Halloween Hedonism

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Kara entered her house a little unsteadily. She had just gone to the third Halloween costume party of the week and was drunk as well as fed up. The party had been her friend Christine’s. “It’s all the same, every year,” she thought to herself. “I’m always the single woman at these damn things. I walk in, and everyone asks, ‘Who did YOU bring, Kara?’ Sheesh, why is it so important that I have to bring a date? Then there are the do-gooders who try to push me towards any single guy there, no matter HOW gross he is!”

She walked into her room and looked in the mirror. She had gone to the party as a French Maid (she knew it was a common costume, but didn’t care). Kara inspected herself from head to toe in the mirror. She had a black and white headband that was set in her long, brown, wavy hair. On her face, she wore sultry make-up: dark eyeshadow and eyeliner on her almond-shaped eyes, dark red lipstick on her pouty lips, and she had affixed a small birthmark to the left of her left eye. The makeup enhanced her best features without being too much. Her short black satin dress with a small white apron attached to it framed her curvy figure well, stopping just below her ass. It was low-cut in the front and the tops of her 36c breasts were showing. Her legs were encased in fishnet thigh-highs and showed off their shape nicely. On her feet were 3 ½ inch black high heels that made her legs look even longer than they were. Over all, she thought she was pretty hot. “Then why does it seem like everyone has someone except for me?” she cried to herself.

Just then, the doorbell rang. “Who on earth is ringing my bell at 2 in the morning? All the trick-or –treaters should be in bed by now”. Kara went downstairs and looked through the peephole in her door. It was Sandy, one of the women at the party who (of course) had been there with her boyfriend. Kara didn’t know her well, but she seemed nice enough. She opened the door, a little surprised. Sandy was still wearing her Halloween costume as well. “Hi Sandy, what are you doing here?”

Sandy replied, “You left the party so quickly that you forgot to take your jacket with you. When everyone was leaving, Christine found it underneath everyone else’s coats. Justin and I offered to bring it to you on our way home, since Christine had mentioned that you didn’t live far from us. I’m surprised you weren’t cold”.

“Thanks, you didn’t have to do that. I didn’t even feel the cold, to be honest with you. After having a few drinks at Christine’s party, I wasn’t feeling much of anything”. Sandy and Kara chuckled at Kara’s statement.

Kara though Sandy would turn around and leave, but she was still standing on Kara’s doorstep. “Uh, would you like to come in for a drink?” Kara asked.

“Sure,” said Sandy. “Let me get Justin out of the car and we’ll be right in”.

“Is Jack and Coke OK?”

“That’s fine,” Sandy replied.

Kara thought it was a little odd, but figured that the couple didn’t feel like going home yet. While Kara got them all drinks, she mused. When she had seen Justin at the party, she thought he was one of the best-looking guys there. Physically, he was her type. Justin was about 6’2, with short dark brown hair and olive skin. He had sexy green eyes that made him look like he was always thinking something naughty. He had wide shoulders and a broad back, but was not overly defined. From what Kara could see of Justin, he had nice legs- not bulky, but not skinny either. He was dressed as a vampire and looked alluringly wicked. Kara had gone up to him at the party without realizing that he was there with someone. When she had started talking to him, Sandy walked up to them and laced her arm through his.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed,” Kara said to them when she realized her faux pas. I didn’t know that you two came here together”.

“It’s OK,” Sandy laughed. “I’m used to women wanting Justin. It used to bother me, but now it doesn’t”.

“OK. Sorry again”. Kara walked away, red in the face. It figured that the one guy she wanted at the party was taken. After that incident, she had made a point to try to stay away from the couple, and that was just the beginning of her downward spiral at the party.

By the time Kara finished her thoughts and making the drinks, Sandy and Justin had entered her house and were comfortably ensconced on Kara’s couch. Kara entered the living room with the three drinks and set them down. She took a seat in the loveseat perpendicular to them. “So what did you think of Christine’s party?” Justin asked Kara.

“It was all right,” Kara replied. “I just hate it that I’m one of the only single women there and my friends try to push me towards any single male. It can get annoying. It seems that people think that just because I’m in my 20’s, I should be thinking of settling down with someone”.

“I used to have the same problem,” Sandy replied. “Before I met Justin a year ago, I was always getting invited to dinner parties where everyone was coupled up. The host usually invited one of their single male friends to be my partner, izmir escort but he always turned out to be a loser”.

The conversation continued and the their drinks soon emptied. Justin offered to refresh their drinks, so Kara pointed him in the direction of the kitchen, where everything was located. As soon as he left, Sandy came and sat next to Kara on the loveseat. “Justin thinks you’re beautiful, you know,” she said to Kara.

“Umm, tell him I said thanks, I guess,” Kara replied nervously.

“I think you’re beautiful too,” said Sandy. “As soon as I saw you talking to Justin at the party, I noticed how stunning you were. When Christine found that you’d left your jacket at her place, Justin and I jumped at the chance to bring it to you”.

Now Kara was getting a little uncomfortable. Through the haze of alcohol, she realized that Sandy was hitting on her, and she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. Kara had been propositioned by women and by couples before, but had never found any of them appealing enough to take them up on their offers. For the first time, she took a good look at Sandy. Sandy was a little shorter than Kara, about 5’3. She also had a more petite frame, but was curvy. Her dark red hair was in pigtails and a cheerleading costume was covering her small frame. Her warm brown eyes were large and were framed nicely by the delicate bone structure of her face. She had a light dusting of freckles across her small nose, which made her look cute and sexy at the same time. Over all, Kara could see why Justin was attracted to Sandy. They were opposites in looks, but complemented each other. She was small and perky with creamy white skin, and Justin was big, dark and sexy.

It was as though Sandy could tell what was going on in Kara’s mind. She could sense Kara’s conflict, and decided to sway Kara’s decision. Sandy took the sides of Kara’s face between her hands and guided her mouth to Kara’s. She softly touched her lips to Kara’s. When Kara didn’t pull away, Sandy increased the pressure a little and darted her tongue out. Kara opened her mouth a little and Sandy entered Kara’s mouth with her tongue. Kara began to kiss Sandy back. “Wow,” Kara thought to herself. “This is so different from kissing a man, but I like it.” Sandy started to get more aggressive and kissed Kara harder. She wrapped her arms around Kara’s neck and pulled her close. Sandy’s tongue was darting in and out of Kara’s mouth with regular, even strokes, mimicking the act of sex. Kara could feel it throughout her body.

Just then, Kara felt someone tugging at the hem of her dress, trying to lift it up while she was still sitting down. It was Justin, who had just entered the room after making the drinks. She had gotten so caught up in the sensuous feeling from Sandy kissing her that she had forgotten about him for a moment. Without breaking their kiss, Kara became the aggressor and leaned forward until Sandy was reclining on the couch. Kara was then able to get on her knees while kissing Sandy, and Justin lifted Kara’s dress to her waist. He started to rub his hands up and down her legs, giving her pleasant chills. Then his hand moved to her clit and rubbed her through her panties. Kara moaned in response against Sandy’s mouth. She hadn’t had any action in so long!

Sandy broke their kiss and said, “Can we go up to your bedroom?”

“Yes, but I want you to know that I’ve never been with another woman before, so you’re going to have to help me out here,” Kara replied.

“Don’t worry about it,” Justin said. We have it all under control”.

Kara led Justin and Sandy up to her room. When they got there, The couple helped Kara out of her dress, and divested themselves of their clothes as well. Kara took off her bra and thong and was about to take of her thigh highs and heels when Sandy said, “No. Leave those on. They look great on you”. They then had Kara stand at the end of the bed, one on either side of her. They both started to caress her body, and both of them moved down to her breasts to kiss and suck her nipples. The feeling Kara had from mouths and tongues licking and sucking each nipple was exquisite; she thought she was going to come right there.

Kara then felt Sandy’s hand massaging her shaved pussy. Sandy ran her hand around it, teasing her. Kara couldn’t take the teasing and thrust out her pussy so that Sandy knew she wanted more. Sandy spread Kara’s lips and felt her wetness. She then slowly dipped her finger inside of Kara and withdrew some moisture. Sandy took her finger, which was lubricated with Kara’s juices and began to rub Kara’s clit with it. It wasn’t long before Kara came from the stimulation of her nipples and clit. It was the first orgasm in a while that wasn’t self-induced, and Kara’s legs almost went out on her in the midst of coming. Justin gently guided her back on the bed while Sandy finished off Kara’s orgasm.

The next minute, Kara felt Justin’s mouth on her neck, lightly biting and sucking. He moved up to her mouth and kissed it roughly, alsancak escort arousing Kara all over again. Sandy continued to pay homage to Kara’s nipples by biting, caressing and licking them. Kara had never felt another woman’s breasts before, and reached down to Sandy to feel hers. They were not as big as Kara’s, but firm and full. Kara tweaked the nipple, which brought on a moan from Sandy. She moved her hand to Sandy’s other breast, exploring and caressing.

Justin took Kara’s free hand and guided it to his cock while he was kissing her. She wrapped her hand around his solid warmth and moved her hand up and down it. She then touched the tip of it with her fingers and felt his precum oozing out. Kara rubbed the precum all over the tip of Justin’s cock, making him gasp in response. He climbed up on the bed and straddled her face, making Kara’s hand lose contact with Sandy’s nipple. Kara grabbed his cock and pulled it hungrily towards her mouth. She licked the underside of his shaft slowly, and when she reached the tip she lavished it with her tongue, moving her tongue wetly around it. She put the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucked; Justin groaned in response.

Just then, Kara jumped a little in surprise as Sandy’s tongue touched her clit. Sandy licked all around: Kara’s lips, her inner thighs, her wet hole, until she returned to the little bud that brought Kara so much pleasure. Justin moved off of Kara so that he could watch his girlfriend go down on Kara. He lay on his side with his cock in Kara’s face. Kara resumed sucking him while Sandy went down on her. Kara began licking the tip again, and took it in her mouth. She slowly sank her mouth down the shaft of his cock and sucked while going back up it again. Kara continued sucking in this fashion while fondling Justin’s balls.

Meanwhile, Sandy flicked her tongue back and forth across Kara’s clit, feeling it get harder and bigger. Sandy took one of her fingers and inserted it into Kara’s wet pussy. She then inserted another one in, and felt the Kara contract around her fingers. Sandy pumped her fingers in and out slowly while licking Kara’s little bud; she gradually started to move faster. The faster Sandy finger-fucked Kara, the harder Kara sucked on Justin. Soon Kara’s hips began to buck and her legs shook with her second orgasm of the night. In the same moment, Justin spewed his cum in Kara’s mouth, and it was so unexpected that some of it dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. Spent, Kara and Justin lay back, panting.

Sandy wasn’t ready to stop just yet, as she had yet to be satisfied. She moved up to where Kara was lying down and began licking Justin’s cum off of her chin. She moved to Kara’s mouth and again began kissing her; the taste of Justin’s cum mixing with Kara’s juices from Sandy’s mouth. The scent and the taste of herself on Sandy’s tongue was arousing Kara again. She could feel her body getting warm. Just then Sandy lay down and pulled Kara on top of her. Kara broke their kiss and moved her mouth to Sandy’s neck, nibbling on it. She kissed and nibbled a trail down to Sandy’s breasts, and took one nipple in her mouth. She gently brushed her teeth against the tip of Sandy’s nipple, and then moved to the other breast to do the same to that one. Kara opened her eyes and looked to see if Sandy was enjoying it. Sandy was grasping the sheets with her hands, her eyes closed. Kara saw this as a good sign. She also saw Justin watching the two of them while he had his hand on his cock, rubbing it. “You two look so hot togethe,r” he said. “I want to watch while you eat her pussy”.

After Justin said that, Kara needed no further encouragement and continued her oral journey down Sandy’s body. When she got to the apex of Sandy’s thighs, she wasn’t sure what to do, but figured that she would try to do to Sandy what she liked having done to herself. She ran her tongue along Sandy’s hipbone, going down to her pussy lips. Kara teased Sandy the way Sandy had teased her, kissing all around her pussy, but not quite touching her clit just yet. Sandy was writhing on the bed. “Please, please kiss my clit!” she begged.

Kara obliged and darted her tongue out to touch Sandy’s clit. She then spread Sandy’s legs wider so that she could have access to her hole as well. Kara then had her first taste of a female’s pussy juice aside from her own. It was tangy but kind of sweet- not unpleasant at all. She licked around and in Sandy’s hole and then moved her tongue up to her clit. She gave Sandy’s clit a couple of flicks with her tongue, making Sandy buck her hips. Kara decided to stop teasing Sandy and put her mouth over Sandy’s little clit. She began to suck it softly while flicking her tongue over it, keeping her mouth closed the whole time. Kara then ran her tongue over and around Sandy’s clit, making her even wetter.

Kara took a finger while her tongue was playing with Sandy’s nub and put it in her wet pussy. Slowly, she moved it in and out, in and out, driving Sandy crazy. “Faster, faster!” Sandy cried. buca escort Kara obliged her and hastened her ministrations to Sandy’s pussy. She stuck another finger inside Sandy, making her feel fuller. While Kara did this, she looked up to see Sandy shaking her head back and forth. Her chest and face were becoming a rosy color. Kara realized that Sandy was about to come, and voraciously sucked on Sandy’s clit. Kara felt Sandy’s pussy contracting around her fingers with the onset of her orgasm, along with more fluid gushing from her now-soaking hole.

“For your first time, you sure seemed like you knew what you were doing,” Sandy gasped, still coming down from her orgasm high.

“Thank,s” Kara replied. “I’m not finished yet, though”. With that statement, Kara climbed on the bed and had Sandy straddle her face while Kara lay on her back. Kara grabbed Sandy’s hips and pushed them so that her pussy was over Kara’s mouth. “Mmmmm, I love the taste of your pussy. I want to lick up all of your come now and make you come again”.

Kara began licking the juices off of Sandy’s inner thighs, working her way towards her soaked pussy. Justin had been watching and stroking himself while the two women played, and was now rock-hard again. He put on a condom and climbed on the bed between Kara’s legs. He entered her while she was eating out Sandy. Kara didn’t expect it and grunted in surprise and pleasure at the first thrust of Justin’s cock inside of her, but continued licking and sucking on Sandy.

Justin pumped away inside Kara’s lovebox and starting rubbing her clit as well. Kara was already turned on from her oral attention to Sandy’s cunt, and was very close to coming. After a few minutes of Justin fucking and rubbing her, Kara started moaning against Sandy’s pussy. The vibrations from Kara’s mouth against her clit sent Sandy into an orgasm as well, and the two women came together, bucking and spasming. Sandy rolled off of Kara and lay there for a minute while Justin continued to fuck Kara. “I’ll be right back,” Sandy said, getting off of the bed.

After Sandy left the room, Justin maneuvered around so that he was lying down and Kara was on top of him, facing away. “Ride my cock, baby”. Kara started moving her hips up and down while she was on top of him. He wet his index finger and placed it on her asshole. “I’m going to stick my finger in your tight little hole”, he said. He slowly eased his finger inside her while she moved up and down his pole. Once it was in, she changed to a rocking back and forth position so that Justin’s finger pumped in and out of her while his cock was inside of her. He then inserted a second finger, which made Kara rock faster. She took one of her hands and rubbed her clit while being fucked this way.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good. I’m going to come again!” she squealed. Justin pistoned his fingers in and out of her harder and faster, bring on yet another orgasm in Kara.

“Turn around and ride me,” Justin ordered when Kara came down. She obeyed and rode his cock while facing him. She leaned over so that he could bite and lick her nipples while she fucked him. She heard Sandy enter the room, but was too busy concentrating on the feel of Justin’s cock inside of her pussy to acknowledge Sandy. She felt Sandy climb on the bed behind her and probe at her ass with something. Kara turned around to see what Sandy was doing, and saw that Sandy was trying to stretch Kara’s ass with her fingers to accommodate the strap-on dildo that she had on.

“Where did that come from?” Kara asked.

“I usually bring it with me when we go to parties. You never know when it’s going to come in handy,” she said with a wink. “Just relax and let it happen. I made sure it’s well-lubed and I’ll go slowly”.

Kara turned back towards Justin, who held her hips still so that Sandy could enter her asshole with the strap-on. She pushed the tip of the fake cock in and met with resistance. “Just relax,” Justin said. He pulled her forward and kissed her, making her concentrate on that instead of on Sandy trying to fuck her ass.

Sandy again tried and slid the tip inside of Kara. She then let Kara adjust to the feeling of the cock in her ass, and slid it in a little at a time, until it was up to the hilt. “Ahhh, I feel so full,” she said.

When it seemed that Kara was okay from both cocks in her, Justin slowly pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Soon Sandy joined in, pumping in Kara’s ass whenever Justin pumped out. They continued in this manner, rhythmically going in and out, until Kara was about to scream from the dual stimulation. “Faster, please, faster!!! I wanna come again!” Kara yelled. Justin and Sandy continued the rhythm, except that it was faster this time. “Ohhhhhhh, I’m coming!” Kara howled.

After Kara came, Justin and Sandy withdrew from Kara’s orifices. Sandy took off the strap-on and Justin took the condom off of his still hard cock. He stood over Kara and Sandy and ordered them to play with each other’s pussies while he jerked himself off in their mouths. He jerked off while they licked and sucked his cock and played with each other. He spewed his semen all over their mouths, and they kissed each other with Justin’s sperm between the two of them, all the while fingering each other. Kara and Sandy kissed and masturbated each other until they both had another orgasm.

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