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I have talked previously about my good friend Tina. We have been friends for many years now and I have also always got on very well with her parents.Tina is aware that her father flirts a little with me, she has done for some time, but that is all she knows.Tina’s mother Jill, is also a friend of mine and we often meet for a coffee if I am in the area.Her mother has always been a hairdresser. In fact, she has made a very good living inviting people into her home for a haircut and occasionally traveling to people’s homes to cut their hair. It has often led to her cutting the hair of the whole family, which is very lucrative.A few years ago, Tina was working in London and her mother and father were about to go to Spain for a two-week holiday, somewhere near Alicante I believe.Under usual circumstances, Jill would reduce her hair appointments to only one or two and Tina would be able to stand in for her. She would then catch up and have a busy couple of weeks when she returned home. However, with Tina unavailable she would need to ask someone else to stand in for her.Her flight was cancelled, and she ended up having to move her holiday by over two weeks. This played havoc with her booking calendar, and she ended up having five appointments that she would either need someone to stand in for, or risk she may lose them to competition. Once you lose a client as a hairdresser, there is a high chance you lose them for good.The five appointments that were still in the calendar were old friends. A couple that she would usually travel to their home to cut their hair, and then three other people who all had their hair cut at the same time each month: creatures of habit you might say.She arranged for the couple to travel to her, then she worked on Tina to make it to her house to cover the remaining appointments. But Tina was simply unable to get away from work.So, in her desperation, she asked me.My first response was, “You’ve got to be joking!” I’m no hairdresser.But Jill invited me over for a coffee and told me all about the clients and their needs.The married couple were in their sixties. The lady would simply need a shampoo and hair dry, maybe a small trim around the ears and fringe. The gentleman of the couple always had a basic haircut using the bahis şirketleri hair trimmers on a number two setting. I had to agree that it all sounded very simple.The other three were all men. Again, in their fifties and sixties and with receding hairlines (she showed me pictures of them). So my job here was simply to trim around and over the ears, thin out the top and sides and charge them a little less than usual so that she kept all of them in her calendar.Jill also told me I could keep all the money; she just wanted to keep them as customers and not let them down. I was surprised that they couldn’t just simply wait for her to return, but apparently that was not an option.So after some coffee, talk and persuasion, I agreed to stand in. Jill then made a quite interesting comment, that got me thinking.“The boys are all fun, they enjoy having a coffee, letting me wash their hair and having a good talk while they are in the chair. They can be quite flirty, but they are harmless so don’t worry. They enjoy me washing their hair slowly and giving them a little head massage as I do so. So if you are comfortable doing the same as I do, then I’m sure they would enjoy that. Otherwise just be your usual chatty self and I’m sure they will also give you a little tip.”I started to drift off into dreamland halfway through Jill’s story, thinking about older strangers flirting with me while I massaged their heads and cut their hair. As you know, I am somewhat partial to an older man. Suddenly, from initially dreading it, I was now rather looking forward to it.As the time came closer, I remembered that I was no hairdresser, and I couldn’t have been more relieved when Jill phoned me to tell me that the couple who were called John and Sheila, had cancelled. I no longer needed to travel to their house to cut their hair.The only stand ins that I now had were the three older guys, and a friend of Jill’s called Elaine, who was still yet to confirm.A couple of days before Jill went away, I went over to her house to get familiar with the processes.Jill set up her kitchen as the hairdresser’s salon. She placed a chair in the middle of the room and used the kitchen sink, which was just behind the chair for washing and rinsing hair. Along the side of the worktops, bahis firmaları she used the kitchen electric sockets to plug the trimmer and hairdryers in. The kitchen had a hard floor, so it would be easy to vacuum the cut hair from the floor after. She provided me with a number of towels, gowns, shampoo, some hair gel, brushes for their necks and tissues, as well as the shower head for the kitchen sink taps. I was ready.I had a list of the three names who would be arriving at Jill’s house in the first week of her holiday. There were no appointments for week two.James was due to arrive on Tuesday at six o’clock, he drove over straight from work. Lee was on Wednesday at one o’clock in the afternoon and Colin followed at four o’clock, also on Wednesday.I had yet to hear from Elaine at this point, so I concentrated on how I would wash and cut the guys’ hair.Jill left me a key to her house, so I arrived there on Tuesday around four o’clock to set up for the appointment with James two hours later.The night before the first haircut on Monday evening, I started to have little fantasies about how I could maybe flirt and tease James a little the next day. I had never met him before, but from his picture, I remember he looked in his early sixties and was very smiley. A little bit plump, but somewhat attractive, to me at least.I considered what I might wear that would draw his eye and encourage him to flirt a little. I’m such a bad girl!Eventually however, I decided on a white t-shirt and leggings; nothing particularly sexy, but something loose and comfortable. I didn’t want to get in a bad situation and cause Jill to potentially lose her customer. I had to remain professional.I did however wear a black bra under the t-shirt, which was very visible. I would watch out to see if this caught his eye, but otherwise I would be a good professional, well-behaved adult!Tuesday evening arrived and I was ready. Chair in place, towels and gowns ready, hairdryer and trimmers all plugged in.A car pulled up and soon James was ringing the doorbell. I went to the door and answered it.“You must be Beth,” James said, as he stepped inside holding out his hand to shake.“And you must be James,” I said, as I shook James’ hand and led him into the kitchen.We small kaçak bahis siteleri talked for a few minutes and I put on the kettle to make James a cup of tea, which he preferred over coffee.James settled into his chair and I let him have some time to drink his tea before I started by washing his hair.“So James, what can I do for you today?” I asked.I continued by Jokingly asking, “Would you like a perm? Or perhaps I could dye your hair blonde and get you ready for a weekend party?”  James laughed and replied, “Just the usual trim will be fine, and a hair wash of course. Jill does a wonderful hair wash.”“No problem,” I said, and I positioned James in the chair with his head back over the sink.I ran the water to a little hotter than warm, then rinsed his hair over the sink.I then applied shampoo to his hair and gently rubbed it in to his head, washing his hair but also caressing his head as I did so, as Jill had suggested.“Beth, that feels amazing, thank you,” James said.“I’m glad you like it, I’m not a qualified hairdresser like Jill, but she pointed me in the right direction and I don’t want to disappoint you or Jill,” I responded.“A beautiful thing like you washing the hair of an old guy like me could never be disappointing, believe me,” James said, and we both laughed.He was flirting, and I was enjoying it.“Are you ready for me to cut your hair or would you like me to continue washing for a few more minutes?” I asked.“Oh, does it have to end?” James asked, jokingly.“I can continue for a little longer. It’s no problem for me,” I said.James settled back down, so I continued for a little while longe. He was obviously enjoying it, and so was I.I couldn’t be sure, but what looked like an erection was forming in his trousers. He didn’t seem to want to hide it either!I walked around him and continued to slowly caress his head as I worked in the shampoo. As I walked around him, I kept my body close to his. His eyes followed my top around. My black bra was visible through my top as I mentioned and James was clearly enjoying the view.I rinsed the shampoo out of James’ hair and used a towel to dry him off a little. I then prepared the trimmers ready to buzz his hair through.I had an idea. If I removed my bra while I was behind him and he was drying his hair, what would he do? Would he comment if he noticed? He surely couldn’t complain about it, so I decided to go for it.“Would you mind just drying your hair for a minute while I get my phone from my bag James?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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