Fucked Son’s Best Friend

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Fucked Son’s Best FrienddeletedAfter the birth of my son, my responsibilities as a mother increased thus my sexual life kind of ended and so we didn’t have another baby for this reason. Even though I kinda had some sexual feeling in me, I didn’t reveal them as I don’t want to ruin my son’s future and stuck loyally to my husband. But everything changed when my Son’s best Friend – Raj grew to age and ended up fucking me.This all began a few months ago. Raj and my son Michael were really close friends. During school time to college, they studied together, did night outs, played together due to which Raj became a good friend to me too. Whenever my husband wasn’t in the home, they both or sometimes Raj would help in grocery and stuff etc. So after College, unfortunately, both of them couldn’t get into the same university because of a huge difference in marks.So Raj’s father decided to join him in local university while Michael went to Delhi for studies. Due to academic pressure, Michael and Raj couldn’t contact each other daily. So days flowed by, they used to meet during holidays but after that, they were back to normal and used to interact very less. Raj was not happy and frustrated with his life because his girlfriend ditched him and Michael wasn’t free to talk about him, couldn’t make friends in university his marks went low and his father was always screaming at him.So he used to run towards me for emotional support. This gave an opportunity for me to dig into his love and personal life. I used to feel pity for his misery because he was also like my son. But I couldn’t see the catastrophe that was about to come.Everything was going ok until this day when after 2nd-year results came Raj failed in 2 subjects which angered his father so much that he threw him out of the house and said to show his face after he clears them up. No other way, he came to my house. My husband didn’t object him because I insisted that anyhow Michael wasn’t there, so I could get some company while you’re in office. He accepted living with us until he cleared his exams. His mother and I used to take care of him and I made sure he studies all the time.But every time he used to sit for the studying, he always used to get distracted and my son didn’t come for semester holidays as he went on a trip to Mussoorie and Corbett. So whenever I see him depressed, I used to call his mother for help. She couldn’t do much of a help. After Raj’s father got to know that his wife was meeting Raj, he forcefully took an oath from her that she would never again meet him before the results. Binding to promise, she didn’t meet him so she met me in private and took bursa escort the promise from me to help him out.I arranged him some tuitions but nothing worked out and as expected he was not into it and lost hope in life. So I thought I must have to do something that should motivate him enough for studying hard. That reason for motivation came to me in an unexpected way, when I was cleaning the floor, my nightgown was loose in the top through which he was able to see my boobs clearly.He was continuously staring at me and I noticed it so many times, he was even noticing my ass pretty much. I felt embarrassed and shy that I went off to bath then while I was bathing my inner devil spoke up and said he is so much pressure and depression that he isn’t able to study so if I could reveal him out of his pressure by giving him some pleasure it could work out but how??He was interested in traveling, no good motivational movies, during his counseling sessions he always used to say about his girlfriend and not having sex maybe if I could offer sex to relieve him from his pain. Then I thought as I was sex starved for long I was speaking in such manner.Then as I completed my bathing, my door was open as I forgot to close it he opened my closet and was smelling my panties seeing that I thought, “This sex idea could work in both ways his studies and my lust”, that moment on I wore shirts and didn’t wear any buttons above my breast area which made my cleavage view very clear to tempt him. Raj was a really good guy and he didn’t have any sex with his girlfriend and his father punishment did the negative effect. So I made my mind that I will fuck him if needed to pass him out of his misery.So I sat next to him in his room and talked, “See, I understand that you have so many problems. Your father hates you, your girlfriend left you etc.” he nodded and said, “Do you want to face these problems for life or fight against them”, he said, “Fight them” “So if you study hard from onwards u can be a hero in front of your father and live happily with your mother” He said, “yes”Then I said, “Then when you know the answer then why aren’t you studying??” He said, “I am just unable to concentrate because of this stress and pain”. All this time he was peeping on my cleavage so I took the courage and said, “Ur mother has given me a huge responsibility. So let’s make a deal”, He said, “What deal??”I said, “If you study hard every day and get good marks in tuition exams and re-exams. I could help you in the stress matter”. He said, “I didn’t get you??”. I said, “Let me show you” I kept my hands on his erect dick over the pants opened the zips and pulled bursa escort bayan out his dick and I stroked it up really good with my hands that he came off in no time and my hand was filled with his sperm I cleaned it. I went next to him and said, “So do you understand now of being helpful in stress matter”, he smiled and started pressing my boobs over my shirt as the cleavage was clearly visible.I smiled and said, “Stop pressing them Raj. I have something more important to say”, he apologized and said, “He couldn’t resist as they were beautiful”. I laughed and thanked God as I was already wet in my panties. So I said, “Every time you get great marks in tuition exams. You will get this service from me. Clear Raj”. He said, “That’s great Aunty. You’re the coolest one”. In order to spice him up, I said, “If you get more marks then it could give something more”. I could see his eyes glittered up and asked, “Like blowjob and maybe?” I interrupted and said, “That would depend on the marks”.Now his entire shirt was with his sperms, so I asked him to remove his shirt and give for washing. He shyly said, “For now can I get your panties?”. I was taken back for a moment but felt no harm in it and as I was wearing a skirt, I sat down on his bed and pulled up my gown removed it and gave to him, he said, “Thanks”.I said, “Put them in the laundry after you’re done with and make sure you study”. Next day morning, on the washing machine, I saw my panty there and thought of seeing it. As I lifted it up my panty was full of sperm Yakk!! My god that a lot of stroking and sperms on it.As I squeezed it a lot of sperm juice fell on my hand. I wanted to smell it. I smell good as I didn’t smell it for a long time of course. I tasted it tasted really good and felt that “It’s settled. Raj will get his blowjob seeing my soaked panty”. Every day I used to go to his room and used to hand off my bra and panty of that previous day for his concentration.There wasn’t any problem with my husband as he leaves home by 8 and reaches back on 10 tired, eats and sleeps. Then one day the tuition ma’am kept an exam on one of his re-exam subjects and evaluated there itself. He got 16/20 and while leaving ma’am said: “He has improved a lot” and left. I went to his room to congratulate and said “See what you can do if you work on yourself. You’re a smart boy” rubbed his hair with my fingers.He said, “So it means that I will be getting my reward right??” I shocking and surprisingly said, “I suppose. I did Ok, you deserve it” I removed my shirt so that it doesn’t stain out. He sat on the couch I lay on my knees and seeing my boobs his dick became hard escort bursa and I started stroking it to become harder and I opened my mouth and stroking it up and down, Yuckkk Yuckkk, splurtttt sounds filled the room and I licked the tip of the dick and exploring his tool while I being soaking wet in panty.I asked, “Shall I show my little trick”, he nodded yes and went for the deep throat as his cock is 5’4’’ it went in without much difficulty and he held my head with his fingers to get into that pleasure while my hands were massaging his balls which made him instantly release into my mouth. I removed my mouth and some fell on my face. You sure cum a lot Raj I’m glad to enjoy it.Washed up myself and started wearing my shirt. He asked, “whether I can see your pussy?”. I said, “If you get full marks in test or A- in re-exam” and left. As days passed by Raj couldn’t increase his marks but maintained good enough marks for getting a blowjob. But then D day came- Ma’am conducted the last exam before re-exams and shockingly he got Full marks I paid the final amount to ma’am thanked for her services and went to Raj in horror.Raj was in full mood and said, “So I think so what does it mean”. I was like crap man I’m fucked and then thought that “Anyhow he has seen once while taking off my panties or while cleaning”. So thought that My plan worked out well enough and removed my dress and Raj came over took my panty and threw it. I was sitting there naked and Raj was staring on my yoni. He pressed my clitoris and it made me hard.Kept his two fingers inside me to see how much deep it can go. Oh God, I was on cloud 9 and pressed my boobs in pleasure. He removed his fingers and licked my juices and before I could say anything he leaned forward and licked my pussy I was about to object but it felt good so I instructed him to lick my cunt and stick his tongue in deep he followed my instructions and I was lost in it that he suddenly entered inside me with his dick.It was so wrong that it felt so good that his presence aroused me and he was playing with my boobs kissing me and was lost in the act, after so many strokes, I lost control on myself, he was pretty good in it and then within no time, I came and felt relaxed. But he was still stroking me, he said that he was about to come, so separated from him and gave a blowjob instead as I don’t want to get pregnant.After many heavy strokes, he came to my face and mouth. As I was about to leave, he said, “can we have another after my exam tomorrow?”. I said yes. Then after the first exam, we had sex all night everywhere on the couch, bathtub, in the kitchen. After the second exam, my husband went off for a week-long meeting, so we enjoyed each other bodies until the exam results and he passed in all and his father allowed him.After that, we used to enjoy whenever possible. Hope you all liked my sex story

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