Fun in the Suburbs

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It’s a Wednesday night in 2002. I’m driving out to the club I own in Renton in a sleazy industrial district just south of Lake Washington. I’m wearing my usual long black trench coat with matching leather gloves, the bulge of my wedding ring clearly visible. Underneath the coat is my form-fitting black silk cocktail dress, with just enough cleavage showing that everyone checks out my 38DD tits, but also realizes I’m the boss. No underwear tonight.

I like to come out on Fridays too, when I can get away. It depends on how horny I am. This club is my favorite investment. I park a block away from the flashing red neon sign: “Aphrodite’s.”

The lineup is already snaking around the corner under the flickering street light. My new red platform heels, which I purchased at the Southcenter Mall last week, click loudly as I stride past the line, opening up my trenchcoat to give the young women in line a good fuckin’ look at the goods.

There’s a big poster promoting local bands on the wall next to the entrance. I actually had public sex out here – getting fucked against the wall by two strangers – one night after casino şirketleri midnight back in the summer. One of them was an off-duty cop: he had his long prick shoved up me with my skirt yanked up and panties askew while his wife opened up my blouse and devoured my nipples. Three young women – East Indian sisters with heavy eye make-up and Gucci handbags – cheered me on as I orgasmed in front of them.

Tonight, I brush past the bouncer, Jake. “Meet me downstairs in five,” I tell him. I take off my coat and hand it to his wife, Trina. She’s been working coat-check here for about a year. Doe-eyed, long brown wavy hair, cute, curvy. A local art school graduate who makes lovely pottery. Trina understands how things work around here. She lost her innocence quickly. She’s seen me verbally and physically humiliate other girls who work for me – and she knows how much I enjoy it.

The bass line from Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” is vibrating the dance floor. I spot a couple of women dancing together that I’ll want to invite back to the VIP room for bottle service later on. Tall, slightly gawky, big-breasted, blonde, both of them. casino firmaları Norwegian or Swedish, I think. But first things first. My cunt is already wet – has been wet since the afternoon. I need this.

I head down to the basement. I have a little office with a black leather couch, a stone-tiled floor, and a Modigiliani reproduction on the wall, right next to the beer casks. I’ve had a lot of fun here over the years. I remember Trina’s job interview. Her best friend, Parvinder, was already waitressing for me. I made Parvinder stand next to the desk with her slacks and panties lowered to her knees, and the long tip one of my Italian leather shoes inserted into her hairy cunt, while I asked Trina: “So what makes you want to work at Aphrodite’s?”

When Jake comes down, his thick, uncircumcised cock is already out, protruding from his unzipped jeans. “Sit down,” I tell him without any prelude. I take his shaft firmly in my gloved fist and begin sucking him off for my pleasure. I know Trina will be down to watch momentarily.

I hear the door click, and my excitement surges. I really get off on being married and güvenilir casino sucking off another woman’s husband while she watches me. Jake’s huge prick stiffens even more as I take him in right down to the balls. I can smell Trina’s lilac perfume, feel the bass throbbing from upstairs.

“Lick me, baby doll, lick me,” I tell her as she kneels next to the couch. Trina obediently puts her head underneath my dress, lapping at my full, unshaven labia. When she finds her way to my bead, I groan and pull my head off Jake’s dick. I clamp my thighs on the little bitch’s face.

“Jack off on me, you motherfucker,” I tell Jake as I grind on Trina. She pushes her tongue right inside me. I reach down between my legs to frig at the same time. The door is open and I see Parvinder walking by with a tray of shooters. She turns her head and we make eye contact, as I grunt: “Ah, fuck. That feels good. Jesus fucking Christ.”

“Oh baby, I’m going to cream on your fucking face,” I say. That sets off Jake, whose come explodes over my tits: “Fuck! Fuck!” My body stiffens up and I climax right on Trina, holding her in place by the hair. I scream out and clasp her against me hard.

When I’m done, I tell them to get out. “And tell Parvinder to bring me a glass of Chardonnay.” I relax and lie back across the couch. I am truly having fun in the suburbs.

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