Fucked Daughters Fat Friend

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Fucked Daughters Fat FriendIt was a beautiful sunny day things at work were slow, I decided to go home early and enjoy the rest of the day before the wife and k**s come home. I pulled into the driveway opened the front door, I walked into the house hearing some noise coming from upstairs, I quietly walked up the stairs, the noises were getting louder, they were coming from my daughters bedroom. There was no mistaking the sounds were of someone having sex, the moaning the creaking of the bed. I walked up to the closed door, quietly opened it thinking I was about to catch my daughter having sex with her boyfriend Tom, I looked in to find not my daughter but her friend Amy, her legs spread with some guy pounding the shit out of her. Amy was moaning as this guy slammed his dick into her I watched for a minute or so then I could see he was about to cum, he gave Amy a couple more hard thrusts then started unloading into her, that’s when I made my move! I swung the door open looked at them, said what the Hell is going here! The guy jumped up his Cock still pumping Sperm, Amy grabbing at the sheets on my daughters bed trying to cover herself. The boy standing there naked looked at me with fear in his eyes, I looked at him and told him to get out, he grabbed his clothes then left in a hurry. I turned my attention to Amy, crying laying naked in my daughters bed, I asked her what the hell is going on, I asked Nancy if I could come over and use her bedroom I know it’s wrong but I really like Danny, still crying she balıkesir rus escort pleaded with me not to tell her parents PLEASE! I looked down at her don’t know what came over me, I sat on the bed looked into her teary eyes and said you know Amy, you need to do something for me if you want me to keep this quiet. What do you want me to do she replied, my hand moved to pull the sheet away from her, she looked I said I want some of what Danny got? Amy looked up at me to say no please we can’t do that, you want me to keep at this quiet that’s the price you’re gonna have to pay! Oh God please she pleaded I can’t well I guess you can get dressed and leave, I’ll have no choice but to tell your parents what went on here. Amy started crying again, OK she said, she lowered the sheets down to reveal the rest of her naked body. Amy was one of my daughters best friends, she’s fifteen, about 5.2, Fat Belly & Tits, she has a very cute face with shoulder length brown hair. I got up off the bed unbuttoned my pants then let them fall to the floor, I knew this wasn’t right but Fuck my Cock was hard and I was Horny as Hell! I moved over to the bed standing next to it I told Amy to come Suck my Cock she slid over then opened her mouth I slide it into her Wet Mouth I took the back of her head to hold her as I fucked her mouth, telling her that’s it that’s it Suck it nice n slow I continued sliding my dick in and out of her Wet Mouth, when I could feel myself start to Cum I looked balıkesir rus escort bayan down at her told her to get ready I want you to swallow it all up my legs started shaking, my cock started twitching as I unloaded my Juice into her Mouth, Amy sucked it all up spurt after spurt till I was done, I let go of her head stood there for a minute to regain my senses. I think Amy thought that was it but I had other ideas, I removed my shirt, slid into the bed next to her, my hands were roaming all over her Young Fat Body, feeling her Fat Belly & Tits I moved down to her Fat Wet Pussy, fingering it was Wet with her juice and the boy’s Cum, I diddled her Clit she shivered I could see she was enjoying it I took my time playing with her Cunt hoping to make her Cum, I moved down spread her legs apart then buried my Face into her Young Wet Fresh Fucked Pussy. I could tasted the boy’s Cum mixed with her flowing juices, I licked then nibbled on her Clit, holding her legs apart I could feel them start to shake, that’s when I knew she was going to Blow! I kept licking until Amy’s Orgasm started to take over her body my tongue was inside her hole when she started Bucking I looked up to see her body convulsing her Belly & Tits shaking, I put two fingers inside her Cunt and Fucked her with them, that’s it Amy that’s it let it go I said, that’s exactly what she did she let go went completely crazy, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD !!! her body was out of her control her Orgasm rus escort balıkesir took over her completely, I pulled my fingers out moved back up then stuck them in her mouth, she sucked & licked them clean as her Orgasm calmed down. Amy looked at me tears rolling from her eyes, what happened I never felt like that before? that’s because you’ve never been with a Man before! My Cock was Hard as Rock again I wanted to Fuck her Wet Pussy, I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t control myself, I moved in between her legs, her Cunt was so Wet flowing down the crack of her Ass onto my daughters sheets, I scooped some of the juice up rubbed it on my Cock then started pushing into Amy’s young Cunt, I slid in easily till I was all the way inside her I could feel her legs shaking as I started pumping in and out of her it felt sooooooo good her pussy was slic, making Wet Squishing noises as I Fucked her slow I could feel my Balls slicking in the crack of her Ass from all the Cum. I looked over at the clock I knew I didn’t have much time before the family started coming home I picked up the pace slamming Amy harder I could feel her Fat Jiggling under me as I thrust into her, she was Grunting, Moaning, I could feel myself getting ready to blow, I Fucked her Harder Faster, Amy lay there taking it all saying OH GOD OH GOD! I looked down into her eyes then started Cumming I slammed her a couple more time then out of control I unloaded my seed into her. I regained my senses looking down at her scared, I said What the Hell am I doing, Amy looked back and said it’s OK, I’m on Birth Control, I was feeling better hearing that, I pulled out of her Hole with a slurping noise got up, and off the bed, looked at Amy and told her she had to go now, it’s OK all good now he parents will never hear about anything! I left the room Amy got dressed, left without saying a word. ,

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