Getting Close to Her Best Friend

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Getting Close to Her Best FriendI’m not a writer, and have never done a story like this before. This story is 99% true and took place a few weeks ago after a work function. I thought I would really enjoy recording what happened, and if everyone enjoys it, maybe i’ll write more one day. My girlfriend Courtney and I work together, and she invited her best friend Jessica to attend the party. There was an open bar for several hours and we were all taking full advantage, although Courtney more so. Courtney and Jessica have been best friends for years and we hang out a lot. And the best part, is that when the stars occasionally align, and the girls have had a few drinks, they get really into each other. Its one thing for girlfriends to kiss for their boyfriends, but they take it to another level, and it is HOT. A couple years ago, Courtney and I were out drinking and dancing with Jessica and her boyfriend. When we got back to their apartment and had a few more shots, the girls were suddenly making out and Courtney was admiring Jessica’s breasts. Courtney is small chested, but has an incredible ass, which drives me crazy. Jessica’s ass is smaller, but her breasts are perfectly round, perky C cups. They are both beautiful brunettes with green eyes. That night was amazing. The girls quickly involved me and Jessica’s boyfriend. It was truly amazing listening to Courtney moaning with my cock in her mouth, while Jessica sucked on her clit. But that is a story for another time…Fast forward to the work party. The three of us are slamming cocktails, and I’m nervous with anticipation because Jessica is newly single and staying in our hotel room. Knowing tonight might be a one time opportunity, I also brought along the remote controlled vibrator from the vibrating panties that we got last valentines day. Up until now I hadn’t been able to convince her to try them in public. Once the open bar ends we head out to a dance bar down the street. Courtney is now pretty drunk and just wants to dance. I’m not much of a dancer, so I’m having a few more drinks and watching the girls grind on each other. At first its all in good fun, but then Courtney’s hands start to roam. Up and down Jessica’s sides and down to her ass. I can tell Courtney is drunk enough to be down for anything at this point. I walked kadıköy escort up behind Courtney and whispered that I thought we should head back to the room soon. She agreed, but we could tell Jessica wasn’t quite ready to go. I slipped the small vibrator into Courtney’s hand and said “try this.”Courtney spun Jessica around so that she was facing her. She pulled her close so that no one could see her slip the vibrator down into her panties. Jessica started to reach for it but Courtney grabbed her hand. I hit the remote in my pocket and watched Jessica’s eyes widen as she felt the vibrations. She tried to play it cool at first, biting her lower lip in pleasure. After a few seconds though she was bent forward and squeezed Courtney’s arms for support. Courtney seized the opportunity and guided Jessica’s lips to hers. After a few seconds of kissing, Jessica couldn’t take it and pulled the vibrator out. “Nice try,” she said to me as she handed it over and went back to dancing. At this point I decided to be a little more bold. Jessica was dancing behind Courtney, and I came up behind her and started dancing. “Let’s go on back to the hotel.” She pretended not hear me at first, but spun around to face me. “Come on, it will be fun, let’s do it.” I could see in her eyes that she knew exactly what I meant, but pretended not to, and turned back around to face Courtney. Courtney meanwhile, was so drunk that she didn’t even notice what I was saying. When Jessica turned back around, she grabbed her face and started to kiss her again. This time, however, they took it to another level. They were no longer just kissing to give me a show. Courtney was fondling Jessica’s breasts through her shirt as Jessica closed her eyes and started kissing Courtney’s chest and neck. Our friends already know that they occasionally do this on the dance floor, but it was getting so passionate that they were attracting a lot of attention. At this point, what I really needed was a was a way to teleport us directly back to the hotel room. For things to escalate here was doing me no good. I grabbed our coats and started breaking up the show so we could hurry back. While Courtney was putting her coat on, she pushed Jessica backwards in to me. She started grinding her ass hard on my dick. I don’t think there was any ümraniye escort way that she didn’t feel me getting hard. She turned to face me, and with her lips just millimeters away from mine, gave me a look I have never seen before. It was a raw yearning mixed with a devilish grin. Jessica and I are good friends and hang out a lot, but Courtney and her ex had always been around. She had never shown me any extra attention before now. Even though I’m very attracted to her, I’ve never let anyone know.Jessica ran her hand down my chest as she moved her hips against my leg. She brought her lips close enough that I could feel her breath on my neck, but then playfully withdrew and put on her coat.I rushed us back to the hotel as fast as possible. This was going to be the night where the threesome finally happens. Then Courtney utters the last words I hoped to hear… “I’m going to throw up.” I knew my window of opportunity was closing fast. We got back to the hotel and into the room. I tried to get Courtney a glass of water, but she just took a sip and then ran to the bathroom. Jessica was texting on her phone and then got up to go check on her. As she slowly walked past me she brushed up against me on purpose and shot me another look. This time I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She pulled away with a grin and went into the bathroom. My mind was racing, trying to figure out what was going on, and hoping Courtney would rally and be ready for some fun. Unfortunately, when they came out after a couple minutes, Courtney stumbles over to our twin bed, face plants, and passes out. Jessica hops in bed under the covers and goes back to texting. I’m left standing between the beds, completely devastated that the opportunity has now passed. What could have been an epic night had totally fizzled because Courtney can’t pace herself when drinking. I turned off the lights and went to the bathroom thinking about my options. The first, and what I’ve done in the past when in the same situation, is just go on to bed with Courtney, hoping maybe she wakes up for some fun. The other option was to make a move on Jessica. This was terrifying and made my heart race just thinking about it. I am a 100% faithful guy, and Courtney would never mind so long as she was involved. But Courtney was asleep, and ataşehir escort I had no guarantees that Jessica would even be into it. But I decided it was worth the risk, because these opportunities don’t come around often. I came out of the bathroom and stripped down to my boxers. Jessica was fully clothed and almost completely under the covers texting on her phone and facing away from me. I lifted the covers and climbed in next to her spooning her, with my arm around her waist. “What are you doing?”, she said.I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you come get in bed with us?””Courtney is passed out.” She tilted her head towards me and looked in my eyes again with her face next to mine. “So what. Let’s just see what happens.” I lifted her shirt slightly and started tracing her waistline with my finger tips. She rolled over to face me, and used her right arm to start to push me away, but started kissing me at the same time. She parted her lips and caressed my tongue. We both knew we were crossing a line. I didn’t know how far she was willing to go, but as I pulled her close she immediately reached down with her left hand and grabbed my cock. I was incredibly turned on already having thought about this all night. I reached my hand up her shirt and palmed her amazing breasts. She was still pushing against my chest as if to say “we should really stop.” But her other hand was slowly stroking my cock and she was grinding her jeans against my leg. I reached to unbutton them but she pushed my hand away and looked past me to see if Courtney was still asleep. She kissed me again and I started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. She was moaning softly trying not to wake Courtney. Again I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, but she stopped me before i could reach inside. I leaned down and started kissing her stomach and running my tongue beneath her panties. She let go of my cock and grabbed my hand. She guided it down inside her panties to her dripping pussy. As my hand slid over her clit and parted her lips she moaned loudly and gripped my hand between her thighs. The way she gasped when I finally touched her throbbing pussy sent me over the edge. I massaged her clit with my finger tips and her hand had once again found my cock and she was stroking it faster. As I plunged two fingers deep inside her, and she squeezed my cock it was too much and we came together. Without a word I climbed out of her bed and into the other one with Courtney and fell asleep. Thanks! Hope it was at least somewhat entertaining!

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