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Self Shot

Subject: Gymnastics Practice: Chapter One Gymnastics Practice; Chapter One I’m Billy. I’m 27 years old, 5 feet six inches tall, 150 pounds, Blue eyes and blond hair. Smooth muscled body and nice bubble butt. I’m a gymnast . When I was eighteen, I had a strong chance of making the USA Olympics team. I worked out six days a week building my strength and honing my event skills. Being a college student and working part time, I had to make special arrangements for access to the gym. My coach gave me a key so I could get in after hours. One night I rushed to the gym after work. I opened my gym bag and discovered my gym clothes weren’t there. I had left them in the laundry. I didn’t have time to go home to get them. I needed to use my time practicing. So, since I was there all alone, no one would see me if I worked out naked. My favorite event is floor exercise. Least favorite is still rings. For me, rings is pure torture. I like and do well on pommel horse, high bar and parallel bars, but floor exercise is my passion. it is like flying when I do my tumbling passes. So that night I did my tumbling passes in the nude. It was amazing. The freedom I felt flying through the air with the breeze against my bare skin was exhilarating. From that night on, I worked out naked. This particular night, I was working on my floor routine. It was really a good routine with some difficult tumbling moves and my own twist on some common acrobatics. I had just completed my final tumbling pass and stuck the landing when I found myself face-to-face with my coach. My first thought was “Oh shit, I’m in trouble now for working out naked”. But no sooner had I competed the thought than I was aware that he was naked too. This had barely had time to register on my brain when he reached out and took me in his arms. I was in a state of shock. I didn’t know what to do. He gently kissed me on my lips. I relaxed a little. Coach was 36 yo, about 5’9″ tall. He had dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a smooth, muscular body with well developed biceps, pecs, thighs and a great muscular butt. I had always found him attractive, but he was the coach. Now he was holding me in his arms and kissing me. I melted into his arms. My arms went around him and held him close. I parted my lips and allowed his tongue to tease mine. I sucked on his tongue and my tongue followed his into his mouth where he sucked on mine. His left hand was on my naked ass pulling me tightly against his groin. I was getting hard. I ground my hips into his groin. My hard cock was leaking precum. Coach took a step forward which threw me off balance. He was still holding me tightly as he laid me back onto the gym mat. I lay on my back and he was on top of me. His blue eyes were looking into my blue eyes. He smiled and leaned down and kissed me again. I returned his kisses, sucking his tongue into my mouth. This was a dream come true. His kisses and the touch of his naked body on mine had really turned me on. My hard cock was throbbing between us and leaking like an open faucet. Coach broke the kiss and moved his body lower on mine. He kissed my neck. He moved lower and kissed and sucked my left and then right nipple. He kissed his way down my abdomen, tickled my navel with his tongue and moved lower. My hard cock was leaking in anticipation. His lips reached the head of my cock. He kissed it. It throbbed and leaked more precum. He licked up the puddle of precum I had created on my stomach. His tongue tickled my dickhead and his lips closed around it. He bathed the head with his tongue, poking his tongue in my piss slit. He slowly lowered his head as he took the length of my hard cock in to his mouth. His tongue swirled around the shaft as it pushed toward his open throat. He reversed his motion and slowly slid his mouth back up the hard shaft. He continued repeating this movement. I was on the edge of cumming. He must have sensed this as he moved his head up, releasing my cock, bursa escort and was again face to face with me. He kissed me again and I reciprocated. Now he sat up on his knees between my legs. He caught the back of my knees in his hands and raised them bringing my asshole into his view. My weight was on my shoulders and I was looking between my spread knees into his beautiful blue eyes again. He smiled at me and lowered his face to between my butt cheeks. He licked my puckered hole. My initial instinct was to tighten up which it did. But, as his tongue massaged my rosebud, it began to relax. As it relaxed, his tongue pushed inside. His warm tongue was bathing the entrance to my ass. It felt great and I wanted more, more than his hot tongue could provide. I wiggled my ass letting him know I wanted more. He looked at me and smiled again. He lowered my knees and lined up his hard cock with my eager, hungry hole. Our bodies had been so close together since this began, I had not seen his cock. I did not know what he had for me, but whatever it was, I wanted it. All of it. And I wanted it now. He gently pushed forward and his hard cock entered my ass. It was a little painful, but I still wanted it. I took a deep breath and he pushed a little further as I exhaled. Again I took a deep breath and he pushed further in. Once more I breathed deeply and he pushed all the way in. I could feel his wiry bush of pubes pressing against my butt cheeks. His hard cock filled my ass and felt good. I squeezed my sphincter muscle around his cock and it throbbed inside me in response. Coach leaned down between my knees and kissed me again. Then he began to slowly work his cock in and out of my ass. He would pull back until just the head was inside me, and then slowly push forward until he was buried to the hilt. I would rotate my hips so I could fell his manhood hitting every part of my insides, especially my prostate. When his cock glided across my prostate, my cock would pour out precum which fell onto my stomach. I was creating quite a puddle again. Gradually, his in and out motions increased in speed. We were still looking into each others eyes as he plowed my eager ass. His breathing became faster. Finally, he rammed his hard cock into my ass hard and held it there as I felt his cock emptying his cumload into me. He pushed at my ass again and again filling my hungry hole with his warm cum. I wanted more of him. I wanted him to fall completely into my ass and fill me with himself and stay there. That’s how good it felt. But, eventually his orgasm faded and he relaxed on top of me. He was still breathing heavily as he lay on top of me. His cock was still in side me, but it was getting soft. I didn’t want to lose it, but it finally popped free of my ass. I could feel cum leaking out of my ass, running between my butt cheeks onto the gymnastics mat. I would need to clean that up, but later. Coach seemed to have caught his breath. He raised up on his elbows and gave me a quick peck on my lips. He hopped off me, reached down and offered me a hand to help me up. I wanted to continue lying there lost in the emotion and pleasure I was feeling, but this was Coach. I gave him my hand and he pulled me to my feet. He gave me another quick kiss, slapped me on my butt and said “Hit the showers, kid.” I was disappointed that what had been so enjoyable was over. I wanted it to go on and on and never stop. But I obeyed Coach and headed for the locker room. I could tell he was following me but he went into his office on the way. I picked up a towel and went into the showers. The shower room was a fairly large, tiled room with shower heads spaced about every three feet on all the walls. The gymnastics team or PE classes would shower in mass. Everybody could see everybody else. We all knew who had what and how big their dick was. Yes, there were some guys whom I found very attractive, but I never fooled around in the showers with any bursa escort bayan of them. I never saw anyone else fooling around either. I turned on the shower and felt the warm spray wash over me. It felt good to wash away the sweat of my workout, both gymnastic workout and Coach workout. I soaped my body starting at my shoulders and working my way down. After washing my legs and feet, I returned to my groin area to give it special attention. There was still some cum leaking from my ass. I reached back and washed it away, rubbing my fingers across my rosebud hole. Suddenly, there were arms around me. It startled me and I looked over my shoulder to find it was Coach. He was still naked. I guess he needed a shower too after our workout. He turned me to face him. He had both of his hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me tightly against him. He kissed me deeply. It was a passionate kiss and I kissed back. He pulled at my butt and ground his groin into mine. I was getting hard agin. The warm water spray felt good on my backside and splashed across Coach too. Coach removed his hands from my ass and placed them on my shoulders. Looking into my eyes, he forced me down onto my knees. I was staring at his erect cock. This was the first time I had actually seen it. It was nice! About 9 inches and thick, circumcised. His bush was dark brown and covered the area around the base of the beautiful cock and his balls. His balls were large, like goose eggs in a bag that hung loosely between his legs. No wonder I had enjoyed our previous encounter. Coach broke my staring at his manhood by placing his hand on the back of my head and pulling my face into his groin. He smelled of sex. He had not yet showered and his manhood was still ripe with my ass and his cum. There was cum on his ballsack. My tongue reached out and licked it. It tasted good. I licked again. I tried to suck one of his balls into my mouth but it was too big, so I licked it all over, making it clean. Then I did the same to the other ball. Coach’s cock was rising over my nose. I licked my way up his harding cock to the head. It was round and purple-red like a large plum. I licked around it. I licked his pee hole and tried to push my tongue into it. It throbbed at the touch of my tongue. I opened my lips and slipped the cockhead between them. I swirled my tongue around the large bulbous knob. Again it throbbed. Coach’s hand was on the back of my head and pushed my head down onto his manhood. It was large, but I wanted it. The head touched the back of my mouth and Coach continued to push. I relaxed my jaw and the cocked entered my throat. He pushed until his wiry pubic bush was pressed into my nose and lips. I swallowed to massage the hard cock in my throat. Coach pulled his hips back and his cockhead slipped out of my throat. He pulled back until only the large bulbous cockhead was in my mouth and then he pushed forward again. I didn’t need any encouragement. I knew how this worked. I opened my throat and took the cockhead all the way. As soon as it bottomed out, I reversed and pulled back until only the cockhead was in my mouth. My head was moving and Coach’s hips were moving. We had this cocksucking maneuver down. Coach’s large balls were slapping against my chin and the hairy sack was tickling my neck. I placed my hands on Coach’s smooth, muscled butt cheeks. While he was pulling the back of my head into his groin, I was pulling his butt cheeks to bring his groin into my face. Coach was grunting as he slammed his cock into my throat. I could feel it swell. Suddenly, he crammed it all the way in and held my face tightly against him. His cock pumped a load of hot cum into my throat. I swallowed even though it was already on its way to my stomach. Again, his cock unloaded another volley of cum. My tongue was massaging his cock shaft and I could feel with my tongue each time a load of cum was discharged into my hungry throat. After a few escort bursa more weaker loads, Coach relaxed his hold on my head. I still hung onto his butt to ensure I didn’t miss a drop of his cum. I could feel his cock begin to soften and I allowed to slip out of my throat. I sucked it dry of any residual cum before I let it leave my mouth. When his cock dropped out from between my lips, I looked up at Coach. His head was rolled back. I raised myself up from my knees until I faced him. This time, I initiated the kiss and he returned it. He held me tightly against his smooth, muscular body and I held him tightly against mine. The shower water was beginning to turn cold. We rinsed off quickly and went into the locker room to dry off. Coach grabbed my towel and dried my body. When he was finished, I dried him. “You didn’t cum.” said Coach. “No. It’s okay.” I said. “It’s not okay.” said Coach. “Let me take care of you”. Coach led me over to a locker bench. His hands on my shoulders guided me to sit on the bench. He turned my body so it was lying stretched out, parallel to the bench. Then he straddled the bench and scooted up between my legs. He leaned down and took the head of my soft dick between his lips. His touch was like a shock of electricity on my dick. It immediately began to rouse. He licked my dick head, tickling my piss hole with his tongue. My dick began to extend, getting stiffer under his ministrations. When my circumcised dick had reached it’s full six inch length and average girth, Coach’s mouth slowly slid down on my dick until his lips were against the smooth shaven base of my dick. Coach’s tongue massaged the underside of my dick as his mouth moved up and down the hard shaft. I placed my hands on the back of his head, but did’t apply any force. He knew what he was doing and how to do it. It didn’t take long for his efforts to have the desired result. My horny dick swelled in his mouth and spurted a load of cum toward his throat. He swallowed my cum and continued his up and down motions, rubbing his tongue on my cock shaft. Another burst of cum shot out of my hard dick, then another, and another. My body shuddered at the intensity of my orgasm. Coach held on to my hips as my hips reacted to the explosion of cum from my balls out through my dick into his waiting mouth. I really wanted Coach’s hard cock to fill my ass again, but I had already drained two cum loads from his heavy balls. I didn’t want to wear him out. As my orgasm faded, Coach continued to suck my softening dick, draining any residual cum. When I finally relaxed from the orgasm, Coach lifted his head, letting my soft dick fall on my thigh. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I had never experienced such a fantastic feeling. Sure, I had been fucked a few times, and had some blow jobs, but this was the ultimate. Coach moved forward and kissed me softly. I opened my mouth to invite his tongue inside, but he didn’t want to start another round of sex, so he left it at a soft, short, lip kiss. Coach sat up on the bench, grabbed my wrists and pulled me up to a sitting position. “We need to get dressed.” he said. “I’ve got to lock up.” We both got off the bench. I went to my locker. Coach went to his office. When I was dressed, I went by his office to say goodnight. He was dressed and ready to leave. We walked across the gym to the exit door together. “Am I in trouble for working out naked?'” I asked. “No.” said Coach. “I’ve been watching you work out naked for weeks. I’ve enjoyed the show. It just took me awhile to work up the courage to approach you.” “I’m glad you did.” I said. ” Can we do this again?” “I think we are going to do this again, a lot.” said Coach. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked out the door together. ************************************************************* My relationship with Coach didn’t stop there. I will continue to share our adventures in future episodes. Consider supporting Nifty with a financial contribution. You are enjoying and getting off on reading our stories, or you wouldn’t be here. Pay a little for your entertainment. It takes time and server rental to provide this website. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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