she leans in, taking a nipple between her lips sucking on it, and I reach behind her, undoing her bra and letting her massive jugs loose.

Megan looks up at me, her lips meeting mine once more, wrapping her arms around me, mashing out boobs together, pulling me down on top of her, rubbing my pussy through my pants with her knee. I can feel my wetness soaking through my pants, and my kisses become more passionate. I slowly kiss down her neck, working my way over to her breast, flicking my tongue over it, massaging her other one with my hands. She pulls my pajama bottoms down and I kick them off into the corner, laying on top of her in nothing but some lacy black boy shorts, treating her nipples like lunch.

I can feel her hands rubbing my ass squeezing my cheeks and I hear moaning “suck on my titties baby girl”

Fuckin A I am so hot right now. She loops her fingers into the waistband and tugs my panties off, running her hands up my inner thighs dipping a finger into my pussy working it in to her first knuckle. I bite her nipple, tugging on it, and then switch to the other tit. She works a second finger into my pussy, and I am rocking on it, dripping wet, feeling sensations I’ve never felt before when she says “Sit on my fucking face.”

I release her nipple from my mouth rising up and turning around, lowering myself onto her tongue, resting my hands on her thighs for balance. I feel her tongue tracing over my outer lips and I gasp, no one had ever licked my pussy before. As I am sitting on her face, I lower the zipper on her jeans, popping the button and slide them off of her full hips and notice Megan has decided not to wear panties.

I feel her tongue enter my pussy like a little cock, working its way in and out, and it feels so good I have to return the favor. I slide my hands down her legs, lowering myself down, and stick my tongue out, not knowing what to expect as it reaches her moist snatch. I was worried I would be disgusted with the taste of pussy, but it was just the opposite, I loved it! I gave it a few sloppy licks, and then I found a rhythm running my tongue in long strokes over her pussy.

As I was slowly learning how to eat a snatch, beneath me I could feel Meg blow on my clit before she sucked it into her lips gripping it with her teeth and sliding her fingers back into my pussy. It felt so fucking good on me; I spread her lips with my hands, running my tongue over it, pulling her clit hood back before imitating her movements. I sucked her into my mouth, flicking my tongue over her button, and I could feel her begin to shake.

I work my tongue faster and faster shoving three fingers into her, knowing that we are both about to cum. She matches my pace and in no time I have to release her clit to scream. I buck my hips down into her face releasing my juices all over her mouth, and I am quickly rewarded by her own orgasm.

We lie there for a moment recovering before I crawl off of her and help her sit up. She smiles at me, leans in and kisses me, our tongues exchanging each other’s fluids then she leans back on the couch and says “Still feel bad about Mark?”

I just look at her grin and say “who? So we gonna do this again?”

Megan smiles and responds…”Next time I’m gonna teach your scrawny ass about strapons…”

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