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I had been a probie for the last couple of months with the neighbourhood gang called the Spartans. Every neighbourhood had a gang. And being in one gives a kid like me some protection, and you need it in this town. And especially as I was newish to the area because My Mom had relocated here for work and of course me and my twin sister came too. As for my Dad, well we kids never knew him. He had fucked my Mom, made her pregnant and left before us twins were born. That was 17 years ago and maybe not having a father figure meant we did not have the discipline we should have had I do not know. And did not really care.

I got to be a probie after one day while walking down the main street, a young guy ran out of the jewelry store chased by the owner, and I barged into the shop owner just as he was going to grab the guy. The shop lifter was able to make his escape, and next day he and a couple Spartans saw me and said I had done good. After that for a couple of days I kept seeing Spartans about and figured they were keeping an eye on me.

And soon after I was out with my twin Sis Danii and across the street where we were walking a group of half a dozen Spartans were lounging against a wall. The guy I had helped escape the shop keeper gave a signal beckoning me over. I told my sister to wait and crossed the road towards the gang. I was introduced to Scotty, the leader of the Spartans. He was older than me and heavier set and just one look told you he was tough as a nut.

“You did okay helping Sammy here Bro…what,s your name?” Scotty asked in his gruff voice. I told him they called me JR. “ You affiliated with anyone” he asked. Wanting to know if I had any gang allegiance. Again I told him no, and that I had only recently arrived in town. He nodded “Who,s that?” he asked nodding towards my sister. I told him as he looked at her across the street. She was looking towards us hands in her unzipped leather jacket pockets. The jacket hanging open showed the lack of tits she had. She was tom boyishly slim bordering on skinny and seeing Scotty and the others looking, she self consciously turned towards the shop window she was in front of and started to look at the display which gave them a view of her small pert round arse in her tight jeans. Scotty turned to me “Rough neighbourhood JR, but you did okay as I said…… If you want to hang out with me and the team for a time that will be okay, if you do, be here tomorrow at this time Bro….and we will see if you work out….think about it…now go back to your sister Bro…and think about it”.

I went back across to Danii, a big grin on my face at the thought that maybe I may get to be a Spartan. I turned up next day, and now several months down the line I had been hanging around with the gang as a probie, on probation. Running errands that usually consisted of delivering things to customers…usually drugs. But I got pretty well paid, and being seen about with the Spartans meant other kids never gave me any aggravation.

Also Danii benefitted financially as I always gave her cash to buy stuff and she even got pally with Scotty,s girlfriend Maria and a couple of other of the bitches, as the gang called their girls.

Then one night Scotty made an announcement saying we all were going to go away that weekend to a place they use up in the hills for partying, and the probies which were Sammy and myself would be initiated there into the Spartan brotherhood as full members.

We arrived in the Spartans old van at the secluded barn nestled in woodland mid afternoon on the Friday and there was already a car parked at the side of the wooden building. We piled out the back of the van and I looked around and enquired who,s car.

“It,s Marias, she,s brought the bitches” Davie boy, considered Scotty,s lieutenant told me. I somehow assumed it would just be us guys but just shrugged and picked up one of the crates of booze that we had brought and started following the others into the barn.

I entered and looked round, it was a typical barn I suppose. Straw bales littered about and some empty stalls down one end for livestock. Otherwise it was empty except for Maria and the bitches who were already inside. I stopped in my tracks as I saw one of the three bitches with Maria…….. It was my sister Danii!.

I knew Danii had hung about once or twice with Maria since I became a probie but for her to be invited to a spartan get together sort of shocked me. Scotty saw my reaction and said to me “ My Missus wanted your sis when bursa escort I told her we were going to make you and Sammy full members to the brotherhood Bro”.

“What to you mean” I answered.

Scotty smiled and shrugged “ Maria sorts the Spartan bitches Bro” and walked off with no other explanation to get a can of beer from one of the crates.

We started drinking and some started to use drugs. After a couple of hours Scotty stood up and raised his hand for silence.

“ Spartans, we are here to initiate new members into our Brotherhood” He said. “And like all of you before, these probies will over this weekend prove themselves worthy of becoming a Spartan, and will show their complete allegiance to the brotherhood.”

He looked directly at Sammy and myself “Are you two ready to prove yourselves to us?”. We both nodded. “And you know to be a Spartan we must trust each of us completely?” again we nodded. “ From now till Sunday night you will obey everything we ask of you to become a member, or be punished by the Spartans here, understood probies?”. We yet again nodded assent.

“Okay probies, strip to your shorts” Scotty ordered.

Both Sammy and I was stunned by the order. And we could see all the members watching to see our reaction to the order. And seeing their looks you could see why the Spartans had a reputation on the streets for toughness, the sort you did not want to mess with.

We both stood and started to undress down to our shorts. When we had done that Scotty ordered us to go outside and pointed to a trail he said led to a small stream some half a mile away. We were to run naked except for our underwear as fast as we can to the stream, then roll in it to become completely wet, then run back, as fast as we can. We set of as ordered to do the task.

We ran back to the barn some minutes later where the Spartan members were waiting together with the bitches. We stopped exhausted in front of Scotty. Our wet shorts clung to the outline of our bodies leaving little to the imagination and our bare skin wet with the streams water and sweat.

“Not fast enough” Scotty said. “Strip those shorts off probies and do it again”.

I looked at Sammy who was already taking his shorts down and I followed suit and we both set off again bollock naked.

When we returned to the barn Scotty and the others were inside. We entered totally exhausted from the running and presented ourselves before him, as he sat with Maria on a bale of straw with his arm round her shoulder.

“Stand up straight with hands behind your backs probies” he ordered.

We did as commanded and stood there completely naked, embarressed as Maria and the others, particularly my Sister watched.

Maria stood and walked over to Danii and took her by the arm and pulled her towards the naked Sammy and myself.

“What do you think of those cocks?” Maria asked my sister. Danii did not answer. Maria shrugged. “Take your top of Danii” Maria said matter of factly.

“What” Danii replied.

“Oh Danii” Maria said resignedly and waved to her other two bitches who immediately stepped up and grabbed my sisters arms.

Maria told me and Sammy not to move and just watch or else. And Danny moved behind me and held my neck from behind, and I felt the tip of a vlade against my shoulder. The air was electric with menace and I realised my naked vulnerability and helplessness.

“Can I make her my bitch now Scotty?” she asked.

Scotty smiled and nodded yes.

“leave her panties on” Maria told her two bitches, and they immediately began roughly stripping my sister of her clothes, overpowering her attempts to resist.

My sister was held by the two bitches. Now naked except for the small pair of white panties that covered her cunt. Her tiny tits were round with little fat to them and her nipples stuck out proudly and looked hard. Her face showed the fear she felt. And her eyes were transfixed on Maria.

“You ever been fucked Danii?, never had a cock up your cunt?. Never been made to cum by someone else?….well it is true what they say Danii. You never forget your first time and who it was with. So you are never going to forget me taking you first Danii….ever. And these here will be watching as you cum for me Babe”.

With that Maria Grabbed my sisters short cropped red hair pulling her head to one side and buried her mouth and teeth into Danii,s exposed neck and started giving a love bite that made my sister scream.

Maria görükle escort carried on Pawing Danii,s upper body, moving to her tiny tits and proud nipples biting and pinching them like a animal, with my sister crying with pain and her yelps and screams becoming softer as her mind started trying to go to another place. But every time Maria would bite or pinch harder to bring her back to now. And when Maria moved her mouth to savour another part of my sisters body, Red marks and outlines of teeth bites were left in the skin.

After several minutes of animal lust by Maria she stopped and looked into Danii,s tear stained eyes and lifted her left hand into their line sight, and again held Danii,s cropped hair in the other. I watched as Marie, smiling into Danii,s eyes, slowly move her hand onto my sisters chin, then let it slowly move down her body till it reached the top of the panties.

Maria slowly moved her hand beneath the tight white material and started speaking to Danii.

“Feel my fingers stroking your little pubes Babe…oh they are curly…MMmmmm. Now feel me gliding it over your love slit…..My it feels so nice …are you small and tight Danii…..shall we see……Feel me running my finger over your cunt Babe…can you feel me trying to find…OOOh I have found your cunt hole Danii…feel my finger Dannii…can you feel my finger going into your cunt…can you…can you?….oh I see from your eyes that you can feel my finger in you…going in and out slowly…I can feel you getting wet Danii…but you know Danii, that is not how I am going to have your cunt”.

With that Maria let go of my sisters hair and used that hand to pull her panties down exposing my sisters short red curly pubic hair above maria,s finger in her cunt. Maria removed her finger.

“This is how” Maria rasped, and I watched as she grasped my sisters arse to pull her hips forward and forced 2 fingers into her virgin cunt and roughly started fingering her. Danii tried struggling but the bitches held her tighter as Maria worked her fingers hard into my sisters cunt wanking her for all she was worth. Danii,s legs started moving as if her knees had strings attached like a puppets, the way they moved to her virgin cunt being invaded.

I watched helpless as my Sis was being finger raped and realised that even though it was gross what I was seeing I felt my cock filling with blood and getting hard at the sight. And could see Sammy was similarly hard with his cock sticking out stiff in front of him.

The brutal fucking of my sisters cunt by Maria,s two fingers continued and we could all hear her love juices sploshing as her cunt was rapidly worked. Raw body chemistry was taking over Danii, and even though she was being finger raped by a woman against her wishes her body reacted involuntarily and the sexual arousal that ends in orgasm began within her.

My sisters eyes opened and seem to almost bulge from her flushed sweat soaked face as her body neared orgasm, her neck and chest muscles seemed to tighten more as if trying to deny the eruption about to happen inside her and her nipples were hard. She looked directly at me, her brother standing naked with a hard on unable to help her, but just watching her being fucked.

She started to orgasm while looking at me. She grunted with the spasm of herself being forced to cum. Her grunts became heavier and faster as the orgasms started taking over her and her hips started to gyrate uncontrollably and her love juices glistenened on Maria,s hand.

Maria stood up and wiped her fingers across Danii,s lips.

“As I said, you will never forget your first fuck Babe” she said and planted a kiss on Danii,s lips then added “And you are going to have a lot more memories…but I was the first” and to the two bitches holding Danii “Tie her to that top rail facing us”. And my sis was led and half carried to the rail which acted as gate for one of the stalls.

Maria went back to sitting next to Scotty and moved the hand that fingered my sister to his nose and mouth for him to smell and taste.

“Here Probies” Scotty summoned and Sammy and I moved forward. He looked at us. “What did you think about the show, enjoy it?”. Sammy nodded that he did and I just stood there still in shock of what happened.

Scotty started speaking to me “And you JR didn,t you enjoy it?…..your cock says you enjoyed it. You got a hard on watching your sister just like Sammy here. Be honest kid I bet you dreamed of seeing your sister escort bayan without any clothes, seeing what her little titties and cunt looked like. Well becoming a Spartan means that dream has come true for you hasn,t it?. And you’ve also seen her getting fucked by another girl, ever fantasised about that?…you saw it happening. You saw your sister being made to cum and squirt like a whore”.

My body reacted to hearing the words and recalling the images and my cock began getting hard again. Scotty saw and stood and walked towards where the bitches had just finished trussing up Danii and signalled for me and Sammy to follow.

“stand in front of her probies and start stroking your cocks” he ordered. Sammy immdiately started to slowly wank his cock. I hesitated before moving my hand to my cock knowing to refuse would probably lead to a beating or maybe worse. I looked at my sister, her arms outstretched out to her sides at shoulder height and roped to the rail. And otherwise completely exposed. Her chest stretched by the way she was tied outlined the shape of her tiny tits and her still proud stiff nipples. Her lithe body had little to no excess fat and so her ribs could be easily seen and below that her flat stomach moving in and out with her panting breath. And just below to her hips and from there to her tiny ginger bush hair with her now puffy cunt outer lips seperating the top of her inner thighs.

She raised her head slightly and saw Sammy and I before her through her tear stained eyes and seemed to slightly nod a little no with her head in shock I thought as she saw us naked before her with our hands on our cocks.

Scotty started to undress displaying his taught muscular scarred body. “Spread her boys” he said. And two guys came forward and grabbed a leg each and lifted and though Danii tried to struggle they easily spread her wide exposing her cunt.

Scotty moved between the spread legs, stroking his hard dick “ Now for your first real cock babe, oh and JR you cum before me and I will pull out and cum on your sisters tits. If I cum first I will cum in her cunt” He directed the next words to Danii “ You want me to cum in your cunt or on your tits, which?”.

I heard the sobbing quiet reply of a broken girl “ tits”.

Scotty looked at me “ You heard her you had better cum first…ready” with that he put his big cock which must have been a good eight inches long to the entrance of my sisters cunt hole and heard her groaning scream as he thrust roughly into her.

I knew I couldn,t bear it if Danii got pregnant here, now, and so frantically started wanking myself while watching my sister be raped.

The guys holding Danii,s legs wide open struggled against the thrusting of Scotty,s cock into her and I continued wanking frantically while watching the scene. Seeing his cock banging in and out of her tight cunt, her nipples being twisted by his fingers, the taughtness of her defenceless nakedness and her pained face. I took all this in and the primeval part of my brain took over as I watched the scene and felt my orgasm coming.

I wanked harder, my eyes transfixed on Danii, defenceless and being viciously raped…I watched my sister being raped and her eyes kept looking to me for help but just saw me wanking myself at her dreadful ordeal…..I ORGASMED…my heavy load of cum shot out in spurts landing on the floor infront of me. I had never cum so hard before.

I gasped for breath, “ Ive cum” I said.

“Good” Scotty said still concentrating on fucking my sister “Deals off” he added.

I realised instantly he never was going to pull out when he climaxed. He was going to impregnate my sister with his seed.

He climaxed and his hips hit into her pelvis with every shot from his cock trying as if to get his sperm as deep into her as possible, grunting with the final thrusts. When his balls were spent he withdrew and looked down at Danii,s recently virgin cunt.

“Fuck your sisters cunt is nice and tight…be interesting what it is like by Sunday Bro. Come on guys lets have some food while she recovers from having my dick inside her…and training a new bitch is not the main reason were here, though it,s always fun…no we are here to put our probies through trials to earn the right to be a Spartan….and they will find out how testing it is, “ He gestured to Danii naked, just raped, still tied to the rail. “ But it does have benefits”. With that he started walking towards the provisions, naked and stroking his manhood.

I looked back at my naked sister and what had been done to her so far….and wondered what was in store for Sammy and myself knowing there was no way out of it now

To be continued.

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