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Note: Make sure you are at least 18 years old and enjoy. Remember: Love means nothing to a tennis player. Sorry about that. Slickman

Steve read the notice on the College Bulletin Board:


Steve had just separated from his wife of two years Julie who had moved quickly up the corporate ladder and spent more time at work than she did at home. Her business trips lasted for weeks and the longer they were separated the more distant in their relationship they had become. Besides, most of her trips were with her young boss, Bill who was single and very handsome. Steve suspected their relationship was more than just business but he could not prove it.

Julie swore she had not done anything wrong and begged him to give their marriage another try. Steve just couldn’t do it. They agreed to separate for three months, which meant no personal relationships with anyone else during that time. Steve was looking for something to keep his mind active. Being a girl’s tennis coach just might be the cure?

The season was less than two weeks away and the athletic director Ann Corbett was getting desperate to find a coach. The job paid very little money and usually meant long hours after school and travel on long bus trips. The only candidate was not close to what she wanted. So, when Steve walked in her face lit up.

“Hi. I’m interested in the girl’s tennis coaching position.” Steve said holding his hand out to greet Ann.

“Great. I’m Ann Corbett, the athletic director. Have you read the requirements?”

“Yes. I played college tennis at State. I was runner up NCAA men’s champ about 8 years ago. That was before I busted up my knee. But, I can still play tennis, just not competitively.” He said quickly.

“You have seen the pay and the amount of time expected?” She asked.

“Sure. No problem there. I have a lot of extra time now and pay is not what’s motivating me to want to coach.” He said.

“May I ask why you have so much time?” She asked anyway.

“Sure. It’s no secret. I’ve recently separated from my wife. Tennis will keep me busy.” He smiled.

Ann smiled as well. Steve was a very nice looking man. His dark hair and trim body would be a pleasant addition to her coaching staff. Ann had recently divorced herself so she knew what he was going through.

“I’ve recently divorced myself.” She said. “Worst six years of my life.”

“Sorry.” Steve added. “Thanks.” She said.

“Why don’t you leave me some references and the information on your college tennis and I should have them checked by this time tomorrow. From what you have told me I think you are what we are looking for. However, I have to go through the motions you know?” She smiled.

“No problem. I’ll stop by tomorrow.” He smiled back.

“I don’t anticipate any problems so why don’t you come prepared to meet the ladies on the team. We have to move quickly because we only have a couple of weeks.” Ann said.

They shook hands and Steve completed the reference list. He went to the library and did some research on tennis basics. He knew how to play but was unsure how and in what order he should present the basics.

Ann found all of his references satisfactory and no one said anything negative about him. She was ready to offer him the job as he walked into the gym the next day.

Steve was nervous as he walked into the gym. He noticed a bunch of young girls gathered on one side of the bleachers and Ann standing in front of them. Evidently, he was the new coach.

“Steve.” Ann said as she turned to watch him walk across the gym floor. Steve glanced at the young women and noticed they were all smiling. Steve had just turned 29 years old and he imagined most of these girls were between 19 and 22.

“I guess you can tell we are ready to offer you the coaching job?” Ann said hoping he had not changed his mind.

“Great. I accept.” He said with a big smile. The girls suddenly all clapped their hands. No only did they finally get a coach they got one that was good looking as well. They did notice he was wearing a wedding band.

Steve’s job allowed him to work at home on the computer so he could work around his tennis coaching needs. He introduced himself and told them about his college tennis career and being runner up to the national champion. He knew it made a big difference to the girls knowing he was a very good player himself.

At the end of his history speech he opened himself for questions. A small dark hair girl raised her hand. “Yes? Please tell me your name so I can start getting to know you.” He said.

“My name is Samantha and I want to know if you are really married?” She smiled.

Steve looked at Ann. “Let’s not get too personal.” Ann answered for him.

“No. That’s OK. I expect my players to be honest with me so I need to be the same.” He said seriously. “I’m separated from my wife at the moment.”

“So, we have a chance?” Samantha laughed. Steve had to laugh himself. “You have a chance to be a player casino şirketleri on our team. That’s it.” He laughed.

Another girl with short blonde hair held up her hand. “Toni. Are you going to have try outs?”

“Gosh. I’ve not thought about that. How many players do we normally carry?” He asked Ann.

“I believe we have had around 15 in the past. Some will be on the taxi squad or reserve list.” Ann answered.

Steve counted the girls and came up with 10. “Was everyone here on the team last year?”

“Yes.” A tall girl with red hair answered. “My name is Tamara.” She said. Steve could see she was not only tall she was stacked. He had to look away to keep from staring at her chest.

“OK. We don’t have much time so we need to put up a notice for tryouts.” Steve said.

“I’ll do it.” Another girl on the front row said. This girl wore no make-up and her hair was a mess. She wore baggy clothes that completely hid her body. “And, you are?” Steve asked.

“Dana.” She answered. “I ‘m the team manager and I work in the athletic office part time so I have access to the computers and paper.”

“Thank Dana.” Steve said.

The rest of the girls introduced themselves and it was almost 6:00PM. “That’s enough for today.” Steve announced. “I would like to meet with each one of you tomorrow if possible. Would you set up a schedule for each person starting at 3:00PM tomorrow? He asked Dana. “Sure.” She smiled.

The girls all got up, grabbed their book bags and left. Steve stood next to Ann.

“You handled yourself pretty good for a first timer.” She said smacking him on his muscular back. “Thanks.” He answered.

“Do you have plans for tonight?” Ann asked. “Let me buy my new coach dinner.”

“Oh. I don’t know. I’m not supposed to be out in public with other women right now.” Steve answered.

“I understand. How about picking up some Chinese food and taking it back to my place?” She asked. “Business only.” She smiled.

“I guess that will be OK.” He smiled back at her. “It has been pretty boring eating alone.”

They left the gym and Ann closed up the athletic office. “Follow me and we can call for home delivery.” She said. Steve followed her small sports car less than three blocks from the college. She pulled up in front of a nice condo village overlooking the bay.

“They must pay athletic directors very well.” Steve said as they walked up to her door. “Divorce settlement.” She laughed.

Ann showed him around her condo and stopped on the patio overlooking the calm dark bay. The sun had gone down and only a small light lit up the horizon. “Wow, it’s beautiful out here.” Steve said holding on to the balcony rail.

“It’s my favorite place.” Ann said softly. She spent many a night crying while sitting on the soft chase lounge sipping on a glass of wine.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Steve said turning and seeing her eyes beginning to tear up.

“Some ol’ story.” She said. “Girl falls in love with her college sweetheart. They get married and guy fucks his secretary. Girl finds out and guy begs for her forgiveness. She gives it to him and two months later finds them in their bed when she comes home early.”

“Geez…that’s tough.” Steve said wanting to put his arms around her.

“How about you?” Ann asked.

“Actually, my wife and I get along fine. She moved up the ladder in her company so fast she spent all her time away. I told her it was the company or me and she basically chose the company.” Steve replied.

“Poor choice.” Ann said with a smile. “Thanks.” Steve answered.

The doorbell rang and Ann paid for the food. Steve offered to pay but Ann said it was her treat. They exchanged their live histories from infant to college. When they finished dinner Ann turned on some soft music and pulled out a photo album. “I want to show you something.” She said as she moved close to Steve at the table. She turned the first page and Steve saw Ann in her white wedding dress and veil. Next to her was a handsome man with a big smile. “His name is John. He was my life and I figured we would grow old together.” She looked at the photo for at least a minute without saying anything. She turned the page. “A week after our wedding John completely changed. He started hanging out with his guy friends and coming home later and later. A month later he didn’t come home at all.”

“What an ass.” Steve muttered while looking at the photos of the wedding. Steve was feeding a piece of wedding cake into Ann’s mouth.

“I confronted him and told him I couldn’t live like this anymore and he promised me he would not do it anymore. I suspected he was screwing other women but I lied to myself. He got better at his affairs and I got better at believing his lies. Our sex life was non-existent so I thought the problem was with me. I bought some sexy clothing and tried to be more exciting in bed but he pushed me away. He wanted me as a wife but not his lover. I hung on for 6 years until I found him in bed with his secretary. That’s when I realized my life would not change. I moved out casino firmaları the next day while he was at work.”

Ann’s eyes teared up and Steve moved his chair over towards hers. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. She moved her arm around his waist and put her face on his shoulder. “I learned I want to enjoy life to the fullest. I lived my life for his pleasure. Now, I live my life for mine.” She said as she moved her lips up towards his. He gently and lightly kissed her on her lips.

“So, bring me up to date on the team.” Steve said as they moved into the great room. Ann turned on the gas logs and curled up her feet under her legs as she sat next to Steve on the large leather sofa. Steve caught a glimpse of her tan thighs as she sat back.

“The team actually came in first place in our conference last year but, we lost our top 4 players to graduation. The best player coming back is Tamara. You know the tall girl with the….” Ann held her hands out in front of her chest and laughed.

“Ah yes. I seem to recall.” Steve laughed. Actually his eyes were drawn to Ann’s breast that did not stick out very far but were well rounded. He must have stared a little too long because Ann snapped her fingers.

“Hers not mine.” Ann laughed. “I wish mine were half as nice.”

“I think they are very nice.” Steve said without thinking.

“God. How did we get to my breasts?” Ann asked while blushing.

“Anyway, back to the team.” Ann said trying to be serious. “We did recruit one all state player. Her name is Sarah Daniels. Another girl who came on strong late in the year is Terry. She’s the tall black girl.” Steve shook his head acknowledging his memory of her.

“We have one transfer, Annie Donnelly, who was a top high school player and went to Notre Dame but busted up her ankle. I think she is about 90%.” Ann continued.

“Can I get you a drink?” Ann asked.

“No. I better be going. I asked the girls to meet me at the tennis office tomorrow morning at 7:00AM.” Steve said standing up.

“I hate to see you go. It’s been a while since I’ve spent quality time with a male.” She laughed.

“How long has it been?” Steve asked suddenly realizing she could take his question wrong.

Ann smiled. “Let’s see. I’ve been divorced two years now. So, the answer to the question I think you are asking is about three years now. I’ve had a few dates but, nothing exciting.”

“I didn’t mean…” Steve started to say. “That’s OK. You should know how horny I am so you better watch yourself.” She laughed.

Steve chuckled but showed how uncomfortable he was with the subject. Ann slowly stood up and again flashed her muscular thighs. He thought he could see black panties but was not really sure. Ann took his arm in hers and led him to the door. His elbow brushed against her soft breast.

“Well, thank you for dinner.” Steve said to hold out his hand for her to shake. Ann smiled and pushed his hand away. “Business meeting is over.” Her lips moved up to his. Steve watched her eyes closed as her soft lips touched his. He thought she would just give him a light peck but her lips parted and opened. Her tongue slithered out and forced apart his lips. Steve’s eyes closed as he French kissed his new boss. She broke the kiss.

“Now, get out of her before I pull you into my bedroom.” She laughed as she opened the door and pushed him out.

It was Saturday morning at 6:30AM when Steve pulled up to the gym entrance. Ann had given him a key to get in. He noticed Dana sitting at the doorway drinking a Coke.

“Hi Coach Williams.” She said.

“Good morning Dana.” Steve said. He noticed she was still dressed in baggy sweats. Her dark rimmed glasses did her looks no justice.

“Mrs. Corbett asked me to show you around.” Dana said.

Steve unlocked the door and they moved into the gym. Dana led him down a dark hallway passed a few doors that read, “Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track, and finally Tennis Women.” Steve tried the other key and the door opened. He moved into the small office and looked around.

A door in the rear of the office was labeled LOCKERROOM.

“That’s your desk and the two file cabinets have all the information on each player. The last coach was a woman so she put the window in the door to the locker room. I put some posters on the window so you won’t be accused of peeking inside.” Dana laughed.

Steve looked at the posters and laughed. They were two Chippendale guys wearing small black thongs. “Can I change the posters?” He laughed.

“I should have turned them the other way.” Dana laughed.

Steve followed Dana into the small locker room. There was one wall of lockers and three showers all covered with frosted glass. A massage table sat in the middle of the room and a whirlpool bath sat in the corner. A separate toilet room was set in the other corner. “Not much to look at huh?” Dana asked.

“I’ve seen worse.” Steve said thinking back to all the various locker rooms he had been in.

“Anybody in here?” Someone called out in the small office. Steve güvenilir casino turned around to see Tamara standing in the doorway. “Hi coach.” She said with a big smile. Her attire was a tight mid-drift tee shirt over short cotton pants. Steve tried not to stare. “Tamara. Right?”

“Yes.” She said. They heard a bunch of noise coming down the hall and Tamara moved aside as the rest of the team walked in.

They all entered and picked a seat on the benches or floor as Steve introduced his rules. Basically he didn’t care if they won or not as long as they gave it their all. The players chosen to play would have to deserve it in practice and at the beginning everyone was equal. He could tell from their facial expressions they liked what he had to say. He noticed one girl was sitting on the floor wearing a short denim skirt. From his angle he could see the white panty strip between her thighs. He knew she was showing him her panties on purpose and he knew he had to be ready for these young ladies if they made a pass at him or something.

“I’m having a red light installed on Monday with the light in my office. The switch will be located in the locker room. If you are undressed the red light must be turned on. Otherwise I’m going to believe it is safe to come into his room. Everyone understand?” He asked. They all agreed.

“OK. Everyone get dressed in practice clothing and meet me outside.” He said as he stood up to walk out the door. He closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. After last night with Ann and now looking at all those sexy bodies he needed a cold shower.

He looked in the desk to see what the other coach had left him. As he was doing it the locker room door opened and one of the players walked out. He had noticed she had her ankle wrapped and figured she was the transfer player from Notre Dame. “Anne. Right?” He asked as she moved slowly to the chair across from his desk. “Yes.” She answered as she slowly sat down across from him.

“So, how is the ankle?” He asked.

“Good. Actually, I pulled a muscle in my thigh while working out in the gym yesterday.” She answered.

“Nothing serious I hope.” Steve answered.

“I don’t think so but it was too late to be checked out by the trainer.” She answered. “Do you know how to check to see if a muscle is torn or not?” She asked.

“I’ve had a few hamstring strains in my life.” Steve said. “When you felt the pain was it during the exercising or later on?”

“It was last night when I went to bed.” She answered. “It that good or bad?”

“Usually good. It means you probably have a grade one strain. I’ll have to examine you to really determine how bad it might be.” He said realizing he would be touching one of his players, which would be a no-no.

“That would be great.” She said with a smile. The locker room door opened and the team came out.

“Go ahead and do some volleying and I’ll be out shortly.” He said. “Dana. Will you stay with Ann and me?”

“Sure.” Dana said as they watched the girls walked out wearing sweats.

“Let’s go to the massage table and I can check out your leg.” Steve said. Dana and Anne followed him. Dana shut the door.

Steve turned to see Ann wearing sweatpants. “I’ll need you to change into shorts or something.” He said looking around.

“Coach. You have to get used to us wearing underwear.” Anne laughed. Dana chuckled as well.

“Well, I don’t know if….” Steve started to say before Anne pushed down her sweatpants over her white bikini panties and pulled them off her feet. “Too late you’ve already seen me.” She laughed as she moved to sit on the table.

Steve was nervous as he moved over to the table and asked her to lie back. He was thinking about the last time he touched his wife and figured it was at least four months ago. His eyes moved up Anne’s calves past her knees and to her smooth thighs. His eyes locked onto her white panties pushed together by her legs. He could make out her bush through the opaque white material. His prick hardened in his pants as he moved to the table next to her.

“Right leg. Right?” He asked. She shook her head yes. “Tell me if any of this hurts.” Steve said while his hand moved to the top of her knee. Her skin was so soft. He looked close at her thighs and could see tiny little blonde hairs all the way up to her white panties. His pants were about to burst.

His fingers moved up the front of her thigh. She giggled.

“Sorry.” He said.

“That’s OK.” She giggled again. Steve noticed Dana standing at the bottom of the table watching closely his every move. He turned and looked at her face. She looked as excited as he did.

His fingers moved up her leg almost to the edge of her panties. He stopped and noticed her legs open slightly. “No pain?”

“No, it’s mostly on the other side.” She said.

“Let me make sure you have no problems on this side.” Steve said as his hands opened and pushed harder down on her leg. He could feel her heat as his hand moved up and up again to her panties. This time her legs opened almost an inch. He could see the edge of her panties near her dark mound and noticed a few light brown pubic hairs escaping out the side. His fingers moved up again and this time lightly touched the edge of her panties and the few hairs. Her legs opened even wider.

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