Fuckable aunty and dirty husband

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Fuckable aunty and dirty husband(True Story)I’ve been reading couple interesting stories on here and thought I’d write my own. This story took place maybe about 10 years ago when I started cross dressing. It can’t believe its been that long. Anyways, I’ve always had a crush on my auntie. For the sake of the story, I will use the name Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda was always showing off her cleavage flashing those luscious titties of hers. I’ve always wanted to see how they felt in my hands. More importantly, I’ve always love the way she dressed. Either she wore a short dress where you can see her smooth silky legs or a business like outfit with stockings. Hence, that is probably why i so enjoy wearing stockings :). Anywho, one day I was invited over to Aunt Linda’s house to help move some boxes because her and her husband had moved to a new house. By the way, Aunt Linda was from my mothers side of the family who married a friend of the family name Nick, which i will get to later ;). While helping out Aunt Linda move her items, i noticed a sexy victoria secret matching bra panty and black sheer stockings in a see through small drawer. My cock started growing in my pants the moment i saw it. i didnt want Aunt Linda to see my cock bulged so i ran to the bathroom and started masterbating my cock. I knew i had to get my hands on that lingerie set. Next thing you know, Aunt Linda told me she had to go back to the old house to get some more türbanlı bingöl escort items. In my head, i was SOOOOOO excited that she was going to leave me alone at the house with all her panty’s and bra for me to sniff and try on. i told her to take her time as she left. The moment i saw her leave the drive way, i headed straight to her new room, opened the clear drawer, and searched through her goodies. It was like heaven. I dumped out all the bra’s and the panties and sniff every single one. The excitment was extacy to me. There was a sexy black and tan bra panty and stockings set that i really liked, which i packed it into my jacket and later too off with it. I still have the set. I may post up a picture of myself in it one day ;). Anyways, as i tried on the set and looked in the mirror, i imaged myself as Aunt Linda. My cock was extremely stiff and could of came any sec. I was walking around in her lingerie and still helping her move some of the items away. Once i finished put all some of her stuff away, i went back to Aunt Linda’s room to look at her sexy outfits. I sniffed all her sexy dress that i’ve seen her wore a couple of times when she goes out to party. It was the best sensation i’ve ever felt. Suddenly i heard the door downstairs close. My heart started racing as i was trying to get Aunt Linda’s bra and panty set put away. I stubbled a bit just trying to put türbanlı bingöl escort bayan everythign back. I totally forgot that i still had the black and tan lingere set on which my heart started thumping even faster. Suddenly the door open and there was my uncle nick. He was shocked to see me in his wifes ligerie. Embarrassed by having my uncle see me in womens clothing i tried to run past uncle nick. He stopped me and grabbed my arms. Uncle nick had helpd me back and then close the door; locking it. He asked me if Aunt linda was home but i told him that she had gone back to pick up more items from the old house. He smiled a said “good.” Still embarrased by having uncle nick see me like this, suddenly he said i look good in lingerie. My butterflys suddenly started to fade away. It was comforting to hear him say that but werid at the same time. He walked to the closet and grab a nice stretchy dress for me to try on. i grabbed it from his hands and tried it on. I looked in the mirror and saw how sexy i looked in my aunts dress. uncle nick the comes close to me and then starts grabbing my chest and slowly reached down to grab my cock. My cock hard so quickly has he grabbed it. I never thought i would get so turned on by this. As he touched me all over, he complimented me on how sexy i looked in lingerie. he liked the way my ass was shaped in a thong. he tossed me on the türbanlı escort bingöl beat and went on his knees. he started to jerk me off. i felt paralized and couldnt move. I enjoyed it so much. i was breathing heavliy. uncle nick slided my panties down between my legs. i asked him if he ever done this before. He never has so this was the first tiem for both of us. he didnt think this was werid at all either. after jerking me off he sucked my cock for a good 5 mins. he laid on top of me as i felt this stiff cock against me. uncle nick unzipped his pants and asked me if he can put his hard dick inside of me. having this to be my first time i wasnt too sure but my already answered and said “YES! FUCK ME!” In my mind i imaged myself as aunt linda; one of the sexiest woman i’ve ever seen. uncle nick grabbed some lubs from one of aunt lindas clear drawers and rubbed it in my asshole. it felt werid but good at the same time. has he rubbed his cock with lub as well, he slow slides his hard cock into my tight virgin pussy. it was so painful i couldnt bare it. tears was running down my eyes. After a couple of thrust, i started to enjoy it even though it was stil hurting. after 15 mins of fucking my pussy, he came inside of me. uncle nick then told me he didnt know what got to him. seeing me in lingerie made his cock go stiff and he could not help himself neither. once he was done fucking me, i took off my aunts braw and stockings. i was going to put it back but instead i through it in my jacket. i help finished moving all the stuff around the hosue and left back home thinking wtf did i just do? every now and then i would be curious if he would want to do that again but i dont see them too often anymore. THe good thing though is i got to keep aunt linda’s lingerie which i still cheerish now.

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