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Beautiful Pussy

All fictional, ingredients are in the tags.


Anna was dragging her heels when climbing the stairs up to Matilda’s apartment. Their Saturday come togethers started to feel like drudgery to her lately. She was bored of listening to Matilda’s monologue while trying to be careful when talking to her.

Anna was in her 30s, working as an HR professional in a local company. Since her handsome husband Tom was away most of the time, doing his sales representative work, she was getting bored at home. She wasn’t a very social person and it was hard for her to start conversations with other people. She found it entertaining when Matilda invited her for a coffee for the first-time months ago.

Matilda was a 45-year-old housewife, so she had to be getting bored even more. Their Saturday coffee meetings became four-hour Saturday sittings, then it increased even more, starting with breakfast, until her husband Martin returned home. Martin owned a car sales / dealership business, who was an arrogant and rude man. Anna didn’t want to see him, so she never stayed until his return.

At first, Matilda was gossiping and telling interesting stuff about people living in their building. Then the stories started to become more like about their secrets. She knew everything going on in that building. It took Anna to find out how sneaky she was.

She was making her companion talk and learn private stuff. Anna had a good marriage and she was a good wife since they got married. Matilda already knew most of her secrets when she decided to be careful with her.

What made the other party talk like that was how she told about her intimate stuff. She was talking about her marriage, her relationship with her husband or even their love life. Anna noticed that she wasn’t telling them anything which could make her look bad, only after a few months. She was good at making people talk.

Anna knew about how her husband loved her legs, ankles and feet, how he liked her to be in nylons all the time, that he also loved her boobs and plump ass.

Anna believed her about her husband’s interest in her. She saw her wardrobe of various dresses and the cabinet which was reserved only for her slippers. She couldn’t count those slippers; flat ones, heeled ones, open toes or fluffy ones. He had to be into her legs and feet, otherwise this could make a man angry.

She hated herself to find out that only she was the one giving away some secrets, which had to be kept as secrets forever. In the first year of their relationship, Anna had an affair. She fell for one of the assistant instructors at the university and she had sex with him for two months period. They weren’t that serious with Tom at that time but he definitely wouldn’t go on if he learned. And she told her that.

She finally understood that she was saying most of these things to chat her up. This was her way of making others talk and learn their private lives, their inferior thoughts and most importantly, their personal problems. She never witnessed her using such information against anyone.

A few minutes later, Anna and Matilda were having coffee at Matilda’s house.

There was another thing bothering Anna. Matilda never visited Anna, she liked to be the host. Lately, Anna was feeling somehow intimidated by Matilda, she was feeling like she had to be careful not to contradict with her in any way. They spent so much time together, before she understood that she was someone you wouldn’t want any tension.

Anna witnessed that she was quick tempered a few times. In one of those times, she thought that someone was belittling her, Anna was aware that this was all her imagination. And she confronted her vilely. She never let the other one talk, she started shooting like a machine gun with all sensitive thoughts or secrets of her.

That wasn’t the only time that she thought Matilda was intimidating. She was like that against women. Women who crossed the line. She never did that to Anna but Anna thought that she never did anything disrespectful to her or anyone in the world.

In Matilda’s eyes, Anna was a timid, naive woman. This made it harder to communicate because Matilda started to see herself as the spiritual leader of Anna. She thought she was her mentor and probably the stupid naive girl would be lost without her advices or teachings.

Anna was a bright girl and she knew that most of Matilda’s logical perception or implications were wrong or shallow. But her aggressive side and her social comfort made Anna even more timid, making Matilda behave even more upfront. It was a vicious cycle.

One day, Anna and Matilda were again having coffee, the doorbell rang.

Matilda looked at Anna and said “Did you call someone here without asking me?”

This was a good example showing how hard it was for Anna to stay calm. She didn’t want to confront her and she couldn’t start ignoring or avoiding her to cool this relationship off. Doing that could make her angry. She was stuck with this nonsense.

“Of bursa escort course not.”

“OK, check who disturbed us.”

That was new. Anna first felt uneasy to see that she started to talk to her like she’s her housemaid but then she thought that this could also be due to how intimate she felt about Anna. She was more than a guest in that house anymore and she was younger than her, so, this wasn’t that awkward.

Anna went to the door and opened it to see Sofia.

Sofia was the hot Latina stay-at-home-all-day-when-not-shopping trophy wife of their rich neighbor James. She had an almost perfect body and she was very beautiful. Her good-looking playboy husband James had recently gone bankrupt and he was struggling to pay his debts. She dropped university when she nailed the husband and she acted like she owned the universe.

“Hi, Anna. You’re practically living here, huh?” while she walked by her smirking.

Anna felt the anger building inside her. She hated her since she first saw her talk to them, ignoring Anna and giggling when talking to Tom. “I have a career, I’m at work all week, I come here once a week, you useless moron!” she thought. She slightly smiled. Her thoughts were distracted with the purse handed to her by Sofia.

“Mattii!” she shouted while going near Matilda to hug her. Matilda was happy to see her and they quickly started to talk and giggle. Sofia sat on Anna’s chair. Just when Anna was about to sit on another chair, Matilda raised her hand towards Sofia to pause her and said “Anna, dear, please give some coffee to Sofia too.” and turned to Sofia “Sorry, dear, you were saying…”

She was the only working woman among them and those housewives were treating her like she was their maid.

Anna thought about leaving the place but she couldn’t. It would be a too inferior act. She served Sofia coffee but Sofia only turned her head to look at the coffee, not Anna, to say “Milk please.” and turned back to Matilda to continue chatting.

When Anna sat down, they were in the middle of a gossip. She couldn’t understand who they were talking about at first.

Sofia was making all kinds of gestures while talking about a woman saying “The janitor saw her too. A guy dropped her late at night. Her schmuck husband was sleeping probably.”

Matilda, with her exaggerated mimics showing how shocked she was, said “What a slut. I would never have guessed. But these are the ones you have to watch out.”

Anna wondered who she was but didn’t want to be gossiping about her neighbors, it wasn’t a decent thing to do.

“Yeah, I think their real reason for working is that. ‘I have to work late again tonight honey’. He waits at home while she works late, right?”

She turned to Anna “Most of them of course, honey. I know you need the money.” and turned back to Matilda before seeing Anna’s angry eyes.

“I have seen her eyeing my James once or twice too. What an idiot, who looks at you when I am in the picture.”

“Really? James? Shameless woman.”

Anna was very curious but she thought that she could ask Matilda after Sofia was gone. Or not.

And about Sofia’s comment about working women? She had to keep herself calm or she was about to make a scene.

“Anyway dear, you know James is having a transition in his business, he’s planning something but it will take time to start making money. That’s why I decided to sell my car. I don’t want him to worry about money. Can you ask Martin to consider my car to find a customer quickly?”

Anna admired those smooth methods of both these women. They were so relaxed when they wanted something from someone else and they both arranged it so well that this request was delivered in a very natural way, as if it wasn’t the main topic.

If Anna needed something from another person, she would blush and hardly talk. She would tell her request so bashfully that the other person even could get suspicious, thinking that she was hiding some awful truth about it. These two were pros in such things.

Matilda said “Consider it done, baby, I’ll tell him not to profit from your sale too. My Martin can’t say no to me.”

Anna doubted that.

When Matilda was reaching for her coffee cup, Sofia looked at Anna and made a gesture which looked like ‘Bullshit’. Anna was truly not comfortable near both of these women.

After a few minutes, Sofia stood up and said “Thank you my sweet Matilda”, turned to Anna “I guess you have my bag dear?” and waited for her to bring it to her.

When she left, Anna asked Matilda and she said “It is Dana, that lawyer woman. I acted surprised but I know more about her. She once took someone in when her husband was away. Nobody knows who that was but I think it was James. Sofia would go crazy if she heard about this, so forget that I told you.”

But this information, especially after how Sofia treated to Anna, led her to start gossiping about her. Matilda lured her into the conversation deeper and at one point she found bursa escort bayan herself talking about how she couldn’t get along with Sofia.

A few minutes later, Anna was talking about Sofia’s husband James, making comments on how handsome he was and what he found in Sofia etc. She stopped too late, after thinking that they were having a sincere girly conversation and saying “I’d eat him up if I was single too.” She quickly said “I’m joking, of course, I said it because I hate Sofia” and decided to stop talking completely.

Matilda knew when to provoke someone to talk and when to stop talking, just to listen. She stopped making comments but let Anna talk more.

Anna hadn’t witnessed anything yet but all such information made her feel like the queen of that building, and a few more buildings around them. She knew everyone’s secrets. In such small circles, even ‘hating an important neighbor’ could be a good ammunition against that person if necessity arose.

And, in Anna’s case, that necessity didn’t take long to rise. When Anna started to take Spanish classes at weekend, she started to neglect her visits to Matilda. Matilda found this very inappropriate, since she didn’t need to take those classes and it couldn’t be more important than their friendship. She was learning more from Matilda than that lousy course.

It was Anna’s intention to cool down those meetings a bit. That was why she decided to enlist herself to a course. This way, she would be working for her career, while stopping that relation without offending Matilda. But Matilda wasn’t someone who cared about others’ reasonings, she found this very disrespectful.

When Tom was away and Martin was out with his friends, she called Anna at Saturday night to talk.

“Anna, we need to talk. I’m waiting.”

She hung up before Anna could answer.

She knocked on her door and she opened the door and welcomed her in. When they were both sitting, she looked at her with distant eyes and started to talk.

“Look, Anna. It’s been three weeks that you are neglecting me. I’m telling you as someone who cares for you own good. I’m thinking that it’s time for you to decide that you made a poor judgement about that course and quit.”

“What? Matilda, I will earn more money when I finish that course.”

Matilda was looking at her, assuming Anna’s words weren’t finished yet. She was waiting for Anna to continue and convince her with her reasons and excuses.

At that moment, Anna noticed that they were talking about her personal life. Like she had a right to make decisions for her.

“And, I don’t think that I have to justify my personal decisions to anyone else, including you.”

That was the right thing to say, anyone would say “Finally girl!” to her if they witnessed that.


Matilda looked at her in a way she was saying “Oh, really?”

“I see. Thank you for clarifying this to me.”

Looking at her, Anna felt that she was going to regret saying those. She wanted to fix this.

“Of course, you’re not anyone else, you’re Matilda. And I know you want the best for me but I’ve thought this through and I need to finish that.”

But Matilda wasn’t naive. Anna wasn’t a good liar or actress; she could hardly converse. She knew that she was sincere about her words and she got scared and tried to back off.

Matilda stood up “OK, then, let me not keep you late.”

Anna felt bad when she was home. She kept trying to understand how bad could it be. She could tell Sofia what she said about her or her husband and she could find herself in a ghetto catfight like situation. That, she could live with.

But if she told Tom or managed to let him learn about her affair before their marriage, it wasn’t possible for her to deny it. Because they had arguments about that guy’s phone calls in those days.

She decided to apologize and make this right with Matilda. She went up again and knocked on the door.


“Matilda, it’s me again. Can we talk?”

She opened the door. It looked like she was getting ready to go to bed when Anna knocked. She opened the door with a robe over her nylons.

“Yes, Anna? What’s it about?” Her looks were cold but she knew why Anna was there. She let Anna in but stood there after closing the door.

“I felt really bad when I got home. I don’t know why I talked to you like that. Please forgive me Matilda. You know I…”

“I know why you are here. You’re afraid that I will talk to Tom, right?”

“What? No, I didn’t even think about…”

“Anna, as I understand, you see yourself above us. And, you wanted to stop seeing me. I don’t blackmail people into seeing me. I won’t tell you that I will tell Tom if you stop visiting me, if that’s what you’re afraid of. I don’t need to force anyone to be friends with me.”

Anna relaxed a bit hearing those. But she still needed to be friends with her again. She could change her mind.

“I never thought about it like that. I love to spend time escort bursa with you.”

“But I don’t love it anymore. You disrespected me. So, goodbye.”

“Please Matilda.” She wasn’t sure about her secret.

“Please, what?”

“I want us to remain being friends.”

“Girl, you lost that chance. Bye.”

This time Anna had to ask her directly. She had to stop acting and cut to the chase.

“Please, Matilda, don’t tell Tom about it. I know you told me you won’t but…”

An evil smile rose in Matilda’s face.

“Sorry? When did I say that?”

“But you said…”

“You misunderstood me. I didn’t say I won’t tell him. I will tell him. You got my reason wrong. I will tell him because you disrespected me and I will have my revenge.”

Anna started shivering, with tears in her eyes. Matilda was enjoying to see her like that, seeing how she already regretted betraying her.

“Please Matilda, you know I admire you and respect you, what will you gain from destroying my marriage?”

“Oh, I don’t like to justify my personal decisions and stuff to anyone else.” The evil satisfaction she was experiencing was so obvious that Anna felt scared and helpless.

“I will do whatever you want, please forgive me.”

“You got nothing I want, who do you think you are?” Matilda was sincerely focused on her revenge. She wanted her to suffer as much as she could. She could picture their fights after Tom learned about the affair. She had nothing more to talk to her.

“You can leave, I was about to go to bed.”

Anna couldn’t understand how she became that distant, evil and sinister. She was begging her and it was obvious that there was no way she could penetrate her arrogant, selfish and hateful mind.

She reached to her hand and held it with her both hands “Please Matilda, please” while crying and she kissed her hands.

“Eeeh, don’t you understand? I told you to leave.”

It was an impossible situation; it was Anna’s fault but how it escalated after her stupid words was incredible.

“I’m begging you, Matilda, be the wise mentor you always were again, help me get out of that situation, lead this stupid girl again, please.” She was kissing her hands while talking.

This irritated Matilda, she hated her even more at that moment. She couldn’t help herself and slapped Anna with all her power.

“What a spineless whore you are, I said leave me alone you stupid cunt!”

Anna wasn’t expecting that slap and fell on the floor. For a moment, she thought that she had to face the consequences and try to convince Tom not to leave her. But then panic took over and she crawled to Matilda on her knees, hugged her legs and continued begging, kissing her legs.

“Please Matilda, you’re right, I’m a stupid whore. Please forgive me…”

Matilda couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was kissing her leg, right below her crotch area. She hated that situation; this was a disgraceful thing. How didn’t she notice if Anna had such lesbian tendencies? Was she trying to…

Then, she felt that incredible arousal in her tummy. That beautiful young career woman was on her knees, kissing her legs and begging her. And she wasn’t a lesbian, she was looking at Matilda’s eyes, not her crotch. She was humiliating herself just to be forgiven by Matilda.

Matilda slapped her again, not that hard this time. She didn’t pull her hand away when she slapped and Anna tried to kiss her hand. She slapped her again. Anna was acting like a mindless creature. She was doing whatever she could to convince Matilda to forgive her.

Matilda slowly pushed her back with her leg and turned around to start walking to the living room. Anna was crawling behind her, still begging. Matilda never felt that horny in her life. Anna had no idea about how Matilda felt or could have been feeling. Matilda stood near the coffee table and took a cigarette. She was standing, facing away from Anna and Anna was behind her hugging and kissing her legs. She lit the cigarette and started to smoke it, enjoying this incredibly hot situation.

Anna understood that she was getting softer as she begged her and humiliated her like that. She wasn’t thinking, she was trying to do more. Just to convince her.

And, in Matilda’s surprise, she bowed down and started to kiss Matilda’s heels and feet in her nylons and fluffy high heeled slippers. Matilda turned her head to see that when she felt those lips on her heels. That was the proof that all her imaginative self-adoration wasn’t without reason.

That beautiful successful young woman was kissing her feet. And Matilda tasted that sort of arousal that night. There was no turning back from this for Anna. Matilda was going to enjoy her new type of companionship.

She stepped forward, sat down on the armchair and crossed her legs. Anna crawled forward and kissed her ankle, planning to continue showing her respect to her.

“Enough!” said Matilda.

When Anna looked at her, she drew the smoke in her lungs, looked at her and exhaled it on her face.

“I will consider this, since you managed to confuse me about your respect to me. I will consider this, while you keep doing that. I don’t want to talk to you, you will visit me just to show your respect. Do you understand?”

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