Halloween party – next day

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Halloween party – next dayI woke up the morning after my parents’ Halloween party, where I had been seduced by two older women, one dressed as a Princess and the other as a German Bier Maid. We all had our faces covered so nobody knew who the other person was. These two ladies hit on me and then we sneaked into my parents’ bedroom and had the most amazing sex. After fucking both ladies and cuming in one of them. I had found out that this woman was my mother, Mary! I might be a sick guy, but it really turned me on and I fucked her a second time and managed to cum in her again.When we left the room my mother snagged her hand in my fake beard and then she found it is her son that she just had fucked and got several orgasms. She quickly put the beard back before her friend saw me and then as we walked out of the bedroom she rubbed my cock and told me we needed to talk later.I did not see much of her the rest of the evening. I found out that the Princess was a newly divorced neighbor, Jane that had moved in about two years ago and I had never met her. Now I had met her and fucked her, but she did not know that it was her friend’s son.Even if I had cum twice that evening, I was so fucking horny when I went to bed. I was a bit nervous about what would happen next. I did not think my mother could or would tell my dad that she had sneaked off to fuck a stranger only to find out that the stranger was her own son. I was pretty sure she had not told Jane that they had fucked her son either.So I did not know what it would feel to see my mother in the morning. I feel asleep with a very hard erected cock, thinking about how great it had been to fuck my own mother and her friend. My only regret was that it had been over too quick and that I never got them naked or that I did not get to taste Jane. I had brought my mother to climax with my mouth before fucking her to more orgasms. I woke up the next morning with a massive hard on. It was throbbing and very hard. I longed to experience something like I had last night, but knew it would never happen again.I went to the bathroom and managed to pee. My erection went down and I heard my dad in the kitchen. He was happy to see me and told me that he was going out with some of the guys to play golf this morning and would not be home until the evening. I had some coffee with him before he left and we chatted about the party. He told me that my mother had been pretty wasted, but she seemed so happy the whole evening and crashed when she got in bed. He asked me to tell her that he would be gone until the evening, in case she forgot about his golf plans.The house was very still after he left. I sat in the kitchen and thought about what was next. After less than 5 minutes my mother came walking into the kitchen and asked how I was this morning. She did not let on what had happened last night. She poured herself some coffee and sat down at the table with me. I told her that dad had already left and he told met to let he know that he would be gone the rest of the day.My mother told me it had been a really fun party last night. I blushed and agreed.She looked me deep in my eyes and told me to come with her to the living room so we could talk. Oh, I felt like I was in trouble now.I walked behind my mother and watched her big wide as sway as she walking into the living room. She looked very sexy in her robe. The look was a classic glamour look, like a 40’s lady.She sat down on the couch and told me to sit down too. I sat next to her and I felt very nervous about this “talk”. I knew I was in for a lecture now.My mother started with that she knew what happened last night was wrong. She continued to talk about how a mother bursa escort and her son should never had any kind of sex together and that if she had known it was me in disguise, that she would not have had sex with me. Then in the next sentence she told me it had been so amazing and that I had been a great lover. She said that Jane had insisted on finding out how this “homeless – uncover stripper” was, she needed more of him. Mom said she did not know who she would avoid telling her about that they had fucked her son.I blushed when she told me this. My cock also reacted and I suddenly sat there next to my mother with a raging hard on again. My mother wasn’t looking at me so she had not seen that yet.My mother said she felt so bad about having sex with me and that it had felt so good. She said it was wrong on every level. She started to cry and saying that she probably had ruined my life.I got closer to her and started to rub her back with my hand. I told her it had been an accident and that I would be fine. I continued telling her that nobody had known, so it was ok. Maybe we would have felt different if she had known she was fucking her son. I blushed even more as I told her it had been an amazing experience and if she had not pulled off my beard by accident, we would have walked away happy with our experience. So I told her we should put it out of our minds. Her robe slipped down, without her noticing her left breast was exposed to me. Fucking hell, her tits were gorgeous. My cock was so hard that I wanted to run to my room and stroke it until I would get relief.My mother cried a little bit harder and I pulled her closer to me. She sobbed and said that she did not know how to make it up to me. I almost laughed when I said she had more than enough made up for it last night. Then I followed up with that we will simply forget that it every happened. She hugged me and had her head in my neck and answered that she did not know if she could forget it. So almost whispered that she had never enjoyed sex so much in her life as she did on the bed last night, how could she ever forget that and she was not even sure she wanted to forget it. She was so close to me that her big bosom was pressed into my chest and tummy. Her robe was open and her big breasts where touching my skin. I started to get so excited that I wanted to reach down and touch her breast, but it would have been so bad when she was so upset. I felt my cock moving and how it found its way out of my underwear shorts I was wearing. My cock was now exposed. I felt lucky that my mother had her face buried in my neck and could not see my hard cock. She was hugging me so hard that I could not move any hand between us to cover up my cock. I then felt on of her breasts touching the tip of my cock. I froze and sat perfectly still when my mother moved and her breast brushed over my cock head. It felt like she was caressing my cock. She kept crying, but now she was also moving a little bit more. It was like she was trying to figure out what her breast was touching. I felt her hard nipple on my head. Oh, I almost lost it then. Still I did not dare to move.My mother lifted her head and her breast left my cock. She looked at me in my eyes, did not say anything but lifted herself up a bit. She climbed up and put her legs on each side of my body. I felt her thigh touch my cock, then she repositioned herself and I felt her bush rubbing against my shaft and up to my big swollen cock head. She moved her hips and my cock head felt her pussy lips over my cock. She moved more and my cock found her wet opening. She still cried, but she moved her body in a fluid motion and my cock started to enter bursa escort bayan her pussy. It felt so good to be back in her body again. Without a word she had seduced me and was now fucking me again. She was still kind of crying or sobbing, but it quickly turn into moans. She impaled herself on my very hard big cock and then sat perfectly still. I was so deep in her body at this point. She started to kiss me and moaned as she started to move again. Oh, I could not believe that I once again was fucking my own mother. This time, she was pretty much naked except for the robe which was open so I had full access to run my hands over her bare ass and then up to her gorgeous breasts. I cupped them as she kissed me and grinded herself over my cock. I felt the bottom of her pussy, I guess I was massaging her cervix with my cock. She moaned and leaned her head back, I took the chance to get her nipple in my mouth and started to suck on her big hard nipple. She arched harder and called out that she was cuming!I sucked hard and looked to my side. Jane was standing next to us!She must have come in via the kitchen door. She smiled and motioned for me to pay attending to my mother. That did it for me. I could not hold back any longer and called out that I was cuming. It made my mother even more excited and she moaned and grunted something. Jane got closer and told my mother, -Mary, you bad girl, you did not call me to share this with me?My mother so excited that it seemed like she was in a trance looked at her with glossy eyes and answered that she had not planned this, it only just happened.I felt my cock empty out in my mother’s tight womb. She started to cum down from her orgasm and settled in on top of my cock, buried deep in her. She kissed me and whispered in my ear to be quiet.My mother told Jane that she had something to tell her, but that she needed to use the bathroom first. She got up and walked away with my cum running down her inner thigh. Jane looked at me as I sat leaning back on the couch with my cock half hard. She surprised me by walking up to me and getting down on her knees. She grabbed my cock and told me it was beautiful before she put it her mouth. I did not say anything. I was a bit too surprised and my mother told me to not say anything.As Jane sucked me, she reached down and pulled down her shorts and underwear. She motioned to me to lay down on the couch and then without letting go of my cock that was swollen and big again. She straddled my face with her ass and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I got my wish to taste Jane. I started out slowly with kisses and continued to lick her lips and then found her clit.I heard my mother return and starting to tell Jane before she was back in the room that we all needed to talk. I heard her stop mid sentence when she entered the room as saw Jane on top of me in 69 position, sucking my once again hard cock. My mother, said that talk would have to wait. I felt her sitting down on the couch next to my head and watch me eat this wet pussy. I saw my mother’s hand caressing her friends butt and then her finger moved down and slide into her wet pussy as I sucked on the clit.That did it for Jane. She started to cum so strong. She sucked my cock almost too hard as she was lost in her orgasm.After a couple of minutes she slowed down. She sat up on my face, but let go of my cock. She told my mother to move over, she wanted to be fuck missionary now. She laid down behind me and told me to climb on top of her. I did as I was told and entered her wet pussy. She pulled off her top and was now completely naked under me. I let my hands explore her body as I pumped my cock in and out of her escort bursa pussy. She moved her hips to met every thrust. I felt so good and I managed to last a lot longer now since I had already cum in my mother. Jane whimpered as she kept cuming. I looked over at my mother how urge me to cum in her! She asked Jane if she was ready to feel her pussy getting filled with cum?The answer was non-verbal, she thrust her hips into me and grunted.I relaxed and stopped fighting my oncoming orgasm and let go when the pleasure got too much.Jane hugged me and held me tight as we started to relax. She did not let me off her or let my cock leave her pussy. She told me to stay in her!Jane then looked at my mother with a big grin on her face. She asked my mother if she was going to introduce her to this amazing lover. She said she had trouble sleeping last night, she wanted to find out who this lover was and was pleasantly surprised to find us fucking when she walked in. She asked if my father knew that she was fucking this hunk on their couch when he was out golfing?My mother blushed as she told her friend that her hubby did not know and we could never tell him. Jane looked puzzled and said they always told each other everything. She said that my father always told my mother when he had been over at her house and fucked her. Jane said that my mother had told my father about the time when they fucked the three guys on their trip to San Diego.My mother blushed even more now.She told Jane that she had some chocking news about all this. I was still laying on top of Jane with my half erected cock in her pussy. She looked at me and said enough of this silly stuff, just introduce us please! She told my mother she could never chock her anyway.My mother sat up straight and asked Jane if she could keep this a secret the rest of her life?Jane said of course she could, but she wanted more of this wonderful sex!My mother looked at me and introduced Jane, – This is my neighbor Jane Blux, she moved in two years ago after her divorce and they had become very close friends as I could see.Then she looked at Jane and said: – This is Paul, he just moved back from the East Coast after finish college out there. Jane looked confused. Then she spoke, – Paul, isn’t that your oldest son’s name too?My mother then giggle and said, – Jane, you are now well acquainted with my son Paul!Jane had been wrong. She looked very chocked and surprised. Then she smiled and looked at me and said, – Paul, welcome home! It has been a Pleasure to met you and to have you make love to me!She looked at my mother and asked how long she had fucked her own son. My mother laughed, since last night. She explained that neither she or I had known what we looked like at the party and never suspected anything until my mother accidently snagged my faked beard when we left the master bedroom last night.My mother explained that we had sat down on the couch together to talk about what happened last night, and that she got upset and I had given her comfort. She could not really explain how she suddenly was riding my big hard handsome cock again. But since we had done it once, then why not do it again?Jane’s pussy started to move and I felt my cock getting massaged, which made me swell again. Jane kissed me and told me that I was the best son a mother could wish for. She said that I had to take the best care of my mother and always love her. I was so turned on by her kind words and started to fuck her with pride. Jane grunted and told me that I was welcome in her house any time I wanted to come over! She giggled and said not only was her door always open for me, she would spread her legs open for me anytime I wanted to cum!How my life developed after this, is a different long story. What I can tell you is that I loved ever moment that my dad was out of the house and many evenings when he was home, I spent time at Jane’s house instead……!

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