HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Forest of Despair

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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Forest of Despair(The tale of a Muslim princess that finds her English knight in shining armor) Story by Alhena1462 A.D. I ran as fast as I could; trying my best to avoid the dark brown tree roots that seemed to be springing out of the dark green forest floor. I must have been in this place for at least 2 hours. The night within these woods seemed to be never ending. But the woods didn’t start coming to life (quite literally) until a few minutes ago. I must have turned someplace wrong. The trees started to make disturbing, groaning sounds and started to twist their branches and roots in an attempt to grab my arms and legs. They all seemed to be coming alive; and I was in no way dressed to run for my life. My name is Princess Zaida from the Arabia, and I was in the country of England on a diplomatic mission to work on a trade deal. Up until now I really liked the country; far more than my own. So much that I studied the English language as a second tongue. I was also fascinated by it’s culture, even though my kingdom generally saw them as enemies. I didn’t see them that way at all. In fact I was more incline to support them instead. As a Muslim princess and my father’s only offspring; I was set to be married to another prince who lived further north on the Arabian subcontinent. Something I had absolutely no interest in. I was hoping to find a reason to run away from it all; even if it meant war between the 2 kingdoms if I left. I didn’t care. I wore a traditional middle class English womans clothes throughout my time here. My hijab was the only Muslim garb I wore here in an attempt to remind me of who I was. I continued my running through the endless woods that would surely consume me at this point. As I ran one root began to rise out of the ground, tripping both of my feet, sliding me out of my shoes and onto the grass floor. “No please don’t!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. “Mrrr mrrrr hmmmmmm” The forest murmured in a dark tone as vines and roots began to wrap around my bare feet and hands. “Please let me go!” I shouted to no avail. “Ple-” I cried out as one root began to wrap around my neck, choking me. I knew I was done for. I was gonna die all alone in this dark forest. A pathetic end for a princess. As I stopped struggling, I heard a loud muffled man’s voice letting out a battle cry. As I opened my eyes I saw a knight wearing the typical silver armor, chain mail, and helmet. “Gyaaaaah!” He yelled as he slashed at the roots and vines that bound my body. As he slashed at all of them they slowly released my body. He then cut the one that bound my neck as I looked at him with terror still in my eyes. “It’s gonna be okay.” He said with a metallic voice, as it left his helmet. He gently put his hands on my neck and carefully removed the root that was wrapped around it. I regained my breath and panted like a dog looking at him. Then I jumped at him and gave him a huge hug. He was quite surprised and eventually hugged back. “We can’t stay here.” He said comforting me. “Please…. don’t leave me.” I said crying while still embracing this mysterious knight. “I won’t…..I’m sorry about this….” He then got up and grabbed me, throwing me over his shoulder. Was he planning on running with me on him? “Hang on tight, my lady.” He said as he started to run as fast as he could away from the trees that started to make another attempt at grabbing us. As he ran he had one hand holding my posterior to keep me close; and another hand holding his sword slashing at the roots and vines as he ran. After 5 minutes of running we got into an open area that had a lone tree next to a small spring where the entire area was lit light blue by the moonlight. It was odd seeing such a beautiful place in the middle of one that was completely horrific. The knight placed me on my feet in front of him. “The barrier spell isn’t activated yet. We need to get inside.” “Wait!” I said foolishly. “You saved my life…. Can I at least get to see my knight in shining armor’s face?” He looked around both ways to check for danger. “Very well.” He grabbed his helmet to reveal an extremely handsome man with muğla escort a chiseled face, blue eyes and long blonde hair. I had never seen such a handsome man before. How could someone like him be a knight wandering the middle of nowhere. “Let me give a gift to you.” I pulled him down to my level and planted a great kiss on his lips. “Isn’t that not allowed by your culture?” he asked quite shocked at what I just did. “I’m not in my culture right now, am I?” I said with a flirtatious smile. He looked at me for a second with a half smile. He then drew his sword while facing me. Did I do something wrong? Was he going crazy? He then raised his sword to strike me. My heart started racing. He thrust his sword at me, missing by a few centimeters. I winced and opened my eyes to see that he had stabbed some devilish looking imp that was behind me. I looked back at him in surprise. The forest came alive again. This time with devilish laughs and chants. There must have been dozens of those imps coming towards us. “We have to go now!” the handsome knight grabbed my hand and led me to the lone tree by the spring. He stuck his hand on the grass and pulled open a secret latched door and led me in. Closing it behind him as the sound of the imps stomping around above came about. “A wizard placed a protective barrier around this area. It only activates for half of the day. One can’t tell when it is though, since the forest is perpetually at night. Only then can we go out undisturbed.” The hole was quite quaint. There was a makeshift cabin with food and a bed that had an oil lantern next to it. I wouldn’t want to live here, but I wouldn’t mind taking refuge here. “I’m gonna watch for the barriers arrival, try to get some rest.” The knight said as he went back up to the entrance hatch. “Wait! Who are you….and why are you here?” I called out to him as I got situated in his bed, which was by no means comfortable. “I could ask you the same thing.” he said walking to the door after his smug response. “Well….I’m Princess Zaira of of Arabia, and my carriage got lost in the woods.” I said awaiting his response. “A princess?” he said quite surprised. “Hmmmmm. Well, I won’t delve into it any more, but my name is Edward. I was once a knight to the king, until a creature that resides in this forest wiped out my family. For 2 months I have been in these woods trying to find it. It’s behind the evil of this forest. The king said I could only be redeemed for my abandonment in hunting it, if I can kill the demon.” he playfully grabbed my bare feet. “Get some sleep princess. I’m getting you out of here once the barrier wares off.” He walked back towards the door. “Thank you….” I said as he was about to exit. He paused, and continued to walk out of the hole. I quickly fell asleep. I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep. I had dreamt of Edward and all he did for me. I couldn’t sleep very well after all that had, and was still happening. I was still in my same dirty clothes and walked out towards to the hatch that led outside. I peaked out of the hole to see Edward in the spring next to the tree. I slowly got out of the hole and looked around. I noticed a light blue translucent dome covering our open area. It must have been the barrier. I looked towards Edward who was fully naked in the waist high spring water. His gorgeous muscles were gleaming in the moonlight, as he faced away from me not knowing I was approaching behind him. I started to twist the end of my hijab the way any woman would fiddle with her hair when she saw someone who was attractive. He was so unbelievably toned form top to bottom. As I slowly walked towards him, I stepped on a twig, causing him to grab his sword that rested next to him, pointing it at me. “Oh…Zaira. My apologies.” He put the sword back down. “So this is the barrier huh?” “It is.” he replied. I never know when it might go down, so I always have to be prepared. “I really wanted to thank you for what you did for me.” I said as I stood a good 3 meters behind him as he was in the spring. “I would be dead if you hadn’t saved me. I want to thank you.” “It eskişehir escort is my honor princess.” He said, now facing me. I could almost see his penis in the semi clear water, but I tried not to look too long. “Would you mind if I join?” I asked him. “By all means, come on in!” Edward responded. This was the moment. I started to look him in the eyes as I walked to the edge of the pond. I pulled off my trousers and top slowly, never breaking his eye contact as he observed my body. “Breathtaking..” he muttered I smiled at him still keeping eye contact. Even though he stared at my thick breasts, and pear shaped hips. I then bit my lip and grabbed my sacred hijab and unwrapped it, dropping my long black curly hair over my tanned skin. I could see Edward was almost gasping in shock at me exposing myself like this to him. I smiled and dropped the hijab on the ground and slowly walked into the spring. ” It’s so warm.” I said as I approached him slowly in the water. As I was in arms reach, I raised my hands over his shoulders and he placed his hands on my waist. I stepped closer and could feel his hardened penis push against my upper waist as I began to slowly lock our lips in a loving embrace. We both entered a trance in which we kissed for minutes on end. I started to then grip his penis and felt how it was strong, just like his body and spirit. He sat at the waters edge as I placed it in my mouth and began sucking on the large member. As I did, he ran his hand through my long hair, as I ran his large penis through my mouth. He then went underwater and started to lick my vagina with strong fervor, making me moan in pleasure. I wanted him inside me. However, I had a secret I had not yet revealed to him. I pulled him out of the water. “Edward….. I must reveal something to you…. I have never had intercourse before….” He smiled with admiration towards me. “As a princess, my father made sure I saved myself for the prince he would marry me to…..I don’t want that….I want……you…..” Edward smiled and kissed my forehead, and then my lips. I looked down and grabbed his penis as I leaned against the edge of the spring, guiding his penis slowly into my untouched 21 year old flower. I let out a soft moan as his hand covered mine and he slowly entered me. I had never felt such a warm comforting feeling. It was as if it was what my body desired the most. He slowly started to thrust in a smoothe motion as he penetrated into my body deeper and deeper. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he kissed my neck while he explored my virgin body. We spent the next 15 minutes in the same position in what felt like it was 2 minutes. I told him I just wanted the position we were in since it was my first time. So he honored my wishes and continued on for half an hour until he was finally ready. “I want you to become one with me.” I moaned as he thrust with the last of his power. He kissed my lips as he finally ejaculated. Shooting his soul into mine in the form of his flood of semen. We layed there where my filled vagina was just out of reach of the water. He continued kissing my neck as I layed there and he pulled out his softening penis from my deflowered Muslim womb. After 5 minutes of us laying on the grass together he crawled over me and I looked at him with a loving gaze as I could feel his life force fermenting inside of mine, giving me a connection I had never felt in my life. As if he was now a permanent part of me. I rubbed his hair sleepily. “The barrier will go down soon….” he said. I just continued touching his blonde locks softly; looking into his shining blue eyes. “Just a little longer.” I said. We looked in eachothers eyes for another 5 minutes.”Come.” he said as he gently put my hands around his neck, sliding his arms under my legs and neck, getting up and carrying me to the hole. I just continued smiling at him, as he did to me. While I still kept his gaze, I hadn’t even noticed the barrier slowly fading as we went into the hole resting my head on his chest. He and I slept together in eachother’s arms for the night. As I awoke, I saw Edward gaziantep escort in the corner getting his armor on. “You’re leaving?” I asked. “The demon is lurking about outside. I’m gonna escort you out of here, then slay it.” “But I want to be with you.” I said imploring him not to chase it. “We will, my love. But I must do this.” We left the hole and he held my hand as we ran through the dark forest. This time the trees seemed lifeless, which for once was better. However, the air seemed thicker and darker. As we ran towards the barely visible edge of the woods a loud demonic roar shook the earth. We both looked back as a ghostly mist materialized behind us, taking the form of a large horned demon, that was half the height of the trees, and carried a golden sword. “Stand back!” Edward ordered me. He then ran towards the creature in an attempt to intimidate it. It was not phased and thus attacked him with it’s sword. After a fierce battle Edward pierced the demon’s heart making everything in the forest stop. Edward pulled his sword out and dark clouds began to swell around the dying demon. All of the evil in the forest began to amalgamate where he pierced the creature. “RUN GO!!!” Edward shouted as he tried to keep the screaming creature down while being swarmed. “But-” “I’ll be fine……Meet me at the White cliffs.” I did as he said and ran to the outside of the woods where I could finally see open sky. I turned around and saw a huge black explosion of all of the evil that was destroyed. I waited on the outside a whole three days for Edward in hopes that he would walk out. He never did. Eventually a carriage came across my location and the driver seemed to recognize me and escorted me to the castle where I told the King what had happened. He praised Edward’s bravery and sent me back to Arabia by request of my father. Over the next month after returning to Arabia my father planned my wedding with the prince of North Arabia. I was never into it in the first place; but now with Edward’s baby growing inside me, and not knowing my knight’s fate, my heart was somewhere else. Three months into my pregnancy and the night before I was to meet the prince and wed him; I escaped the castle, got rid of my hijab, and took a merchant ship to escape. Our two unstable lands went to war shortly after since I refused to marry the prince. I do not know what happened after. Such as my fathers fate or who won. I simply didn’t care, and I knew where I wanted to be… Over the next two months, I made the difficult trek through Europe, finally crossing the English Channel and arriving at the White Cliffs of Dover, where the only man who truly meant anything to me said he would waiting be for me. After two days of searching the nearby towns I had begun to lose hope. My growing stomach made it more difficult to travel. As the sunset began, I was out of breath on the top of the highest cliff when I saw a figure near the edge of it, looking out diligently to the ocean. His hair was short, but I made no mistake in seeing that it was my Edward. “My love!” I cried using my energy to run towards him. He turned in awe to see me. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He started to run towards me as I collapsed towards him, falling into his arms. “My Zaida.” He said with tears in his eyes.”I knew you would return.” He looked down and saw our baby that was inside my stomach. “My….my…” “Your baby.” I said, hugging him tighter. “My love. I’m so happy….but you mustn’t use any more energy.” He stood me up. “I just want to be with you here for a little longer.” I cried in his arms. He placed his hands on my waist. He only wore what looked to be rural clothing, so no iron glove was between us. “My darling, we can be here as long as we want.” He kissed my lips and knelt down to kiss my stomach. He got back up.”This is our home.” We looked back at the comfortable house that looked out across the Cliffs to the continent of Europe. I gave him a warm smile and looked into his eyes. “I want nothing more.” We embraced and walked in eachothers arms to the comfy home where we would raise our future family of 6. I had become genetically integrated into English society by having an English man’s baby. However, I wanted to become socially integrated. We married and I took Edwards’s surname. I also converted from Islam to Christianity. Lastly, I changed my name from Zaida to Sarah. I would finally be at peace as a true Englishwoman.

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