Fun with Freddie

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Fun with FreddieMindy was a high school senior at Elm Street high. She had long dark hair, tanned skin, large ample breasts and I nice round ass. As she sat there threw 2nd period history she could barley keep her eyes open. She had been partying the night before and got absolutely no sleep. As the teachers slow monotone voice rambled on and on about god knows what. She laid down her head and quickly fell asleep. Once she entered the dream world, Freddie took a moment to look the girl over. She was quite a beautiful piece of ass. It had been a very long time since Freddie had gotten any. He decided that he was not in the mood for killing today; he was in the mood for pussy. So, putting his “special work” aside for the time being, he removed his knifed glove and transformed himself to look like the handsome boy she met at the party last night. She lifted her head off the desk and the classroom was empty besides her and this boy she could not remember the name of. She had a vague memory of giving this guy head last night but was too trashed to remember. bursa escort As she looked at Freddie in his transformed appearance she began to get aroused at the thought of pleasing him. He walked over to her and it was at this time Mindy realized that she was wearing nothing but a see threw lace nighty instead of the clothes she wore to class that day. She thought she should be concerned about this but ultimately told herself this has to be a dream, so she might as well enjoy it. As the handsome young man unbuckled his pants, Mindy let her little nighty fall to the floor. She wanted to kiss him but when she got there he pushed her to her knees and violently jammed his cock down her throat. She was alarmed at first and the force in which he jammed his throbbing manhood down her throat, but that quickly gave way to her arousal. He kept ramming his huge monster cock deeper and deeper down her throat and it almost seemed like it grew larger and larger as he trusted. She could not breathe. She gagged and gagged but he did not stop. She started bursa escort bayan to panic and tried to pull away but his hand held her head firmly in place, while his now inhuman sized cock reached further and further until she felt it all the way down her stomach. She was just on the edge off passing out from the lack of air when he finally pulled out. She lay there, gasping on the classroom floor, coughing. She became angry but before she could yell at him he grabbed her by the throat and threw her onto the teacher’s desk. He held down her shoulders, forced her legs apart and jammed his now ridiculously sized inhuman cock deep into her pussy. She tried and tried to fight off her attacker but she was nowhere near strong enough. She again started to scream until she realized that despite her fear she was soaking wet and on the verge of orgasm. Her screams of help turned quickly into moans of pleasure as the waves of ecstasy became more and more intense until she could take no more. Her pussy tightened up and her whole body shook and her juices escort bursa soaked the desk. However, he did not stop there. He kept thrusting and thrusting until finally she felt him come deep inside her. She lay there for just a moment, exhausted and stunned from repeated orgasm. She started to wonder how it was possible that a dream could feel this real when she noticed that the man on top of her was no longer the boy from the party but was the hideously burned face of Freddie. He smiled and said, was it good for you too? As she screamed in terror she woke up, but was no longer in her desk. She was naked and spread across the teacher’s desk, just as Freddie had left her, except now the whole class was there staring in disbelief at what they were seeing. She looked over at the teacher and he was likewise stunned to silence. After the true gravity of the situation hit her, that she was naked in front of the whole class, and her clothes were nowhere to be found. She got up and ran out of the class, streaking down the hallways while boys whistled and cat called and girls laughed and yelled, put some clothes on you little whore. Freddie looked on and smiled from the dream world and laughed to himself, if you get fucked in the dream world you’re fucked in real life.

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