Fringe Benefits Ch. 05

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Sultry. That was the first word that came to mind whenever Tom saw Debbie. Sultry.

He was good with words and had a rather robust vocabulary, so he knew everything that word implied. According to Webster, sultry meant “attractive in a way that suggests or causes feelings of sexual desire.” She was certainly that, but there were many aspects of her persona that also called for the term.

Her voice was a deep, soft, smoky alto, well inflected and a tone or two below the typical woman’s voice. Her words seem to ooze, to flow, rather than shoot from her mouth. When she talked to you it was like you could grab each word from the air and savor it like a fine wine.

The DC area seemed to have an abundance of tall women, and Debbie stood out even among those. At five-ten, she was almost eye level to his six feet when they spoke. Her height also gave additional emphasis to her shape, which was a classic one – a thin waist above prominent but not overly large hips gave her midsection the most appealing curves, and her breasts filled the dresses she often wore. She carried herself proudly with her back slightly arched, and that served to accentuate her delightful ass and make her chest even more prominent.

Then there were her eyes. Slightly hooded and dark for a person with blond hair, her eyes didn’t telegraph her emotions as they did with most people. Her dark brows added to her mystery, and the bangs she wore onto her forehead disguised her expressions even more.

Her face was something an artist could have pictured, a beautiful example of what a woman could be, with a strong jaw and prominent cheekbones surrounding a wide mouth. Her lips were full, and her smile consisted of a slight lift of the edges of her mouth. She was stunning and mysterious.

Since their encounter in Gayle’s office, their working relationship had subtly changed. She was as aloof in public as ever, but their shared intimacy kept things perking just under the surface. She might catch his eye and wink at him, or pinch his ass as he passed if no one else was around. She loved double entendres – if something needed to be delayed, she would look straight at him and tell the other meeting attendees that she would “sit on it” for a while.


She called him late one Monday, just as he was closing out his day.

“You have a minute?”

“Of course.”

“I am seriously in need of one of your famous back rubs. I moved boxes all weekend and it hurts like hell. Could you….?”

“Sure. Give me five minutes and I’ll meet you in the conference room.”

So many of these seemingly innocent encounters with his coworkers had turned sexual that he really didn’t know what to expect, but he came prepared to do just what she asked. He had to admit a special little liking for Debbie; she was more aloof than even Joanna, but she had warmed to him and considered him a good friend. He took that seriously and protected her confidences zealously.

They arrived at the conference room simultaneously. “After you, m’lady,” he said with an exaggerated bow, like some medieval knight.

“Why thank you, kind sir,” she answered, also in character. He walked in behind her and closed the door.

“So what did you do to yourself?” he asked.

“The usual crap. I was packing up Jack’s old baby toys to donate, and I did too much bending and lifting without using my legs.” She was a single mom to ten-year-old Jack. She indicated the area across her back just above the waist with her hand.

“Tsk, tsk,” he chided. “How many times have I told you …?”

“I know, I know, don’t be a noodge. Can you help? It’s hard getting through the day like this.”

“Of course,” he answered. “Lie face down on the table.”

She did as instructed and laid her head sideways on her crossed arms along the narrow table. Debbie was wearing a dress this day, a sleeveless copper-colored sheath güvenilir bahis that hugged her curves and ended just above her knees. Tom began by using both hands over the dress to feel for the tension he knew was there, but the fabric was rough and a bit thick.

“That hurts,” she told him.

“I’ll be gentler,” he replied.

“No, I mean the dress is irritating my skin when you rub it. Unzip me.”

“Are you sure?”

She glanced up at him from her prone position. “You ask me a question like that after what we did? Seriously?”

He had to admit she was right, but he was making no assumptions. He held the top of the dress and ran the back zipper down its entire length. It opened to her waist. It didn’t uncover the area entirely, though, and he had to change his position to enter the area from the top. He began using his expert fingers to search out the tension and knead it away. He knew what he was doing and she sighed with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. You’ve got it now.” He worked the tension out by increasing blood flow to the area and stretching the tight muscles.

His hands delved slightly deeper into her unzipped dress, kneading the muscles all the way down to where they flowed into her perfect ass. Each pass was incrementally lower, and his fingers slipped under the elastic at the waist of her panties and pushed down onto the top of each ass check. She let out a light moan.

“Is that part of a back rub?” she asked suspiciously.

“Actually, yeah, it is,” he told her. “All of your back muscles work together, and for real relief you have to stretch them all.”

“If you say so,” she opined. She was actually enjoying his touch there.

He was now standing next to her head, and since her face was turned toward that side of the table she was looking directly at his crotch. While he worked his magic on her back, she dropped her arm off the table and let it hang momentarily, then reached up and put her hand on the inside of his thigh. He saw and felt her movement, but continued what he was doing.

Debbie began moving her hand slowly up and down the inside of his thigh, feeling how muscular they were from his running and cycling. Her hand reached higher point each time, until finally it moved solidly against his Johnson and his body began responding immediately. She lightly grasped his rapidly hardening cock through the fabric of his pant and boxers and he came to fully erect in a second. He stopped rubbing her back and let one hand rest between her shoulder blades, on the back of the thin white bra she wore. With his other hand he began lightly toying with her blond hair.

Debbie was as enticing a woman as he had ever known, doing everything slowly and gently. She brought her hand up to his zipper, and with exquisite slowness opened his fly. She again rubbed his shaft through his pants, then reached in through the open fly and searched out what lay within. His boxers had a large fly also, so she easily reached into those and grasped his erection, pulling it out into the open. It was inches from her face and she began to slowly stroke it.

She only had to move herself slightly to bring her face to his cock and put her lips around it. She rolled onto her side for more comfortable access, then closed her eyes and slowly took in its full length. Tom sighed with the intensity of how good it felt. Man, she really knows what she’s doing, he thought.

The rhythmic movement of her mouth up and down his shaft was exciting. His hand traced her shape as she lied on her side, from her shoulder down across her waist and onto her hip, almost down to where the hem of her dress exposed her well-toned thigh.

She removed her mouth from him. “Damn, you get hard in a hurry,” she opined.

“Completely understandable under the circumstances,” he replied. “You’re a beautiful woman and damn good at what you’re doing right now.” His hand continues to trace her güvenilir bahis siteleri shape.

He still makes it about me, she considered. Is this guy for real?

Debbie swung her legs over the side of the table and sat up, then reached up and pulled her dress forward off her shoulders. In one smooth movement she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, shrugging that off and dropping it on the floor. Her dress was around her waist and she was nude from there up.

Tom took in the wondrous sight before him. Her breasts were perfect alabaster globes; full, firm, and upright, classically shaped and at least a C cup. He wasn’t positive, but they appeared to be completely natural, too. Her nipples were already erect.

“You have an incredible body,” he told her.

“I know,” she replied softly, reaching out for him. “Show me what you can do with it.” Somehow her statement expressed honestly instead of arrogance. She was a looker and she knew it.

Tom stepped closer to her and she parted her knees to let him get right next to her. His erection was still poking straight out of his fly, ready for use when needed. He put his hands on her tightly muscled thighs and leaned forward to softly kiss her full lips. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. Their tongues darted and played, exploring each other’s mouth. She could feel her own excitement building.

“Stand up for a second,” he directed after breaking the kiss. Debbie stood.

Dropping to his knees in front of her, Tom slid his hands up under the hem of her dress. He felt the skin of her upper thighs and stroked around onto the cheeks of her fabulous butt, then pulled her gently toward him, pressing his face against her crotch through the fabric. She held his head and closed her eyes. Finally, he reached higher and hooked his fingers over the waistband of her lacy panties, then pulled them slowly down her legs until they dropped to the floor on their own. He pushed the hem of her skirt up to expose her pussy, then used gentle hand pressure to urge her back onto the table. She sat right on the edge, the pink of her slit showing just under the well trimmed strip of blond hair she wore.

When it came to favorite things, eating pussy was at the top of Tom’s list. He enjoyed giving it as much as his lovers enjoyed getting it, and he had gotten quite good at it over the years. He knew where women were most sensitive, what gave them pleasure and what didn’t. He used the tip of his tongue to part her labia down low, then with exquisite slowness he slid it to the top. She gasped as he flicked the tip of his tongue over her clitoris then used his lips to uncover it and suck it. His mouth moved lower again, all the way down to where he could insert his tongue into her hot canal. She lifted her legs slightly and put them over his shoulders.

“Oh goddam,” she exclaimed. “You are so fucking good at that.” He hummed against her pussy in response, which added to the sensation and elicited another moan from her Seriously, she thought. He gives head like he was born to it.

His right index finger now came into play as he inserted it into her while sucking her clit again. He gently felt around inside her, then inverted his hand and felt for that most sensitive of spots. He knew he had found it when she gasped loudly.

“Oh yes right there right there right there ohfuckyessss……..” Her hands pulled his head tightly against her. He moved his finger around, then in and out while continuing his oral ministrations.

Her breathing became quicker and shallower, and he sensed her impending orgasm. Moving he shoulders from under her legs, he stood and quickly unbuckled his belt, pushing his pants and boxers down until they fell to his ankles on their own. He grabbed his erect shaft and immediately guiding it into her now-dripping pussy, then buried it to its full length in her in one smooth movement and held there for just iddaa siteleri a moment before starting a slight circular movement of his hips that moved his cock around inside her.

“Holy shit that’s good,” she gasped out. His lips sought her and they kissed hungrily. She hooked her ankles behind him, locking him with her legs.

She held his neck as he began to rhythmically move in and out of her, just fast enough to heighten her pleasure without bringing the final release just yet. His hands wandered down onto her thighs, then back up to stroke her fine tits, then down her back to hold the cheeks of her ass. Her dress was a wrinkled band of copper-colored fabric gathered around her waist as he ever so slightly began to increase the pace of his thrusts.

She could feel her orgasm approaching and moved one hand to his waist, silently urging him to quicken his movements even more. He could feel his balls start to boil, signaling the arrival of his own orgasm.

“Ohgodyes fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she cried, her words pouring out in a torrent. “I’m cumming oh yeah fuck me good.”

By now he was pounding her, driving insistently in an out of her like a piston, and she could feel his balls slapping the bottom of her ass with each thrust. Her body returned each thrust from him, involuntarily falling onto an identical rhythm. Her lips locked on his just as she reached the point of final release, and she gripped him to her hard and held him there as each successive wave washed over her. She felt almost weak as her body spasmed, but slowly regained her equilibrium.

But Tom wasn’t done yet, and after Debbie relaxed slightly he resumed a slow in and out movement. He didn’t last much longer; he had almost been there with her and being inside her was such an incredible experience anyway.

“Come on, Tommy boy. Fill me up. Give me all you got,” Debbie urged hoarsely.

He didn’t need prompting to do that. Within a few strokes he felt his orgasm becoming inevitable again and involuntarily quickened his pace. He began pounding her once again, driving in and out of her like a machine. With a loud, low grunt he finally pushed into her and held there as he shot his hot load, shaking with each spasm. She could feel his balls pulsing against her ass as he came and held him in a tight, passionate kiss. They stayed like that as his orgasm subsided, then broke the kiss and held each other tight as their breathing returned to normal.

He finally pulled his head back and looked at her face, then lightly but meaningfully kissed her full lips.

“Is your back feeling better?” he asked with a smile when their lips parted.

“What back?” she replied with a broad smile. “I feel terrific, if you must ask.”

“I feel pretty damn good myself,” came his answer.

“Well, no wonder,” Debbie continued. “We all know what’s going on with you. You get laid more than any ten guys.”

“I don’t see it that way,” Tom told her in a chiding tone.

She gave him another long, lingering kiss, then looked him straight in the eye. “I know that. We all know that. It’s what makes you so special to all of us,” she told him softly.

He had no answer and just looked back into her eyes.

Debbie finally dropped her legs and pushed him away slightly. “All right, mister. I’ve got to clean up. I can’t have your goo running down my legs the rest of the night.” With that, she hopped down from the table and pulled her dress back up over her chest and shoulders. Grabbing a bunch of tissues from the box on the side table, she wiped as much of his load from her pussy and thighs as she could, then retrieved her panties. Finally, she pulled the hem of her dress back to where it belonged. Tom wiped his cock clean and restored it to its proper home.

“Zip me up. I’ll just go home braless,” Debbie said, turning her back to him.

“Something for me to think about tonight,” Tom told her with a smile.

“Damn, you’re good,” Debbie said as she turned back towards him. “Sometimes I wish…”

“Don’t say it. Please,” he responded. “Not yet.”

With a knowing smile at him, Debbie kissed him once more and walked out the conference room door.

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