Gone fishing

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Gone fishingThis event we’ ll call it happened last year. We decided we needed to get away from the cold and snow so what better place then Key West Florida. We finally get to our room and it’s about 9:00 at night.we were tired and raining out but still nice out, so we stayed in and went to bed.morning comes and it’s still raining but is supposed to clear up by noon or so. I was to go fishing on a pretty big sport fishermen boat . 42 ft ,my wife was to shop but of course the rain. I called the captain and he said the trip is getting cancelled cause not enough people. I said if anything changes call me which he did a hour later.he told me there would only be three total ,small trip so I convinced my wife to come. It will be a shortened trip and the weather will break and then were free to do whatever.(shopping). We got to the boat and there’s a captain and a mate and were stopping at a little island to pick up the others. When we stop these two guys about 30yrs old get on with a very big cooler. I don’t think we were out ten minutes and there passing out drinks. Some kind of tequila tropical casino oyna drink . All is well as were all getting fucked up (not the crew). This boat was amazing. It had a door to the stern to get the fish in ,absolutely beautiful down below with a spiral stairs that led to the fly bridge. Someone said 1.5 mil $. My wife was eating up the attention too. Were mid forties in shape cpl she is a brunette small breasts ,small ass ,tight pussy. She weighs 115 lb, very sweet indeed. I’m a regular working guy paying for everything . Then it happened the captian stopped the boat to fish. We started to fish and it was getting hot.im down to shorts when I look over to see what all the guys are staring at,my wife. Ashe had a bathing suit underneath. It didn’t cover much either.she hooks the first one so boat rule she has to do a shot,omg she’s shit faced drunk .someone lands a big one and they want her to wind it in.so she gets in this fighting chair and she gets strapped into it with her legs spread a bit.at about that time i started to get seasick! I went and through up over the back and hung canlı casino siteleri there for a while. She’s winding in the fish I’m puiking .. I decided to go down below and lay down so as I turn around I see her pussy lips are spread with the fabrics . The guys are all helping her but really there re checking her out. I was there about 15 minutes when she came to check on me. She told me their going swimming and their done fishing. I just laid there. Now I hear music and decided to get up and as I look out she is coming out of the water and the one guy is helping her in the water.she stayed to long in that position ,as I think he was fingering her. I have to go throw up again and lay there for a while then back to the bed. In she comes to check on me and I’m told were heading back and the engine start up and were moving. She leaves and I look up to see through the tinted glass doors her going up with other guy and while she’s on the ladder he pulls her bottoms down and she stepped out of them. Omg ! My heart rate is up and now my cock is hard. Now the boat is moving I feel casino şirketleri much better and rest a little longer al well knowing these guys are having a good time with my drunk wife. It was then I realized that the spiral stair case had a glass hatch on it with dark tint! As I ascended this ladder the view blew me away. She was naked and dancing and being touched all over. I’m shaking as I write this. I think at the time she tried to put her suite back on and the just refused to let that happen. She got it on and then I see her coming down the ladder. I jump onto the bed and make believe I’m out cold and she checks on me and she’s off back up the ladder. When I get back to my position the first thing I see is my girl of 25yrs taking off her clothes, and I’m shaking my cock is ready to explode . The guys take off theirs too and they have her bent over the seat and watched the entire encounter , front row. This went on for about a half hour and was fucked by all of them even the crew.. I will relive this every time I jerk off. As the boat slowed down I came out and apologized for getting sick. They all laughed and said no problem and that they enjoyed my wife’s company. She never said a thing other that they were great guys. Every time I fucked her on that vacation I thought of them, that will explain why I didn’t last long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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