Good Fences

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Glimpsing a flash of color from the corner of my eye, I pulled my chainsaw up and out of the cut. Letting it idle down, I turned and spied my neighbor sitting on a 4-wheeler, just on her side of the fence. She smiled slightly, giving a small wave. Inclining my head and smiling back, I killed the saw and set it down. Wondering how long she had been sitting there, I unbuckled my chaps and ambled over.

In the five years I’ve owned this property, I had never met her or her husband face to face. As it sits about a half-mile from my house, the closest I had come to meeting them was waving as they drove by on their thrice-weekly way to church, or passing them enroute, me usually on a 4-wheeler or the old Massey 135. They always waved back as we passed, sitting in their little car with the windows rolled up even in summertime. Sometimes she’d pass me, driving alone, in what I assumed was her Toyota 4 wheel drive pickup- again a wave and a smile.

Speculating, as men will, that meeting a member of the opposite sex on a beautiful mid-October afternoon in an isolated woods held certain possibilities, I was suddenly aware that my tee-shirt was soaked with sweat and clinging to me in every uncomfortable way possible. Always a gentleman, albeit a somewhat rough-looking bearded one covered in wood chips, I tried not to stand upwind of her but a light breeze was blowing right at my back. She either didn’t notice or didn’t mind, or was just too polite to move to the side.

Thrusting my hand out, reaching over what remained of a barbed wire fence, I introduced myself, “Mrs. Wheatley, I’m Ben Davidson- it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Looking at her, I guessed her to be about fifty-three, eight years my senior. She was long and thin, with that almost gaunt Scottish face that is so common in the Appalachias. Brown, naturally curly hair hung just to her shoulder, lightly sprinkled with gray. Her eyes were a nice nut brown in color, looking out from under a pair of thick dark eyebrows. It was her lips, however, looking slightly incongruous in such a thin face, that took me by surprise; tucked under her straight nose were a pair of full red lips that looked like they had been cut out of a picture of Renee Zellweger. They made her ordinary face something else entirely- I wondered if in the distant past some warm-blooded Neapolitan had sailed into one of her cold Scottish mothers.

As I stared for just a second too long, suddenly wanting to place my lips on her luscious ones, she smiled, saying nonchalantly, “Oh, just call me Ann”. As we began talking, she got off the 4-wheeler to stand just across from me. Standing about 5’6″, dressed in boots, jeans and a short sleeve button down checked shirt, I could make out a set of nice hips tapering to a trim waist, square shoulders above an almost flat chest. As our conversation flowed this way and that, first about the weather, then the neighbors, then how hard would the winter be, I surmised that what had brought her out here had been the sound of my chainsaw so close to the property line. She confirmed my suspicions, saying someone had been cutting firewood on them down at the southern end of their property. Wondering for safety’s sake why it had been her and not her husband coming out that 90s show izle to check, I said jokingly, “Wouldn’t it be better to send Mike out to confront a timber thief?”

Wishing I could retract my words as her face dropped, she said quietly, “Michael is …away”.

Something in her tone made me ask, “Is he okay?”.

“Oh”, she replied absently, not quite looking at me now,”he’s just not at home”.

Sensing a deeper issue, in an out-of-character move for me I decided to not put my foot any farther in my mouth, and let it drop. Looking at the sky and noticing how far the sun had moved, I remembered I still had a lot of cutting to do, as well as a truck to load.

Glancing up and then looking back at me, she said “The days sure don’t last long this time of year. You’ll be cutting in the dark if I keep you any longer”. Reluctantly agreeing, with a few more words I turned away as she straddled the 4-wheeler.

Putting my chaps back on and firing up the saw, I got back to it. Turning my head, I was surprised to see her still sitting there, looking at me with a strange expression on her face. Startled, she nodded, then drove off. Wondering at life’s chance encounters, I mentally pulled my thoughts away from her naked body to concentrate on not cutting my leg off. Men are such PIGS, or so I’ve been told.

Half an hour later, having run three tankfuls of gas that day through the saw, it was time to pack it in. Shirt again soaked, I peeled it off and hung it on the side of the truck. Clad only in jeans and deciding to fortify myself with an essential food group before commencing the backbreaking labor of loading the truck, I grabbed my cooler and headed for an old line tree stump.

Thanking the fermentation gods for hops and thanking Sierra Nevada for putting them to really good use, I treated myself to my first healthy slug. The first sip is always the best, although the ones that follow it aren’t too bad either. Quickly finishing my first beer and in imminent danger of sucking down a second, I was reaching for the cooler when, in the still afternoon air, I heard the loud snap of a breaking branch.

Whirling around, thinking improbable thoughts of a bear or coyotes, I saw nothing. Stepping over the fence and walking quickly, I covered fifty feet and came to a stop next to a massive black oak tree. At first still seeing nothing, I looked again and spotted her 4-wheeler, partially hidden behind multi-flora rose in a stand of jack pine, about forty yards away. Fearing the worst, my adrenalin rising, I took two long strides….. and stopped.

Turning my head, and then my body, I saw her, trying to melt into that enormous tree. With her head just above the crotch of that oak and her hands frozen in the act of stuffing her shirt into her pants, I realized with a powerful jolt just what she had been up to. Standing there with a desperate “deer in the headlights” look in her eyes, she didn’t have a chance to move before I was on her. Grabbing her roughly by the shoulders and pushing her back against the tree, my reflexes and adrenalin completely overriding my good sense, I mashed my lips to hers. As she squealed and grunted in protest, lips rigidly the 1619 project izle locked, I felt her hands on my chest attempting to push me away. Grasping her wrists, before she could fathom my intention I pulled her arms downward, sucking in my stomach and sliding her hands inside my jeans, pressing them against both sides of my rapidly hardening cock. She gasped, giving my tongue an opening.

Holding her unyielding hands firmly against my manhood, my lips still on hers, her head was pushed back into that split tree, rendering her immobile. Taking a deep breath and coming slightly to my senses, I realized I could push her no further; that this was closer to rape than I ever thought I could be.

In the split second before I moved away from her and began trying to make an absolutely impossible apology, her tongue betrayed her. Involuntarily responding and entwining with mine, I felt her hands suddenly grip my cock and begin clumsily fumbling with it. As her body relaxed and we melded together, I stepped back slightly pulling her forward with me. Feeling her fingers unbutton and unzip me, then reach in to grasp me fully, she began stroking, her tongue now moving urgently with mine. Inflamed, I tore open her shirt, sending buttons flying. Stepping back, I pulled it off her shoulders; pulling up on her undershirt, I forced it over her head and off of her arms. Not giving her a chance to stop me, I unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and twisted it tight behind her, pulling her arms back and against each other. Holding her so, not allowing her arms to come free, I gazed down in lust at her small, outthrust tits. Pointy little nipples surrounded by dark red quarter size aurolae, a tell tale red flush now evident under her neck, extending nearly from shoulder to shoulder. Breathing rapidly, her chest heaving and eyes wide, I caught the slight aroma of her arousal.

Leaning down, I took a nipple in my mouth, gently sucking and teasing. Releasing her arms, I felt her hands engaged again in my waist band, than strongly gripping and fondling. Sighing, she allowed me to unbuckle her jeans; I placed my hand against her, feeling her warmth and wetness. Slipping a finger inside of her, she moaned and moved her hips against my hand. Pulling out and rubbing my finger across my lips, tasting her strong flavor for the first time, she watched me with a shocked expression as I slowly sucked her juices off of my finger. I quickly stooped down and unlaced both her boots and mine. As I held her boots one at a time, she lifted her feet and stepped out of them. Standing, I shed mine then again knelt, slowly shrugging her pants down over her waist, then to the knees and to the ground; quickly followed by her underwear, which gratifyingly, had a nice dark spot in the front. Pressed to my nose, it released a warm dark scent.

As she stood in her stocking feet, knees pressed demurely together, I rocked back and surveyed my prize. Slender strong-looking legs and muscular thighs led up to a flat stomach- under her plain clothing was hidden a very well kept body. Refocusing, I gazed intently for the first time on her waiting pussy, seeing long protruding lips that appeared to be glistening in the the 7 lives of lea izle fading light. Gently parting her legs and pressing my face up and into her moist pussy hairs, one by one I sucked and pulled on those long lips. Feeling her body jerk, she let out a small yelp and said, “Oh, I’ve never…”; than she stopped talking and placed both hands on my head, pulling me hard against her. Licking up and down her juicy slit, I knelt under her with head sharply upturned, gripping her from behind with both hands and feverishly tongue fucking that soft compliant puss as she just as feverishly fucked her body against my head. I love the flavor and feel of pussy juices and Ann’s was one of the juiciest I have ever experienced. I have been unfavorably compared to a dog, but I can’t help it- I roll and lick and coat my face, cheeks, chest, beard, whatever’s available; if I could suck in a woman’s entire puss, nay, her whole body, and feel her intense orgasm inside me I would. Obviously impossible, I thoroughly enjoy what I can reach; in Ann’s case it seemed to be having a strong effect as with a strong bucking and a low rising moan, she released a sudden gush of juices into my waiting mouth. As I rolled my beard around in her matted pussy hairs, licking and sucking wildly as she grunted and gripped my head I basked warmly in the knowledge that I had given her her first oral cum.

Standing, I shed my own jeans. Eyes locked on each others, she placed her hands on me, then gently pulled me to her waiting slit. As she looked at me with glazed eyes, I placed my mouth over hers, allowing her to taste her own abundant pussy juice. Hungrily she sucked on my lips and tongue, giving me the impetus for my next unplanned move. Breaking the kiss, I slowly rubbed my entire face over hers, luxuriantly coating her as she stood unprotesting. Perhaps I really am a dog- whatever, I just know that with the exception of the nether regions, I revel in the sharing of all bodily fluids with a woman who shares in the same desire.

As she rubbed my cockhead against her lovely little puss and unbelievably sucked on my beard, I slowly pushed myself into her. Slowly embedding my eight inch cock into her warm slippery body, both of us looking unblinking into each other’s intense eyes, I stopped fully into her. Just holding her and lowering my lips to kiss her again, our kiss deepened. Gradually pulling my cock out until the head was just inside her, I just as gradually pushed back in. Slowly and erotically fucking this woman, her back still against the tree, I marveled at the tightness of her pussy. Lowering her head to watch, she moaned quietly as she watched her pussy lips move in and out with my thrusting. Feeling her legs buckle, I saw her creamy foam coating me and knew that she had come again.

Lowering myself to the ground, in a kneeling position, with her kneeling on top of me, I achieved the deepest possible penetration, feeling my cockhead pressing against her cervix. As we both gazed down in wonder at the sight of me fully penetrating her, I again began moving fully in and out of her, exposing my creamy cock to her for a long second before plunging back in. Feeling the inevitable estatic approach, with a long groan I began unleashing spurt after spurt of cum deep into her clenching pussy. As she held me tightly and squealed softly in my ear, I continued to thrust into her, feeling her body spasm once again.

Arms wrapped around each other, loving the feel of her head on my shoulder and her warm buttocks on my thighs, I resolved to take further advantage of Michael Wheatley’s “being away”.

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