Halloween Sex Party

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After having been married for five years, Art and Rita were getting totally bored with life and each other. Their day to day life was without change, work, dinner, TV, bed (to sleep),sex twice a week. If that often. There had to be more. One fuck of a lot more.

One morning in the mail there was an invitation to a party at a friends house. It was to be a sexy costume party, dance, bring your own bottle, saturday nite. Just in time for Halloween

Rita called Shirley. “Morning dear, got your invite, who will be there and whats the deal?”

“Well,, there will be five other couples, three of them are swingers.” Shirley explained. “Costumes are to be sexy and revealing as possible. It will probally turn into a swap partner fucking party. But no one has to do anything that they don’t want to.”

“You know that I like to flirt, so does Art, but anything else Im not sure.” Rita said. “I haven’t been with anyone but Art since before we got married. Before him I had a few different lovers but none since.”

“Nothing can or will happen that you don’t want.” Shirley told her. “Come and enjoy the evening, you might supprise yourself and have some fun.”

After talking it over they decided to go and at least stay with each other and watch, or try a little lite fun if it felt OK. It might be interisting.

She called Shirley and said they would attend.

Art rented a devil outfit, that fit snuggly and showed his muscular body, even his cock and balls showed through the red satin shorts.

Rita dressed as a cat, black leotards, so tight that every thing showed. Her tits were medium size, nicely shaped, and very firm. She wore no bra or panties so her nipples almost poked through the thin material, and if you looked close you could make out the hair around her pussy.

Covering their costumes with long coats they left for the party.

When they arrived at Shirley’s, five couples were already there.

Shirley, dressed as a greek goddess in a gown so thin you could tell that she was bare under it. John, as tarzan in a leppard skin.

Bonnie and Roger as indians, Roger only wore a small loin cloth, that barely covered his prick. Bonnie’s loin cloth was mostly fringe, as was her top. Her tits showed when she moved.

James and Connie were cave people in fur wraps but Connie’s top covered only one breast, leaving one pretty tit for all to admire.

Gary and Grace were both dressed as skeletons, black skin tight outfits with white bones. It was very obvious that they wore nothing else, Gary’s cock was making a bulge and Grace’s ample tits showed very well.

Ralph and Sandy, dressed in roman togas that revealed as much as they covered. You could tell they also were naked under their togas.

Dancing and drinking, every one mixed and all were enjoying themselves. The drinks were very strong, and the lights were very dim. A few of the men got brave and started bahis firmaları feeling up the women as they danced.

Rita and Art were dancing together. They both had a few drinks and were getting high when she noticed that his cock was half hard and was bulging out of his tight pants.

“Is that for me, or is it from rubbing against Grace’s tits while you danced with her?” She asked him.

“Well she does have nice boobs.” Art replyed. “And she did let me feel them as we danced.”

“Go dance with some other girl, feel her tits and let her get your cock harder.” Rita said. “We’re here to party so lets have some fun.”

Art agreed and they moved to different partners.

Roger was dancing with Rita when he moved one hand to her tit, squeesing it gently. She offered no resistance to this so he pulled her ass in to rub his now hard cock against her pussy. She reached under his loin cloth and held his bare cock while they danced. It felt good.

With the lights so dim that one could hardly see anyone else. Art reached under Sandy’s toga to find her smooth bare behind. Caressing her ass with one hand he felt for her cunt with the other, inserting his finger between it’s lips he could feel the moist heat of her body. He hoped that Rita was getting some attention.

His cock swelled to it’s full lenth as Sandy unsnapped his fly and let it out to play with it, Sandy liked cock, as many different ones as possible. She was going to get fucked by this one tonight, she hoped.

The greek godiss opened her gown to allow the skeleton, Gary, full access to her lovely body. He took full advantage of the oppertunity by lowering his lips to her bare breasts and kissing them. While she rubbed his cock. The party was heading in the right direction, soon someone would do more, and the group will really swing.

Grace unzipped her costume, letting it slip off. Kneeling she raised James’ fur and started to give him a blow job in the middle of the floor while the other couples dancing around them. She wished the lights were a little brighter so the others could see, she liked to be watched while having sex, and liked to watch others.

Ralph’s prick was getting hard just dancing with Bonnie, her nipples were rubbing against his chest and her belly was pressed to his. Opening his toga he pulled her to his naked body and yanked off her loin cloth, lifted her up and impaled her pussy with his stiff cock, still dancing, they fucked. Bonnie and Roger had swapped with an other couple a few times but had never been to an open orgy before. Ralphs prick felt so nice in her and it excited her to know that she might get fucked by several different men tonight.

Connie wrapped her hand firmly around John’s prick. This was the first strange prick she had touched in four years, it felt good to her. Slipping out of her fur wrap, she jacked him off. She could tell by the sounds from around the room that kaçak iddaa the others were doing more than just dancing. the scent of sex was in the air. She and James had gotten stale lately and after getting invited to this party decided to open up to some new adventures.

Rita was getting so very worked up that she wanted to do more than just be fondeled, and play with a bare cock. In the dark she bumped into a figure kneeling on the floor. It was naked and giving someone a blow job. Envious of this person she stripped and kneeling started to suck on Roger’s hard cock. This prick tasted a little different than Arts but still very good. She wanted its cum.

Soon every one was totaly naked and sexualy active. In the darkness they switched around to different partners. Nobody was sure of who they were with, but nobody really cared.

Cunts got fucked and eaten, cocks fucked and got sucked, everybody did what they wanted and enjoyed what they did.

They formed all sorts of combinations with each other, threesomes, foursomes and more.

Finally the party broke up well after midnight.

Wearing only their coats over their naked bodies. Art and Rita drove home, not saying anything but holding hands. Get- ting into bed together, they kissed. Art getting hard again rolled between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy, they fucked slow and easy and after a beautiful climax they fell asleep.

Waking first in the morning, Rita went to get a very much needed coffee. Sitting naked at the table, deep in thought she didn’t notice Art until his hands grasped her tits from behind.

“Good morning sweets, I’ll get a coffee then we better talk.” he said. “Did you enjoy last night or not?” Squessing her tits gently he kissed her cheek and went to get a cup, setting next to her, he took her hand.

“Well,,,I don’t know,, for sure.” Rita told him. “It was different, stranger than anything we’ve ever done, but at least we did it together.” She asked “How do you feel?”

“It was exciting for me, men look at some things different than women do.” Art replyed. “I liked fucking those other girls but the most exciting thing was knowing that you were getting fucked by somebody at the same time.”

“Did that really turn you on?” She asked. “If it did, you will be glad to hear that it was several somebodys.”

“Several? How many? Please tell me about it all.” Art begged her and started to play with one of her tits with one hand, holding his now hard prick with the other.

“No, you tell me first.” Rita went to her knees. “What all did you do and to who?” and took his prick in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Well,, hon, I started dancing with you, then Bonnie in her indian outfit that covered nothing let me feel her tits then while dancing with Sandy I fingered her pussy. Did you know she shaves her pussy?

“I was looking for you, to check how far you wanted to go when I kaçak bahis saw you go down on Roger’s prick.” Art continued. “I was shocked at first, then thrilled to see you sucking some- one elses cock.”

“Then going to the floor with Sandy I started to eat her bare pussy. Boy was it nice with no hair to get in the way, maybe you should shave.” Art was getting close. “While I was licking Sandy someone started to suck on my prick, I’m not sure who it was. Then I was pushed away from Sandy and some- one started to fuck her.”

“Switching around in the crowd I had my cock in about ten pussys or mouths, and came three times, twice in cunts and once in a mouth.” He groaned. “As I’m cummin in YOURS..”

Art deposited a load of cum in Rita’s waiting mouth.

“Now it’s your turn.” he said. “How many somebodys?”

“the first cock I felt was John’s. While we were dancing he was squeesing my tits and I reached for him, his prick was so firm and I played with it. I knew then that I would fuck with any man in the room.”

“When we switched, I was in Roger’s arms and hotter than hell. I held his hard cock while he played with my tits.”

Rita pushed Art down between her legs. “Eat me!”

“We bumped into Grace giving James a blow job.” She sighed “I stripped and started to suck Roger’s stiff cock, while I was sucking Roger, Grace played with my nipples.”

“My mouth soon filled with Roger’s tasty cum.” Rita was enjoying talking about last night. “I wanted to get fucked next. Looking around I saw some man laying on his back, his prick sticking up. His face was covered by a woman sitting on it so I don’t know who it was. I lowered my hot cunt to it, eagerly covering this hard cock with my empty pussy. I was fucking myself on it, when a woman strattled my face and put her cunt to my mouth. Her cunt was dripping fresh cum so I licked it clean.”

“Oh, oh honey I’m coming.” Rita cried, and wrapped her legs around Art’s neck. “You’r still the best cunt lapper in town.” Rita started a series of climaxes that left her totaly drained.

Going back to bed they held and kissed each other for a while. Then Art reminded her that she hadn’t finished her story and he wanted to hear it all. All about how many cocks she had and if she liked them.

“Only if we fuck while I tell.” She said, reaching for his prick and guiding it to her pussy.

“After I licked that pussy, I sucked two more cocks and had a cock in me four different times. Some one would fuck me a little then switch with someone else. Two cocks came in my pussy and one in my mouth.”

“I sucked cock three times, had five hard cocks in me, I climaxed too many times to remember.”

“After the men petered out, the women got together in a heap and started to eat each others cunts. I sucked the cum from two more pussys while a couple of the girls sucked mine.”

“Thats about all, so now YOU fuck me.” she said.


After one of the best fuck sessions they had together in quite a while, Rita and Art decided to continue to party but with only one or two couples at a time. A large group was too hard to keep track of.

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