Friday Night After Work

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The smooth velvety blindfold feels soft against the corners of your eyes, but still allows no light in.

I’ve tied you up before, and each time you feel yourself getting wet even before the soft knot behind your head is finished.

As you stand in the middle of the room, I begin to rub your shoulders in a light circular fashion and slowly unzip your dress. As it falls to the floor, I begin kissing the back of your neck and resume the massage. You know I’m standing behind you, but you can only feel my hands.

I whisper in your ear, “I love you more than anyone else in the world, and always will.”

While still rubbing your shoulders, I pull you back into me. You realize I’m naked as you feel my hardening member push into your back. You close your eyes and smile…

I give you a hug, and wrap my hands around your body – just underneath your black bra covered breasts – and inhale the scent on your neck. We start moving backwards, you feel my upper body slide away and my knees move up your legs as I sit on the bed. “Come back and sit,” I breathe.

You do as you’re told, and I resume rubbing your neck and shoulders. once again you feel my lips upon your neck and my tongue slightly dances along your skin. I nibble your earlobe for a quick second. “I know you’ll enjoy this.”

You nod and breathe deeply, as I move my hands to your bra clasp.

I return to your neck with my lips, and your lower body is starting to squirm and twitch ever so slightly. I smile to myself, knowing the effect I’m having on you as the third and fourth clasps come undone.

I don’t pull the bra off however, choosing instead to let it hang loosely over your shoulders. Instead, I guide you completely onto the bed, and we move back towards the headboard. My hands never leaving your shoulders and upper arms.

I’m now sitting, with my back against the headboard, but I’ve allowed you to slide down a bit. You’re head is resting on my chest and you hear my heart pounding away. My cock is still pushing into your upper back and my hands continue to rub your shoulders for a few more moments.

While still rubbing your shoulders with one hand, the other moves away. Just before you start to notice it’s absence, the unmistakable hum of a vibrator is heard close to your head.

Then you feel the vibrator on your neck. This causes tiny, and almost electric sparks shoot down to your ever dampening womanhood as I slide the vibrator along your neck. You sigh and jump slightly at its touch and feel me harden into your back quickly, then subside. “Oohhh, that feels so nice…”

Slowly, I move the vibrator down the outside of your arm. Then, and somewhat gracefully, I continue to move the throbbing noisemaker under your arm, while lifting it away from your body to allow access to your side and stomach.

Bringing the pointy and smooth 5-inch machine up and under your bra, I make contact with the nipple and you repeat in a moaning sigh, “oohhh, that feels so nice…”

Spending several moments with the vibrator on one nipple, I can not resists the temptation to move my free hand under your other breast. My fingers find their target and for a few minutes I play, rub and pinch that nipple – all the while, the vibrator is sending chills down your spine tweeting against the other rock-hard nipple.

As my fingers start to get a little rougher with its captive nipple, the vibrator begins to move away and down your body. A few hard pinches get you to elicit two grunts and a very sexy “fuck, yea…”

As you suddenly realize the vibrator is at the waistband of your panties, one last hard pinch causes you to jump slightly and a mini orgasm tracks through your body. This causes you to open your eyes and nişantaşı escort the stark realization that the blindfold is still on sends a last chill up your spine.

The vibrator is moving more rapidly around the inside of your thighs, occasionally crossing your panties, pausing briefly on the top of your now-soaking wet pussy, and continuing on. Then the speed shifts and it move mores slowly…teasing you mercilessly

This lasts for several increasingly agonizing moments, before my other hand is pulling up the waistband on your matching lace black semi see-through panties (with the pink bow right at the top), and you finally feel the vibrator strike home.

The toy begins to rub your clit as it moves vertically up and down your wet slit. You’re in heaven and begin to moan and shake freely as your first main orgasm starts to hit. The bright red and yellow colors explode into your closed eyes as your body tightens and convulses while waves of pleasure radiate from your clit.

“Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Fucking bloody hell” – the waves subside momentarily and then begin building up again. You were cursing me for making you go without sexual contact of any kind for almost two weeks, but as another quick and thundering orgasm rips through your body, you’re secretly glad you kept your word and stayed away from the toy now invading your clit with impunity.

Then suddenly the toy moves back and away from your body. Your panties are snapped as my hands move completely away. The engine is shut of and you start to wonder what comes next as the slightly disorienting orgasm fades away.

You ask yourself, if that was a door you just heard in the distance, but shrug it off to it being the neighbors as my hands return to your shoulders and my lips return to your neck.

“Did you like that?” I ask to your nodding approval. “God, you look so sexy laying in my arms like this,” once again whispering into your ear. “You should see how your breasts raise up when you cum. How you’re breathing changes, and your mouth and cheeks look as I was playing with you. It certainly looks like you kept your promise, and now it’s time to keep mine…”

With that, I begin to move your bra straps away from your shoulders. As they fall down the sides of your arms, I move my hands back up to rest and hold your shoulder blades and base of your neck. I’ve stopped completely and a moment passes with my hands holding you from your back.

Then you feel it. The bra is pulled away from chest level. You start to ask yourself (and me) what’s going on, when I move my hands quickly to your head and gently turn yours to the side. Suddenly you feel skin on your lips, and as you move back slightly and open your mouth to ask, you feel the head of a very hard cock slide into your mouth just a bit.

You’re surprised for a moment, then you realize what’s going on. I feel your hands squeeze my legs twice in a “thank you” gesture and watch as you grab this mystery cock at its base and swallow as much as you can.

As you begin to blow this hard cock, you feel my hands move back around to your naked breasts and begin playing with your nipples again.

This lasts a few moments and you’re really enjoying this cock in your mouth, with my hands pinching your nipples again. You note that’s It’s a good size and very rigid, with a slight bend upwards.

As it gets slick with your saliva, you suddenly feel my hand leave your nipple and close around your hand holding the mystery member. You stop and I pull the dick fro your mouth and rest it on your neck. The next thing you feel is my tongue and lips on off your neck – you realize that I’m sucking the guy off as well – but alternating between his shaft and your neck. Once again you şişli escort feel how hard my own cock feels against your back.

As I give the cock back to you to put in your mouth again, you feel the bottom end of the bed give way and two hands are suddenly pulling at the waistband of your panties. In almost a subconscious fashion, you raise your hips up and allow the pants to be pulled down your legs.

As you take the cock back into your mouth, you feel my lips on your neck and my hands are rubbing your nipples again. Your conscious of the bottom end of the bed as it sags again, and you feel two soft hands push your legs apart and slowly slide palms-inward down your thighs.

As the mouth and tongue start licking your wet cunt again, you bring your free hand up to the other mystery person’s head. You feel like your going to explode and notice the cock in your mouth is starting to pulsate more and my cock is rock hard and jamming into your back.

As you reach the top of the persons head, you feel a think mass of smooth, well styled hair. As you come to the realization that the mouth and lips circling and nibbling on your clit belong to a women, you begin to shudder in orgasm.

“Ahh bloody fucking hell…Ahh fuuuck!” you yell, as the overload of feeling running through your body is causing the fireworks of colors shooting through your eyes again.

The cock from your mouth is suddenly gone, but you lick your lips as the salty taste of his pre-come is lingering on your tongue and lips. I turn your head around and kiss you open mouthed, so I can taste him on you as well.

A moment later, we break our kiss and I tell you again that I love you more than any other women in the world.

“I love you too, and thank you!” You partly sigh, partly moan the words into my ear as I hug you again. All the while the mouth at your pussy is drawing you closer to another orgasm…

As I return to your nipples, you feel the mouth pulsating up and down on your pussy, she suddenly seems to have less control. It still feels good and you’re almost there, but the sudden change in movements is noticeable. Then you hear, and really feel, her moaning into your wet pussy. The moaning is getting louder and you suddenly feel her long nails digging into the outside of your legs.

“He’s fucking her…” I breath quietly to you.

And then she suddenly stops – and yells and moans into your pussy – you begin to cum as well.

“God yes! Fuck her good!” I hear you say – almost to my disbelief and I feel you shuddering again.

For a moment everything stops. You feel the hot panting breath of the women on your thighs and drippingly wet pussy. You feel my hands rubbing your breasts, and my slow and steady deep breath around your neck. You feel your heart pounding in your chest. you feel you want more…

“I want to dump my load into that English pussy.” You hear the strange, evidently American, man say. And the women and I begin to turn you over.

We move you into a more diagonal angle on the bed. As you’re positioned on all fours, and two pillows are placed under your stomach – I ease my cock to your lips.

“Finally…,” you breathe and engulf my familiar tool into your mouth. You realize I’m now flat on my back. I’m in heaven as you start to blow me.

The next thing you feel is the bed sag both in front and behind you. You feel the back of the legs of the women, which throws you for a second – until you hear her moan “ohh…that’s it…right there…ohh God yes” – you realize she’s basically sitting on my face and I’m eating her out.

This is starting to turn you on even more, when you feel the other cock start to rub up and down on your pussy lips. Teasing you.

He starts mecidiyeköy escort to push in, but then pulls out and rests it at your opening. You’re dying…

“Let me hear you say it, English!” the man teases you…

“mmm…yea…tell him…” you hear me moan…

“Oh…oh…please…please…fuck me! I need your cock right now!” you stop and pant on my cock.

He slowly sinks his hard cock into your dripping snatch and really fills you up. You’re seeing stars and realize that the cock you love is in your mouth, while this other great feeling cock is touching you and stretching you differently and wonderfully…

It feels great and you start to come almost immediately.

You’re moaning on my cock for a moment and have to let me go as he starts to pound you and you can’t breath at first. For a moment you enjoy this mystery tool pounding your pussy, then you return to my cock and begin sucking for all your worth.

You hear the other women let out a low guttural moan and she kicks the bed near your head as you guess my tongue is doing its job very well, and she’s cumming…

A few minutes later you feel him get much harder and start to pulsate. You’ve already started cumming in wave after wave, orgasm after orgasm, and suddenly you’re getting a lot wetter.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” the guy says as he pushes into you one last time as his orgasm hits.

You let my cock fall from your mouth and struggle to catch your breath – you feel the other women push you over.

“God damn, I need this ones cock in me right fucking now!” – The other woman’s voice gives you a slight start…

You have the desire to take off the blindfold, so you do.

What you find is the man (any description you like) sitting on the edge of the bed breathing hard and smiling a nice and kind smile at you. You see me crawling over the women (any description you like), and starting to rub my cock teasingly across her shaved cunt lips.

I look over and see you have removed your blindfold. I motion you over and kiss you on the lips. I mouth that I love you and get you to wrap your arms around me with your chest in my back.

As you look over my shoulder, you tell the girl, “now it’s your turn…beg for his big hard cock.” We smile at each other…

“God yes…please fuck me…fill me up with that wonderful cum…I need your cum inside me…fill me up with that big cock of yours!”

“Not before you eat her out,” I say and move back. “Not until you’ve cleaned your boyfriends cum out of her pussy.”

And with that, I move back and let you straddle her face. She begins to lick and suck you off and getting you hot all over again. As you start to build to wards orgasm again, you turn and see me standing at the foot of the bed getting a blow job from the guy.

“That’s it…keep it hard for her…” you hear me say and watch my cock slide gracefully in and out of his mouth. You then turn back around to look into the eyes of the women who’s bringing you to another orgasm.

“Turn around, but stay on her.” I tell you.

I then position myself on top of her, but leaning back, you’re still straddling her face – but facing me as I bring my cock back to her entrance.

“Put me in her,” is all I say – looking deeply into your eyes.

You look down and pull my cock into her. She starts moaning into your pussy again, and I take over and begin to slowly fuck her.

A I start to build up momentum, and we get our balances, I look at you and reach out for your nipples again. As I fuck her, I start playing with your nipples and body. We’re locked in a trance as she’s licking your clit towards another orgasm and I’m fucking her into her own.

Finally, I start to pick up the pace and as I start to fill her cunt up, I pull you into me and kiss you deeply. You cum a last time as well.

We make out for a few extra moments while I’m buried in her and she’s buried in you…

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