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Fun in HotLantaIt was nothing short of a miracle, one of those blips on the radarof life,that my husband had to go out of town for 3 days for somenew computer training for work , and my son was away at sleepawaycamp. I had a whole 4 days to myself. Well it didnt take long formy devious little mind to plan what I wanted more than anything toget the very most out of this time. I wanted my own little”business” trip, direct flight to HOTlanta, to see my Barry, the manwhose warm sweet tongue , and very presence, takes me to places Ivenever been before, to heights of passion and lust and incredibledesire, that just a fleeting thought of him causes a noticibledampening of my undergarments. I wanted to really make this amemorable trip, so I booked my flight, and didnt even call to tellhim. We had spoken a few days ago, and I knew he would be in town.I arrived in Atlanta early evening, and during the trip myfantasies of what I would do to this man, and he to me, caused anincredible flow of my juices, to the point of discomfort, I reallyneeded to change my underwear. This gave me a wonderful thought.Aquick trip to the bathroom to freshen up and then to the phone. Idialed his number and he answered on the second ring. “Hi Barry mylove, what cha doin hot stuff?” I said, just like I usually greethim on the telephone, “Hey, baby, how are ya”, you answered inyour usual warm and friendly voice. “Well… actually Im great, andyour about to be better, youll never guess where I am standing atthis very moment!” You came back with a definite lilt in yourvoice, “Oh no, baby what have you done now?” I couldnt keep it fromyou any more, “I am calling you from the airport, the Atlantaairport, I have 4 days with no one home and thought I’d surpriseyou, and come jump your bones for a few days” almost before I couldfinish my sentance you said”DONT move Im on the way!!” I knew I hadreally surprised him, but I was not done yet with my littlesurprises.I waited at a little lounge, where I had met him before,he knew just where to find me. I had to finish the first plan ofsurprise, your welcome to me gift. You arrived looking wonderful asalways, and came to me and kissed me, and as soon as your tonguewas in my mouth, that powerful dripping between my legs wasstarting to flow all over again. Damn, what an affect you alwayshave on me. I handed you a small manilla envelope, and told you togo to the mens room an open it immediatly, I wanted you to knowwhat you did to me on the plane. You smiled a kind of smirkingsmile, shaking your head, and left. When you got to the mens roomyou went into a stall and opened my little package, to your uttershock and amazment you pulled out a pair of my teal blue, andabsolutely soaking, dripping wet panites. The sight of this alone,and the thought it provoked in you at once caused you to feel asimilar throbbing in your loins, and the familiar rise in your ownpants was inevitalbe.You found this to be such a turn on, you atonce pressed the drenched garment to your face, and burried yournose in it, and was taken over by my scent. You started licking andsucking the center of the crotch where the heaviest concentrationof my juices was. Now you were wondering how you could leave bahis firmaları therestroom and return to me with a massive hard on, that was not atall concealable at this time. You stuffed the panties in yourpocket to try to balance out the bulge and returned to me. You tookmy hand, and simply said “OH YOU!! and quickly whisked me away toyour car. We spoke very little on the ride to your house, I knew atthis point I had really gotten to you and all you wanted to do wasget me home and eat me up! I of course only wanted the same, and todo the same to you. We arrived inn your wonderful home, andembraced tenderly for a few moments, then our kissing got wilderand more passionate. You removed my clothes, as I helped by raisingthe appropriate arm, lifted the appropriate leg, and such. When Istood before you totally naked and free, you kissed me all overand then let me watch you strip for me. You led me to your bed andlayed me down gently, and started licking and kising and teasing my ears, and mouth, and neck. You worked your way down to mybreasts and started gently flicking your tongue on my nipples thatwere already erect and standing out about a half inch at attentionfor you. You worked your way down to my belly and darted yourtongue in and out of my navel, you paused just a second to tell methat my panites drove you fucking nuts in the bathroom and you hadto have some of that, direct from the source. I was really so wetnow, I told you there was plenty for you, to drink to your heartscontent. I eased your head down lower and raised my legs at theknees so you could have full access. I said go for it baby its allfor you! With that you positioned your head between my thighs andI could feel your breath drawaing nearer. All at once your tonguewas lapping at my slit like an eager puppy. Oooooo that felt sogood, I could almost cum at once, but had to pace myself. You werelicking and sucking and slurping at me so wonderfully. You took myclit between your fingers and ever so gently sucked it in yourmouth like a tiny cock. then you moved your tonuge back a bit toprobe my vagina. In your tongue went as your hand covered andmassaged the upper, clitoral area. God you know just what to do tome, no wonder I keep coming back for more! your tongue was now wildand all over me down there. Then you got your hands under my assand flipped me over. I spread my legs and angled myself with myknees digging into the bed, and my ass high and spread in front ofyou. You kneeled behind me and started licking me from as farfoward as you could , almost could flick at my clit from behind,then in long passionate, lustful sweeps of your wonderful tongue,making the journey to between my spread cheeks, and to my rearentrance. You made a few circles with your tongue as your fingersteased my asshole, you knew how much I loved this, because I wasshaking and grinding my ass hard from side to side to findsomething to work at it. I was so hot now, you could have doneanything to me, but all I wanted was that hard, long, oral muscleof yours in my hole. You teased me a while longer, licking andletting me feel your tongue back there, when finally I felt yourhands sread me out even wider, totally exposing my most kaçak iddaa privateplace, and AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh at last , your tongue was at my palacedoor!! O god, that almost made me cum, out of control. As yourhands held my cheeks apart, your tongue plunged its way deep intomy ass. When it was in there , you wiggled it and made it vibrate,driving me wild. I started rearing back into your face in a wildand heaving motion. You just kept holding my ass, and fucking myhole with your tonuge, every time your tonuge came out, I felt itthrust back in, with greater force. Over and over and over, thattongue, made hard and long plunged me and fucked me and licked me,it was truly like I died and went to heaven. You knew I was aboutat my limit if what I could take, and reached your hands around me,and started to rub and massage my clit now, as you continuted tolick and suck and plunge your tongue in my ass. I was bucking andheaving and thrusting like mad, and let go of all controll andbegan to cum in a magnitude of force as your tongue never stoppedlicking my ass, and your hands worked thier magic on my pussy andclit, My whole body went into spasms and I began to moan and cryout OH Barry, OH Barry, OH BARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!!! OOOOHHHHHHH.After quite a while I began to relax and collpsed down, turned overand we embraced and kissed passionately. “Whew” I said, “I guessthat means your happy to see me?” You just took my face into yourhands and kissed me some more. We relaxed for a while and justtalked and caught up on each others lives. We lay quietly for awhile, but with us it never lasts too long, we started touchingeach other. My hand found its way between your legs, and brushedlightly over your now semi hard cock. I got an idea to play mirrorimage and all of a sudden had this great idea to do to you exactlywhat you did to me! I leaned over and started kissing you, movingslowly down your neck and chest, licked YOUR nipples and worked myway down. You were looking at me smiling, you loved to watch me asI went down on you. I tried to keep my eyes on yours because I knowyou like that. I moved all the way down and was now face to facewith your gorgeous manhood!! I took you in my hands and kissed thetip of your cock. I kneaded you in the palms of my hands for a bit,then as I held you I rubbed the tip against my tongue, you gave alittle shudder of vibration at my tonuge. I started licking at thetip, and then the ridge, and then just flatted out my tongue andrested it on the underside of the head of your cock. I didnt move,just rested still for a bit. You tried to grind against my tonguejust sitting there. But every time you moved , I removed my tongue,so you knew you had to keep still to keep my tongue there! It wasa funny little game but you were enjoying it. When I had enought ofthat, I wrapped my mouth around your organ , andslowly let my lipsand tongue glide down the shaft. Mmmmm that felt so good in mymouth! I love the feeling of having my mouth filled with cock! Istarted moving my tongue around as my lips sealed around you.reallly working at the sensitive tip, and head, I flicked in andout of the timy hole on top, then cirlced the under side of theridge. You were getting more and kaçak bahis more excited with each littlesucking motion I made. I took you way down deep,, and caused myselfto gag just a bit to produce more saliva, to ease to gliding in andout of my mouth. You were really enjoying this, and you started topump into my mouth at an increased pace. I really wanted to giveyou a new treat before completeing my mission and feeling your cumin my mouth. I told you you turn over and on your knees to me! Youdid so in a heart beat. Remembering how intense your tongue feltin my as, I wanted to give you the same experience. I had neverdone that to you before, but somehow knew I would love giving it toyou as much as you would enjoy receiving it from me. I moved intoposition behind you and planted a few little kisses on your cheeks,with my fingers,, i touched around your asshole and and ran my handacross your crack with a little more pressure. By now you aretelling me OH Baby you drive me wild! and I love hearing it fromyou. I take my hands and with my thumbs now, spread you open to me.You feel my warm breath so near your hole that it makes you jump alittle. I move in closer and with one swipe of my tongue, run italong your crack, and it quickly passes over the hole. I do thisagain, and your ass is swaying now. I place my tongue right atyour asshole and lick it hard, you feel moy tongue right there. Iplant my tongue over your asshole and cover it wiht my broad flattongue and vibrate it it place,. You are really on fire now,and Iknow what to do. I remove my tongue, and lick my finger, and gentlyprobe your asshole with my finger, then I remove the finger, andinsert my tongue into your hole. I start to plunge it in and outand in and out. You are squirming under my tongue, and I amgettting so excited just seeing the reaction this is casuing you.I spread you even more and really start to tongue fuck your hole ashard and asa fast as my tongue can go. My tongue alternates fromhard licks to deep fucking thrusts deep into your asshole. Icontinue until you almost explode, then I turn you over and pullyou down so your legs hang off the side of the bed, and get on myknees on the floor between you legs, and take your rock hard,throbbing, cock deep into my mouth, and grab behild you, to yourwet, spread out ass, and stick my wet thumg in there! You rear downon my thumb and up into my mouth. I start sucking you hard andwild, wanting you to release you hot load into my mouth. At thispoint you are so hot and wild it does not take long. A few hardsucks and ooooooooOOOOOOO you start spewing a giant load deep intomy mouth. I keep sucking and milking you over and over. You pumpand hump my face harder and harder to get the whole load expelled.I drink you up eagerly, but make a hard effort not to swallow thetasty treat, just yet. You finally slow down, and I climb on top ofyou and part your lips with my tongue, we slide down to the floortogether,and kiss, as your cum oozes out between our two mouths andour tongues share the tastes of the fire we can create. I show youwhats left in my mouth, and you grab me and lap it out of mymouth,,then show it to me in your mouth. We pass this back andforth until our both faces are just covered with the stuff . WEKiss deeply , and lovingly, and passionatley, and smile at eachother and say ” It doesnt get any better that this” And this isjust day one of my four day trip to fantasyland!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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