Girls Who Do Lunch

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They were getting very bored, the mega rich housewives who ‘do lunch’. They’d done enough charity work and fund raising to feed a small country and needed to find a new pastime for their many hours of leisure. They’d shopped till it had become a bore. They’d got enough clothing and killer shoes to also clothe a small country, though mini dresses and killer shoes wouldn’t have gone down very well in many of the countries the charity work was aimed at.

One evening the girls were out at a very sexy nightclub held in a top-notch hotel in the middle of London. All the girls could wear their most sexy and revealing outfits without any concerns as the club was full of millionaires and almost as many tuxedoed security guards. Just rich people drinking and having fun the only way they can. They regularly competed with each other to see who could show the most flesh and keep everything in. On this particular occasion they had all gone to town with the shortest of short dresses and a variety of backless or split down to the navel cleavage popping outfits held on precariously with ‘tit tape’ and shoes that would give ordinary women a nose bleed they were so high.

The cheekiest of the gaggle of girls was a bit of a flirt when her hubby wasn’t around and one of the security guards had made it fairly obvious that he had the hots for her so she flirted even more than she would normally do so just to watch him squirm and adjust his stance to compensate for the obvious hard-on he was getting just admiring her amazing little body. This particular guy was built like a boxer, which she really liked, as he obviously liked girls spotting he was ripped. As the evening wore-on and the cocktails took their toll, she approached him in a very provocative manner making him sweat even more. As she got closer she very cheekily whispered something to him, making him bend forward to hear her. His eyes were now adjacent to the most beautiful cleavage on show in her low cut dress. This girl knew what she was doing. She asked him if he would like to escort her to the VIP lounge, which was only accessible by key which he alone had. The answer came in a split second and that he was more than happy to oblige.

With ankara escort a large cocktail in hand she sprawled onto a long luxurious couch then asked him how much he fancied her. Sat there in one of the shortest and tightest dresses she could have worn without getting arrested, and shoes so high everything bounced deliciously when she walked and completely backless down almost to her bun cheeks which proved that she was wearing absolutely no underwear he spluttered out ‘quite a lot’. As he stood there just looking at her stunning body he started to move his hands over his privates like a footballer in a penalty wall, only in this case to conceal his ardour rather than getting protection from a flying football.

She very sexily asked him to remove his hands and not be embarrassed as it was very flattering for her, and that she liked the look of the growing bulge in his designer tuxedo trousers. He raised his eyes in surprise but slowly did as he was being asked, making the bulge even more pronounced. Are you getting uncomfortable down there she asked, to which he simply nodded not one for much conversation these security types.

He stayed stood there as she slid off the couch onto all fours crawling over towards him and stopping just short of his feet. The sight for him was too much, but as she drew a line with her fingers in the long pile of the carpet beneath them, he was a little confused thinking like any red blooded guy that the obvious was just about to place, she then retired back to the couch taking a position that showed her long legs and so sexy shoes leading up to a tantalizingly dark area just out of plain sight in the darkened room, the vision was a lot to take and he began to sweat a little more profusely.

By now his way too obvious hard-on was fit to burst. She then told him in no uncertain terms that he was not to cross the line she had just drawn in the carpet under any circumstances, to which he nodded his agreement.

She then gave him a command to unzip his straining flies, he complied. Slide the trousers down and let them drop to the floor, he complied. He had on a small pair of designer black shiny hipster pants that escort ankara were stretched to their limit but were containing everything within, just. Her next instruction. Slide your pants down slowly I want to see your cock, he complied. His large member sprung out like a jack in a box, and bounced around for a few seconds rejoicing in its freedom. Now stroke it very very slowly and cup your balls with your other hand, he complied as he looked up her skirt and stared at her cleavage as if he needed any more encouragement.

As his already well engorged cock was set free it got even larger and swollen as he manoeuvred his larger than average appendage to a more comfortable position. He didn’t seem embarrassed, just a little surprised. She stared at his manhood with the eyes of a she devil, licking her lips and opening her mouth wide as if she already had it between her lips and was tasting him with her tongue. Her eyes were as wide as she could get them as she became a very sexy voyeur in the half light of the VIP lounge which was lit for privacy and clandestine hook-ups, the perfect location.

He watched her intently as she stared at his cock, her eyes glued to his member, every time his hand moved even slightly she had a reaction of some kind, regularly licking her lips seductively, which encouraged him to do it some more. After a very short while she began invitingly opening her knees and closing them back together again just enough to inspire him into more action. Her dress had ridden up to the extent that she could slide her hand down in between her legs and so began to stroke her very moist fanny just a little to start with to give him the impetus to go for it even more.

After only a few strokes with her eager fingers she found that she was reaching her own almost instantaneous orgasm. As she threw her head back and flicked her hair from one side to the other eyes as wide as saucers, he recognised the look that demanded he do the same and finish himself off right now, he complied. His erection was at its height and as he moved his hand up and down the rigid shaft then right around the top of his penis, the swollen purple shiny glans grew in size getting ankara escort bayan ready to burst. His other hand squeezing his enlarged bollocks furiously encouraging a larger ejaculation.

Keeping her eyes on his gorgeous cock so that she didn’t miss anything she dropped to her knees again, and came crawling over to the imaginary line between them and sat on her haunches right underneath his now massive cock staring up at it with her mouth wide open so suggestively and him so close to a climax, it was all going to plan for her

He ejaculated right then and there, just the sight of her crawling towards him on all fours and just sitting all gorgeous legs, thighs and cleavage, they had had the required reaction from him, his hand moving faster and harder as the hot cum spurted out randomly hitting her face, cleavage, but most importantly for her, her mouth and still piping still hot from his balls. She loved the taste of cum and always demanded the same from any amorous encounter, she drove a hard bargain but always got what she wanted.

Once he had finished and was completely spent she licked her lips for him allowing him to see how much she had enjoyed herself. She then retired to the couch and composed herself with a few paper drinks coasters that she unfolded like a napkin which were quite handy and finished off her cocktail.

He was told quite firmly that his job was done for now and to get himself cleaned up and straightened out and to return to his security duties in the club with nothing more to say. He complied.

She was still extremely horny after this erotic experience and was so turned on by the whole episode that an idea sprang to mind, she had to do this again. The security guy had done what he was told to the letter without question and she had got what she had asked for in spades, which was one of her absolute favourite things. What’s to stop her and her friends asking any hot looking guy to do the same for them and in return they would dress to ‘encourage’ the best performance and please any guy that came along. Maybe they could even do group ‘viewings’ to add even more spice and sexual tension.

After he had left, she gave it a few moments and went via the ladies cloakroom to ensure everything looked as hot as it was before then went back to the lounge and spotted her girly friends.

Girls I have found something new that we can all enjoy in our leisure time.

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