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Friday night funUntil I met Steve, I had never known what true love was. Steve was the most considerate and sensual lover I’d ever had, and every time we made love he left me gasping for more. He loved my high sex drive and sluttiness, and the fact I had a bit ‘extra’ down there. I loved the way he could be both a perfect gentleman and a dominant stud who could pound me into total submission, and I loved his beautiful muscular black body, including of course his huge thick cock.We started out as fuckbuddies, then became lovers, and eventually we got married, becoming hubby and wifey. He went out to bars with me on his arm, dressed in something glamorous and tight, and we’d inspire envy and admiration wherever we went.One Friday hubby said he had a treat for me, and he’d show me what it was that evening. I couldn’t wait to see what it was. I dolled myself up in a low-cut leopard print top that showed off my cleavage (hubby had bought me implants last year), a collar with a ring on it, a skintight black PVC miniskirt that barely covered my ass, sheer seamed stockings, black patent platform heels, and my favourite white satin thong that nestled sensually between my cheeks. For makeup, I went for the bimbo look with bronzer, smoky eyeshadow and frosted baby-pink lipstick. I loosened my blonde hair and got it Barbie-straight, and put on a big pair of hooped earrings. I looked the perfect slutwife.When hubby came home, first thing took me in his arms, lock lips with me and fondle my body with his big strong hands, making me melt. “Ohh babygirl,” he murmured, “you’re looking fine tonight!””Of course, daddy,” I said coquettishly, “I got myself ready for your treat.””Come upstairs,” he told me, and took my hand. We went to the bedroom, where he started getting out some ropes and karşıyaka escort a spreader bar. (Sometimes we had incredibly hot kinky foreplay where he played a k**napper, a robber or a slaver, I was his victim or sex slave, and he’d fuck me while I was tied up and gagged.)”You’re getting a gang bang, babe. I’ve got three guys from the rugby club coming over in a bit, and you’re gonna be taking all of their big hard cocks in your tight white bubble butt.”My eyes widened and my heart raced. We’d talked about gang bangs, but never had any.”So what I’m gonna do now is make sure you stay quiet while you’re getting fucked, and tie you up so you can’t reach your gag. Would you like that, babe?”I nodded breathlessly. As hubby got the rope out, I lay face-down on the bed. He bound my wrists to the posts, and fastened my ankles to the spreader bar, so my legs were spread wide, then placed a pillow under my stomach, so my ass was in the air. As a finishing touch, he took a piece of kitchen towel, stuffed it into my mouth and sealed my mouth with duct tape. He moved the mirror to the head of the bed, so I could see myself dressed like a slut, cleavage out, collared, bound, and gagged with shiny black tape. I was totally helpless and seriously turned on.Hubby caressed my hair and kissed my lips through the gag. “Good girl,” he said. “I’ll be back soon.” I let out a muffled whimper of ecstasy.Sure enough, after a few minutes I heard voices downstairs, and several men coming up the stairs. The door opened, and hubby said, “There she is, lads.” One of the men let out a long low whistle. “Fucking hell bruv, she’s a fine piece of ass!” he muttered under his breath. They came into the room, taking their trousers and boxers off, revealing their rock-hard cocks. escort karşıyaka One of them got on the bed beside me and ran his hands up my stockinged legs, saying “aren’t you a hot little snow bunny!” as he pulled up my skintight black skirt, revealing my bare cheeks, tight satin thong and queen of spades tramp-stamp. He squeezed and slapped my cheeks, “Nice and thick,” then pulled aside my thong, lubed up my ass, put on a condom and slowly inserted himself into me.I felt like a whore in a brothel, bound, gagged and fucked by a stranger. I was in heaven. One of the other two men put his cock in my hand, bound at the wrist, and made me wank him off while I was getting pounded. The other started jacking off in my gagged face, deeply aroused at the sight of my cleavage, the collar round my neck, the way my earrings just touched the tape on my mouth, and my bimbo hair and makeup. Before long, he had worked himself up to an orgasm and shot his load all over my face.The man who was fucking me slowed down and came out of me, while the man I was jerking off got up and sat on the back of my legs while he put a condom on. He started to take me, but he was rougher and more brutal than the first man, really driving himself into me, slapping my face and shouting “Cry for me, bitch!” while I moaned and blubbered into my gag, in a mixture of pain and delirious delight. Eventually, he too slowed down and came out of me before he reached orgasm; he too started jerking off in my face, now red-eyed and with black streaks where my makeup had run, due to the tears and the cum. Before long he moaned in pleasure, his cock jerked and he his thick heavy load of cum shot onto my neck and started dribbling into my cleavage. The third man lay on top of me the same karşıyaka escort bayan way hubby did, pinning me down to the bed. He took the belt from his trousers and round my neck, making it into a ligature, and pulling it tight as he thrust his cock deep inside me. I was terrified and aroused beyond belief. As he started fucking me, he murmured “they’re some sweet pony cheeks!” and slapped my ass as if he was riding a horse. The feeling of this gorgeous black stud, who I didn’t know from Adam, mercilessly shoving himself up to the balls in my white ass, and the sight of it in the mirror, along with my gagged and cum-covered whore face, sent me to a pinnacle of sexual ecstasy, making me whimper, moan and cum into my thong.After what seemed like an eternity, the man pulled out, jerked his cock for a little while and left a load of his cum all around my asshole, before giving my ass one final slap and squeeze.When hubby came upstairs again, he asked “How’s my little slut wifey?” before untying me. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” My stockings were ripped, my makeup was all over the place, and I had the cum of three strange men all over my body. I was exhausted and shaking, but unbelievably happy. Hubby helped clean me, then when we were done we had a long deep french kiss.”That was wonderful, daddy,” I whispered to him.”You did me proud, babygirl,” he answered. We continued to kiss, as his hands fondled my thighs and thong. Breaking off, I got down on my knees and unzipped his trousers; his warm thick rock-hard cock sprang out and I began sucking it. “Aww yeah babe, that’s good,” he moaned as he held my head and thrust himself down my throat. Soon we were making love bareback, and when he was reaching orgasm, I was moaning “get me pregnant! please get me pregnant!” before he came inside me and we started french-kissing again.Eventually we went to bed, completely tired out. Just before he turned the light out, hubby kissed me on the lips, stroked my hair and said “Sweet dreams, babe.” And at that point, I was the happiest, most love-up sissy in the world.

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