Hannah’s Magic Ch. 02

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS/ARTISTS – This series is a series about a girl named Hannah who has discovered that she actually has magical powers (levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and a whole heck of a lot more). She in turn uses her powers to have amazing sexual adventures with various partners as well as her friend Cindy. This series has many parts, but we like to think that each story can stand alone just fine.

While the ‘magical’ aspect of things mostly sets up the scenarios that Hannah enjoys, there are various times where she does use her magical powers to enhance her sex. The sex mainly found in this series is that of the lesbian nature, but expect to occasionally find heterosexual and group sex. If you do not believe that is in your interest, we advise you to look elsewhere. If you are open to this idea, enjoy.


It was almost ten at night when Cindy stepped into her apartment, tired from the day’s work. She had been running around all day since eight in the morning, and wanted nothing more than to just go to bed and sleep a long gloriously sleep. She didn’t even bother to turn the lights on her apartment or check anything at all. She merely stepped into her bedroom, dropped her purse and suit jacket onto the floor.

Sleeping had slowly become Cindy’s favorite thing to do over the course of the last month, and Cindy wasted little time in getting into bed. She stripped down to her tiny blue panties and slowly pulled on an old T-shirt over her C-cup breasts. Not ten minutes had passed since Cindy got home that she found herself in her bed and under the blankets. She smiled as she closed her eyes, and welcomed her sleep.

Only she didn’t have the chance to relax very long.

Cindy had hardly closed her eyes when she heard something tap on her window. She sat up in her bed and looked towards her covered windows, looking to see if a bird had hit it or any kind of sign of what caused the noise. She waiting there, sitting up in bed with the blankets still over her near-naked body and looking at the window. She had no idea what to expect, but wasn’t about to jump out of bed just yet. She wanted to sleep and was quite comfy in her bed. So she just waited there for anything and everything.

Then there was a tapping again. Something was out there tapping on her window.

Cindy had no choice and hopped out of bed in her tiny blue panties and her tiny cutoff T-shirt. She scurried over to the window to see what was keeping her awake. She threw the curtains open, and looked out of her ten story window to the busy city outside. She smiled and sighed a sigh of relief when she saw a familiar face.

There, floating her irresistible body ten stories above the streets below in a tiny blue bikini was her magical and sexual blonde friend Hannah. She was simply suspended there in midair outside Cindy’s window with her voluptuous figure, her full breasts bulging out of her tiny bikini top, and her arms slightly outstretched to balance her levitation. Cindy threw open her window and leaned outside to speak to her magical lover for she knew that Hannah longed for Cindy to come play with her.

“Wake up. Let’s go do something fun.” Hannah shouted to her, and she began to float her gorgeous body in closer to the window. She was almost walking on the air towards Cindy. She was so graceful with her toes high above the city floating under her own magical powers. Cindy was not in shock at all that her twenty-five year old former college roommate was near naked and flying outside her bedroom window. She knew right away what was happening.

Cindy was dreaming.

Three weeks ago, Cindy had the most amazing and sexy dream. In her dream, her old college roommate Hannah had come by for a little reunion. Hannah then revealed that she actually possessed amazing magical powers and wanted to use her magical abilities to have sex with Cindy. Hannah could lift her body up off the ground and fly with her thoughts. Hannah could make other things float about just by thinking it or moving her hand about. Hannah could walk through walls as if they didn’t exist. Hannah could create toys, furniture, and even her own clothes with just her thoughts. Hannah could change her body, her figure, and even transform her entire body into liquid if she wanted.

Cindy’s dream was so real that she had a hard time accepting Hannah’s magic. It took some time for Hannah to convince Cindy that it was safe and being used solely for the pleasure of the two girls. In the end, Hannah displayed her magical prowess and how she could use it to please both of them many times in her dream. Cindy and Hannah made love over and over again within the safety of Cindy’s own apartment. Hannah was the sexy goddess of Cindy’s dreams and all Hannah wanted to do with her amazing powers was have intense lesbian sex.

A week went by before Cindy had a second dream in which Hannah came to visit. Her second dream was much more dreamlike and not as şişli bayan escort vivid. Cindy could not remember all the details, but she did remember Hannah simply appeared in her room in a long black evening dress. She was made up as if she was attending a ritzy party or going on an expensive date. After getting Cindy out of her sleeping attire and into something more formal, she took Cindy in her arms and carried her into the sky to a romantic setting on top of the tallest building in the city. After a sexy date complete with dinner and wine, Hannah whisked her hand and instantly changed Cindy’s ritzy evening gown into ritzy lingerie.

Loving her dream, Cindy decided to put on a sexy dance for her magical dream girl. After enjoying the provocative show put on by Cindy, Hannah stripped herself out of her long gown. The two girls, who easily could have been mistaken for lingerie models, made love on a large rooftop bed created just for that evening. Hannah treated Cindy like no guy ever had that night, and fucked her like no guy ever had as well.

In the third dream, Hannah caught Cindy off guard as she floated through Cindy’s window in her old college pajamas. This was the first time Cindy had dreamed of Hannah wearing normal clothes other than something sexy. It was still so sexy to watch this normal looking blonde girl as she floated around Cindy’s apartment, following Cindy into her kitchen by floating through the walls, and even used her seemingly limitless magic to create some snacks for the two. Then just as things were about to get sexy, Cindy was woken by a loud crash in her neighbor’s apartment. She never got to see what her sexy magical dream girl had planned.

Cindy had tried very hard to get to sleep early since she started having these very sexy dreams. Only the first dream was etched into her memory so vividly. These dreams were her chance to explore loving other girls without being labeled a lesbian, or even bisexual.

Yet again, Cindy found herself in another one of these dreams. By Cindy’s count, this was the forth dream she had in which Hannah came to her. So there she was, leaning out of her ten story window in her tiny T-shirt and blue panties, looking out at her bikini clad goddess of a friend.

“Hang on. Let me put something on.” Cindy said, and she turned away. Cindy wandered back into her room, and stepped before her dresser. As she opened her dresser, Hannah softly floated in through her window. She levitated at the edge of the window, looking at her foolish friend and refusing to stand like a normal person. She just floated there in her blue bikini and her amazing jewelry with her hand calmly placed on the curtains.

“You know that’s pointless.” Hannah said as she floated before Cindy. “Here, let me just get you ready so we can go play.”

Cindy, with a sweatshirt in her hand, looked over at Hannah as she closed her eyes. The moment Hannah’s eyes went shut, a smile appeared on her face and her body started to glow with a radiant white glow. Then Cindy felt that warm glowing sensation she was becoming accustomed to. Her own body started to glow as well, and she dropped her sweatshirt from her hands and looked down at her own body as Hannah’s magic began to enhance her figure. Cindy held out her hands as her own breasts seemed to inflate like balloons. She ran her hands down her sides as her waist became smaller and smaller and her stomach began tight and sexy. Her blue panties and T-shirt even started to shrink as well as her body and her wardrobe were being perfected. She felt her legs grow longer as she even became slightly taller just because Hannah thought it and wanted it.

Then just as Cindy thought Hannah was done playing with her body, Cindy’s large breasts popped out of the bottom of her tiny shirt, rendering the shirt completely pointless. Cindy felt her own breasts with her hands, and they felt so amazingly full and real. She loved that in these Hannah Dreams she could look so flawless and luscious and sexy.

“You look hot, baby.” Hannah called into her from the window. Cindy turned from gazing at her own body and looked over to Hannah. She then came back towards the open window as Hannah floated just inside. As she walked towards her guest, she tried to pull her now tiny top over her new large breasts. Hannah watched in disappointment as Cindy managed to cover herself back up with her tiny shirt. Cindy then looked up at her friend as she floated a few feet above her. Cindy ran her hands slowly up Hannah’s thighs, feeling her magical body.

Hannah looked down at Cindy’s body. She looked longingly at her tiny dark blue panties that hung on to her new slender waist. She took in the sight of her large bra-less breasts hiding under her tight T-shirt. She stopped at Cindy’s face, and looked deep into her eyes. She saw Cindy’s mind.

“Hmm. I think you’re ready.” Hannah said, and she ducked under the top of the window and floated her bikini-clad body back outside above the city streets. şişli escort Cindy watched Hannah float away from her window and out between the tall buildings of the city.

“Where are you going?” Cindy called.

“Flying.” Hannah quickly answered back as she spun her body back around. “Are you coming?”

“What? Out there? I don’t have magic, in case you forgot.”

“It’s your dream. Why don’t you have magic?” Hannah asked as she played out her experiment.

That was when it hit Cindy. It was her dream. Why can’t she fly too? Somehow her imagination had created Hannah and gave her amazing magical powers. Perhaps if she just gave it a shot, she could have magic in her dream as well. After all, it was just a dream. There was nothing to be afraid about.

Yet as Cindy looked down out her window, she realized that this was a very vivid dream. The streets ten stories below looked so detailed and real. Cindy slowly crawled out her window, and sat on the window sill. She kept thinking that it was just a dream, and that she wants to fly in her dream. She looked down at the streets far below her, and finally had no fear with what she was about to do. She looked out at Hannah, and then pushed herself right off her window sill.

It was her dream.

She wanted to fly.

As her body was free from her apartment’s window, she merely drifted away from the window, and did not plummet to her death. Cindy was floating. She was flying. She could fly.

“I’m … I’m flying!” Cindy cried out to Hannah. She held her arms out from her body, and smiled as she knew that her sexy body was not being controlled by gravity, but merely the thoughts that came from her own mind. She didn’t think about falling and instead thought about flying high above the city, and that is exactly what happened.

“Of course. It’s your dream. Duh.” Hannah said as if she knew something Cindy did not. Hannah held her arms out for Cindy, and Cindy thought about floating into them. She did just that, ten stories above the city below in her blue panties and T-shirt. She floated into Hannah’s arms, and Hannah welcomed her. Cindy was having the most amazing dream ever as she found her arms wrapped around her bikini-clad dream girl, floating high above the city below.

Hannah leaned in and left a lingering kiss on Cindy’s lips. Cindy felt Hannah’s large breasts push against her own as this magic blonde pried open her lips. Cindy let Hannah’s kiss open her mouth, and she ran her hands up and down Hannah’s back. The air around them started to move, and Cindy felt their embrace move higher into the sky. As the two girls continued to make out during their flight, Hannah took their embrace away from Cindy’s apartment. Hannah’s hands roamed down around Cindy’s firm ass, and snuck under her tiny blue panties. Cindy pulled at the straps of Hannah’s bikini top, longing to free Hannah’s breasts and get her naked as quickly as possible. They pressed their tight bodies as close together as they could, for they missed each other’s touches. They were now well over fifty stories above the city below, making out vigorously as they flew in unison.

Hannah then suddenly shoved Cindy’s chest as hard as she could, breaking their embrace and sending Cindy away from her. Cindy started to fall to the city below. The wind rushed by her body as she started to plummet to her doom. Cindy was scared, but she knew she was in control of her dream. She wanted to stop falling, and slowly her fall came to a halt.

Cindy caught herself with her thoughts, and floated calmly over twenty stories about the city streets below. In her tiny cutoff tank top and blue panties, she floated there and stared at her bikini-clad friend with a confused stare.

“Looks like you still don’t quite have a grasp over your dream just yet.” Hannah said. She then floated back towards Cindy, but stopped just a few feet before Cindy could grab onto her again. Hannah asked as she slowly placed her own hands around her large breasts under her small bikini top. She slowly caressed her own breasts with her magical hands, and gazed into Cindy’s mind.

“How about this?” Hannah started as she ran her hands over her body. “If you can catch me, I’ll let you play with these until you wake.”

Hannah looked down at her own breasts as she finished her proposal. Cindy longed to play with Hannah’s large breasts for every time it seemed like a new and sexy experience, but then Cindy could see it was going to be extra special this time. Cindy’s jaw dropped for under Hannah’s magical hands, Hannah’s breasts grew larger. Hannah let her magic flow from her fingertips and onto her own body. She quickly gave herself a larger set of breasts as they too seemed to simply inflate before Cindy’s eyes. Her bikini top stretched further and further as more and more of Hannah’s epic breasts bulged out from the sides and bottom of her tiny blue top.

Hannah opened her arms and let Cindy see just how large her new breasts were hiding mecidiyeköy escort under her tiny top. They were so big and firm and sexy accompanied by Hannah’s tiny figure that Cindy longed to touch them. Hannah’s body was well beyond anything any normal girl could ever achieve without looking plastic or fake, and that was a look that Hannah definitely did not have. Her body was unfathomably gorgeous and designed for sex.

Yet before Cindy could even try to reach out towards Hannah’s body, Hannah looked up into the night sky and shot up into the air. Cindy watched as Hannah flew away from her in her tiny bikini. She wanted nothing more than to catch her young magical friend as she flew through the city’s sky. She thought about flying high after her and instantly she shot up after her with her own dream-magic.

Hannah’s busty body flew at very high speeds along the side of a sky scraper. She rocketed past the windows, enjoying the winds as the air blew past her. She looked down to the streets dozens of stories below, and saw her friend in her tiny T-shirt flying after her. She halted her accent, and waited for Cindy to catch up. As Cindy too soared higher and higher under her own dream-magic, she watched as Hannah simply floated closer towards the windows of the building. Just as Cindy thought she was about to catch the magic blonde, Hannah simply slipped her body right through the solid window of the building. She was now inside the building, and out of reach.

Cindy halted her flight as she reached Hannah, but now a very thick and very solid window stood between her hands and Hannah’s bikini-clad body. She placed her hands on the glass as she held her body high above the city with her thoughts. Hannah, who was still levitating inside the building, seemed to giggle as Cindy’s dream-magic still seemed very limited. Hannah pointed upward, and she shot up through the ceiling, passing through it just as she passed through the glass.

Realizing that she had little chance of catching Hannah unless she played her game, Cindy looked up towards the top of the sky scraper, and flew upward. She soared higher and higher, enjoying the ability to fly she had in her dream world. She flew faster and faster just feet away from the edge of the towering skyscraper.

Finally she arrived at the rooftop. As she soared over the edge of the building, she saw Hannah simply lounging on a newly created towel on the rooftop as if she was on some beach in the sun. She was still in her microscopic blue bikini with her amazing large breasts bulging out of all ends of her top. As Hannah saw Cindy’s body rise from the edge of the towering building, simply rolled over onto on her side and staring at her friend. Cindy thought she could entice her dream girl with her own magnificent figure, and she quickly pulled her shirt off over her head and let her breasts fall out. Hannah had enjoyed giving Cindy her new breasts, but not nearly as much as she enjoyed now looking at them as Cindy let her shirt fall to the city streets far below. Now in nothing more than her tiny blue panties, she floated at the edge of the skyscraper, waiting to see if Hannah was going to fly away or stay and play.

“I guess you caught me.” Hannah said with some sarcasm in her voice. “Come here and get your prize.”

As Hannah spoke those words, her blue bikini vanished into the air, and she was left naked on the rooftop for all the dreamworld to see. Cindy had seen her naked friend many times now, but this time Cindy was taken back by the sight of Hannah’s voluptuous naked body glistening in the moonlight. Enjoying her public display of nudity, Hannah welcomed Cindy by quickly rolling onto her back with her arms outstretched, waiting for her gorgeous brunette lover to climb on top. Cindy just stared for a moment at Hannah’s body for it was hard to grasp that a woman with a body like Hannah’s could exist.

Of course she didn’t exist, and Cindy worried she had little time left before she woke from her dream. She need to stop simply looking at the nude goddess. She needed to fuck her while she had the chance. Wasting little time, Cindy softly landed on the edge of the skyscraper, and strutted along the cement rooftop in her tiny blue panties. She quickly leaned down and climbed on top of her friend’s nude figure and pinning her to the ground.

An explosion of passion erupted in both girls as their nude bodies touched. Cindy found her lips magnetically drawn to Hannah’s as she wanted nothing more that the freedom to pry her dream girl’s mouth apart and taste her lips. Cindy ran her hands through Hannah’s long blonde hair, kissing in and around Hannah’s mouth. Hannah did the same, and took a firm hold of the back of Cindy’s head. Hannah pulled her in closer to her as she wanted Cindy just as much as Cindy wanted her. Cindy’s hands rubbed down Hannah’s shoulders and found there way to Hannah’s epic breasts. Hannah ran her hands up and down Cindy’s back as Cindy began to kiss down her neck, working her lips toward the mountains on Hannah’s chest.

Hannah smiled as she knew Cindy was getting her fantasies fully fulfilled as she played with her body. She sensed Cindy’s ever emotion as these two girls made love on the rooftop.

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