From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 24

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Chapter 24 Boys in the Ho part 2

Thinking through a solution to the problem made me feel better about my impending fate. I still wasn’t eager to be hand-trucked in crate into Daddy’s room to watch him with this imperious slut, but envisioning a plan that might work toward what he wanted eased some of my tension.

Their plan didn’t really make sense to me. I didn’t get how letting her be “queen-for-a-day” was going to help change her attitude or adjust her identity to suit her sub role. As I saw it, Joe may have been the real problem. As a Dom, he did not suit the haughty congressman’s wife, who needed firmer hand to make her submit. The other issue was that she was in love with Mr. Jenkins and saw Joe as a cheap knock off.

Joe would do fine with a sub like me, always ready to submit, but for her Marvin might be a better choice. I just had to convince Daddy that this was a better way. I was absorbed in these thoughts as the boys returned to finish the evening with me. I looked over at the crate again, and decided I still wanted to make this last as long as possible to avoid the emotional torture I expected afterward.

I looked up at George’s grinning face from my recumbent position and gave him the most alluring look I could muster.

“Hi George, Sir. Don’t you want to have your own personalized time with me, like Marvin just had? I can concentrate totally on that gorgeous cock of yours and you can pound me out as hard as you’d like? You can each get a turn, and then I want to have all of you inside me at the same time.”

“Ummm, I’d love that, faggot!” George enthused, turning toward Joe for reassurance.

“Michelle, I know what you are trying to do it won’t work. You know he doesn’t like his plans messed with.”

“C’mon, Joe, don’t you want your own turn too? You can go next?”

He looked at me sheepishly, then reluctantly agreed. It was good he had because I was already stroking George’s chunky cock, and he was pulling my leash toward it.

He pulled me up off the couch by the collar until I was on my knees in front of it. His cock was similar to Dr. Harris’s, really fat but not as long as Daddy’s. And it had a sharp leftward bend to it. I was always intrigued by cocks shaped like this. The feeling of them going in and out of me was different than a straight one. At the bend, this cock would open my hole in deliciously sensuous ways.

I was anticipating that feeling, as I swallowed his cock. I turned my head and his cock slightly so the bend would be aligned with my neck and swaddled his cock into my mouth and throat. I let it occupy my throat then looked up aslant into his eyes and begged him with my eyes to fuck my face. I tried to make myself look as vulnerable as I could to inspire him to be rough with me. As much as I had been whipped, choked, and humiliated tonight, nothing seemed enough tonight. Desperation made me greedy; I wanted more of everything, more abuse, more pain, more pleasure.

I began to fantasize about the moment when I had three of their cocks in my ass and one down my throat, as he choked me with the collar as his crooked cock plumbed the depth of throat. I tried to never lose eye contact while he pummeled my face. My eyes were teary, making me look even more submissive, I’m sure. I was trying to project the lust of my needs, with my face because he was blocking my airwaves.

“Do you want me to slap you, you pathetic, whore?”

“I nodded my head and moaned deeply onto his stiffening cock.” Yes, I did. I wanted him to fuck-slap me with his beautiful bent cock, to feel my cheeks reddening again as he jammed his cock into me and I struggled to breathe. I didn’t care; I let my head go limp and let him explore the depth of my esophagus.

He did just that. First, he held my head on his cock with the leash while he slapped my face twice on each side. Then, he yanked back on the leash pulling his cock out. It created a vacuum, leaving me feeling emptied, like all the air had been pulled out of my body. I was gulping, when he tugged my head back and spat into my mouth.

I elaborately swallowed his gob of spit. “Oh, thank you, Sir, for understanding what I need. Please, Si… umph!” I rasped while catching my breath before he shove his cock back.

He yanked up on the leash before I could finish begging for more rough treatment. He pulled me so my knees were slightly off the ground still in a kneeling position, but positively choking on the collar. He reached down and squeezed and twisted my already aching tits and then slapped at them before letting me back down on my knees and shoving his cock back in.

I was promptly in subspace, unconcerned about what would happen later or what might now be going on in the room down the hall. I was very much present in the moment. Smelling the manliness of his crotch feeling his cock open up my throat his hand exploring my tits further and pinching my nipples good and hard. The pain was muffled as if shrouded in a blanket of asphyxia, so that all I could feel was its pleasurable side.

I altındağ escort was so excited; I wanted that cock in my ass pounding into me. I was aching for it, but I didn’t want to rush my current Master. I wanted only to please him, to deliver on what I had just promised. I let him plunder my mouth freely. Because he was so thick, my jaw was really sore, but I just worked through that by keeping it as slack as possible, surrendering it completely to his comfort.

Whenever he let me, I was worshiping his cock like a good little cockslut, always looking up to him to register the effects of my ministration. Now, I was begging him with my eyes again, to please fuck me. I wanted that cock in my ass so badly now; I loved sucking his cock, but sucking cock always made me horny to get fucked. Again, I wanted his needs to come first. I wiggled my ass a little bit to try to give him an idea.

He picked up on that and moved us to the couch where he sat and had me kneel next to him and reach over and suck his cock while he had access to my ass with his right hand. I obliged happily. Arching my back to give him better access to my hole, I reached back to spread my ass cheeks wide, and he pushed first one then more of his fat fingers in there, getting me close to orgasm thinking about his cock going up there.

With my hands busy spreading my ass, he had complete control of my head. With his left hand, he hammered my face onto his lap driving his cock down my throat. I moaned lustily onto his fat cock with each new intruder he presented to my already open hole, so hungry for attention from his cock. With each push, I tried to open myself up to him and then grip his fingers with my ass muscles. Giving him a preview of I wanted to do for his beautiful dick.

Every once in a while, he would spank my ass, reminding me of the new bruises I had received tonight bringing my mind unfortunately back to my predicament. I groaned and moaned on his cock in my mouth, trying to seduce him into my ass. Having that cock in my ass would help me forget again.

Finally, he lifted me off his cock and bodily place me so I was poised on his rock-hard penis ready to pierce my hole. But he stopped just short of letting me push it inside. I could just feel the familiar pressure of a fat cock pushing at the entrance to my hole. I, of course, loved the feeling of a cock buried up my ass, but that first firm but fleshy insistence of a hard cock about to forcefully enter. That is my favorite part!

“You want my cock, slut?”

“Oh, yes, so badly, Sir, please. I’m dying for you to destroy my fucking ass, please, please.”

“Go ahead, you whore, fuck your filthy hole like you want to.” I didn’t hesitate, I sat down violently on his fat cock. I wanted it to hurt as much as possible, and I knew, as gaping as I was, it would hurt that much, but I was careful to note when the bend spread me open. I was right; that bend in his cock felt just delightful spreading my hole. As soon as I felt his lap slam against my cheeks, I was spurting sissy cum out of my teenie clit.

I was happy I had held back when I was sucking it. It felt so good to come with his fat cock punching into my prostate. I just kept slamming myself onto it. I was dizzy with ecstasy. He used the leash to pull me down even harder, as if it was necessary. Again, I lost control and rather than take my time with him was just swinging for the fences. I am such a thirsty fucking slut I can’t help myself. I wanted to make him come and feel it oozing into me.

Suddenly, he threw my legs over his shoulders and stood up. He was a big strong guy, and he was flinging me around like a ragdoll, lifting me completely off his cock and then letting me slam back onto it. It was like bronco busting with my asshole. I was gaping so much that even with his bent cock, it was just slipping right back in with each toss.

I was enjoying his fucking so much that I began to think that maybe George was even a better option than Marvin. Then, I doubted my judgment; if every cock that was fucking me made me think they would do a better job, maybe I wasn’t such a great judge. I tried to turn off that part of my brain and go back to existing in the moment, but the better he made feel, the harder it was.

I went back to worrying that he would not take long enough. I was again conflicted between the amazing way he was making my ass feel and slowing him down. I had my arms wrapped around his neck; I leaned in and whispered huskily with lust dripping on every syllable.

“Please, Sir, you’re fucking me so good, I want you in my hole longer, take your time, Baby. My hole is so hungry for you. Please, Sir, slow down and fuck me longer?”

I don’t know if that was helpful or not because he thrust a few times not sure which direction to take. But then, he spun me around and threw me on the Bellini, where I landed almost on all fours.

He followed and pushed my head down, so my ass was stuck up in the air. He shoved harshly on the middle of my bruised and battered ankara anal yapan escort back to make it arch. We were both in a rush to get his cock back inside me. I pushed up my cheeks as far as I could and quickly reached back and spread myself open to him.

“Take my ass, please, please put it back, Sir, fill my hole with your cock, Sir.” I said, looking back, giving him my sexiest look.

He was up on the couch instantly; he yanked the leash which was caught beneath me. He placed one foot on my cheek near my throat grabbing the leash for balance. Then he pushed all the way into my hole without hesitation.

He began slowly enough. I was feeling the bend in his cock, while he drove slowly, but deep inside me. He managed to keep it moderate for a little while; I fell into slut trance just feeling the friction of his cock in and out of me in a slow sensual way. But soon he built up speed and was back to bashing into my asshole with abandon. I couldn’t help myself, I got into a rhythm with him and soon we were matching each other’s thrusts. I wanted his cum now, and didn’t really care if it took time off the clock, or not. I was ready.

“Pweetth, Sir, come in my hole; fill my ass with cum, pweeth, Sir.” I tried to say, though his foot was smashing my face.

“You want my cum, whore. Beg for it, whore! Show me, pull it out of me. Make me come!”

He took his foot of my face, so I could respond and stopped moving all together. “Please, Sir, let me make you cum in my ass. I want to feel your cock bursting into me, please, Sir.” As I said this, I actually took a different tack. I slowly gyrated my hips and squeezed his cock with my ass muscles pushing myself hard but slowly onto it.

I was literally milking his cock into my ass. “Your cock feels so fucking good in my ass, give me your delicious cum, please.” I pleaded, keeping up a steady pace and making moaning and grunting sounds as I slid up and down on his delicious cock. I began to pick up speed and screamed as he hit my P-spot repeatedly. I was hoping to come with him, but this was driving me close really fast. I didn’t know if could hold out.

“Sir, do you want put a finger in there too; to make it tighter for you to come, Sir? Please, I don’t care if hurts. You can do anything you want with me. I want to make you come, please.”

He did what I said and also started spanking my ass, I didn’t think at all of my situation this time. It was going to drive me even further, but I hoped to bring him along. I was back to a slow pace with his finger providing that burning pain. I was so close; I tried to hold on, then suddenly he took over. We were back in rhythm fucking at top speed with his finger slithering in there alongside his fat cock.

“Yes, yes, yyeeess! I am going to come in your filthy hole, you fucking faggot whore, take my cum!”

I had started to come just before he yelled that out. “Oh, fuck, fuck, thank you for fucking my greedy hole so well; thanks for your cum, Sir.” I could feel him spasming in my ass and his finger still wriggling in there. I wanted to turn around and clean his cock, but I was enjoying the full feeling while milking his cum with ass. He held himself perfectly still inside me for a while.

As soon as he pulled out, I turned quickly around and lapped up his cum-covered cock. It was so delicious. I was on all fours sucking him off, then quickly turned back around, pushed him back in my asscunt to get more cum out and turned back to sucked it. He wasn’t as sensitive as other guys and let me do that a couple of times before he got up. I stayed on all fours and just reached back and fisted myself to get more of his delicious cum.

The other boys had gone back to the bar, but had come back to watch us from the comfy couch and were hooting and hollering as we were finishing up. Joe handed me another vodka lemonade, and I had a bit of a rest before the festivities continued. I washed up and tried to straighten myself up, though that was a losing proposition, given all the action I had seen that night.

My face and eyes were puffy and swollen; I had whole new set of bruises and whip marks and welts all over, my hair was a tussled mess. I just tried to pat it down and pour cold water on my bruises.

When I came out, Joe was fussing with equipment. He wanted, he said “something different.” To my mind, anything that sounded like it would take time to set up sounded like a plan. He was lowering a winch with its hook. Then he brought out two pair of restraints chained together.

He had me stand up directly under the winch and put the restraints around both my wrist. They held my hands about eight inches apart. He attached a ring on the middle of the chain on the restraints to the hook and lifted it so that my feet were just off the floor.

He spun me around and lifted my feet to the other two restraints until he had trussed me up by my wrists and ankles like a Christmas turkey. He then lowered the winch to crotch level to him. He had a small flogger ankara escort in his hand, as he checked the height and security of the winch, he struck at my butt crack, then up at my clitty.

“What do you say, slut?”

“Urmph! Thank you, Sir.” He swung me around, so I was now face to face with his cock, and he reached down and groped my titties. He half mauled and half caressed them. He then used them to pull me up toward his face and kissed passionately, holding me in place by my nipples while he pushed his tongue all the way into my mouth firmly. The pain on my nips was searing, but his hot passionate kiss was driving me wild. I was moaning into his mouth while we tongue-wrestled.

He let go of my tits, and I swung away from his kiss. He pulled me back with the leash and pushed me back by the shoulders hard then yanked me back when I was furthest out. He pulled me up by the collar now, and flogged by tits in a matter-of-fact way. The pushed back and again, and spun me with the leash, so I was again facing away from him.

Flogged my ass harshly renewing the pain there and giving me new reason to scream and groan.

“Thank you, Sir.” I responded. He struck me a few more times where I was already quite raw from the whipping, but not as hard. I maintained protocol and thanked him for each new strike. He seemed to be done and nonchalantly shoved the handle of the flogger in my gaped asshole brusquely and swung me around again.

I was facing his crotch again, and hoping to get his cock in my mouth soon. This time he pinched my cheeks together and slapped at my face, before shoving two fingers into my mouth. He finger-fucked my mouth in a really unforgiving manner. I thought I might throw up again. He was being particularly cruel to me.

Not sure if he anticipated my thoughts about the situation with the cuck congressman’s wife, or he was put off by my violating the terms of the evening, but he was suddenly very aggressive.

“You gonna puke again, slut?”

“Uurgh, urph!” I nodded my head though, and reached toward his cock with my chin.

“You want my cock, bitch? Beg for it!”

“Urmph, pwuth, pwuth,” I nodded again. He took his fingers out of my mouth, finally. I was almost throwing up again. “Please, Sir let me suck your cock instead, fuck my mouth with your gorgeous cock, Joe.”

He raised the winch again, so that my legs were about chest level to him but he held the leash down with his foot keeping my head right at his crotch. As soon as he stopped the winch, I begged to suck his delicious cock, although once again I was gasping for breath with the collar choking me.

He fed me his big cock up-side-down as I balanced on the winch with my ass near his face. He reached out and grabbed the flogger handle and twirled it around in my ass. It was hard leather and quite uncomfortable in my ass. He used it like a joystick to guide my cocksucking. Pushing it forward when he wanted me to take him in and pulling back when he wanted me pull him out.

It was really laborious at first; but despite the discomfort, I got into a rhythm with him so it wasn’t so bad. As I was lapping at his hardening cock and adjusting to the hard flogger in my ass, he began to pop it out of my ass and replace it with his fingers. First two, then three, then four. He was pushing most his hand in there and occasionally using his thumb on my clitty, then switching back to the flogger handle.

His hand was opening me up again, which I preferred to the hard handle. I thought of this as helpful to the anticipated big finale. He made a cone of the fingers of one hand, while holding the flogger handle very close its bulbous end, and shoved it, along with some of his fingers, into me.

My hole was quite open by then, especially after Marvin, but not quite this much. He wasn’t gentle either; he just pushed the handle and most of his fingers right past my sphincter without so much as howdoyoudo.

“Urghgh, ooof,” I groaned onto his cock as he penetrated me. He now switched to using his hand and the handle together as joystick. He pulled back on it until I let his cock out my mouth.

“What do you say, Sissyslut?”

I gasped to catch my breath. “Thank you, Sir. Ooof, urgh” I grunted, as he shoved his cock back down my throat while pushing back on the ersatz joystick. Now, he was pumping into my mouth and throat, using his hand to hold me place.

After ravishing my mouth for a while, he suddenly pulled back on my ass stick. Most of his hand and the handle were now inside me. That burning pain was there, but I was suffering from the brutality of his treatment.

Once out of my mouth, he drew the hand/flogger handle combination abruptly out my hole. He released the leash with his foot, and I swung wildly back to parallel. He wound me roughly around until my ass end was by his crotch and lowered that end; again, holding me in place with the leash.

My ass was gaping so bad at this time that I didn’t quite feel his cock ramming into me until it was half way in. As soon its full length was buried in there, however, it was stimulating my prostate just right as he savagely smashed into it. I had not been asking permission to come all night, but suddenly, I felt the need. I somehow felt it would help get me back on Joe’s good side, if indeed he was acting out some slight or perceived slight I had occasioned.

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