Got A Job Ch. 6

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Jenny told me to go right on in, that they where expecting me, I went in to see three men and Mr. Long all standing at his office bar. They turned to look at me as I entered and broke out into applause. Mr. Long came over to me and put his hand around me as he introduced me to his friends. “Linda I want you to meet Mr. Gray, Mr. Jones and Mr. White, they are business friends of mine and they want to produce a full length movie with you as the leading Star, They just ordered 500 video’s of this afternoon’s performance. What do you have to say to that?”

I was truly shocked and I said, “I don’t know what to say, I mean I don’t know.” Mr. Long said “Didn’t I tell you boys she was a true lady?” not only that but when it comes to sex, she just can not get enough cock can you dear?” I must have turned a thousand shades of red, I felt the blood rush to my face I knew what Peter wanted me to say, I knew he wanted me to be just that, a cock hungry bitch, whore or slut what ever you call it. I said, “that’s right Mr. Long you know me, I always want more than the guys can give.” I saw everyone break out into a big smile. Mr. Long unzipped his zipper and said, “Come and get your milk baby.” Again I must have turned red as a beet. I went to him, knelt down, and began sucking his dick.

Mr. Long started talking to the other men as if I was not even there. He said “I was thinking about it about a office slut, you know a working wife that is always in heat. A working wife that wants to suck and fuck her fellow workers all day while at work. Then we have her Husband find out and instead of him getting mad, he gets turned on and ends up loving her fucking other men, what do you think?” One of them said, “Yea, that sounds good for a start, lets make her crave other men because her husband is either too quick or too small. Lets have her read about sex at first only to crave what she reads about.” Another man jumped in and said, “yea, lets have her learn what it feels like to get fucked in her ass and she finds out that she loves it. In fact she loves being fucked in her ass while she sucks off different guys.

I felt hands on my hips raising me up on my knees and I felt the cool air as the back of my dress was pulled up and out of the way exposing my naked ass to who ever it was behind me. I felt a rather large cock slide into my vagina and it felt wonderful. I moaned as I worked on Mr. Longs cock. Peter could not hold it any longer and he came in my mouth, holding my head against his groin. He said “Didn’t I tell you boys she can take any size cock down her throat? Hell I can feel her lips against my balls and my groin, she has my whole fucking cock down her throat.”

The guy behind me was going fast and hard I was trying to breath put it is very hard to do when you have a cock like Peters down your throat. I managed to pull back enough to take a breath and he pulled out. He said Come on Barry, she’ll polish that knob of yours and you will love it, hell her mouth feels like Satin around you dick.” He came over as the guy fucking me came in me. I felt my own pussy contracting milking him for every drop.

He pulled out and another replaced him. Only this guy wanted my ass. I felt the head of his dick against me hole. I waited for the searing pain and knew that it would only last a minute or tow. I felt the pressure a little more, and I realized that he was not going to ram it in me as the guy did earlier today. It took a few minutes but he was not in any rush (Thank God) and because he went so nice and slow, I did not feel any pain what so ever. Before I knew it he was in me and was way up inside. He started to fuck in and out as I made love to the dick in my mouth. I reached down and began rubbing my clit as I closed my mind eyes and concentrated on the three feeling all at the same time. The feeling I got from sucking a cock, the feeling the cock in my asshole gave me and the feeling of rubbing my fat, hard clit.

I was not thinking of climaxing, I was only relishing the feelings that these tow guys where giving me as well as my own hand and fingers. I was in a continued state of sexual bliss. I felt both guys shot off their sperm inside of me from both ends and the same time. I swear to you my mind “Melted” right then and there. When I came back to reality both men where pulling out of me and when they did I felt so empty. I wanted to scream out at them not to pull out, but there was nothing I could do but whimper.

I felt someone pull the back of my dress back over my ass and one of them helped me up. I would tell you who it was but to be honest I didn’t know, I could not remember who was Jones, white or Gray. I had just screwed and sucked off three more strangers and I hated myself for loving it as much as I did. I did not like it any more, I knew I loved it. I knew I was the nasty slut that Mr. Long and the men where talking about. Mr. Long said, “well, what do you think boys, isn’t she everything you saw and I told you about?” One of them said, “Oh yea, she is perfect, when can you casino şirketleri start filming?” Peter said “I’ll check with Carol, and see how soon she can start, what about a little girl on girl action? Do you have a male lead in mind or do you just want Carol and I to decide?”

The older one of the three said “I don’t care who it is, just as long as he is hung like a horse, I want to watch this lovely lady squirm with passion as she is getting fucked in her ass and her cunt by a monster dick.” The others all agreed. I moved and sat on a chair. I felt that they did not need me involved in this conversation. I mean I had no choice, I could not tell Mr. Long or even them “NO” I knew I had put myself in this position, I did it all for money, I became this man’s slut, and I would soon become a star in a filthy dirty sex movie. I just sat there and did not say a word as I kept thinking of what had just happen and how I had responded to it all.

The man that looked heaver than the others said “Pete, are you going to join us tonight for the party? Mr. Long responded with something that scared the shit out of me, he said “Oh no, I think what you have planned tonight is too much for this old heart, just remember, no marks, and make sure you get her home no later than 1 AM. I need her ready for work in the morning. Besides, you have enough men lined up already. Did you tell them you are bringing the entertainment?” The oldest said, “Oh yea, they promised they would have everything set up including the stocks.”

Mr. Long turned to me and said, “Linda, Mr. Gray, white and Jones would like your company tonight, how would you like that dear?” I panicked, I was scared, they spoke of stocks, lots of men, and no marks. I said, “I would love to Mr. Long, but my husband and I had plans tonight, could we do it another night instead?” the look on Peters face told me I screwed up. He said, “Let me check” He moved to his desk dialed a number on his telephone. He said “ Bill Harris Please.” (My stomach turned inside out as he waited) Peter reached down, pulled out a big Dildo from his desk drawer, and said, “catch” as he tossed it to me sitting in the chair. He said “show the boys how much you love fucking your self Linda.”

I wanted to cry, I wanted to shove that rubber cock up his asshole and split him in two. I wanted to cause him pain, lots, and lots of pain. I lifted the front of my dress, opened my legs, and inserted it inside of myself. It did give me a lot of pleasure as it slid in and filled me. I let out a slight moan. I closed my eyes and began to fuck myself slowly. I heard Peter say “Open your eyes, I want you to look at me as I talk to your husband.” I opened them and watched as he waited for Bill to come to the phone.

“Oh Hi Bill” he said “Say I feel like a real jerk calling like this again two days in a row, here your poor wife is working so hard to learn this job, hell right now she is doing everything she can to make our customers feel good about the party they are going to have tonight. If you could only see her right now hard at work.” I don’t know what happen to me, I felt different, I mean I went from mad, disgust and hate to horny, hot, and needing to climax in the blink of an eye. One of the men came over to me and we kissed as he worked my right breast. He unzipped himself, took my free hand, and placed it inside his pants. One of the other men came over and pulled open my top then began sucking my other breast and nipple. One of them reached down and began rubbing my clit.

While all this was going on Peter was carrying on a conversation with my husband. I focused my attention on his words as much as I could, but the feeling running through my body was taking my mind away every now and then. Peter said “Oh sure, I would like that too, Say Bill I just wanted to check with you again to see if it was alright with you if I use Linda again tonight. Sure, sure I will, Oh yea, I know those people to tip rather well. Are you sure you don’t mind? I mean all you have to do is say the word and I could send her home you know. After all buddy I don’t want to come between a man and his lovely wife. Yea, your right, besides she will learn and go through a lot tonight, I would guess tonight will be like no other.” I could not help it; I had too much stimulation going on. The kissing, the dildo I was fucking myself with, the man sucking my breast and the other pinching the other. Hearing Peter talking to my husband was all too much. I felt myself climaxing, I lost it, I was pounding that cock into me fast, I was moaning so loud with pleasure as I came I just knew Bill could hear me.

I felt myself come back down to earth and I realized that Peter was still talking to Bill. He said Hold on buddy I think my secretary has Linda now, I’ll let you talk with her.” He got up and moved around his desk phone in hand, the guy that was kissing me had moved away standing there as I had a firm grip of his rock hard cock inside of his open pants. He said into the phone, “here she is now.” He put casino firmaları the phone in front of my face. I let go of the rubber cock and took the phone in hand. Peter in the mean time picked up the rubber cock and put it back inside of me with one easy gentle stroke. Once inside he began sliding it in and out. I said “Hi dear” Bill said, “Hi honey, I was talking with Peter and he said you have another party tonight, Boy Linda, he sure must think highly of you to give you all that overtime. Do you know what time you’ll get home tonight?” I said no I don’t dear, maybe like last night 1 or 2.” Peter was working the cock in long strokes, he would pull it all the way out wait a second and then slide it all the way back inside.

The feeling was becoming too much for me, I was beginning to have a hard time breathing and I knew that if I did not get off the phone bill would notice my breathing. Bill was talking telling me how Peter seemed like such a great boss, and how lucky I was to have a boss like him. Bill told me how we should invite him over for dinner one night. Because of the feeling going through my vagina, all I could do to respond was go “Ahuh” Finely Bill said “Hey honey, I got to go, I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.” I managed to say in a voice that I struggled to control ‘I love you too dear.” And he hung up.

When the phone line went dead, I shouted out “Yea, yea, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me, I’m COMING, I’M COMING, NOOOOWWWWWW” Peter worked that cock hard and fast and when I said I was coming, he shoved it deep inside and sort of vibrated it in me. Causing me to feel more pleasure if that is even possible. When I finished my climax he pulled it out put it up to my lips and said “Better clean this off honey, we don’t want to put it away with all that fuck juice on it do we? take it.” I took it from him and licked it like a lollypop. I sucked it and I did love the taste of my love juice mixed with the guys that had fucked me.

When I finished Peter took it and said “You kids have fun tonight and Linda, don’t wear out that pussy of your, you have a full day tomorrow.” I guess that was our queue to leave because I was helped up out of the chair and we all walked out. Jenny said as we passed her desk. “How come you get all the good looking men Linda, you need to share.” I don’t know if she was saying that for their benefit or if she actually meant it. I think it was for the guys. Then she said, “If you boys need another girl just call and I’ll be there.” One guy said, “Maybe tomorrow night honey, With Linda here, I think we have just what we need.” Every one laughed but me, I just smiled.

We got into the elevator and as we rode down I said “I’m starved, are we going to get something to eat?” The older man (shit I wish I could remember his name) said “we sure are darlin, the party don’t start till 8 so we got plenty of time. What would you like to eat?” the youngest guy said “Hey, how-bout some tube steak”! They all broke out laughing; I felt I better laugh along with them so I did not come across as scared as I was. There was just the way they talked and reacted that bothered me.

We got in a great big car, and I sat in back with one as two sat in front. We started driving when they began to talk as if I was not even there. “Is it all set up Phil?’ the man he asked (Phil) said, “Yea, I took care of that before we went over there. Well get everything from every angle.” Then the third said, “Pete’s going to be pissed when he finds out you know!” the first guy said yea, but what can he do? Once we do it, the cats out of the bag so to speak.” I did not like what I was hearing; I did not feel good about this at all. I don’t know what they are talking about but what ever it was concerned me and that worried me.

We stopped at a Denny’s and went inside to eat. They put me between two of them when we sat down. The oldest looked at am and I guess he saw my face and I must have looked worried he said, “Are you all right Linda? You look pale, or maybe scared.” Before I said anything the youngest said “Oh Harry, she’s just excited about tonight aren’t you Hon?” I looked at him and said “How can I be excited when I don’t even know what is going on?” Harry said “Oh honey it’s nothing bad, you see dear we are sort of borrowing your talent tonight, Pete charges us very high prices for his movies and we decided that we would, well beat him at his own game so to speak. We are making a movie tonight and you are our star. If everything goes alright you’ll be home by Midnight with $1,000.00 for your time and trouble.”

I asked, “What kind of movie is it? It’s not going to be one of those BDSM is it, I don’t want to do any of those kind of movies.” Phil said “Oh no Hon, we had an idea for a bookstore movie, Ken here is owns several bookstore throughout the country, and we have one of them down the street from here set up for filming tonight.” I looked at Ken the third man who I did not know his name and as I did he said, “It’s a very simple movie dear, after we eat we’ll go güvenilir casino over and get you changed, and all you have to do is do what comes natural to you. We won’t be directing you, in fact the only one’s that will know it is a movie being made is the four of us.

It is our 5 year anniversary and we set up all our peep shows for 1-5 specials.” I looked at him as if he was speaking of things I did not understand (and I didn’t) I am sure it showed across my face as he said “What that means is they will get to see 5 tokens for 25 cents instead of 1 token for 25 cents. I have been advertising this now for weeks and I have greased all the city fathers hands to keep the cops out of there, so tonight I feel with you there and maybe some guys n\may bring there wives or girl friends we should make one hell of a movie tonight.” I said “other woman?” Harry said “yea, Ken is giving every couple 50 tokens tonight just for showing up and if a woman comes in by her self she gets 100” Ken said “That way honey we are hoping that we have a fair amount of woman there and one hell of a lot of men.”

We sat there eating and talking as they explained it all to me. It seems that I was what they where calling the ringer. I was to be the center of attention tonight at there Adult bookstore. In addition, they where going to video tape everything that I do. They wanted me to stay between four of the booths that they had set up for this thing tonight. They told me that I was to go from booth 45, 46, 47, and 48. I went into the back part where the peep shows where on. Ken said “I can control the booths from here, those 4 will be out of order until you walk in the booth door. When I turn off the screen it will appear it is out of order again, when that happens, go to the booth next door, if someone is in, just tell him you will wait. You won’t have to wait long, because his video will go off also. It will be as if it is out of order again. One other thing when ever you go into a booth, lock the door, those locks are all working and you can do anything you want in the booth, but you have to stay alone in the booth.

If you feel the need for a one on one fling, use the unisex bathroom, but be prepared, it is not all that clean.” Harry told me to wander around the books and videotape section looking at the books, magazines, and tapes. He told me to strike up conversation with the men in there. As well as pick up a dirty book and thumb threw it. I was to wait until Ken asks me if I want the free 100 tokes to see the peep shows. That was my signal to go in the back to go and look at the movies in the 4 booths they had set up.

It all seemed simple enough, and I wasn’t scared anymore, I was concerned about Mr. Long and maybe what these guys where pulling over him, but $1,000.00 is a lot of money for just having sex. I asked tons of questions and they gave me all the right answers. We finished eating and Ken said “we better get over there, I have this dress I think will fit you tonight, and if it does I want you to wear it.”

We drove over to the place and from the outside it looked like an old one-story house converted into a business. There where banners everywhere about the Anniversary and free Tokens to couples and women. It also told about the 5 for 1 tokens. The parking lot was packed in front; we drove around to the back and parked in the garage. We walked into the back into what was the office. They showed me all the tape machines and they had 21 different monitors and Ken pointed to a set of 12 and said “these are the ones for the booths I want you to be in, as you can see they are well lit and we can tape every angle in there. Take a look at this one.” He pointed to one that showed a guy standing face against a wall and another guy sitting down on bench leaning over sucking him through a hole in the wall. We could see both sides from the top and form each side. He switched some switches and it showed a close up of the guy being sucked we could see his face clear and it showed his pleasure.

It also showed a close up of the guy sucking the cock and I could see his hand stroking the dick he was sucking as well as his closed eyes and the look on his face. Ken switched some more switches and we could see the guy that was doing the sucking was jacking off. Ken then switched some more switches and we could see the hallways between the booths, they where packed with men walking back and fourth, I saw one woman and she looked like she was maybe in her late forties. She was rather heavy and the men followed her around as she went into one booth then another after she would look at a movie for a few minutes, she would rub herself and we saw her kneel down and suck off a black guy through a hole in the wall, then she got up and went to another booth.

Phil said, “too bad she ain’t pretty or we could save us 1 grand” Harry said “yea, but she won’t be here for much longer, Linda will be here for a good 3-4 hours.” We should get some great film during that time. Besides, Linda is much more than just prettier than she is, Linda is Sexy as hell. But at least Linda can see the things we want to get tonight, you did see her didn’t you dear?” I looked at him and said “Yes, I understand what you want and I think I can take care of that for you boys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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