Giving In To Best Friend

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I hate the way people view gay men’s friendships. They decide on their own that we all had something going on between us at some point. And whenever I complain about being single and having my V-card attached to me, my friends act out the most dramatic surprised faces, asking why I’m still not dating my gay best friend Leonardo.

Leonardo is a charming guy. He’s nice, funny, comfortable to be around, tall, sturdy and sexy as hell. He can make any gay guy itch on the rear entrance. Just being around him feels like being teased by an army of musky-smelling, tantalizing jocks while not being allowed to do so much as to get a single touch on any of them.

But I decided I’d never even flirt with him. It just didn’t feel right to me. In our 3 years of friendship we did everything best friends would do. We played games, hung out with mutual friends, went shopping, helped each other with studies. I even helped him choose clothes for dates. And it all has been wonderful. He was a precious friend I’d have beaten myself over if I were ever to lose him. So I accepted we were never going to be more than friends. And I didn’t have much argument from both lonely and horny sides of my brain, since he never showed me anything other than a friendly, kind side.

There was still bound to be a small doubt, however. I couldn’t shut down my libido and love-craving forever when he showed a bit of his strange side. Maybe strange isn’t the word. “Curious”, is it? He’d been hitting me with a big wave of questions about things. At first it was all reasonable. Since he always talked me about his past partners and regular hook-up experiences, it was natural for him to question my experiences. Of course he asked how many people I’ve slept with, or why I didn’t actively seek out new experiences like him. Asking my favourite positions was also understandable. But whether I liked it rough or not? I don’t know. Maybe I wouldn’t have found it so strange if he was just casually asking it.

Usually I couldn’t help setting up a tent after a few questions and it wasn’t possible to hide it all the time. He’d never made a comment about it even when I’d been sure he noticed. And occasionally, he’d also have his boner visible to me, a feast to my virgin eyes. It was one of those times, we both were hard when the conversation was focused strictly over my preferences in bed. We both stole glances at each other’s boner and kept getting caught by the other. When he asked me the question, he was blatantly ogling my crotch. It was…weird. As a gay guy, I understood being curious about a dick right before your eyes, but not why he wasn’t trying to hide it from me.

Ever since the strange feeling from his change hit me, I no longer had confidence in our friendship. I never wanted to be his…boyfriend. I really didn’t. Whenever I imagined us going out, I immediately heard my friends giggling and whispering ‘of course you do’s. I would hate people thinking I’m dating a guy just because we are both gay. If I date someone, it is purely because we connect, not anything else.

As I went deeper in thoughts surrounding Leonardo, I heard a knock from the door of my room. Living in the dorm for 3 years, one thing I learned had to be that people never visited other rooms. Being the primary reason why I chose to keep living there, it was also how I instantly knew who was at the door.

I found myself facing the mirror in the bathroom in the blink of an eye. Quicker than ever, I changed into contact lenses, taking off my full rim, round, black glasses. With the small change, I felt like being released of my insecurities. Taking one last glance at my reflection in the mirror, I ran to the door, ready to act as if I wasn’t flustered over his sudden visit.

And there he stood, his 6’5 frame enunciating breathtaking beauty. He had ripped black jeans trapping his toned thighs tightly, chest muscles on display over white tee and lips the most kissable shade of pink. I had to pause the world around me for a bit before feeling like a decently functional person again in front of Leonardo. I got no intention of dating him, but dammit if I wouldn’t let him rock my body.

“Can I come in or do you need more time to hide your ‘transparent XXL dildo with testicles and obvious glans’?” He joked, but his expression didn’t speak of the same joy as his joke.

“I don’t have one. And that’s way too specific.” I said dryly as I gestured him inside and he settled down on the bed. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing.” He said, but swiftly corrected as I shot him a glare of ‘I know there’s something’. “It’s just that…It doesn’t feel right.”


“You casino şirketleri know, dating and stuff.”

“Did something happen with Matthew?” I asked, not hiding my surprise over them facing problems just after 2 weeks of dating. Leo’s relationships had never once lasted longer than 3 months as far as I was updated.

Leo sighed with the slightest exhaustion on his breath. “We broke up.”

Oh, a new record.

“What happened?” I asked as I sat on the task chair, a few inches apart from where Leo had been sitting on my bed. I didn’t miss him tense up while he placed the euro pillow he got by leaning towards the bedhead on his lap. After fixing his posture one last time, he finally decided to speak.

“He’s cute, nice and his ass is to die for. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when he confessed to me. I mean there was no reason to reject him, you know?” He sighed. “Until now my relationships were mostly about sex, I figured no one needed me to be the romantic guy. And I thought Matthew to be the same.”

“But he wasn’t?” I asked.

“I guess so.” He affirmed confusedly.

“For these two weeks, I’ve been desperately trying to set the mood for it but he’s been subtly avoiding intimacy. I just thought he was nervous at first but I couldn’t understand why he kept the attitude. Then today…I fucked up big time.” By the time I’d seen the wetness of Leonardo’s eyes they were no longer on me. In the three years I knew him it was the first time I saw sorrow in his eyes. I couldn’t help hurting in the sight of his heart-wrenching look. My body moved on its own and I sat on his side on the bed, pulling his jaw gently so he would look at my eyes. He flinched at my sudden touch and his damp eyes kept shaking between my eyes and lips. I thought I saw him parting his lips slightly but I wasn’t too sure since I was lost in his sparkling eyes.

So. Fucking. Beautiful.

“It’s okay Leo, I won’t judge you so talk to me, okay?”

He nodded weakly and I finally remembered to take my hand off his jaw before I accidentally start feeling his lips with it.

“He invited me to his house.” Leo began and I could already see where it went. “I thought he was sending me signs. He even emphasized his parents wouldn’t be around.” His grumbling voice was uneven and I sensed right away he was on the verge of tears. I wanted to console him somehow but the right words were nowhere to be found on my mind, so instead I did something silly.

I kissed him on the top of his head, following with a one on his forehead. The second kiss was harder to end as his soft skin pulled me into a wonderland I was dangerously reluctant to leave. Still I managed to put a reasonable distance between our faces after I parted and looked into his eyes again.

“What happened there?” I asked, scared he would express how weirded out I possibly made him.

“He suggested watching a romantic movie and I didn’t protest.” He answered, keeping the eye contact. “We were just quietly focused on the movie at first but once a kiss scene dropped, he kept stealing glances at me. I knew they meant something but I was scared due to his prior unwillingness. I didn’t dare do anything, until a bed scene came up and I lost it. We kissed hard for minutes, the scene long over. I was so aroused and I got carried away. I…I caressed his thighs and in seconds my hand was on his crotch. He froze up at that and I knew I fucked up.”

This time, the tears were really dropping from his eyes. His soft sobs broke my heart and I hugged him without a second thought. I didn’t speak a single word after that, just felt his warmth and waited for him to calm down.

Leo, however, didn’t wait his sobs to stop before speaking. “He must think I’m such an asshole.”

“No,” I said, disentangling my arms from him and wiping his tears with my thumbs. “He just wasn’t ready. Next time simply make sure you ask, okay?”

I waited for a response, or at least a simple nod but it didn’t come. He wasn’t crying nor sobbing either. I felt stuck between being relieved and nervous about the sudden stillness. It wasn’t until he lifted the pillow on his lap I felt a tingling sensation run through all the nerves in my body.

He was erect.

No, it wasn’t a little momentary bump.

The way it stirred was telling enough, his energy was maxed out and the pre-cum was beginning to show on his jeans.

I gasped in surprise and found my cock not unaffected, already searching a way out of the tight sport shorts.

I was sure he saw the lust in my eyes because what he did next had no other explanation.

“Should I ask like this?” He asked, casino firmaları his tone nothing like the one from a minute ago. It’d turned into someone’s who was controlling rather than asking a question.

He grabbed both of my shoulders and squeezed them until I groaned in pain. “Get on your knees and suck my dick you slut.”

My whole body quaked as he ran his hands through my chest before pulling them back. I couldn’t hide anything. Not my surprise, and not even the ecstasy I was in.

“N-no.” I said, my voice unsurprisingly whispery. “He wouldn’t like that.”

His pitch black eyes trailed down my body until they stopped on my bulge, his lips turning up to a smirk. My hopeless cock jerked at the interest. “But you like it.” His heavy voice sent a shiver down the dormant depths of my body, every cell in my body reveling in his see-through gazes.

“I-” I attempted to protest but as his eyes finally stopped on mine, what I saw in them completely shut the very little composure I had left down.

Absolute dominance. Unbreakable control. Piercing lust.

A moan escaped my mouth as I dropped to my knees. I knew I was no longer acting on my own, lust-filled obedience was all left of me. I let my hands trail forward his ripped thighs and when a thumb grazed his shaft on the way, he inhaled a lungful of breath. I didn’t hear him exhale until I was done unfastening his belt, freeing his juicy flesh. At the same time, I realized my breathing getting rather rash and needy.

I left my hands to rest on Leo’s thighs, while my lips found their way to the crown of his lively member. I made sure to check his reaction at the first contact, which was widening the smirk on his art piece of a face.

I ran my tongue down the ridge until I almost reached his balls, but went up once again and closed my lips over the glans. It was pure bliss after that, my mouth going down on his shaft had him throw his head back and give way to sexiest of groans. Once I passed halfway, gag reflex got the better of me and I had to go up for a second before making sure to take it deeper this time around.

Only he didn’t let me be and pushed his all way down my throat. My cock jolted at his evildoing and I was only able to cough for a few seconds before he started face-fucking me harsh and fast. He was cursing violently under his breath and his hands found their place on my head without ado. As he grabbed it, the center of operation changed from his hips to hands. He pulled, he pushed and I could tell by the way his balls felt under my touch that he was close. If how his pre-cum tasted was anything to go by I’d known better than to waste a single drop of the main course.

And I didn’t. He growled as he held my face buried on his crotch while warm fluid filled my mouth and I didn’t hesitate to swallow the cum down.

I was too lost in both his taste and the heady smell of his manhood when he yanked me to my feet and stripped out of his clothes before getting to undressing me. He brushed his mouth over mine after the shirt was off, but it didn’t actually turn into a kiss as I sniveled at the way his fingers lingered over the waistband, carefully avoiding my cock.

When I thought he would finally attend to my pleas and give my cock the relief it desperately needed, he went the exact opposite direction and groped my butt cheeks firmly. The sensation sent a squeak out of my mouth and Leo saw the moment my mouth ajar as his chance to violate my mouth with his tongue.

He kept his offense on my ass as he kissed me. No, actually he didn’t kiss me. The invasion was too heavy with fervor to be called a mere kiss. He fucked my mouth with his tongue.

I felt my inexperience in the way I failed to match his subtle movements. But I was sure he knew I wanted this more than anything in my downright rushed response.

I suspected my skin was widely reddened from the way his fingers pressed painfully on my cheeks and my cock made a little scene in my pants. I was sure Leo realized I was on the edge because he made sure to keep his groin distant enough to not come into contact with mine.

Fuck, he knew how to tease and then some.

I gasped against his mouth when he took the teasing to the next level and slided a finger through my ass crack. I couldn’t stop the shuttering orgasm as it rocked through my body when his finger pushed onto my sensitive hole through the fabric and I came in my shorts with a loud cry against Leo’s mouth.

I’d been panting for a while when Leo pulled his hands away from my back and I already missed his touch as though it’d been there all my life. At the same time, embarrassment güvenilir casino out of my hand-free orgasm hit me lightly.

I took a step back. “I need to use the toi-” I couldn’t complete the sentence when I got a good view of his hand grabbing his rock hard prick as if it wasn’t the same one emptied out in my mouth a good few minutes ago.

And like that, everything became secondary to lust and need.

Nothing else was needed for me to sprawl out on the bed face down but the way he swung his solid length with his big veiny hand. I spoke no words but I knew the gesture to be way more disastrous than a thousand pleas would be.

I glanced back at Leo on my shoulder and I immediately knew he was feigning puzzlement and he would keep at it if I stayed on wait for him like this.

I was sure by the way his fiery eyes pierced through every inch of my body that he took pleasure in watching me burn with desire.

“Please” I begged, throwing away the last bit of dignity if there was any left. He didn’t move an inch in the presence of my desperate state, but I saw the contentment and hunger in his gaze.

“Please what?” He teased like we both didn’t know how each other lost patience.

“Please,” I cried out. “Fuck me.”

I didn’t have to look back anymore to know he picked up his wallet and threw a condom along with a lube packet to my side.

I’d thought he would thrust in without delay when he yanked my shorts eagerly and dropped it to the floor, but boy was I wrong.

His tongue hitting my hole cost me the remaining power in my legs and I buried my face to the pillow to keep my voice down. He circulated around the entrance as he pulled my ass cheeks apart so tight he could tear my flesh. I gave way to a loud gasp of pleasure when his tongue sinked in my hole.

His bestial, untamed movements as he tongue-fucked me stirred up my insides, every depth eager to be filled. And he let go of my ass only long enough to swat the cheeks in an electrifying intensity. I shivered at the sensation and rubbed my painfully hard cock against the sheets in the hope of relief. Only I immediately stopped when I felt something else replacing Leo’s tongue.

His finger.

In a single, burning push.

“Fuck!” I cried as he glided it fast and I knew I was too loud when he poked at my mouth with his lax hand. I swallowed one of the fingers and kept them as deep as I can down my throat.

“Do you want the second one?” He asked and I knew he meant both.

“Yesh!” I growled against his hand and he filled me with the second finger in both mouth and butthole. The burning sensation changed into pure pleasure almost immediately and I was too gone when my entire body jumped at the electricity the fingers hitting my prostate caused.

“Wanna end like this?” Leo asked as he took the fingers out of my mouth and with the ones inside me, he hit the gland hard, leaving me with insensible words spilling out of my mouth.

All I managed as a protest of sorts was a desperate shake of my head. And to that, he stopped moving and repeated his question, rather warningly this time.

“No!” I gave out a yelp. “I need it.”

“What do you need David?” I felt jiggly hearing my name sounded in his mouth the first time during the intercourse.

“I need your dick inside me.” I pleaded. “Please.”

Leo didn’t speak after that, the only sounds in the room were my heavy breathing and a crinkle.

My insides jumped in excitement as I guessed the crinkle meant Leo was putting on the condom and I knew he was done when I felt something cold on my now-empty hole.


And it didn’t just slide down from there. Because the very next second Leo was pushing the head in a not gentle way. He bottomed out in two or three pushes and didn’t get a single protest from my side. The pain was there, but I only cared about it before I pushed my hips higher from the ground. After that, nothing could come between the reverie and me.

Leo began moving in me slowly in the moment I buried my face on the pillow instinctively. But he surprised me as he showed no concern about noise when he encircled an arm just above my shoulders, pulled me slightly up and picked up on speed as his thrusts blew me away.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Leo uttered under his breath and my dick jumped at his sensual tone. My insides tightened when there was a sudden pain on just where my neck and shoulder met. I didn’t need to see my back to know Leo was biting me and the stinging pain did all sorts of me I never experienced before. The state of delight surely didn’t go unnoticed by Leo because all signs of how close I was transmitted through his captured flesh.

“I’ll fuck you all night if you cum before me.” Was all he said before I gladly exploded on my sheets.

And he did fuck me all night.

And many more nights.

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