From Romania With Love Ch. 2

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(Based On A True story)

Chevy awoke suddenly, with Beth’s body sleeping nestled in the crook of his arm, her head on his shoulder. Then he remembered the events of earlier in the day and realized where he was and why he was in this position. He slowly dislodged himself from her, letting her head rest on the pillow. Getting to his feet, he gathered his trousers and headed for the bathroom. He had to piss something awful.

While relieving himself he started to remember what a great fuck Beth had turned out to be afte rall. Too bad she was leaving so soon. Now that she knew what it was all about she could no doubt handle all he could throw at her. But what about Yvette?

Back in the bedroom he stood and watched as the girls slept, Beth naked and Yvette with one of his house coats on. He’d always liked tall, well proportioned women. Yvette was. He guessed she must stand around 5’10” or 11″ in her stocking feet. He guessed she might weigh about 145 to 148 pounds. She was lying on her back, one arm along her side and the other bent at the elbow, hand resting on the pillow beside her head. Her long brunette hair fanned out across the pillow. The way her hair had this little swirl at the temple was so sensuous to him! She rolled to her left a bit, shifting her arm off the pillow. Then just as suddenly she rolled back to almost the same position she was in before, except that the robe opened to reveal her total frontal nakedness. “Wow!” Chevy thought as he surveyed her long, shapely form. Nice firm breasts, with dark cone shaped aureolas and nipples all in one. Chevy had once seen a movie that had a woman with the same kinds of breasts and he had admired them.

Yvette’s stomach was board flat above a sweet, shaved pubic mound made for licking and kissing. She moved again slightly, and this time her legs opened slightly, just enough to tease him. He couldn’t see her crotch very well. The only light came from a street lamp sending a small beam through the window. The light from the window fell directly on her, gilding her body as if it were a fine alabaster sculpture. He was getting a boner fast, and so decided to just let it alone. He would be diving into her soon enough. He stopped his musings and went into the living room and poured a small scotch for himself.

As soon as Chevy went through the door into the living room, Yvette’s eyes slowly opened. She hoped that Chevy had really liked what she had showed him while using the guise of sleep movements. She wanted him to see what she had to offer physically, because she knew the packaging was great. She was looking forward to their coupling with a certain enthusiasm. She’d had sex on quite a few occasions in Romania with guys she’d known all her life. She’d even managed to have a few really good orgasms with a couple of them. But in all her 26 years, she had never had the kind of bell-ringing, rocket launching, foghorn blowing kind of sex that she dreamed of. Now, she thought she might have finally found someone who could help fulfill her dream of that one of a kind sexual experience.

She got up and wrapped the robe around her nakedness before joining Chevy in the living room. He looked up as she walked into the room, smiling.

“Oh, hi Yvette. I thought you were fast asleep.”

She sat next to him on the sofa, reaching for his drink as she sat. Looking at the clock, Chevy could see it was 8:00 p.m., 6 hours since he had taken Beth’s cherry and fucked her silly.

“How would you like some dinner?” he asked Yvette.

“Oh, good,” she replied, “now that you mention it, I’m starved!.”

“Good, then. Wake up Beth and let’s all go get dinner.” She went immediately to the bedroom to wake Beth, who was just waking up on her own.

As Yvette entered the room Beth started to swing her feet over the side of the bed. She screamed in pain as she did so. “Ahhh….shit! What did he do to me?” she wailed. Yvette rushed to her side and they both were looking at Beth’s puffy, red, sore pussy. Speaking in their native language, the girls conversed.

“Not to worry,” said Yvette, “in a day or so you will be as good as new. This happens on first time, sometimes.”

“Did it happen to you?” Beth asked.

“Well, no, but all women are different. Also, the size of the man who takes you first makes big difference.” Yvette looked at her friend compassionately and reassured her that the condition was not permanent.

“Chevy wants to take us to dinner. Are you up to eating?”

“Oh,” said Beth, “yes, I’m starving but, I don’t think I can stand the pain of walking just now. You know what, though? It was worth every painful step I’m going to take in the next few days.” Beth was beaming.

“You mean it was that good for you?” Yvette asked.

“Oh yes!” said Beth. “At first, I felt like someone was trying to shove their arm into my pussy. It hurt so bad and I would have gladly shot Chevy if I’d had a gun. But then the pain stopped and it felt good, then great!” She didn’t tell Beth that she’d heard part of the ruckus casino şirketleri that she and Chevy made during their fucking.

“Well, you stay here and clean yourself up. We’ll bring you something back.”

Yvette and Chevy both got dressed and went to get dinner. Chevy decided to shower later. Yvette suggested that they get take out since Beth was waiting for them. They were back at Chevy’s flat thirty minutes later.

They all ate their fill while watching TV and joking around. Yvette wanted to go for a walk, so Chevy went with her for a walk in the night. Chevy sensed that here was a woman that you didn’t just take for the pleasure of it. Something about her radiated confidence and purpose.

They walked in silence for several minutes when Yvette spoke.

“You know,” she said as she took his hand in hers, “I have never had an earth-shaking sexual experience.”

Curious as to why she would admit that to him, Chevy just said, “Oh?”

“Yes,” she continued, “that is what I wish for most of all. Oh, yes, I’ve had sex about 10 times, but somehow something has always been missing.”

Chevy didn’t know what to say to that. “In my country,” she further stated, “we are urged toward achievement above all else. I have a good education and am still going to university to become a Ph.d, and I put everything else on hold.”

“Well,” said Chevy, “we will just have to see if we can make your wish come true before you leave tomorrow, won’t we?”

They finished their walk arm in arm and making small talk. Finally after six blocks, they arrived back at the flat.

Beth had settled down in the living room watching television while still eating. She found an old re-run of some Benny Hill shows which she liked and was content to amuse herself thusly while Chevy and Yvette went for their walk. She relived the delicious parts of her lovemaking session with Chevy and found herself getting wet in her crotch. At first she actually thought she was dying. Her virginal little pussy had been filled up and stretched to limits she never knew she had! It felt like she was being split open, and she found it hard to breath at one point. She was glad the next time would not be like the first. She knew that Yvette had a bit of a surprise coming.

Just then she heard Yvette and Chevy returning. Their laughter announced that they’d had a good time on their walk.

“Beth, my darling!” Chevy greeted her as he came over and planted a kiss on her right dimple. “How are you feeling sweetie, are you all right?”

“Yes,” she said to him, “I’m great, thank you. And thanks for dinner too. This is good.”

Turning to Yvette, Chevy said, “Well, I’m overdue for a good hot shower.” He kissed her cheek and went to the bathroom. He turned the water on and then started undressing. Beth seemed to have weathered her first fucking very nicely, he thought to himself. Then he got into the shower and closed the curtain. The hot water felt so good as it massaged him. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back to let his hair get wet. He shampooed his hair up and by the time he started to rinse, he felt a hand on his back. He knew it was Yvette, although he hadn’t heard her come in.

He turned to face her. Never before had he been thankful for the bright lighting in his bathroom, but now, as Yvette’s body was illuminated before him, he was very grateful for the lights.

Oh, she was exquisite–like a shapely vessel of finest alabaster, brimming over with tasty honey, sweet to the taste. Chevy had admired the beauty of her face and hair since he first met her, but the beauty of her nude body he had only known by the sight of it on the bed, until this moment. But then, to see it, to know that it was his to possess, and though this was his first time ever with her, he felt as if they were real lovers. His throbbing manhood literally ached to make passionate love to her. Unlike his reckless abandon with Beth, he used all his willpower to restrain himself as she slowly–but not reluctantly, hooked her thumbs in the band of her panties and slid them down over her exquisite curvaceous hips and her hairless pubic mound, letting them drop into the wet tub. Chevy had had this fetish for very pronounced bald pubic mounds. He’d also loved viewing the female form wearing only tight panties.

As they showered they shared passionate kisses and caresses, bringing each other to arousal, then letting it subside, then doing it all over again. Chevy realized that Yvette was setting the pattern of their love play for the rest of the evening. It was a new technique for him, but one he was enjoying.

They finally got out of the shower and dried each other off, still kissing and caressing, fondling, and squeezing. They put on robes and went from bath to bedroom.

Yvette went to Beth on the way to the bedroom and said, “Beth, we’ll be in the bedroom for a while, ok?”

“Oh, go on,” said Beth, “don’t mind me. I’m fine. I wish I could go again, but I know I can’t, so you have fun.” she smiled.

She casino firmaları went in to Chevy and stood poised just inside the closed door. Chevy sat on the bed. She let the robe fall to the floor slowly, revealing her body in all its beauty. As she stood naked before him all the womanly parts of her seemed to thrust forward and upward, the dark areolas and nipples ardently offering themselves to him. Her breasts were set high, and sort of tilted, begging to be kissed! Her hairless pubic mound was set high and protruding so that, even though she stood with her shapely legs modestly pressed together, the soft ample lips of her vagina parted just the slightest bit at their upper joining, to allow a small glimpse of the little pink bud of her clit, which Chevy could see was moist at that moment, like a pearl just plucked from the water! Chevy’s mouth watered for her.

But he kept his composure. Getting up slowly, he moved toward her, reaching out with his right hand to gently trace he jaw line down to her fresh, full lips. They started to kiss, slowly and gently, touching each other here and there. Chevy could feel the heat from her pussy radiating outward. His dick grew hard and as it stood, it raised itself between her legs. Without stopping the kiss, she spread her legs apart to allow his dick to raise itself until it met her hot pussy lips, then she closed her thighs on it gently.

Chevy had never experienced anyone like her before. She started to saw back and forth with his dick between her legs standing there.

“Tell me,” she asked, “how did you grow such a huge dick? We’ve heard such rumors about American Black men, but I never believed it, until now!”

He could feel droplets of her pussy juices as they ran out and over his dick.

Oh well,” Chevy mused, “I guess some of us are just blessed I suppose, or cursed.”

“Why cursed?” She was curious about his answer.

“Cursed, my sweet Yvette, because for a man like me, women aren’t that easy to find. I mean, women who don’t mind men with what they like to call “monster cocks. I hear that most women love a man with a big dick, but I don’t seem to find many of those kind.”

“I must admit,” she retorted, “I am apprehensive about how you will fit into my pussy, and I know that it will never be the same again after you fuck me. But I want it, it has to happen.”

The stood for a few moments more, glorying in each other’s touch. He towered above her, and she herself was not a small woman, but only came up to his chest. He was the first black man she’d been this intimate with, and against the whiteness of her skin, his color was not light enough to proclaim any admixture of white blood as some American blacks have, yet it was not the blackness of the very black man. Instead Chevy was a warm tobacco brown. His skin tones were alive with golden highlights and wine dark shadows.

He was like a bronze colossus, his sloping muscles joining his neck to his wide shoulders and flowing into the swelling curvature of his pectorals, each of which were sharply defined and well rounded. They seemed to blossom with a sculptured bronze rosette effect. His flat stomach fell in smoothly from his chest with a six-pack of rippling abs. His maleness was hidden from view by the tight briefs he wore but she could see the huge bulge it made. She took notice of the well muscled, swelling thighs, the bulging calves and large feet firmly planted on the carpet.

She soon pushed him back to the bed and down upon it. Working her way down his torso, planting little kisses as she went, she arrived at his brief clad dick. Reaching inside the briefs and taking it into her hand, she found that even with her whole hand wrapped around it, her fingers did not meet. She stuck the tip into her mouth and managed to get enough of it in to give him a fairly decent head job. After he shot his wad into her waiting throat, they laid down on the bed side by side. He took his finger and traced little swirls along her body, teasing here, nibbling there.

He went to work on her with his mouth, lips, and tongue. Now it was his turn to warm her up. He kissed and nibbled his way down to her stomach from her tits, then to her naval, then on to her mound. Pausing here he licked and sucked, finally arriving at that little bud, the center of attention. He took his fingers and spread her thick, fleshy lips to each side. Her clit was sitting there waiting for his attention; pink, moist, and swollen. He opened her more as he heard her breath catch. He leaned forward and lowered his nose, to catch her woman’s scent. He touched her pussy and found it dripping from his attentions. He could see the need building in her eyes.

EEeeeeeeyeah!….Oh, Chevy, eat meeee. Now!”

She grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her cunt while bumping and grinding it against his mouth.

“Ummnnn, Ummnnnnnnwhf!” She bucked and twisted like a woman out of control. After what seemed like a long time she reached orgasm and locked her legs around his neck at the knees, pulling güvenilir casino his mouth and tongue into her wet, dripping cunt. She started making little spirals against his mouth, gritting her teeth. “OOooohhhhhhhhhhhwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelled as she came, her juices pumping out into his mouth and all over his face.

She released his hair and unlocked her legs, letting him come up for air. But all that action had made Chevy’s erection grow to full proportion and he was now ready to use it. He started kissing her long, shapely legs, first one, then the other, working his way up, and up, and finally he was kissing her lips. She embraced him and returned his hot kisses, sensing that the moment of penetration had come.

Bending her legs back to her chest and spreading her legs wide, Chevy reached down with his right hand and guided his cock to her juicy female softness. He played the head of his cock up and down her slit to get it good and wet. Yvette could feel the sheer size of his dickhead against her pussy, and knew that it would stretch her considerably. But she wanted it, needed it.

Chevy wanted to enjoy seeing his cock disappear into her creamy cunt between those pale hairless lips of desire. Pulling her legs up and spreading them wide, he pushed his cockhead slowly into those waiting lips. When his cock didn’t just slip right in, Yvette took her hands and tried to spread herself open farther as he pushed his cock gently but firmly, trying to get it inside her. There was a moment of anguished frustration. Her eyes were shut tight and she was breathing heavily. The head of his dick slipped through the outer lips, but encountered more resistance as it started to spread the inner lips. Together, they forced his dick in a little at a time, filling her gradually until she could feel him buried to the hilt inside her.

“Ohhoooooooo, shit!” she breathed, “it’s so big! I never took a dick this huge before, it’s got me stuffed.”

But she was adjusting to it well. She wanted him to just lay there for a few minutes buried deep inside her. In her excitement her pussy seemed to tighten around his dick every few seconds, then let go, helping her adjust to the considerable pressure which the thickness of his cock was putting on the walls of her vaginal tunnel. The outer lips of her pussy were stretched then and had disappeared inside as Chevy’s dick forced its way in.

Chevy started to pump her slowly. It was a damned tight fit, but not uncomfortably so. She moved her hand and said, “God, you must have the biggest dick in the world!.”

“Does it hurt you?” he asked, afraid that it might be too much for her.

“No,” she said, “Yes! But it’s good too. I’ve never been filled so . . . completely. That’s a new sensation for me.”

“Really,” he replied as he kissed her lightly. “Well, let me know if it gets to be too much, OK?”

“Shut up!” she said with mock annoyance, “and fuck me silly. I want you to ream my pussy like you did Beth’s.” She locked her legs around his back.

Chevy felt her vaginal muscles contract around his dick then with extraordinary pressure. It felt so good, he asked her to do that again. She did, several times. He kissed her as he gathered her into his arms, getting her into position for his kind of pounding action. She sensed what was about to happen, and she drew her left leg out to give him unrestrained access to her pussy. He spread her wide, and started to fuck her for real. It was like this chick had little muscles down inside her pussy that were gripping his dick and pulling him inside her. All the while she was enjoying all this quietly. He could see the pleasure in her face. The only way to tell was in her facial expressions and from her own enthusiastic undulations. She was matching Chevy stoke for stroke now as she was well lubricated. She kept pulling him into her, deep within the smoldering recesses of her wet, hot, juicy pussy. This one was different. If he was not careful, she would make him cum in record time.

He stopped pumping into her and just let his passions reside before renewing the attack. Her strokes were slower, but she would take it all in and grind against his pelvis, again and again. He pulled out almost all the way and went back in, hammering her with all he had. She moved her head side to side, moaning in pleasure.

“”OOOHHWEEEEEEEE! OOOOOHHHWEEEEEEEEE!” She intoned. “You big dicked bastard! You’re killing meeeeee!”

Chevy kept the pressure on. This was his kind of fucking. Her hands came up into his chest as if she was trying to push him off.

“UMMmnnnnnn, Ummnphf, Ummnphf, what a dick!!!” she moaned.

Chevy made a powerful stroke, slipping down under her pelvic bone and pressing his dick incredibly hard into the yielding softness of her pussy. He was merciless. He rammed her hard and held it there while he pleasured in watching her react to it by arching her back and digging her nails into his shoulders. Her mouth and eyes flew open wide, her breathing stopped and she could utter no sound. Her body started to shiver, her pussy spasmed, and she came with a downpour of steamy hot juices that spilled out over Chevy almost like she was pissing. Her entire body was jerking uncontrollably as she had the orgasm of her life.

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