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Girls night in,I was 18 at the time, in collage studying American History. It was Friday evening I had invited my friend Jade who was also 18 was down for a girly night in, chick flicks, take away chocolate covered strawberries. Neither of us was really interested in boys just because we didn’t ever seem to have the time along with studying nights like this were a rare occasion. We were sitting down watching a film and I began to notice Jades body more, I always thought she was prettier than me, but I never noticed her like this. She was wearing a tight pink tank top which held her fastened over her Boobs (she was roughly size B) whilst wearing her grey cardigan over her shoulders. She also had her Blue Jeans on which tucked nicely around her bum. She had fair skin and long blonde hair which went just above her elbow. She turned to me and said “do you want another glass of wine?” I replied “go on then” she leant over to the table and I saw a glimpse of her black underwear she was wearing. I began to istanbul escort feel hot and desired to kiss Jade all over. I thought to myself what I was thinking, I had known Jade for years but never have I felt about her like this. She handed me my wine and said ” you know we have been friends for years, and neither of us haven’t had boyfriends, recently I’ve been feeling it’s because it’s not boys I’m in to its…… girls” I was shocked for two reasons A I wasn’t sure were Jade was going with this and B we were both virgins. She hesitated turned and took a bite out of another chocolate covered strawberry. I felt bad as I didn’t reply immediately so I broke the silence and said ” well that’s nothing to be ashamed of” she smiled and said ” I know but I’m confused because I’m not sure if I really like girls or if I’m straight or Bi but to confess when we use to go swimming together in avcılar escort the girls changing rooms I always liked watching you dry yourself and change.” I couldn’t believe it even though it’s what I felt towards Jade. Jade then stood up and said “sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned it I will go” I quickly replied “no!” I gently pulled her back down. “to be honest I kind of like your body to.” jade smiled and said ” so what should we do” I smiled and said ” well how about we kiss each other and see where it goes?” Jade smiled and softly said “ok”. I lent in towards jade and still couldn’t believe what we were about to do as our lips touched so are arms went around each other all I could feel was her soft skin and smell her sweet breath. I put my tongue in her mouth as we began to softly flick are tongues together, she then lifted up my top and lowered me down on the floor from the couch. She began to kiss my boobs and took off my bra. I copied taking of her top and şirinevler escort bra, before lifting her head up off my nipples, so I could have a chance to suck hers, she let out a moan and quickly undid her jeans shortly before undoing mine. Still sucking her boobs and licking her nipples I brought her jeans down and immediately began to stroke her bum running a finger along the crack. Jade then pulled my trousers down and began to stroke my fanny. My head went back as she slid her finger inside of me I let out a moan and began to kiss her again. I then began to finger her as we continued to kiss; she then began to go down my body kissing my stomach and my inner thigh before placing her tongue in my wet fanny. She continually shoved her tongue in and out as I lay there climaxing saying ” deeper, deeper!” about 8 minutes later I lifted Jades head up and told her ” bend over on the couch” she grinned and rubbed the cum from off around her mouth and lent forward over the couch. I began to lick her fanny and placed my hands on her legs, she then moaned and my tongue began to make brushing strokes across her fanny lips, catching her juices as they dripped I then began to finger her again as I moved up to her bum and began to kiss and lick it she moaned heavily then tensed up as she came. We sat back down heavily breathing amazed with what we just did and how much we enjoyed it.

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