From One Thing to Another

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My girl and I had a rather vanilla sex life which was okay for a while. But one night we decided to do a little role playing. Normally I was the dominate partner, She rarely ever initiated sex, that was something I would usually do. But that night was special. Cindy was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. She is short, only a couple of inches over five feet tall with long, curly red hair and pale, freckled skin. That particular evening she came to bed wearing a little teddy that could not contain her large, double D tits and it accentuated her narrow waist and wide hips. On the bottom all she had on was a g-string that tucked between her firm bubbled ass cheeks. I was hard in a heartbeat.

“Get your ass out of that bed and kneel at my feet, you pig,” she demanded. It was a shock because she had always been very submissive and this was quite an about face.

I hopped out of bed, “yes, my love,” I replied as I walked toward her.

“I said on your knees! And you call me Mistress, do you understand me?”

I was so shocked that I quickly dropped to my knees and crawled the rest of the way to her. “Yes, Mistress,” I said to her, respectfully. I wasn’t feeling very turned on so much as I was confused. But I loved her and wanted to please her.

“Now lick my pussy, piggy,” she demanded and spread her legs slightly. She slapped my hand away as I went to tug her g-string aside. “I didn’t say you could touch me with your dirty hands! Now eat my pussy!” So I happily dug in.

Her panties were warm and had a wonderfully strong smell of her pussy. It seemed she had been planning this and had been wearing the panties all day. They tasted wonderful as I sucked all the juices out of them before used my tongue and lips to push them aside and dug in to her steaming hot cunt. I had her moaning in no time.

After a few minutes she stepped back and pushed me to the ground with her foot. “That’s enough! Now strip out of those boxers and lay on the bed, with your arms at your side.” Her orders were very crisp and I found myself responded to them immediately. I stood up and quickly shed my boxers and lay on the bed as she had told me to do. She then ever so slowly stripped off the teddy and panties and then crawled up my body until she was straddling my chest. She ever so slowly ground her soaking wet pussy onto my chest. It was so hot it was like a small fire.

She then got up on her knees and straddled my face and slowly lowered her succulent pussy onto my mouth. “Now get back to eating, bitch.” She moaned and groaned as I ate her like a starving man. “That’s it! Oh yea, eat my fucking pussy. Get your fucking hand off my ass!” she barked. “If you want to touch something you can touch yourself. In fact that’s a great idea. I want you to stroke your cock nice and slow as you eat me. But don’t you dare cum, do you hear me?! When you are close, you tell me or you are never going to see this pussy again. You got that?”

I nodded my head and muffled agreement into her perfect pussy. I slowly stroked my rock hard dick but it wasn’t long before I was nearing cumming. It the whole thing was just so damn hot it had me on overdrive.

I did my best to let her know I was close but it took several attempts. “Already? Fine! But just know I’ve only cum once so far and I’m not done.” She lifted herself off my face and then crawled down my body and mounted me cowgirl style. She ever so slowly lowered herself onto my cock. It was almost torturous because I knew if I came too soon she would be furious with me. But even so I could only last less than five minutes before I came deep into her. I grunted and shook, my orgasm was so strong.

“That’s it, baby, cum in me. I want your seed deep in me,” she cooed. When I finally collapsed, by bones felt like jelly and I could hold my head up, so I was rather surprised when she slid off my cock and quickly straddled my face once more. “Now it’s time for your desert. Open up.”

I couldn’t believe what she wanted me to do. I didn’t want to do it but I was too worn out to push her away. So all I could do was watch in horror as my cum slowly dripped from her open pussy and onto my face. A large dollop landed right on my lips and I instinctively licked my lips. It tasted good, real good. I couldn’t believe it! I wanted more, hell I wanted it all. I quickly reached up and pulled her down onto my face.

She chuckled and ground her cum filled cunny onto my mouth. “That’s it, piggy; eat all your cum. Clean out your seed.” She moaned and groaned. I knew she was cumming from my cleaning her out. “That’s it! Oh fuck yea! FUCK!!” Her hips quivered and shook as she came and then she squirted. It wasn’t her first time, it was something she could do and when she squirted she could often shoot it across the room. But this time she was also squirted out my cum as well. It filled my mouth and it was the most amazing thing I had ever silivri escort experienced. I swallowed ever ounce and kept digging for more before the finally pushed me away and crawled off me. I was so disappointed. I wanted more, more of her cum, more of my cum.

After that we were both wiped out, so we didn’t even bother washing up, we just cuddled up together, shut off the light and went to sleep. The whole next day I could still taste my cum and it thrilled me. We didn’t talk about the night before but we both had a smile on our faces all day.

This became a wonderful little addition to our normal sex life. We would play out pretty much the same scenario about once a week. After a few months it was up to two to three times a week. And within less than a year I was eating my cum from her pussy every single time. I loved it. I would mount her missionary style, fill her full and as soon as I finished pumping my cum into her I would quickly pull out and dive in to suck it all back out. She would squeal every time too.

We began to talk about how hot it would be if we added another person to our love making. Sometimes we would talk about getting one of her friends to join us. She knew how hot I found two women together were and she had been bi for much of her life. I would fuck her doggy style and tell her how hot I would find it if she were eating her friends pussy right that moment and we would both cum and cum hard.

We would also often talk about getting a guy to join us. When I would be eating my cum from her pussy I would say to her, “how hot would it be if I were eating another man’s cum out of you right now?” she would moan and thrash about. It was so hot.

Then one day she came home and I knew she was in one of those moods. It had been my day off and she had been out with a friend. I was at my computer and she barked an order at me. “Get the fuck out of that chair, you pig, and lay on the fucking floor right now!” Living room sex, hot damn, I thought. I began to strip my clothes off and she told me to stop. “I said lay the fuck down, now! This isn’t about you, it’s about me!”

I did as I was told and lay on the floor. She walked up to me with a wicked smile on her face. She hiked up her skirt and squatted over my face. I saw that she had on bright red, silk panties. They smelled amazing. They smelled strong. They smelled of cum! I only had time for a quick, shocked intake of breath before she pulled the panties aside and cum came dripping from her cunt. It was coated with it. The panties here soaked in cum. Her tightly trimmed, red bush was thick with it. And as she shoved her pussy onto my mouth, and I stuck my tongue inside of her, my mouth was flooded with another man’s cum! I moaned and groaned and swallowed every ounce of it. It took quite some time.

As I ate, I was torn. On one hand she had just cheated on me. True, we had talked about bringing in a third person but what she had done was just gone out and let a guy fuck her raw-dog! We had never talked about this. I had certainly never told her it was alright. After all, it was bed talk for fuck sake!

But on the other hand, her perfect pussy was filled to the brim with the cum of another man; and she brought it home for me to eat. It tasted so fucking good! My cock was so fucking hard it actually hurt trying to burst out of my pants.

“That’s it, bitch, eat that fucking cum! You know you love it.” She kept grinding her sticky, cum drenched snatch on my face. She shuddered and came, her juices now mixing in with the semen. She finally eased herself off my face and sank onto the couch, her legs quivering.

I jumped up, not even bothering to wipe my face, and quickly stripped. I walked toward her while stroking my cock but she just shook her head. “No, not now, I’m going to bed. Having both John and Terry fuck me, took a lot out of me. And then with you eating their cum? Well, I’m too tired for anything else tonight.” She shakily got up and kissed me. “Good night, baby. You go ahead and take care of that and come to bed. I love you, honey.” She kissed me again and went to bed.

I was taken aback. Two men; she fucked two men, let them cum in her and now refused to take care of me. I sat on the couch, thinking all that, and was quite angry. I was also stroking my rock hard cock. The entire thing had me so turned on that I came within minutes. I aimed my dick toward my chest since I didn’t want to get in on the carpet. Well, that’s what I told myself then but the truth was that I didn’t want to waste a bit of it as I cleaned myself up, licking my fingers clean of every ounce of cum I could get.

By the time I went to bed she was fast asleep so I decided to wait until the next day to ask her about the two men who had filled her the night before. But she wouldn’t tell me. She just kept telling me that she had no idea what I bakırköy escort was talking about. She also refused to have sex with me. I began to grow frustrated.

Two weeks later I came home from work at my usual time and was a little surprised to see a strange car in our driveway. I knew most of her friends and none had a car like that, unless they got it only recently. I opened the door and called out that I was home but she did not respond. I saw that the light to the stairs was on so I stood at the bottom and called out again. This time she replied.

“Yes dear,” she called back, her voice sounding particularly perky.

“I’m home.”

“Could you come here, please? I need you to see this.” I then herd her giggle.

As I climbed the stair I could hear her talking and giggling. As I approached the door I heard a man’s voice reply, but it was too quite to make out what they said. I opened the door. “Yes hun…” that was I got out. I was floored by what I saw.

Two young, black men were sitting naked on our king sized bed, with their backs against the headboard. And my wife, who was also naked, was lying on her stomach, her legs spread wide, slowly sucking each of their cocks, one at a time, like big lollipops. Her ass was red from what I could only guess was a good spanking and I could see her pussy was red and open as well.

“Get out of your clothes and sit in the chair next to the bed,” she said sternly, without even looking at me. She then began to deep throat the cock of the man who was nearest me.

As I slowly undressed my mind raced. I was so turned on but a part of me was also hurt. The two men watched me as I took off all my clothes and then took the chair that was right next to the bed. They were both young, early to mid twenties I would guess, and quite good looking. One was a lighter tone with a muscular chest and a shaved head. My wife had his cock in her mouth and most of the way down her throat; it was a good eight inches.

The other man was of a darker complexion and he had a light dusting of hair on his chest and his head held a tight cap of curls. He had mustache and he looked at me with a broad smile and winked.

“That’s it, just take a seat right there and we’ll get to you soon. Don’t worry, we know how to share.” He then put his large hand in my wife’s hair and gently pulled her off his friend’s dick. “Okay, my turn. I just told the man that we like to share.” He then guided her head to his even equally impressive cock. They looked to be about the same size. He sucked and slurped it noisily and he let his head fall back with a look of bliss upon his face.

“I’m sorry, we’re being rude,” the first man then said to me. My name is John and this is my friend, Terry.” His friend, Terry, didn’t open his eyes, just halfheartedly waved in my direction. “And now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get down to what we are really here.”

He then sat forward and crawled to the bottom of the bed. “Alright,” he said to me, “now lie down on your back, next to Cindy, with your head facing me. I want you to watch me fuck her tight ass pussy.”

I did as I was told, my mind still racing and my cock as hard as a rock. “That a boy,” he said to me as I got into position. He slowly rubbed his cock across my girl’s pussy, making her shake her ass in anticipation.

“I’m a little dry here, boy. I need you to lube me up some,” he then said to me as he brought his cock to my lips. “Open now, suck my cock. Make it nice and slobbery so I can side in your beautiful girl’s perfect pussy.”

I was beside myself with lust. I had never seen a cock this close up, let alone be about to suck on one. And now a good looking black man was offering me his glorious cock to suck. I tentatively opened my mouth and licked the big, purple head, tasting the pearl of pre cum that was there. It was wonderful, kind of salty and kind of sweet.

I opened my mouth wide and accepted his cock into my mouth. He slid it in until it hit the back of my mouth and I sucked on it hard. More of his pre cum flooded my mouth and coated my tongue and I swallowed it reveled in it like the precious fluid that it was.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed. “You man’s got a grip on my cock. This man was born to suck cock.” He continued to saw his dick in and out of my mouth. “Okay, boy, that it for now. I just need you to slobber it up. I want to blow my load in your girl’s cunt, not your mouth.” He then chuckled, “Not yet, anyway. We’ve got a long night.”

I acquiesced and then applied a large portion of spit to his cock, making it nice and shiny. He then slid his spittle coated cock across my beautiful girlfriend’s pussy and slowly sunk it in until he was balls deep. I could hear Cindy moaning around the cock in her mouth.

I lay there and watched him saw his cock in and out of my girl, altering up şirinevler escort his pace from slow to fast and shallow to deep. She moaned and groaned with every thrust and let out a very muffled wail when he started to slam it into her. I could see his pace picking up, fucking her faster and harder. I knew he was getting close.

With one final thrust, John slammed his cock into Cindy, grunted and held it there. I could see his balls lift up. “FUCK!” he shouted. He then slowly pulled his big dick out of her half way and I could see it pulse. I was taken aback. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I was actually watching his cock pump cum into Cindy. Pulse after pulse, he filled my girl with his seed. He finally pulled all but the head out and he stroked his cum coated cock, making sure to get every drop he could into her.

“Here you go, buddy,” he said to me as he brought his dick back to my mouth. “Go ahead and clean off my cock before you eat my cum from her cunt.”

I immediately opened my mouth and took in as much as I could. I could taste his cum. I was more heady than this pre cum. I wanted more. He pulled his dick out of my mouth with a pop and I wiggled my way under Cindy and began to lap the cum that was leaking out of her. My head was swimming and I was lost in lust. It seeped out of her in globs and I scooped it out with my tongue. It filled my mouth and I swallowed to make room for more.

Cindy’s moans became much clearer so I assumed that she had taken Terry’s cock out of her mouth. She began to cum hard and John’s cream began to flow out of her even heavier. I sucked up every drop.

“Why don’t you flip around now, honey, so Terry can get his share?” John said to my wonderful Cindy.

“Fuck that,” Terry replied. “I’m gonna pop this bitch’s cherry instead.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that at first until I felt him grab my legs and pull me toward him. “Wait, what?” I stammered in shock and fear. The only thing I had ever had in my ass was a small, and I mean very small, vibrating butt plug. It sure as hell wasn’t anywhere as big as Terry’s cock.

Cindy moved back down so her pussy was again covering my mouth with her legs on my arms so I wasn’t able to move. “Be quite,” she said sternly before moderating her tone to a soothing one. “Terry is going to fuck your virgin ass and he will be gentle with you, I’m sure. He knows what he’s doing, that I know for a fact. He’s going to want you to enjoy this so that they will get to fuck you time and again. Believe me baby, before too long you will be begging for it.”

I felt Terry’s fingers probe the outside of my ass. They were cool and very slick. He must have lube on them I figured. I felt more and more of the lube being poured onto my ass and he began to push it into my hole with his think fingers. I grunted from the pressure and did my best to relax.

Before long I felt the head of his cock at my rosebud. As he pushed in Cindy chimed in. “Oh my god, honey. I can see him going in you. It’s so fucking hot. You look so sexy baby.”

With a sudden shock his cockhead popped in and I cried out with the shock and pain. He then just held it there until I became accustom to it before he ever so slowly eased it in until I finally felt his balls against my ass. My god I felt so fucking full! I shuttered and grunted into Cindy’s cunt. Before long I felt him start to pull out then slowly push it all back in again.

“Fuck, this bitches ass is so fucking tight,” I heard Terry exclaim. He then pulled it back out until just the head was in. I felt strangely empty until he slammed it back in with a long, heard thrust. I screamed out in pain, but also with pleasure.

Slowly but surely he begins to saw his wonderful cock in and out of me. I begin to grunt and groan and thrust my ass back into him. I’m loving his fucking me and I go back to eating Cindy’s pussy, trying to get whatever of Terry’s cum is still in her. I want it all.

“Oh god yes, fuck me.” I mumble loudly into my angel’s pussy. “Fuck me! Fill me with your cum! Fuck, don’t ever stop!” I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s amazing! My rock hard cock oozing cum with each thrust of his dick.

It’s not long before his fucking picks up its pace until he slams it once last and holds it there. I can feel his cock pulse and buck in me, filling my bowels with his cum. It drives me over the edge and I cum hard, spraying my chest with my seed.

Terry’s cock finally goes soft and he slips his shrinking dick out of me. I feel a vast emptiness deep within me and all I can think about is having it filled again.

Cindy crawls down to me and kisses me gently before using her finger to scoop up my cum from my chest and feeding it to me and kissing me so we can share in the decadence.

“That was amazing, baby! Thank you so much.” She says to me and kisses me again.

John and Terry got up and got dressed. I was too exhausted to do anything by lie there. “Thanks,” John said with a smile. “What do you say, same time next week? We got a couple of friends that would love to come over and join the fun.”

“God yes,” I said. “The more cocks the better.” I then fell asleep, dreaming of the week to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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