“GROCERY SHOPPING” is our code word

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“GROCERY SHOPPING” is our code wordThis is a true story, but I will switch names and locations in order to ensure no one can be identified.Sherry is a married mother of one. Sherry has been married twice. In her first marriage, she was married to a guy mostly out of religious obligation. Her religion prompted her to marry young and the relationship never really worked out which prompted her to be divorced prior to having any c***dren from the relationship. Sherry remarried at an older age – in her 40’s – and that relationship seems to be going OK because they are still married. They got pregnant and she had one k**. Unfortunately, she had a history of family genetic issues which pretty much made it difficult if not impossible to get pregnant again. Sherry and her husband are aging, have one young k** and can’t produce any more. Sherry and I always chatted at work as just friends. Along with another friend, Tania, we hung out a lot after work for drinks and food. Typically we’d go out for Brazilian buffet or mixed drinks on the weekend. Tania traveled a lot and she wanted to plan a trip where we’d all go, either on a cruise or by plane to South America so we could relax, but the timing never really worked out well for Sherry because she had to bee a homemaker for her young one and never had the extra money to really do that level of travelling. Sherry would always tell me how difficult things were considering her family’s health issues and I’d just listen to her and let her vent. I am younger than Sherry and Tania. They are both more than 15 years older than me: mature women while I’m only in my late 30’s. Sherry and I started getting closer and more intimate and I developed desires for her. She was definitely a MILF. Matured woman with a full body. Brunette. Sexy legs, a juicy thick ass and breasts. I think she was most attracted to me because I was young, tall, strong and I listen to her while her husband was less attentive – paying more attention to sports. To make a long story shorter, things escalated between us when Sherry broke the rules of intimate contact by joking and flirtingly grabbing my arm with a smile on her face while we were joking about issues over drinks at our favorite bar. As soon as she did kaçak iddaa this I gave her a look. It was a piercing look. that wiped the smile off her face because she knew exactly what I wanted to do to her. I’d say that the energy between us changed immediately and she immediately pulled away and sipped her drink trying to downplay it while I continued to covet her with my eyes. As designated driver, I dropped Tania at her apartment first and then took Sherry home to drop her off. Before we reached her neighborhood, I pulled over to a parking lot and told her I wanted to talk to her. One thing led to another and we started holding hands. She was reluctant because she’d mentioned that she’d never cheated before and I joked: “there’s a first time for everything”. I led her into what she wanted to do. Seduced her with gentle touch and soft words. She didn’t put up much resistance and I didn’t have to apply much force. She knew exactly what was about to happen…We got out of the car, adjusted the seats to the full front position and got in the backseat of the car. At first we started with hand holding, but that quickly turned into rubbing and then, before you knew it, I was kissing her on the mouth and feeling up her breasts. At first she was somewhat resistant but she became more and more pliable. I had her straddle me as we kissed and pushed my penis into her body – penetrating her. I didn’t bother pulling off her panties… Just pulled them to the side and then poked into her pussy lips. She started moaning immediately and I began to thrust into her while she bucked her hips. Her arms were around the back of my head and my tongue was in her mouth as we kissed and the grinding of our bodies got faster and more violent as she squeezed out an orgasm. She came all over my penis and her moist pussy wet up my lap and backseat. After a few more minutes of thrusting I told her I was going to cum and she told me she wanted to feel me cum inside her. I had a strong orgasm that made me grab the back of her head and pull back on it while she was moaning and I was biting on her neck. I could feel my dick pulsing shots of semen into her and I got lightheaded. She bucked her hips even quicker to get every drop of cum I had for her kaçak bahis and then we suddenly came to a halt with paralysis. Her thighs were quivering and I felt like I was going to pass out. We stayed there for a little while wrapped in each other’s arms not saying a word and just hugging each other while lightly kissing. After we both regained our senses, I took her home and dropped her off. When I need to go grocery shopping, I’ve timed it around when she goes shopping for her household. We meet up at the market and after we pay for our food, we bring it back to the parking lot, turn on the car’s Air conditioner and hop in the backseat to repeat the scenario I laid out for you. It’s far easier than bring her to my place because it’s less obvious and less time consuming. Apparently her husband hasn’t been fucking her – the sex has cooled in the marriage because of age. Because of Coronavirus, retail stores have mostly been closed. The only other time we’ve met up for sex was at the Salvation Army thrift shop where we’d go into the fitting room together. She’d take off her bottoms and then I’d pull out my dick. The last time we did this she was trying on some summer dresses. When I pulled out my penis it was standing straight at attention with a little pre-cum at the tip. She got down to suck the head of my penis so she could taste it. She claimed it was a mix of salty and sweet? Then I turned her around and had her arch her back out. I start kissing her on the neck as I penetrate her from behind. When I sensed her coming, I cover her mouth as I pump her pussy harder and harder. She started losing herself – trying to slow me down as I increased the thrusting depth and urgency but I wouldn’t let her slow me down. I give it to her as viciously as I can while maintaining firm control of her. One hand over her mouth as if she was being victimized. She could probably feel my dick getting thicker because I could feel her pussy muscles tightening around my dick. Either she was squeezing and rubbing me to coax the sperm out or she was trying to slow me down. One of her hands made its way down to my stomach and then quickly reached down under to grab my balls. Her fingers kind of tickled and it made me thrust even deeper illegal bahis into her body – relentlessly until I could feel myself ready to unload. I whispered to her: “you’re my pussy now”. I gave a good deep grunt and burst inside her. Each thrust forced my way further into her vagina and let off just a little more of the semen shot against her walls and then we both collapsed onto the fitting room bench breathing heavily. I could feel her still undulating – she was still cumming on my penis even after I’d shot my load. We maintained the pose till her breathing regulated. When I finally pulled my penis out of her, my cum was splotched against her pussy hair and panties creating a huge dripping mess. A mixture of my cum and her pussy juices dripped out of her on the floor making very distinct stains on the carpet. I am not sure how long we will keep doing this. I met up with her this past weekend early. The excuse she gives to her husband is that she has to get to the store early before the lines form since social-distancing under Coronavirus makes it so only so many people can go into the store at once. We talk about how everything is going, grab a shopping cart, get our groceries and then quickly make our way back to the park for another sex session. I think as she’s gotten older, her body desires the sex more. We don’t use any protection and as far as I know she can’t get pregnant. She loves feeling me ejaculating inside her and the dirty talk I give her in her ear. I’ve told her very aggressive things.“I’m taking your pussy and your husband can’t stop me”.“where is your husband while I’m fucking you”.“I’m your husband now”.She absolutely loves it and she’s told me it’s the best orgasms she’s had in her life. She can’t wait to go shopping and we meet up usually once a week. We’ve talked about “trying to stop” but usually end up having even more sex. She’s told me that she wishes we were the same age and we could have married. If I’d been her husband I’d have probably fucked her every morning and we’d have 2 k**s or more.I never forget her birthday or mothers day and I always get her a nice little gift to show her I appreciate her. She’ knows we are having sex but I want her to know I love her. I even buy her k** souvenirs when I go on vacation. Sometimes she’ll call me, horny and want to meet up. Walmart, Costco and BJ’s is usually where we’ll meet since the parking lots are quiet and the parking lots aren’t monitored.

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