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funconrads storyI have been asking my wife Nat to enjoy a group sex situation and over the Years I have had many e-mails and pictures sent by swingers asking to join us. Nat is a professional woman who has earned promotion in her job by working hard but she does not know how sexy she is. We decided to visit Leeds recently as part of celebrating Nat’s promotion, bit prior to this I had been e-mailing a number of black guys who wanted to meet-up with us. The guys all seemed nice and discrete and talking to them also gave me a good impression that they were genuine.We went out to a club in Leeds centre and Nat wore a low cut top and she had her hold-up stockings and a short black skirt on, the top showed off her tits a bit but it was discrete enough. We arrived at the club and ordered some champagne and I started speaking to a black guy who said he was from London and as we chatted I noticed my wife was chatting to another black man who seemed to take an interest in her. It was only then that I noticed the club was full of black guys and I swear it was pure coincidence and had nothing to do with my planning.After a very short time Nat asked me if I minded if she danced with the black guy, Duncan, and I of course agreed. The evening past by very quickly, with Duncan, the other black guy Dennis and me all dancing away with Nat to some very close dancing at times. As we were about to leave Duncan asked if he and Dennis could join us for a night-cap. I was totally surprised when Nat agreed and left me to plan our night-cap. I told them both to arrive at the hotel ten minutes apart and come to our room.Our room was full of anticipation as we arrived and whilst Nat freshened up I ordered a bottle of champagne on room service. Within 20 minutes Duncan and Denis had arrived with 3 other friends in tow grandbetting giriş and just as I was about to eject them Nat said they should all stay. Again I was surprised and we all sat there on the big bed drinking champagne and beers.Dennis, who was black as black bet Nat she could not handle 5 black guys and me if she wanted sex, I also agreed she could not. After some light hearted jibes Nat told them all to get off the bed and she lay back and closed her eyes. No one took the lead as it was confusing, but after a while Dennis took off her top so her tits were now in view and the guys started sucking her nipples. Nat then put her hands inside Dennis’ trousers and pulled them down to get out his really thick cock, then 2 other black guys started to take off her skirt, lay down beside her, opened her legs and started licking at her very wet pussy whilst she played with Denis’ thick black meat and had her tits and pussy licked and sucked.I quickly stripped and went to the bathroom and when I returned Nat was lying on the bed with one man’s cock in her mouth and Dennis’ cock up her pussy. I missed this as it happened so quickly. The other guys were also naked now and started to feed their black dicks into Nat’s mouth to be sucked hard. They all were either long and thick or just very thick and Nat was in her utmost joy, orgasms coming from her body in droves. As Dennis called out he was coming he pulled out of Nat’s wet pussy and came all over her tits. No sooner was Dennis out of the way when another man called Jay replaced Dennis with such a thick dick I thought Nat would scream; she did but in total joy as she was filled with black meat again, pumping into her as she took turns sucking on the 3 remaining black dicks who all waited to take their place in grandbetting yeni giriş her lovely wet pussy. As one pulled out of her pussy came over her tits it was immediately replaced by another. It was the first time I had seen my classy wife being fucked like this, sucking and wanking cock all at the same time and she was an expert at it.I next saw my wife sitting on top of Duncan who was hard again and putting his cock up her cunt as she rode him and sucked on a really long black cock of a guy who was standing on the bed facing her. Then someone started to lick her bum hole from behind and it was all too much for me. I made eye contact with Duncan and he rolled Nat off and onto all fours doggy style. I then took Duncan’s place and started to really bang away at Nat from behind watching her struggle to wank and suck Duncan and the other guy together. I then came deep inside her to add to the wet pussy she had from all the shagging. As I took out my cock Duncan quickly took my place and he started where I had just finished shagging away. Nat was moaning and sucking away all the time enjoying herself so much. Then Duncan’s face started to screw-up and he spunked up my wife and as she was still on all fours the man next to her was gently rubbing my wife’s clit and spunky pussy as he talked to her. Telling her she had been truly blacked by Duncan who had spunked her pussy so full it was dripping down. He then got up and put his cock up my wife, who was now lying face down in ecstasy. This was her seventh shag of the evening and as he made her come again he too filled her tits with black man spunk and she lay there exhausted whilst two guys rubbed her spunk covered tits.Dennis then gave Nat her champagne whilst the guys went one at a time to wash themselves grandbetting güvenilirmi off. When they returned there was a unanimous request to do it all again but Nat was totally fucked and as she had been drinking was ready for bed. She did however promise to see how she felt the next evening and told them that they should leave their mobile numbers and we would call should she feel like it.The next day was spent shopping and relaxing and we had discussed how much we had enjoyed the previous night before but made no plans to do it all again.Towards evening I opened a bottle of wine and one thing led to another and I started to lick Nat’s lovely pussy. She looked at me and said it’s up to you if you call them. I was very excited too and we decided that we would choose the 3 with the biggest dicks to meet us again and we called them to meet that night at the hotel. They were all told to bring a bottle of champagne and they all arrived on time (no surprise why). After a few drinks we all started playing again, Nat being centre of attention again as we all took it in turns to play with her tits, pussy and bum hole. At one point she was being massaged by all of us, she was totally relaxed and despite the fucking her pussy had been subject to the previous evening, she was content to offer herself for a long hard shag and creampie from us all. We took it in turns to shag and lick her and soon her lovely pussy was full of cum and we all encouraged each other to lick her pussy out and oddly enough it was also an exciting experience for us.All night Nat was spit-roasted and we all seriously paid attention to Nat’s sexual needs. The highlight was when Nat had a really thick cock up her pussy, was sucking on another and wanking Dennis and me off, four cocks at one time, very well done as it requires some dexterity.After such a wonderful weekend we went back home both being totally satisfied having enjoyed the sexual experience of a lifetime. Only one thing was missed that night, we forgot to film or take any pictures of it. Well, with that in mind I hope next time she will do it in front of a camera!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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