Going to an X-rated theater

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Going to an X-rated theaterever go to an x-rated theater? nobunch of men jerking off. I bet you’d like it yes I would , all over meI know. I should take you to one yes and your wife too she could lick me cleanI have taken her before she can be a real slut but only for me did she play with any oneno. but she did play with me and I played with her did anyone watch you hard to tell but I think so. it’s always so dark in those theaters did you have her nakedtits out. cunt on display. my cock out mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes sucking me while I finger fuck her. want to go? yeswill you dress the part? yes nice button down dress with flimsy black see thru bra and panties. garter belt nylons and black hose? sexy yes. I want the audience to notice you they willthey absolutely will. ready to go? yes you look delicious. open the top few buttons on your dress okwe drove to the theater, I bought 2 tickets and send you to the ladies room to pee. I do the same. you come back out. ready to enter? it’s very dark inside. smells musty. we move half way down and sit in the center of the theater. there is a movie on. a woman is sucking a hard black cock. I start stroking my cock thru my pants and put my hand on your left thigh running it up your leg to just below your panties. I hear stirring behind us and ignore it . I undo my pants and take your left hand and place it on my hard cock on top of my boxers. you start to stroke it mmmmmmmmmmm yes nice and hard already I know. you excite me. put your hand inside while I finger your pussy thru you panties. more stirring behind us you are very open, warm and bahis şirketleri your panty crotch is moist a man sits in front of us, a row in front of us. he turns and is watching us I bet he’s got his cock out stroking it. I can’t see though. can you? mine though is rock hard. I think I’ll let him see more and undo the buttons on your dress to where your panties now show working your clit now thru your panties with my fingers behind us another man has moved closer So exciting now open the top of your dress a few more buttons so your bra shows you are attracting a crowd now. the man behind you has his hard cock out. I can see him stroking now a black man sits to you right. I am on your left oh my , very bold of him it is common for this to happen. men are very bold in these theaters he reaches over and takes your right hand and pulls it gently to his groin. is he hard? I don’t think so, but it feels reel bigwhy don’t you be bold and unzip his pants and find out okyour breasts look really delicious in that bra too. I am slipping a finger inside your panties. you are quite wet now your nipples are so erect too. so is he hard? he is getting there and he is very big now I think he sees how lovely your breasts look. he reached over. cupped your right one in his palm, took it out of the bra and is teasing your nipple. ooooooooooooh yes now he reaches over and starts to suck it the man behind you reaches over your right shoulder and fondles your left breast while the man to your right sucks your right one oh my obviously very excited you make my hand now in your panties very bahis firmaları wet. did you cum? yes, oh god yeswe now have a larger audience but only those 3 have dared to come closer I want you to suck that black man’s cock and tell you that. he takes his mouth off your breast and pulls his big cock out of his under shorts, pants to his knees. he is hung like a horse. you reach over put your head in his lap and start working your mouth on his hard cock. I can’t see all this from where I am sitting. but as you lean to your right your bottom becomes exposed and your panties. the man in the row in front of us now reaches back and starts fondling your ass and putting his hand inside your panties. his cock is out too. the guy behind now displaced moves to there aisle we are in and sits down on the floor in front of you. I can’t see a thing now tell me what they are doing to you. I honestly can’t see but I can smell your cunt now and I can hear the sounds of a wet cunt being finger fucked I also can see the guy on the floor with his cock out stroking it the black cock is so big I am having a hard time getting it into my mouth feel a had on my ass, squeezing and rubbing and the guy on the floor has his hand in my panties and is rubbing my clit and fingering my pussyhe is bold. from what I can see he is about to cum. where would you like it? if he stood up I bet he could fuck you if you pushed your bottom forward. dare you? he is standing over you now I start to stand and the guy on my ass pulls my panties downI think he is asking permission you have my permission. grab his cock kaçak bahis siteleri and put the head at the entrance to your cunt go ahead if you want him to fuck you. otherwise he’s going to cum on you the black man now has his hands on my head and is pushing me down I push back onto his cockyou are struggling to take it all. he’s all of ten inches maybe more. what about the hard cock in front of you? its 10 inches too and half way in my mouth, and the black man is still pushing my head down stroke him off in your mouth. the guy in front of you just came on your left inner thigh on your nylons he just pulled up his pants and left. the guy behind jumped over the chairs, bent over in front of you and ignoring the cum on your hose spread your legs and is tonguing your wet pussy the movie is almost over , in the past they turn up the house lights. so I suggest we all finish up before we are caught they hear me. the black guy pulls his cock out of your mouth and starts stroking hard now standing over your face. the guy eating you stands and leans forward his cock just entering your cunt. you fuck him back the black now shoots a huge load on your lips and chin dripping onto your breasts, still exposed. the guy fucking you suddenly pulls out and cums on the front of your dress. the movie ends…….. everyone scrambles to redress as the house lights come up. you have managed to push everything back into place. so have I. I hand you a paper towel to clean up the mess which you do. I never came but there will be a next time? maybe in the car on the way home. we should revisit this theater soon. I never did get to watch the movie though OH yes there will be a next time these things do happen for real in adult theaters would be fun to seeI have only been an observer so far. well not really. we did play a few times

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