Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven – Cock Fight

Jonathan felt like he was being suffocated by how angry he felt. The only explanation was that Maddox had somehow thought of Ray being the competition or something along those lines. That, however, gave him no right to put some girl up to seduce Ray and who knew what else. Hanna appeared to be an honest albeit aloof girl, and according to her declarations, she liked Ray for real, but that still didn’t make things right.

Maddox Kingsley, Mad Dawg or not, would have to be held accountable for his actions. And if there were anything good enough to cure Jonathan of his obsession with the guy, proving the guy was an absolute asshole after all could do the trick.

He knocked on the door to the house Maddox was sharing with his friends with increased urgency. Dex opened it and stared at him for a moment.

“Is Maddox in?” It would be so stupid if he had hurried there without even knowing if Maddox were home.

Dex grinned and opened the door wider. “Sure. Upstairs–“

“I know where it is. And please, wipe that grin off your face. You better keep 911 on speed dial.”

Sure enough, Dex’s smile faded rapidly. Jonathan moved quickly past him and rushed up the stairs, but not fast enough to not hear Rusty commenting, “911? Just how kinky are you two going to get?”

He ground his teeth hard. This had nothing to do with being kinky, and damn if Maddox couldn’t make him hot under the collar in all possible ways, and not all good. What was he thinking? No way was good with the most popular slash bad boy on campus, and he needed to get him out of his system for good, while trying to get himself out of the other’s at the same time.

The first thing he did when he stopped in front of the door wasn’t to take a deep breath, but to knock angrily and then let himself in. Too bad for Maddox if he were naked with some girl in his bed. He surely deserved the embarrassment.

“What the absolute hell, Kingsley?” he started as soon as he let himself in and slammed the door behind him.

Instant regret over not taking that deep breath almost knocked him off his feet the moment his eyes landed on Maddox. Who was indeed naked, save for a pair of shorts, and was doing reps with dumbbells in both hands while listening to music on his headphones. His muscles were glistening and, for a moment, Jonathan did nothing but stare at those gorgeous arms and perfect washboard abs. He temporarily forgot why he was there and wondered why he couldn’t just walk over and run his hands over those amazing pectorals while deciding if they were truly real.

His unwitting host grinned at him, dropped the dumbbells, and took out his airpods, throwing them quickly on the desk. The pretty gray eyes gave him a suggestive once over, then Maddox picked up a towel and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Jonathan had the weirdest desire that he would just stop there and leave the rest alone.

“What’s up, Hamilton? Knocking on my door already? Want some sugar?” Maddox drawled the words.

That had the effect of a cold shower, and Jonathan remembered right away why he was there, filled with wishes for righteous retribution. “Don’t you dare joke around,” he hissed. He walked over to Maddox and pushed against his shoulder, his perfect, sweaty shoulder, with two fingers. “Why on earth would you send that bunny to attack Ray?”

“Attack? Bunny?” Maddox asked, looking adorably confused.

Ha! Like he would fall prey for the same act again. “Hanna,” Jonathan said through his teeth. “Does the name Hanna ring a bell or do I need to box your ears until you remember?”

“Ah, Hanna. Why are you calling her a bunny? It’s not very nice and her front teeth are not that big.”

Jonathan groaned. “You put her up to seducing Ray. Why? Was it some weird way of getting back at me? What for?” Somehow, Maddox’s naked chest was too distracting and his eyes just kept wandering downward. His fingers itched to drag themselves through the dark hair covering them. In the process, his righteous anger was finding it hard to stay hot.

“I had to know if you turned Ray, too,” Maddox said promptly.

“Turned Ray?” Jonathan’s voice rose another notch.

“Yeah. If you made him gay,” Maddox explained, like there was any need for that.

Jonathan sputtered, annoyed. “That’s certainly not the case. And Ray could be bisexual, not that he is, and it wouldn’t be your business anyway. That’s it,” he added quickly. “If you have a problem with me, come to me with it. Leave Ray alone.”

“Why? Is he your boyfriend?” Maddox threw at him tersely. “Because he sure was quick to forget about you–“

Jonathan took two steps back and put his fists up. “Let’s settle this with some old-fashioned throw down. As you can see, I’m a gentleman and I’ll give you a chance to prepare this time.”

Maddox gave him a stricken look. “You came here so that we could throw punches at each other? Are you insane?”

“Indeed I am. Before, landing that punch was clearly beginner’s luck, and I’m starting not to regret it. Given how güvenilir bahis much experience you have with fights, I’ll probably be in a world of pain within the next minute, but I’m here to settle things once and for all.”


What the hell was Jonathan spewing now? And he wanted to fight? Not that he didn’t look kind of cute, all worked up like that, Maddox thought and grinned. Well, seeing how much of a prick he was being, he didn’t deserve to learn the truth about Hanna, at least not right away. It appeared that Jonathan thought him to be a bad boy, and now Maddox was more than willing to prove him right just to give him a taste of all the suffering he had endured over the last weeks because of him.

Jonathan still wanted him like crazy, and Maddox was no longer willing to overlook that. Even now, seething with rage and trying to act tough, he was letting his eyes wander down, and his eyelashes flutter, while his lower lip trembled just a smidge.

Maybe he had no experience whatsoever with guys, but boy, Jonathan would not leave this room the way he’d done before. Maddox moved fast and caught Jonathan’s wrists with ease. He smirked as he sensed not that much resistance from the other, and a surprised gasp told him what he needed to know. Forcefully, he began to push Jonathan backward, manipulating him so he landed on the bed. With ease, he straddled his waist and held him between his thighs, making sure to apply enough pressure to ensure that there was no escape for his prey.


“You’re talking about being a gentleman? I’ve been nothing but that ever since we met, and you’ve been nothing but a prick about it.”

Jonathan was staring at him with wide eyes. His breath was coming in short puffs, and he smelled of nothing more than arousal. Yeah, Maddox thought, the dude was just as horny for him as he was.

“A gentleman? When were you that?” Jonathan protested, but made no move to free his hands, as if his entire strength had drained out of him.

“I had you here,” Maddox growled menacingly while trying hard not to break into laughter. Since Jonathan had it so bad for bad boys, he had to oblige. “You were in this room, and I had my hands almost in your pants, and I let you run away. Then I had you tied to a tree, and I let you escape again.”

“I thought you said I was the escape artist,” Jonathan said defensively. “Not that you let me go.”

Maddox smirked. “I was just being careful of your feelings, darling. But seeing what a huge jerk you can be about other people’s feelings, you deserve to be treated as you should.” With that, he let go of Jonathan’s wrists and pushed him onto his back. He loomed above him, enjoying every moment of watching Jonathan lick his lips and let out small huffs while doing nothing to release himself. “Tell you what. I’m going to give you a chance to get away this time, too.” He pressed his crotch against Jonathan’s and grinned when his body met the unmistakable hardness there. “I’m going to kiss you and count to ten. Then I’m going to see if you got hard. If you’re limp and still hate me, I’m going to let you go. See? I’m actually a good guy.”

Jonathan snorted. Ah, so there still was some fight left in him. “I’m not playing your –“

Maddox pressed their lips together fast, enjoying how Jonathan opened his mouth right away to get tongue. Just as fast, he pulled back, leaving the other wanting more. He grabbed Jonathan’s crotch and let a grin split his face. “Ten, jackpot.”

“Ten? You didn’t even count,” Jonathan protested.

“I can count really fast, and Hamilton,” Maddox said while pushing himself off the bed, “that’s a perfect ten erection right there. Come on, out with it, so that we can finally do what we should have been doing since the first day we met.”

Jonathan pressed his hands over his crotch in a defensive manner. “What do you want?”

Maddox knew he was pushing his luck, basically, but all this playing around with Jonathan was driving him nuts. “You wanted a fight. So let’s have it. Only it’s going to be on my terms.”

“What do you mean?” Jonathan mumbled.

Oh, but he was so pretty, horny and confused like that. He could be out and proud all he wanted, his lack of experience just made him all the more desirable. Maddox decided on the spot that he would be Jonathan’s first in all ways possible.

He pointed a finger at him in warning. “We’re going to have a cock fight. Get rid of your clothes. I want you naked by the time I count to ten.”

“But you count really fast,” Jonathan complained.

“I’ll make an exception and count like an average person. One. Off with the sweater.”

To his surprise, Jonathan followed his command obediently and pulled the sweater over his head.

“All right. Two, the shirt.”

Hopefully, Jonathan didn’t have on more than ten articles of clothing. By eight, he was just as Maddox had wanted him for so long, naked in his bed, wearing nothing but the most delicious blush. With a smirk, he pushed down his shorts, letting his erection bounce around happily. güvenilir bahis siteleri Then he climbed on the bed and straddled Jonathan again. “Sorry about not taking a shower,” he whispered, only then realizing that he was kind of stinking. “Should I–“

“It’s all right,” Jonathan whispered and wrapped one hand around the back of Maddox’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss.


A fight was a fight, Jonathan thought as he let his lips crush against Maddox’s plump ones with reckless abandon. Despite his horrible manners, Maddox had a point, and that was the surest way to work it out of their system, the both of them. Any belligerent intent was gone from his mind now, and while he was acutely aware that he was basically succumbing to the one thing he had promised himself not to succumb to, it was impossible to stop.

One way or another, he would set things straight with Maddox, and then everyone’s universe would get back to normal. “How is this cock fight supposed to work?” he murmured against the other’s lips.

“Like this,” Maddox said and pressed their hard cocks together.

The friction was too little and still killing him at the same time. Jonathan couldn’t suppress a moan. “What are the victory conditions?”

Maddox moved his lips along his jawline, making him mad with desire. He was shaking with it by now, and he probably should have thought twice before barging in and stumbling over a naked sweaty Maddox. The scent of the other’s skin was enough to drive him crazy, but he needed to go all in and plow through until there was nothing left of this ridiculous crush.

“Victory conditions, hmm,” Maddox hummed against his skin. “Whoever comes first will have to be the other’s slave for a month.”

“A month? Seriously?” Jonathan breathed out. Naughty fingers were pulling gently at his left nipple, sending ripples of new arousal straight to his cock. At the same time, Maddox was getting busy devouring the side of his neck, by sucking in the skin and letting it free with loud lewd noises. “And what would this slavery entail?”

“Everything,” Maddox said enigmatically.

“I can’t sign up for that, it’s just too vague,” Jonathan protested meekly.

Maddox was grinding against him slowly. “Then let me phrase it like this. I’ll win–“

“You’re so full of it,” Jonathan shot back.

“Don’t interrupt. I’ll win, and then, for one month, we’ll hook up like crazy.”

“Do you expect me to have sex with you?” Jonathan asked, trying so hard to muster outrage where there was none. “I don’t intend to let you fuck me in the ass.” Hell if he didn’t intend to do just that, but only because he was completely out of his mind.

“Then don’t lose,” Maddox said with an all-knowing smirk. “Just so you know, I wasn’t thinking of full-blown penetration, but since you brought it up, I’m seriously warming up to the idea.”

“What? But what could hooking up mean?” Jonathan tried to backpedal, with no success. Now, Maddox’s tongue was in his ear forcing all rational thoughts to leave his head.

“Lots of things, virgin boy. I’m not the one obsessed with anal fucking, though. It must be that you’ve thought of it already.” Maddox’s voice was sweet as honey in his ear. “Have you, Jonathan? Ever thought of me fucking you? Popping that delicious cherry of yours?”

He squirmed and trembled. With one impossible last effort, he stared into those naughty pretty eyes, and froze. Maddox freaking Kingsley was making fun of him! “No, never,” he replied stubbornly, unwilling to lose so easily.

Maddox moved again, pressing hard against him. “Liar,” he teased. “Don’t worry. I’ll make you want it. I’ll drive you as nuts as you’re driving me right now.”

“I’m doing nothing,” Jonathan replied. Everything Maddox did to him made him dizzy with more want.

“Then maybe you should start if you don’t want to lose this cock fight.”

That was, actually, good advice. Jonathan had never thought of himself as some seducer, but one thing he could do. He brought his mouth over Maddox’s lovely lips and pushed his tongue inside. Tasting that bad boy was like tasting everything that was sweet and forbidden in the world. He should have known better, but there they were, and maybe it was better to just have this burn and fizzle. Maddox was sure to get over it once he satisfied his curiosity regarding sex with a guy.

But letting him fuck him? That was a stretch, so yes, maybe he needed to put his all into not losing. Maddox, after all, knew as little about sex with a guy as him, and that gave them the middle ground needed for a fair fight. Jonathan allowed his hands to wander down Maddox’s muscular back until they reached the enticing curve of his ass. This straight boy needed to be taught a lesson, after all. He grabbed the round mounds with his hands and began to tease them together, parting them and pushing them together while his fingers inched closer and closer to the crack.

That appeared to make Maddox forget all about teasing and talking. He moved his hips faster now, grinding more iddaa siteleri against Jonathan, and making their cocks slide one on top of the other with increased urgency.

“How about this?” he whispered. “What if I’m actually thinking of popping your bad boy’s cherry?”

His fingers hit a homerun, pressing against the warm skin and dipping in just a little. Maddox said nothing, at this point letting out nothing but small grunts and strangled cries. As revenge, Maddox kissed him to shut him up while moving his cock over his harder and harder, in punishing thrusts. Jonathan did his best to keep his middle finger right against the entrance to Maddox’s hot as a furnace hole. Warming up to what idea? He was scorching hot while Jonathan teased him about being the guy to take it like that.

Not that he didn’t think of Maddox being the perfect guy to save him from the likely fate of dying a virgin. He had thought of it while masturbating. The mere imagined picture of that hard cock sinking inside him, making him crazy, had been enough to send him over the edge on numerous occasions, during his sleepless nights. Maddox wasn’t the only one incapable of getting much rest lately.

Suddenly, Maddox changed the angle, and his glans slid over Jonathan’s, changing the game. A short, intense shot of arousal flashed through his brain. It was too late when he realized that he was a goner, and he had just lost to the notorious Mad Dawg.

Jonathan came with small huffs and moans, biting his bottom lip and throwing his head back. Maddox just made it worse, no, better, no, worse, by biting his neck and claiming him as his body shuddered in release.

“Fuck yeah,” Maddox whispered and pushed himself back.

He was so beautiful like that, sweaty hair in his eyes, his muscles taut like springs, his hand moving over his erection faster and faster.

Jonathan lay there in defeat, breathing hard and still shaking from that insane climax.

“Can I shoot on your balls?” Maddox asked, biting his lower lip and looking over Jonathan’s body. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna shoot on your balls.”

Jonathan had no power to protest as Maddox’s warm cum landed on his ball sac. He let out a few more gasps as Maddox brushed the head of his cock against the skin there, spreading his cum around. He was claiming him in a way, even without fucking him.

And he had no qualms about it.

“Stay here, I’m going to get some tissues,” Maddox warned.

Jonathan watched as Maddox staggered around. Without thinking, he began touching his sac, enjoying the feeling of having all that cum spread around. And then, he brought his fingers to his lips and tasted Maddox just as he had been dreaming of.

“I’m glad to see you’re no longer thinking that my cum is something radioactive,” Maddox stated as he came back with a bunch of tissues. “Wait,” he stopped abruptly, “were you eating my cum just now?”

Jonathan froze. “No,” he denied.

Maddox’s face lit up with a huge grin. “You totally were. How is it?” he asked excitedly.

“Taste it yourself, don’t ask me,” Jonathan said quickly.

Maddox laughed and jumped on the bed. “Nah, but maybe I’ll have a bit of yours.” With that, he leaned over and took one of Jonathan’s nipples into his mouth. Then he smacked his lips. “You had a bit there. Fucking A shooter, aren’t you?”

Jonathan no longer had it in him to protest. “I should go,” he said meekly.

“Wait,” Maddox said while wiping him slowly. “The thing with Hanna. She always wanted someone to talk to about what she really liked. That’s why I told her about your Ray since I knew from Dex what kind of books he’s into. Just so you know. And yeah, I was jealous and wanted to make sure I didn’t have to go against your roommate, too. Or start wearing glasses and striped polo shirts.”

Jonathan chuckled. “Striped polo shirts? Is that the latest fashion among guys who are into illegal fights?”

“What illegal fights?”

Jonathan blinked. So maybe, just maybe, he had taken whatever BS Xpress was serving too much ad litteram. Maddox, with his big puppy eyes, couldn’t be into that. He didn’t give off that kind of vibe. “Never mind. I’m still mad at you for that Hanna thing. Pray that she makes Ray happy or else.”

“Or else what? Are you going to drop by for another cock fight?” Maddox gave him a lewd once over. “I’d say that you had your ass handed to you.”

“Yours wasn’t bad either,” Jonathan threw at him, along with a smirk that he hoped was suggestive enough.

“Shut up, slave. You’re it for the entire month.”

“I’m shaking.” It was good to have his wits back.

“No pulling out, Hamilton,” Maddox warned.

“All right. Bring it on, Kingsley.” Jonathan was pretty sure this bout of courage would wear off the moment he was out the door, but, for now, it served him to play it cool in front of the other.

Especially since Maddox was pretty cute when he didn’t appear all sure of himself.


All right, so that had been a fucking amazing experience, Maddox thought as he accompanied Jonathan to the door, all the while sending pointed looks at his friends who were following them with their eyes like the circus had just arrived in town. Fortunately, even Rusty held his tongue, which was a blessing, no matter how you looked at it.

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