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Subject: From Straight to Bitch Club part 3 From straight to bitch Club By Brian Porter m/M, college, reluctance, non-reciprocation, mild domination (one-way sex). Posted at Nifty, please donate so we can keep posting and reading nice and exciting erotic stories for our entertainment. Please, fty/donate.html Part 03 ————- My radio woke me up that morning with the sound of the famous band from the 70’s, the Talking Heads, with one of my favorite songs, “Psycho killer.” The bass, guitar and the drums in this song are a perfect combination, not to mention the interesting way the singer mixes some French words in the lyrics. I listened to the first words and thought of myself. `I can’t seem to face up to the facts. I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax. I can’t sleep coz my bed’s on fire. Don’t touch me I’m a real life wire’. Yeah, I could identify myself there. Somehow, as I mumbled the song, I thought of Patty. “Run, run, run, run, run, run awaaaay.” I immediately imagined Patty trying to run away from me. I laughed with this thought. `Is my obsession for his ass some sort of psychopathy?’ I wondered. Well, even if it was, I didn’t care. I’d fuck him and he would have no place to run to, and nowhere to hide. I went to the bathroom and got ready to go to the gym. I took my mp3 player and chose a nice selection of songs from the White Stripes. I liked their mix of bass and drums, which reminded me of some old songs that were definitely my favorites. The gym was empty. I forgot to say it was Sunday and majority of the members in that gym were lazy. Well, maybe they were lazy when compared to me; because if I could, I’d live there. I couldn’t feel any better in that space, because it was like my natural habitat. It’s not so hard to explain what I felt in the gym. I was one of the biggest guys around and one of the guys who could lift really heavy weight. So it was both pleasant and satisfying to watch the other guys suffering to lift 4 or 6 plates; whereas I could lift at least double their weight. I knew that I wouldn’t have anyone else to look at that day, so I focused on myself. I looked at the mirror and smiled. I was getting where I wanted; as I was much bigger than when I started going to the gym again. My definition wasn’t as good as I wanted, but it was more than enough to have bitch Patty salivating when I showed myself to him. It’s been 3 months since I stepped in that gym, and it was time to let the bitch know the body he’d have to worship for the rest of his miserable life. Every time I imagined the look on his face after seeing me, I had a hard-on. Cecile noticed my high levels of stamina and sexual drive because I’ve never fucked her so many times consecutively. Poor Cecile, she was getting her pussy sore because of my dick sliding in and out her wet hole, and as I said before, my cock is quite huge. She’d complain from time to time and I had to stop and jerk off. It was annoying, I confess, but I loved her and I couldn’t hurt her. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I started working out again, to have Patty for me and fuck the bitch merciless. Some day, Cecile would thank Patty for letting me fuck him, because this way she’d be able to have some time off. There is still another point that Cecile would need to thank Patty for… I always asked Cecile to try to swallow my cock up to the base, but poor her, she had such a small mouth that my huge cock barely reached her throat and she’d start gagging and choking. gaziantep travesti I need to say that she always tried to deep throat me because she wanted to make me happy (and I always made her happy whenever I ate her pussy) but unfortunately, she never managed to swallow my whole cock. Well, no chick ever did so it wasn’t her fault. I could see the frustration in her eyes. She also knew no one has ever deep throated me and she wanted to realize this dream of mine, so if her mouth couldn’t do it, Patty would. Maybe she’d be a little bit surprised if she saw me deep fucking Patty’s mouth, but I was almost sure she’d thank him for doing that on her behalf. We could be a happy family, then why not? Well, that’s what I thought anyway. I moved to the bench press and couldn’t help but notice my hard-on. I was glad the gym was empty because my hard dick would make everyone turn their heads and watch what I had under my pants. That day, I was weaker than usual and I blamed it on my hard cock. Probably the blood that should be pumping on my arms and chest was concentrated on my dick. I can tell you that it needed a lot of blood to make my big dick grow. I looked at the watch and thought of how much time I was spending in the gym. All that effort I’ve been doing just to be able to fuck Patty. It was his fault I was wasting so much time there. If he was a good bitch and had offered his ass for me to fuck like every good bitch should do, then I wouldn’t need to wake up so early to work out. I started thinking about the night I met Patty. He should have asked if he could have the honour to suck me and then straightaway go under the table, fish my dick out of my pants and suck me in front of my girlfriend. He would then lower his pants, still under the table, and fuck himself on my pole and be quiet not to disturb the other customers. “Damn that fucking slut. He didn’t do it,” I thought. My imagination was now focused on what I’d do to punish him for not being a good bitch, and for pretending he was a straight pussy fucker. He needed to be slapped hard on the ass and then be fucked by my brother and me at the same time. But maybe it wouldn’t be enough. Maybe we should fuck him in the restaurant. Now that would be interesting! All these ideas were making me even harder now. I decided to move quickly and finish my workout because I really needed to jerk off. As I finished my workout, I went to the toilet and started to stroke my dick in fast motions, which brought me to a nice orgasm. I cleaned the head of my cock and looked at myself once again in the mirror. “Very soon I won’t need to jerk off again” I thought. If I wanted to have Patty’s lips around my shaft I had to start my plan, so on my way home, I called Cecile. I picked up my phone and looked for her name on my call logs, which was not hard to find because she used to call me all the time. She sounded sleepy as I woke her up. Anyway, she’s wakened me up many times before, so no big deal. After asking those things we ask whenever we call someone dear to us, I said I was going back home from the gym and that I noticed for the first time that I’ve never seen Bob there. “You’re so addicted to that stupid gym,” she said. “I told you that you’d start thinking more about your muscles than me! We’ve been through this before. I honestly don’t understand why…” She started the old talk that I’ve heard a thousand times before. She didn’t gaziantep masaj salonları want me to go to the gym or start weird diets again, and I confess I had promised her I’d never do it again. It’s been a while since I had made this promise, but she still remembered it very well. Every time she started talking about it, I had to tell her I wouldn’t be so crazy about my diets anymore; but she wouldn’t believe me. Anyway, I didn’t have time for that, I needed to hurry and get Patty on his knees as soon as possible. “I know that, hun,” I said, “don’t worry `cuz I won’t exchange you for the gym, k? But as I was saying, I’ll need someone to spot me on the bench press and I thought of Pat; uh I mean Bob.” I was so used to thinking of him as Patty, I always made this mistake whenever talking about him with Cecile. “Who? Bob?” she said, as she laughed a very honest laughter. “Do you want Bob to spot you? He wouldn’t be able to lift not even half of what you lift, babe. Why don’t you ask one of those huge muscle friends of yours?” “They are busy. Spotting on weightlifting is easier than it seems; trust me. He’d be more than enough. I’d just like to ask him if he’s up to that. It’s worth a try, ya know?” It wasn’t as hard as I thought, convincing Cecile. She told me his number, but I asked her to text it to me cuz I didn’t have a pen and so she did. As soon as I got home, I saved his number under the name Patty. If I could, I’d write “Patty my bitch cum whore cocksucker” but Cecile could find out, who knows? Just using “Patty” alone would already demand a lot of explaining, but it wasn’t so bad. I took a quick shower and sent Patty a text message. Nothing worth describing, I just said who was sending the message and asked what time I could find him in the gym. Notice that I didn’t send a message asking how he was, or if he remembered me. For me, he was already my bitch and, as such, he had to know who I was and be prompt to answer. For every minute I waited on his response, he’d be punished someday in the future. “Maybe two cocks in that mouth and another two fucking his cunt” I thought. Or, another cock for every minute he didn’t answer? That could be interesting. I had met people on the Internet who could make it happen. After two minutes, I received his reply. “Not bad, bitch,” I thought, “2 cocks for you, but we can make it double now because you didn’t answer what I wanted to know.” Patty said he remembered me and asked how I was. The bitch didn’t tell me what was the fucking time that he used to go to the gym. He made me send him another message. Of course, I didn’t answer how I was; I just asked again, “What’s the time you hit the gym?” He answered promptly now, “usually at noon.” I just sent him another message, “I’ll be waiting for you.” That’s it; I didn’t want to hear anything from him again. Now it’s up to him to appear there at noon or he’d regret it deeply. I’m aware he didn’t know yet I considered him my obedient bitch, but as I said, every single person with a nice ass like his was born to be a bitch and this is in their genes. He should let his genes talk and obey. For the rest of the day, I’ve done nothing. Cecile was studying for an exam and I was free the next day. I wanted to have the whole day free to meet Patty again. I jerked off to gangbang videos on the `net and thought Patty could be any of those whores on the screen. He didn’t have gaziantep escort bayan tits like those women, but his ass was definitely much better. On the next day, I woke up early and looked at the list I’ve written of the steps to turn Patty into a true bitch. And there I saw the second step: “Show how inferior the bitch is.” That was a tricky step, because; although I already considered Patty my bitch, I couldn’t scare him. I could rape him if I wanted, or plan something and blackmail him, but I didn’t want any of this shit. I wanted him offering his holes because he wanted to please me. So, I knew I had to play nice and slow at first. Not too long after 11:30, I headed to the gym. This way, I could start my working out section before Patty arrived and then look even bigger than I already was. There were many more people there than the day before, but still not full. I concentrated on the exercises for the upper body and once again, I noticed my cock stiffening. It wasn’t a good thing, but not that bad either. I covered my dick with my shirt and thought it could be good to show Patty that not only my biceps were huge. What a nice way to show the bitch his inferiority, right? There’s nothing more humiliating for a guy than knowing that his dick is small and insignificant. I have a theory regarding this. The cock is what makes males males. Men are instinctively competitive, and we compete even in the smaller things on our day-by-day lives. Competition is everywhere. It’s there when we play soccer, basketball or baseball; it’s there when we watch sports with friends; it’s there when we hit the gym; it’s there when we play video games; it’s there even when we’re studying for exams. This is part of who we are and I can assure you that the size of our dicks is more important than all of this. That’s the reason why even the most straight man on Earth would check other guy’s dicks when they’re sharing the same toilet. It’s the need to know if he’s superior and then the good feeling that hits us when we make sure of that. Now, imagine those who are smaller than you. They might feel like shit. That’s how I wanted Patty to feel. I wanted him to believe that being born with a cock between his legs was a mistake. Then, slowly, he’d realize that if his cock was worthless, his ass was the opposite. No guy had an ass as nice as his, so that’s how he would be able to feel superior; but not superior to men, but superior to women. He’d then realize that he wasn’t born to fuck, but to be fucked and that’s where I wanted him to be. Not even a second after that thought, I saw Patty coming inside the gym. Damn, the bitch looked nice. I had to hold my will not to jump over him and rape his ass in front of everyone. “Relax, dude. Relax!” Quickly, I stood up and moved towards him. I came from behind and called his name. He turned to me and that’s it. That was the look I was so eagerly waiting for. He looked shocked, as if he was witnessing a miracle. That’s the first time he worshipped me and that was so natural, I wanted to see that look in his face forever. We stayed like that for a few seconds, but they felt like centuries. That was the time a new bitch was being born. – – – – – – – – – End of part 03 Please send me e-mails with suggestions, support and even critics. Many thanks to Thom who proof read this chapter. I’ll keep posting this and new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing. From Australia to the world. I have also posted the following story at Nifty: /gay/college/ranchs-bitch/ (ongoing) /gay/authoritarian/becoming-my-flatmates-bitch/ (ongoing)

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