Granny is a big help to young men Part 1

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Granny is a big help to young men Part 1I admit to being an old lady in her seventies. And I suppose, I will also agree to really enjoying sex but who wants to fuck an old biddy like me? However, in my younger days, I found that there were many very young men who were very shy and unsure of themselves sexually. Sure, they wanked but deep down they wanted to lose their virginity. So why not with me! Besides, young men cum lots and can keep it up for hours. I put an ad in Craig list that read: sympathetic mature lady (70) provides sensible practical help to shy young men who want to feel more confident with ladies or have special needs relating to ladies. Not expecting many responses, I was surprised to get a call three days later. It was from a very hesitant young man called Henry, who said he was 20 and still a virgin because he suffered from pre-ejaculation and girls were fed up with him not being able to please them. He said he was desperate to control himself, and could I help him?Now, here I will be honest. All I wanted was young guys to fuck me, get them in, seduce, and have pleasant fuck. This is why I always wore simple shift dress, and nothing else. Yes, I was a good size 22 with big tits and arse- not particularly good looking but I made the best of myself with nice make-up and hair. However, expecting a nice sensuous time with Henry it turned out differently to what I expected as it was with many others. I actually did help them with their problems and enjoyed it. Ok, some were just granny lovers who wanted to screw. But others. – and some were not so young – did have genuine sexual problems or fears and I actually I help them. Here is Henry’s situation. He showed himself at my door dead on time. He seemed a nice looking lad, but painfully shy.To put him at ease I made him feel welcome, sat güvenilir bahis him down, and suggested a nice cup of coffee. ‘Now Arthur, let us sort out your problem. You said that you suffered from as you called it, premature ejaculation, is that correct.‘Yes, it’s very embarrassing and I cannot seem to control it’. When I am with a girl and we get round to, you know, playing with each other, they only have to touch me down there and I ejaculate.’‘Henry have you suffered from this for some time’?‘About 2 years and I am getting to stage of going mad. I really do need help. Sorry, you didn’t tell me your name’ ‘Oh silly of me, it is Gladys. ‘Well Gladys, can you help me’?‘I believe I can, but you might think it a bit unorthodox. Normally people say that when you feel yourself about to cum or shoot your wad, to use more appropriated expressions, you should think of something else mundane. Whereas, all you have to do is control your cock.’‘Now, do trust me. Because when I help you, it will be intimate and personal. So please don’t be shy in telling me everything that’s on your mind as we go through what I call my routine.’He said he did trust me. Therefore, I got out my laptop and had him sit in front of the screen. I took the precaution to open three top buttons of my dress to ensure my tits were nearly hanging out and then I leaned over to rest them on his neck.Ensuring that he was comfortable, I told him that I was going to help him get a hard on by looking at some pictures of girls. He said that he was attracted to the plumpish ones with nice tits. It didn’t take too long to find the right sites.‘ Do they do anything for you Arthur? Can I check’? He just nodded and I put my hand on his crotch.legs.’Oh yes they do, don’t they. He had a rampant hard on and it felt a nice size. I started to gently türkçe bahis play with his cock and asked if had come yet. He said not yet. Which was good? Time to move on I said and got him to sit on the sofa. Sitting beside him, he was just staring at my saggy tits. Not that I didn’t enjoy the attention but first things first. ‘Now Arthur I am going to show you how to prevent yourself cumming too soon. Undoing his trousers I got out his dick and said that he would please a lot girls in the future. He went bright red. Just as I got hold of it, he spurted a massive cum load all over my tits. He did have a big problemAfter apologising profusely he looked wretched. I felt really sorry for him. After cleaning myself with a tissue, I took his limp dick and felt for that special place at the tip of his steadily growing weapon.Using some of his precum, I said, ‘Arthur I am going to gently wank you but as you see I am also holding my fingers on this part here. Now tell me immediately when you think you will cum. ‘Yes, now’ he shouted and I squeezed the spot for 10 to 20 seconds and stopped wanking him for about half a minute. Then I released my squeeze and started to wank him again. I continued doing this for about 10 minutes and finally he could hold out for a good three minutes.With his last load of spunk drying on my titties I told him to go home and practise that method until he could hold out for a least 10 minutes and then call to come back for the next session.Three weeks later, he phoned to make the follow-up meeting. As this entailed me getting his cock in my lovely hairy cunt I ensured that he would, or could not, say no.Dressed in short flared skirt and with my tits on show through my blouse, he came in telling me that he could last for 15 minutes. After his impressive demonstration, I delicately güvenilir bahis siteleri said: ‘Arthur, when making love to a lady, you will not be able to hold you cock. Sitting opposite him and ensuring my legs were open so he could get a good look I said, ‘Arthur, to stop yourself from cumming when fucking I will have to show you the stop and go method. In addition, as I do not have a young girl here for you practise on, you will have to use me, would you comfortable with that? I know I am old enough to be your granny, but after our session you will be able to last a long time’.By the rise in his trousers, I took that as a yes and we went to my bedroom. After getting undressed, I said that we should stimulate each other and I would teach him how and he could use the squeeze technique if things got him too excited. I took hold of his meat and it was leaking lots of pre cum. ‘You have a lovely thick dick, Arthur’ as I gently rubbed. ‘Oh do you like my titties?’ Arthur looked at her sagging large melons that were ripe with lots of wrinkles and blue veins all across them. He was just staring at them. Then he lifted a boob up and kissed it all over then trailing his tongue over her nipples. ‘Ohhhhh you are good, that feels so nice’ Arthur. With her gently wanking him and him squeezing she said ‘Are you getting lots of cum ready for granny Gladys?’After ten minutes of mutual fingering and wanking, she said it was time to fuck her. Lifting up and opening her legs he stuck his thick dick into her wet hairy fanny.‘Now Arthur, just go in and out gently and if you want to cum just stop for a minute then start again. And by the way, make sure it rubs my clit’ as she reached under and pulled his cock up into the top of her hole. After 5 minutes of stopping and starting, Arthur was almost cured, but he was dying to cum into her.‘I’m going to cum’ he hollered. Gladys replied, ‘go ahead I want to feel your spunk shoot deep in me’Arthur was forever thankful to Gladys and they agreed that whenever he needed more instruction, she would help him.

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